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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • newlexnjnewlexnj Posts: 1
    I am looking for a 2010 ES350 in NY/NJ area and wondering if anyone would share comparables? Am new Lex customer and coming out of a SUV (tired of $120/wk in gas). Seeking the NAV and maybe the UL option but not wed to it. Anyone willing to share an experience (good or bad) I would appreciate it.
  • dperonedperone Posts: 14
    I have a 2009 RX 350 from Warnock Lexus. Last week I got the ES350 from Bridgewater Lexus. Very easy buying experience. They are part of the Costco Auto network.
  • rupirupi Posts: 5
    Hi Rodiva,

    If you dont mind, can you please share the person details you worked with? I am looking for the same car with same options. It will be very helpful to me . My email address is . Thanks a lot !
  • d0016d0016 Posts: 4
    Picking up a 2010 ES 350 UL NAV PA, everything but ML and Dual Sunroof.

    MSRP was 42,050 paid 37,000 with 1.9% APR in South FLA area. Previous lease of ES 350 early turn in. They are offering the paint interior protection plan for add 1200 prob get em down to closer to 1100. Worth it or should i get it done somewhere else after?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    in most all cases the additional plans for protection of paint, etc is waste of money if you read any reports on these offers. when it comes down to it they usually dont cover what you need to have done...again just an observation from being on many forums last couple yrs. On a good note a recently purchased es350-2010-- nav, rear sunshade, wood trim, , lip spoiler...msrp 41820 ...pd 37700 so it seems we got very similiar deal...congrats.
  • d0016d0016 Posts: 4
    Ended up goin for the "appereance package" they thru in dent coverage plus tint 1200 all together. In FLA love bugs on the turnpike are a nightmare and the package covers any love bug damage up to 7 years. also covers anything I do to the interior, cut leather spills, etc... Last lexus lease had bad bug damage eating thru the paint all over the hood and bumper from taking the turnpike to back and forth to orlando.
  • scoop11scoop11 Posts: 12
    Great deal. I am looking for same. Very hard to find UL. Ready to step down & get loaded with everything but UL, ML & spoiler (MSRP $41,501) because that's all the dealers have. Will prob. add spoiler. Wondering what South FLA dealer you bought from? East or West coast? Did you get Lexus Loyalty in the $37,000 (so $38,000 - $1,000).

    One dealer wanted $2000 over invoice to try & find/redirect a UL destined for another dealership or if I order the way I really want it, $1,000 over invoice. It was UL extortion, so I walked.

    Also wondering, the only way I can get to your MSRP of $42,050 is with UL & NAV only, no PA? And, if you don't have the dual sunroof, how is it UL? Did you order the car or find it this way?

    Thank you
  • d0016d0016 Posts: 4
    Actaully ended up getting it Orlando. Lexus of Orlando. Funny at this dealer almost every ES 350 they had was UL. The only real option was with or without NAV. I did get the 1K off rebate Lexus Loyalty so it was $38,000 - $1000 Loyalty Rebate so it costs me $37,000. Plus 1.9 APR financing on a 60 mo loan. They had another one identical to mine in stock last week and a bunch same as mine with different color. Prob at least 15 to 20 left. Happy Hunting.
  • scoop11scoop11 Posts: 12
    thank you. I'm south, closer to WPB. I'll keep looking.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    i may be wrong but i think you are miststaken on what UL pkg is ? You can get Nav, etc w/o it being Ul. Only way it's Ul pkg is if it has Mark Levison stereo would know, the dual sunroof, couple other minor additions. Based on the prev quote you gave for msrp....believe you got loaded Nav with all its options...this is by far the most common veh on lot....depending on couple variations it list betw 41,050 --41,501....just thought I would clarify...any event glad to have to Lexus Club !
  • d0016d0016 Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    I was basing the UL or "Ultra Luxury" package on what has when you go to "Price with Options" here is what it says when you click the link and my ride has all listed below:

    Ultra Luxury Package
    Perforated semi-aniline leather trim interior with double contrasting stitching; Front passenger seat memory; Wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob; Panoramic glass roof; Heated and ventilated front seats; Driver's seat power cushion extender; Power rear sunshade; High Intensity Headlamps (HID) with self-leveling feature; Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) pivots headlights in relation to steering direction to enhance illumination; 17" x 7.0" 10-spoke Liquid Graphite finished alloy wheels; Full-size matching spare tire REQUIRES NV or VN.

    I think you are referring to: VN

    Navigation/Mark Levinson Audio Package
    Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System with 14 speakers; 6-disc in-dash DVD/CD changer; MP3 playback capability; 7.0" touchscreen; DVD video playback capability when vehicle is stationary; 300-watt 10-channel amplifier with 7.1 channel speaker architecture; Hard disk drive, voice-activated navigation system; 1-year trial subscription to Lexus Enform with Safety Connect offers eDestination, Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button (SOS) and Enhanced Roadside Assistance; Lexus Insider; XM NavTraffic, XM NavWeather and XM Sports & Stocks with 90-day trial subscription; Rear backup camera; Enhanced Bluetooth with phone book download REQUIRES UL. NOT AVAILABLE with NV.
  • richf8richf8 Posts: 3
    Can you only get 1.9% financing on a new ES 350 if you pay MSRP?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    unfortunately diff sites list the options in their own way. the inconsistency makes it confusing but the es350 for the most part comes in 3 pkgs...1- base pkg with few options...msrp--36-37k range. 2- nav pkg...comes with many options as standard ..msrp--41--42k range. 3-- UL pkg ( if you go to club lexus forum site UL is always referred to the fully loaded mark levison/ dual sunroof ) comes with all options above incld mark lev/ dual sunroof .....msrp 44--45k range

    did you get the navigation pkg ?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    absolutely should aim for 9--11 % off msrp and dont settle for less....the low interest is own its own after you negotiate the selling price. Bought my 2010 in march and best being offered then was 2.9 %..did it @ 36 mos to keep interest low...will pay less than 1000.00 when I payoff in 2-2.5 yrs...still only 1250.00 if i carried it out 36 mos which I wont. my msrp was $ 41,501.00...added lip spoiler..41820.....disc was right @ 10 %. good luck !!
  • susanxsusanx Posts: 1
    $33,900 for ES30 base is a good price. Could you tell me where you live and which dealer ship you went to get this deal. I am living in Dallas, TX. Thanks!
  • versagonzversagonz Posts: 2
    I ending up getting 38,810.00 for everything which includes spoiler, chrome wheels, tint, pin strip, clear protecting film, nav. I am extremey happy with my new car and have enjoyed every moment driving it. I bought it at Park Place Lexus in Plano. They were extremely helpful and very courtious. I will definatley return for my next vehicle in the future.
  • Many thanks to all the posters on this forum for sharing their purchase experiences and what kinds of discounts they've gotten. Today, I bought a 2010 ES350 equipped with full size spare, heated/vented seats, rear sunshade, parking assist, wood/leather steering wheel & knob, spoiler, door guards and env. prot. pkg. MSRP of $39,048 - I paid $34,890. That's 10.65% off MSRP. And I got the 1.9% financing, too. I'm in the Tampa Bay area in FL. I'm very happy with my purchase!
  • drd8drd8 Posts: 9
    I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I purchased the vehicle at PP in Plano. Good luck.
  • charliern9charliern9 Posts: 22
    Hello, I'm interested in the $1000 certificate you've mentioned. Is there anything else I need to do?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    interesting about the "Panoramic sunroof" option. When I try to build an ES350 for the Tampa Bay area, they don't even give you the option of picking the "Ultra Luxury Package." So I'm surprised you would be able to get that in the Orlando area.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    I'm in Houston, Tx area. You cant always build what you exactly want on the sites, Lexus, Edmunds, etc. But again what I can tell you there are basically 3 diff pkgs of the ES350 2010 on most dealers lot. 1) Very basic with not many options msrp-aprox 37k... 2) Fully loaded with many options incld Navigation,bluetooth, backup camara, wood trim steering wheel,etc, sunshade , full tire...leaving off couple others...msrp - 41,200 --42,000...most common 3) everything under # 2 plus mark levison stereo upgrade, panaramic roof...msrp--44,000--44,600. very hard to find usually on 2-3 on lot at any given time...3% of total build of ES350...hope that helps.
  • tang1837tang1837 Posts: 1
    It is very nice of you posting this message here. Would you kindly send me the link? I hope I can make it, tomorrow is the last day :( thanks much! My email is:
  • Trying THIS WEEK to purchase a gently used or new ES 350 with Nav/Mark Levinson. W or W/O UL package--I'm flexible. Smoky granite w/ lt gray interior. What's the most I should pay for for each package. Any negotiating strategy is appreciated.
  • jakefljakefl Posts: 20
    Hi, looking to pull a trigger on 350 ES with nav, ventilated seads( it's hot FL ! ), back spoiler, ZAG.COM is listing that model with above options at $35780 including destination charges ( plus tax, reg.etc). By this is the price their dealers are committed to give me with printed price certificate from Zag website. Does it look like a good price to you ? ( specially those who bought that car in Miami area ). Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, that is a good price. Have had my car a few weeks and it's terrific. Even my teenage sons love to drive it. Enjoy!
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    not familiar with web site you are referring to. what is msrp of veh you are looking at, or have you gone on lot to see, dont always go by these sites because in mose cases cars aren't built as laid out in web info. i purch similiar veh you mentioned, nav, vent seats, rear spoiler, rear sunshade, etc....msrp -41820 --- purch right around 37,500.....anything in 37-38k is good deal . price you mention is very low for veh I just described that's why need to know msrp of actual veh. another goal to have is shoot for 9-11% disc off msrp and you cant go wrong, above 11% is super deal...good luck !!
  • thisisnutsthisisnuts Posts: 15
    lexhou, I was looking to purchase an es350 back in March but stalled.
    I have a 2006 TL that I may trade for the es350. The TL is just too rough a ride. A criticism of the es350 in the headroom in the back. What do your passengers think since you got the car.
  • One of my sons is 6 ft 3 inches. He is comfortable driving this car. He easily fits in back sit. Last week two of his friends, who are the height and width of football players were in the back seat and had no issues. This is one of the few cars that My tall sons can drive and when I'm in the backseat (I'm 5'8") I can sit comfortably. I truly love this car.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    no complaints from my passengers .
  • thisisnutsthisisnuts Posts: 15
    lexus350gal; lexhou...thanks for feedback.
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