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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Check out the Lexus of WaterTown. I have a great buying experiences with the sale man. I got a good deal (3000 off the sticker price)when purchasing the new RX330\2004 when it just comming out.
    Since then I refer my friends and relatives to Lexus of Watertown.

    Good luck
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Please share the dealership and state you bought from?

  • kishoreykishorey Posts: 3
    I was at Watertown Lexus 2 weeks back for a short time, on a sunday afternoon. The sales person was courteous and mentioned MSRP of 37k for premium package and 40k for premium + nav. He said there may be a room for $500 in price. Wondering if there are any other data points for Boston.

    Given the tight pricing on this car, I am looking at the RL as well. Any thoughts on RL vs. ES 350?
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    I did a quote for an UL ES350 over an email to Lindsay Lexus. They quoted me MSRP. I have to say... I'm very disappointed with my reply. Is the UL still in high demand or are these dealers still staying tight to MSRP.

    I really want the UL package... but if MSRP is all I can get offered, then I may have to down grade to a Premium Plus w/ NAV. Not sure if I can get a better deal on this level trim instead.

    Any feed back from anyone in the DC/MD/VA that has just recently purchase an ES 350?
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    I had gotten my Ultra Lux with Mark Levinson etc. at 39300 (1000 over invoice) with COliseum Lexus in SF Bay Area
  • tagbtagb Posts: 1
    I went fishing at the end of May and found the dealers in San Antonio, Austin and 3 in Houston were playing the waiting game - each holding to near invoice, but anxious to hear if any of the others offered me better. But demand was so much greater than supply in the area that they had little reason to drop. At that time, the best I got was $500 off MSRP (Nav w/Prem Plus pkg that MSRPs for $40,749.) I was going to have another go at the end of this month to see what happens. I may try Dallas too. Anyone with experience in DFW?
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    $500 of MSRP is not a good deal. i got an ES350 for $1900 of MSRP, i was aiming for $2000 off atleast, but the dealer would not budge. he emphatically said NO. i could have said SCREW YOU and walked off, but my old car was having transmission issues and i was driving a rental for few days, so i wasn't going to haggle around for extra 200-300 dollars. so i decided to go ahead and agree for $1900 of MSRP. if you are not in a hurry, try getting it for atleast $2200 -2400 off MSRP. the market might loosen up after July 4th. the car drives nice, i am enjoying it.
    check out Lexus of Norwood. the fact that i really hate is these dealers try to fool you around when you buy the car and yet they want you to give them "outstanding " rating when it comes to customer feedback...after your car purchase.i said i will think about it.
  • megjaspermegjasper Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 ES 350 from Mission Viejo Lexus yesterday. I had called the dealership & spoke with the internet guy to see if they had a black one w/o navigation. They had one, the sticker price on the car was $38k & some change. I asked him if they were dealing on them & he said that the internet price on it was $34,433. Over $4000 off sticker price. I didn't have to haggle. GREAT buying experience!!!
  • Kumar,
    That's a great deal. Congrats! Did you have to do a lot of negotiating and shopping around or were they pretty straightforward?
  • mmenonmmenon Posts: 6
    I got the following quote from a delaer $35133 for lexus with premium plus package

    Leather interior which includes leather and wood trim on steering wheel and gear shift knob
    - Dual front power seats with driver and passenger memorized seat positions. Driver seat cushion extender and 2 memory positions, which memorize seat, steering wheel, and outside mirror positions. Moonroof with tilt and sunshade
    - HID (High Intensity Discharge headlights)
    - Rear electronically controlled sun shade and rain sensing wipers that adjust automatically according to however heavy the rain/snow is falling
    - Dual front heated and ventilated seats for those cold winter nights and hot summer days
    - Electrochromic auto dimming inside/outside mirrors which tilt down while in reverse
    - In dash 6-disc changer, bluetooth technology, and dual temperature zone control
    - Power tilt/telescopic steering wheel
    - 17” alloy wheels with summer tires and a full size spare
    - Front, side, curtain, and knee airbags
    - Preferred accessory pkg which includes: Cargo net, cargo mat, and wheel locks

    Is this a good deal , please let me know

  • carrelman2carrelman2 Posts: 80
    What is the price today have to do with what it will be in about a month. There are a few ships on the water now bringing more ES 350's to the dealers. Right now the dealers are having a field day with supplies being short and demand being high. As soon as that changes to demand being low and inventory being high you will see the market change.It happens with every new car that is brought to market
  • mmenonmmenon Posts: 6
    I Concur with your statement, I got a no hassle quote from Mission Viejo for Premium Plus Package w/o Navigation for $34,382.
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Posts: 102
    Using Edmunds' numbers, I feel that an ES-350 with ultimate package ($29,410 + $4,378) plus $695 freight and tacking-on a flat $1,000 profit is a MORE THAN fair offer to any dealer. Has a anyone found a dealer willing to go for an offer like that? If not, I'll put my money elsewhere!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I assume you're talking about the Ultra-Lux
    package. If so, isn't the MSRP something
    north of $43,000 for an ES350 with the Ultra-
    Lux package? It sounds like your numbers
    would probably be a little low if it's with
    the Ultra-Lux package. Right now, the best
    we've seen on these boards so far is possibly
    39,000 for an ES with Ultra-Lux package.
  • kat101kat101 Posts: 14
    You're forgeting that the UL package requires Navigation w/ Premium Audio ($2230) or Navigation w/ Mark Levinson ($3350). That brings the invoice to at least $36,713 (inc. freight).
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Posts: 102
    Perhaps you're both correct, but you know, this is the only manufacturer who seems to have a pricing schedule deliberately designed so that you are actually REQUIRED to "pile-on" on one package in order to select another one! In my estimation, this constitutes a genuine rip-off of consumers, and in reality, makes the Avalon Limited an even BETTER buy! I can truly live without the snob appeal, if that's what it will take to avoid being royally gouged ! I've just about reached three score and ten, and I'm not only too old to be hustled like this, I'm also too damned smart !
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    They were pretty straight forward...I had the same price accepted by two dealerships ..but this dealership had the color I wanted.
    We exchanged a few emails and phone calls...and had agreed to the price even before I went in there.
    The Coliseum Lexus folks were very extremely good experience. We were done in 30-40 mins. The salesporson took an hour to walk through all the high tech features...which got me off to a good start.
  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    Perhaps you are just cheap? :) just kidding. You probably haven't tried to buy a MB or BMW, to know what a "royal gouge" is like. One really need to pay to buy these luxury cars, so those owners must snob for good reasons :)

    I found that it is a reality check as to where one's "money mentality" is. I can buy 30 of these with cash if someone hold a gun to my kids. But, I couldn't buy one over a Camry or Avalon from not wanting to be "rip-off". I am still working on paying for luxury things and letting others make money off me :)
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I get frustrated with the Lexus packages too,
    although of all the Lexus models, I feel that
    the 2007 ES seems like a real winner no matter
    what package or trim you decide to get. I'm
    one of those people who appreciates a nice
    sound system also, and would love to be able
    to get the ML system, mainly due to my
    unappreciation, I guess I should say, after
    listening to the base sound system in two
    different RX330's. In fact, the navigation
    system isn't really high up on my wish list,
    but I love a nice-sounding audio system!
    I may not be able to spring for an ES with
    the Ultra-Lux package. I'll have to see
    how it goes come negotiation time. I would
    love to hear from those of you in regards to
    the 2007 ES's base audio system. Any
    feedback would be appreciated.
  • We have been getting quotes from out of state dealerships that quotes are at least $1500 off MSRP. Don't listen to the BS from dealers who fancy a less than $800 room for negotiation.

    We also refused to play the game of having to make deposit and pay MSRP in order to get the color that we want. The dealerships created the "pre-sold" market to make it looked more demanding than it actually is. We have seen the same UL sitting in the ground for weeks still being unsold.
  • forthillforthill Posts: 35
    I currently lease my 2004 ES330 through LFS. They have been calling me to partake in a lease waiver program to eliminate 6 months of my remaining lease payments provided I lease another ES350 through LFS.

    I live in Fairfield County CT and will stop in the Greenwich dealer as well as the dealer in Larchmont NY (Ray Catena) and test drive it and chat about pricing.

    According to what I've seen here on Edmunds about base pricing for an ES350 with no options is that it is $33,170 MSRP plus $695 destination charge. Strangely, or maybe not, the TMV price of what other would pay in the area is the same cost.

    My needs are very simple, I typically never order a car, just show up at the dealer, make my deal and take pretty much whatever car he has on the lot without much regard for color nor options.

    Anyone care to share what prices they have been quoted or deals they've done in the NY/CT/NJ tri-state area for a new ES350? Would $1000 - $1500 off MSRP be doable?
    I'm just going to lease another one so negotiating the purchase price is just one thing I need to do in order to arrive at my lease payment. If I take them up on their lease waiver program than I'm locked into whatever LFS charges for their cost of money.
    I also wonder if I am better served by waiting another month or two (after July 4th) and checking the deals. LFS is giving me until Labor Day to take them up on their lease waiver program.

  • forthillforthill Posts: 35
    I thought I was able to edit this post but I guess not...

    Anyway, I went to the CT dealer today and they offered me a plain-vanilla ES350 for $37,500 based off of $38,269 list. I asked for the bare minimum car and they told me that they all come in that way from Japan. i.e. with PM, HL, HH, PA, WU, DC, and BE. They mentioned the mats option/pkg and the Accessories option/package which I cannot find info on, at least not here. The total for all these packages plus the original MSRP is 37,285 so those other 2 options/pkgs must add up to $984 I suppose.

    Anyone know what those other 2 items include/cost?

    Also, I think it is BS that they made the comment of "that's how they all come in from Japan, unless of course you place an order which nobody really does anymore".

    I realize that some options necessitate others. As I want just a bare minimum ES I would think I could just order the base car and PM & DC, nothing else.

  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Posts: 102
    I think the above-mentioned CT dealer has a customer-relations philosophy based on the most famous quote attributed to P. T. Barnum: "There's a sucker born every minute." I wouldn't get any closer to that dealership that I would a Gabon viper !
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Thoughts? Sure - find another dealer asap.
  • forthillforthill Posts: 35
    Well, in 2004 I got a quote from the CT dealer and then went to Ray Catena in Larchmont. Catena originally wanted to charge me more than the CT dealer's quote but when I showed them the written price from CT they mysteriously dropped their price (actually only met the price). I ended up leasing the ES330 with Ray Catena.

    Perhaps since the ES350 is only about 5 weeks in dealer lots they seem to be selling at very close to MSRP. There are no real Lexus incentives like there typically are around the end of the year.

    There are a few other lower-CT dealers I might also try as well as the largest northeast Lexus dealer in Ramsey NJ.

    Although the lease waiver program sounds good there is not much incentive (dollar-wise) to take advantage - at least I haven't come across any reason so far. I might be better served by waiting till the end of year when my lease does run out and maybe their pricing might be better.

    *Anyway, can anyone tell me what might be an approximate delivery time if I place a factory order for an ES350?

  • I brought a ES 350 premium package w/ navigation (included parking assist option and full-spare tire) from Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA for approx. $41,000. The internet sales man gave me $1400 off MSRP. This was a month ago, so you may be able to get a better deal now.
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    actually apart from the rear sunshade and rain sensing wipers , its an 37,424 MSRP car that i got. if you are getting it at that price, that is good deal under the circumstances. i think you should go for it, if you feel good about the price. if you live in the NorthEast , i have not seen very generous markdown from MSRP yet, atleast on this board. sounds like people in the bayarea, LA are getting some huge markdowns...
    just check the standard options from KBB or to make sure you are not paying for something that otherwise comes as standard. i know some dealerships try to confuse buyers.
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    couple of the dealers i talked to gave the boat story, of cars shipped from japan and what not. KBB has this mats locks as "preferred accessory package" basically its another way of dealers make 50-60 dollars. it comes to around 160 i guess. i would check out kbb for invoice pricing of options.
  • Close our deal today on an Amber UL (ML & P.A.P), couldn't be happier. Got it a little under $2500 off MSRP from an out of state dealership with free shipping the car to us.

    Not a bad deal at all; I'm just glad that this whole darn Lexus hunting game is over soon.
  • I got three dealerships in the Oregon/Washington area to agree to $38,372 on a premium plus package with Navi. MSRP is $40,999. But I heard all these good deals from CA. Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship a car from CA to Oregon?
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