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Kia Stinger - Long term test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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    dg0472dg0472 Member Posts: 89
    EDMUNDS: My 2014 Cadenza recently hit over 100K miles; last week I booked my hotels for vacation and then took off, planning to update the POIs I had input online on my work laptop into UVO once the app and head unit synced up as I drove to Mom's to drop something off. It kept telling me to stop the car and restart the UVO app. I finally rebooted the phone, then noticed several app functions had lock icons. Touching them directed me to the UVO site because the subscription had expired. I logged back in on my phone, but there was nothing there, so I finally called, was placed on hold and then told that there's no way to reactivate it once the free 10yr or 100K miles free service period had ended. They said they were working on it. In 2013, they announced it was free during that period. How in the hell can you not come up with a plan in five years? Did they think no Kia would make it that many miles? Surely they didn't just forget. I call on Edmunds to push Kia on this and find out what's going on here. In the interim, I think anyone reading this blog might be wise to hold off buying any Kia until this question is answered.
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    mikeschmidtmikeschmidt Member Posts: 3
    @dg0472 - Sorry for the delayed reply here. Thanks for bringing this up. We reached out to Kia. It says the mileage cap was lifted and isn't sure why you encountered this problem but wants to help. We'll contact you directly to work out the details. - Mike
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