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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ashay21ashay21 Posts: 6
    That is a good price. If it was me, I would target $39500 and sign the deal. The only dealer in North NJ would be Prestige or Difeo that might be able get you a better deal. I got mine from Bridgewater Lexus. Great service and I got a little more than 10% off MSRP.

    What about the finance rate? Good luck on your search....
  • Wow, did I get a deal--I think. Thanks to this blog. Someone mentioned great pricing at Watertown, MA. Someone else talked about getting $5K off MSRP. I was ready to go with $39900 I was offered but decided to call Watertown for the heck of it. The car I was looking at was 44,090. I asked if I could get $5K off. Salesman said, "sure, no problem". Final price including everything (dealer prep, destination, all the other charges they hit you with) other than sales tax and actual DMV fee, $39,060. AND they are delivering it to me in NY free of charge. How's that for sweet??
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    That's a pretty decent deal - a little over 11% off the MSRP. Maybe I should give them a call too. I've been able to negotiate the price down by $4500 on a 41.7K MSRP car but the salesman is still trying to locate the exact color etc for me. Who's the salesperson you talked to?

  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    So I called Watertown Lexus, and they were offering me $2K off invoice for both the FWD and AWD. It doesn't include free shipping to my location or doc fees ($370 or so) but still an aggressive price. The only downside is the car has a bunch of extras I am not interested in but the salesperson said that's how the cars coming in are equipped now.
  • In the end, the car Watertown was going to get for me from another dealer ended up being sold. Ended up getting just as good a deal at Westport CT. Check them out. They are hungry and thrilled to steal sales away from NY. They are also closer to NY/NJ.
  • tbartmantbartman Posts: 24

    I just e-mailed Watertown Lexus to inquire about an RX350 AWD with packages giving a MSRP of about $48,500 and an invoice of $43,000 or so. They offered $3500 off MSRP (so $2000 ABOVE invoice). How did you get an offer for $2000 BELOW invoice?
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    edited July 2010
    Not sure what the deal is, but be persistent. I didn't get a good response from Westport CT dealer even though others did, but I had a good response from Watertown. When I told them I was getting a vehicle at 2K below invoice they weren't interested in talking to me and said they weren't in the business of losing money. I am actually in the process of getting an even better deal than the one I got from Watertown from another dealership in the area. Will post the details once that gets done. Also, you have to talk to someone in order to get the best deal. Not sure if they give the best offer via email. Both Watertown and this other dealership gave me the offer over the phone.
  • slowcarslowcar Posts: 66
    edited July 2010
    Paid $42500 for RX 350 FWD MSRP of $47844. That is about $5300 off the MSRP or about $350 under invoice. I guessed the price is fair; not the best, not the worst, just fair .....

    p.s. no trade involved.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    edited July 2010
    about to sign on an AWD MSRP around 44.2K (invoice of 40.2K) for 38K and $300 doc fees.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I keep reading about your "thousands of invoice", with all due respect I think you are pulling our collective chain...and your as wonder the "deal" fell through in will never get "thousand below invoice" unless it is a stolen vehicle in which case "anything" is a do keep searching and I hope you do find that "miracle" and get to enjoy it with the best of health, but my friend don't be naive...I am looking for an awd RX 350 as cheap as possible, as evryone is, but I am also reasonable and your messages are anything but reasonable, just my 2 cents.
    I wonder what others reading this think..
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    You can believe what you want to believe (or not believe). I came to this forum looking for information,and the leads here have been very helpful to me (I would never have called Watertown or other dealerships if it weren't for this forum) and I am just providing information back, based on my own experience, so others also can benefit. The deal with Watertown did not fell through. In fact, I still have a deposit on that and I haven't cancelled it yet. I am the one who is going to back out of that one, because the other deal is better (not as much extra options that I don't need). The other deal is with Ira Lexus in Danvers.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    In fact, I will make you a deal. I will be happy to let you take over the car that I have reserved at Watertown. AWD with Premium, Z1 accessory package, backup monitor, heated/ventilated seats, cross bars, wood/leather steering/shift, remote start - 38.5K plus tax/title/doc fee.
  • Have two dealerships in Florida for Lexus RX 350 FWD with $47,385 MSRP, who are offering it for $42,405 plus there dealers' fees of $700. Is this a good deal or should it be better??
    Comes with Comfort Pkg, Prem Pkg, Nav Pkg, Park assist, 19" wheels, 12 speaker stereo, tow prep, Accy pkg. One has the Cross bars and other is throwing in key Fob instead to match price.
  • tresianatresiana Posts: 3
    Have never considered buying a loaner vehicle before but my local dealership has a n RX 350 in the exact interior and exterior colors I want. Will not know until tomorrow about options, etc, since dealership is already closed for the night.

    Anyone have any tips/advice on whether or not it is a good idea? Also, I would guess the same rules of thimb regarding invoice vs MSRP would still apply?

  • gladiator99gladiator99 Posts: 104
    Why buy a loaner vehicle when you can possibly get a brand new one for the same price. The 2011 vehcles will be out soon which makes any 2010 model worth at least 6-8k less than a new one. If you can get the loaner vehicle for about 8k off the msrp and it has low miles and is clean, then it could be a great deal. I know that when the 2011 models are out, many dealers will discount their new vehicles just to move them out, although they may not be as generous on the 2011models for the first month or so. I have been looking online at various dealerships and I have seen a 2010 with package B, AWD with the comfort package, premium audio, tow prep,remote start, etc list price of $47,500, offered 41,900. The vehicle has about 15000 miles.
    Hope you get a great deal!
  • mdx007mdx007 Posts: 2
    Thanks for sharing the info. Which dealer did you work with? Thanks!
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    edited July 2010 not feel offended please, but you must realize that what you were saying sound unbelivable..agree?......if I understand correctly the MSRP is around $47k and you are getting it at about $38.5K right? the RX is fairly well equipped.....thanks for the offer but I am in NJ (I guess I can travel) but I will be ready at the end of Sept...maybe I will wait for the 2011 and hope that all the Lexus' "small issues" are corrected. Everyday that passes by you keep hearing about "little " problems with Lexus that keep popping up (like a bad penny)and to be honest I am begining to loose all confidence in them, I am afraid that buying such expensive vehicle I will run into one of those "small issues" and it will be my fight,that is why I am also looking at the Acura MDX.
    At any rate thanks again and the best of luck to you..
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    edited July 2010

    You said you wondered what others are thinking. I wasn't gonna say but:

    I'll call BS straight out on a couple of posters in the last 3 pages.

    I've seen to many legit reports that correspond with each other, depending on the area they are looking in. It's still fairly easy to cull the bs and get the real info you need. Get out a pen and paper .... go through the posts one by one ... make notes and its pretty clear what the cars are selling for in different areas. Prices may vary by $500 to $1500 depending if its the end of the month, inventory, etc

    You may get a better deal after the 2011s come out. The only reason they are discounting the 2010 now is to move enough to the value shoppers to keep sales up with production. I don't think they will have a big glut of 2010s (just my opinion) due to the great discounts they are offering currently .... 10% plus off sticker is not bad.

    Good luck with your purchase ..... I bought my wife one and she loves it.

    I also wanted to ask ....what small issues are you concerned with?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I thought that there might be someone that kind of agree with me and yes as you said the dealers are trying now to really move as much "old" inventory out to accomodate for the new units 2011 I said I will be ready by the end of September when my current lease (Toyota Sienna Limited 2008 end, this time I am buying) for the small issues, the latest is the last Lexus recall on , I think if I remember, 2007 or 8 about engine noises due faulty valve springs on their V6 engines,,,yes I know no RX 350 was mentioned but the V6 in other models and the one in the RX 350 are similar ones...but most important,to me at least, is the Lexus forums and some of the horror stories that some owners relate there (bluetooth,UBS tires noise, wind noise ,Lexus replace the front windows with 2 plated glass as a TSB after on vehicles sold before April , front bumpers coming off ,"soft paint" issues in which the paint is prone to scratches and dings easier that the average cars out there..etc,etc,etc) .
    All these series of "small issues" that some owners are expiriencing and the reaction that they are getting from the dealers on certain complaints that "it is normal".....well when one pays those prices on those RX (which is to Lexus what the Camry is to Toyota) I do not want to hear "it is normal"...yes I know that what you hear in the forums is only a fraction of the many happy Lexus buyers out there, but I still have concerns, specially when those owners are previous RX owners...mind you that I love the new RX ,even though many previous owners don't, I think it is very attractive.

    The Lexus AWD is not as good as the SH AWD of the Acura MDX.(I am in NJ that is important in the Winter)..I still like the Lexus RX wife does have a bit of cold feet also with all the reported problems that Toyota as a company is confessing to have....sorry, I am begining to ramble...enjoy your RX in the best of health...and luck (which is what in reality we all need with car no matter who makes it)
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Where did I say the MSRP was $47K? These are non-nav vehicles that I've looked at, and the MSRP of the one from Watertown is $44.7K, invoice of $40.5K, and discounted to $38.5K. The MSRP of the one I'm actually buying from Ira Lexus is $44.2K, invoice of around $40.2K, and selling price of $38K plus title/tax/doc fees.

    There's nothing to feel offended about here, and I don't take any offense whatsoever. I understand your skepticism. I am in NJ too and I couldn't get anything close to these deals here, but I am buying in MA and having the vehicle shipped to me here for $350, and it would still be much cheaper. All I am saying is there are deals out there. I did not even have to negotiate for these prices - I was offered these by the salespeople themselves (they wouldn't go any lower - I tried :) ). Maybe the price trend of the last couple of years is coming back. Incidently, all these "little issues" that mention bother me too, but my wife likes this vehicle, and it is for her, and I don't really want something as big as a MDX, so this is it. The only decision was whether to wait for 2011 model, but with these prices, the decision was easier.
  • And I thought I got a good deal. This one is amazing. Before sales tax and DMV, what was your total to the dealer, including all the doc fees?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..regardless it is still a very good deal...I would like the $47k (with nav etc)...since you are in NJ,how are you handling the taxes,reg etc, specially delivery?...why didn;t you pick the car yoursel and sve the $350?.....won't you feel more confortable driving all those miles yourself rather thatn someone else?...or is RX being trucked over?...could you expand on this please..thanks....
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Before the DMV stuff (sales tax, title/registration) I am paying about 38.7K to the dealer and that includes delivery.
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    I will do the sales tax, title and registration here myself with the DMV. It is not that hard. For $350 it is not worth it for me to go over there and drive the car back. They will truck it over to me.
  • firepumpfirepump Posts: 8
    edited July 2010
    Best pricing in Texas?
    What is the down side to leasing. How can I get a smaller lease payment?
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    These are pretty generic questions that you can find answers to fairly easily if you do a little bit of homework.
  • ashay21ashay21 Posts: 6
    We looked at the following before selecting the RX 350 AWD

    RX 350

    SRX: The minute my wife and I sat in the SRX, we felt like we aged 10 years. Nice looking car but have never have owned a GM vehicle before, we were still a little skeptic on reliability.

    MDX: More power, more room, but 12% poorer fuel economy and my wife didn't like the ugly grill. We are not a huge fan of Acura's transformer look.

    If you need the extra room and towing power, I would go for the MDX. What is a MDX. Pricing wise, MDX is giving a better APR% rate as well. Comparable to what we got with the was only 1k more.
  • Please tell me where are you getting this car from and are they delivering it to you? Free of charge?
  • I forgot to ask. The one I was looking at has an MSRP of 44,090. Do you know what yours has that brings it up to 44.2K? Please tell me who the dealer is where you're getting such a great deal. I know you can't give out salesmen's name but how about a first initial?
  • sgb2003sgb2003 Posts: 44
    Mine doesn't have the Z1 accessory package or the cross bars, but has the backup monitor, remote engine starter, wood and leather steering wheel/shift know and Tow package (plus premium, Heated seats). The dealer is Ira lexus. They had an exact one as mine in Obsidian, if you are interested in that. If you don't mind waiting a couple of days, I would be happy to give you more details on salesperson etc (I am wiring them the money on Monday and they should get it by Tuesday).
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