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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If i understand this right. You paid around $37500 + Tax for this car? That is the best deal we have seen here on the forum. Good Job and good luck with new car!
  • mpd04mpd04 Posts: 4
    I certainly wish we had paid $37.5K but we didn't. As has been posted a few times on the forum, this car has an invoice of a bit over $40.5K here in the northeast. This is a case where the dealer invoice doesn't reconcile with the numbers available on Edmunds for the car and package and the Lexus web-site for the accessories. Those numbers indicate the invoice should be about $40.3K. Seems like the difference is about the value of the roof rack cross bars.
  • smozsmoz Posts: 1
    I'm considering a new AWD RX 350 (w/ premium and comfort packages and NAV), while I'm mostly interested in a new one, had a dealer offer me a 2010 with 12k miles for $39k. This build had an MSRP around $47.5k (basically "option B" from the lexus website plus a few accessories).

    From what I've gathered on this board and a few other discussions, seems like I could get a brand new 2010 with this build for $41k - $42k, if this is the case I think I should be getting more of discount for one with 12k miles.

    Anyone have thoughts on how much I should be able to get this used 2010 for, and/or what I realistically can get the brand new one for?
  • >> certainly wish we had paid $37.5K but we didn't.

    >> Those numbers indicate the invoice should be about $40.3K.


    Can you simply share the price that you paid instead of the riddles :-)

  • >> certainly wish we had paid $37.5K but we didn't.

    >> Those numbers indicate the invoice should be about $40.3K.


    Can you simply share the price that you paid instead of the riddles :)

  • nah,

    I have not purchased this car yet. I am still looking. mpd04 said he paid 2.5 k below invoice so I was trying to put his price for everyone so I took edmund's invoice ((~40k) and -2.5k so I thought mpd04 paid 37.5k but instead it looks like he paid 38.xk.
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    edited August 2010
    Has anyone heard of any August incentives (outside of the Golden Opportunity promotion)? I haven't heard a thing on any dealer incentive money out there. Does anyone know of any additional deals? I've heard the 2011 models may be showing up as soon as September. When are we going to see some really good deals?
  • marklinmarklin Posts: 12
    I've been shopping in the MA area and it seems the luxury package is not available for this region?! can anyone suggest other states in the eastern coast?

    Also the quotes I got so far are about $4k off MSRP, I suppose I could do better?

  • Hi guys,

    Just wondering if you think this is a fair deal:

    (I live in NY)

    2010 RX 350 AWD ---no additional options

    3700 total down includes taxes, title, fee's etc.
    499 per mo
    42 month lease
    42,000 mile allowance

    Thanks in advance --Matt
  • david641958david641958 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    yesterday 8/8/10 got one from longo lexus in el monte, ca out of door 41k sharp. ask for saleman nurul.
  • 2010 RX 350 with Nav - MSRP of vehicle is $48,125

    Dealer is willing to sell the vehicle at $43,830.

    Is this a great deal for me? PLEASE ADVISE ASAP as I plan on making a move quickly.

    Curious what people's opinion is ...

  • After looking online at several hundred new or used RX 350 's, I came to the conclusion that I will buy used as most US dealers will not sell a new vehicle to Canadians. So I found a 2010 RX with package B which would have a MSRP of just under $49,000. for $39,995. This was about the best price I could find for a similarly equipped vehicle. This RX would be about $58,000.00 in Canada. Looking forward to picking up my (new to me RX) Has about 14K on it.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    What state, area are you looking
  • Wisconsin (central)
  • I went to see a salesman who is a friend of a friend, and he can offer me a 2010 RX 350 AWD for about ~$31k (Purchase).It was a courtesy vehicle to give to customers when their cars were in for maintenance.

    It has between 11,000 and 12,000 miles on it, and has everything except Navigation and the Mouse Remote control. For right now, I'm assuming it is stock + Option A on the Lexus site because I know it does have backup camera. It hasn't been in any accidents and it is being detailed right now. I should see it later this week and be ready to make a decision. Before I do that, I would like to know from my fellow forum members if this is a good deal for this type of vehicle.

    Thanks for any input!
  • Recheck your prices. When I selected your options, Edmunds showed MSRP of $47215, invoice of $42264 ($1000 difference). Ask the dealer to state the price of each option and dealer fees. Yes, the manufacturer sometimes gives the dealers incentives which are not revealed to the public.
  • Michael.....that sounds like a great deal. If you go on autotrader or you will see that most of the 2010 RX models even with 10-20k on them will fetch asking prices of close to $40,000. The only 2010 models priced lower were vehicles with salvage title that had been repaired. If the vehicle is in great condition, then I would jump on it. You can always buy a great GPS for around $200.00.
    Good luck
  • You may ask yourself what is a year's depreciation worth? !0% or 15%? Then subtract the depreciation, say 10% of $42000 and you arrive at $37800. A dealer that really wants to move his inventory should respond accordingly,

    Good luck!
  • While searching for a used AWD RX350, I found out that one can get a 2008 RX350 for $2400 to $4000 below Kelley's True Market Value (TMV). Can someone explain why dealers are below the TMV?

    Are there concerns about the Lexus all wheel drive (AWD)?
  • That sounds like a really good deal. RX 350 for $31k!. Although to me, 11k miles = used car.

    Anyone has any idea what is RX 350's dealer cash for this month (I know there some cash, otherwise what's the point of Golden Opportunity)? I think Lexus is getting smarter, I bet there is a dealer cash but they must have rolled some way so that sites like Edmunds can't see them.
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    They actually sent me a copy of the window sticker. And I was able to get the vehicle to the stated price using the spreadsheet that had been posted on this forum a few months back. Here are the options on the car:

    2010 Lexus 350 AWD with options: C1, CP, EK, NV, PA, PM, TO V3, WL and WU.

    This brings up an MSRP of $48441. The invoice comes to $43245 (using this tool). lists the dealer cost as $43528. The dealer is claiming $43722 and is willing to show me their invoice. What I don't know, is what is included in their invoice to account for that $500 difference, and is it something I should go after?
  • cap58cap58 Posts: 32
    Heard from a salesperson at Lexus of Watertown that they had $1000 dealer incentive coupons, but he doubted they would last past the weekend. Of course, he was just trying to get me to come in then and purchase. I reminded him it would be an out of state purchase for me, so I wasn't going to be in over the weekend. Have not heard back. Has anyone else heard of dealer incentive cash out there? Other than this one correspondance with Watertown, I haven't heard of any additional incentives out there. The dealers still have a lot of cars in stock and appear to still be getting some in.
  • zin22zin22 Posts: 15
    So for $3000-ish you wouldn't just buy a knew one???
  • zin22zin22 Posts: 15
    Sorry I don't get on the site that often. You could have emailed me I will give you all the facts right down the line.
  • zin22zin22 Posts: 15
    What he said. The 9.5% is a guide because I got that so perhaps you should shoot for 10% but don't show your hand only say a price and don't budge. I feel that 9.5% is very close to invoice due to my research and when I asked for an email that they excepted my offer and also something that would show me all my options they sent me a copy of their invoice sheet and it showed they made $150.00 over invoice according to that sheet. Of course other incentives ,rebates, end of season buying must all be taken into consideration.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50

    It's hard to say what a good price is reading the reports on the board. Many people, myself included, have paid around invoice price. Thats about what your offer looks like.

    Then several people have reported some incredible deals, 2k plus under invoice, mostly in the NJ NY area.

    I believe when I bought my car, about a month ago in VA, I got the best price that could be negotiated. I paid about 43,500 on an MSRP of 48,400. The dealers (5) I was working with were selling them as fast as they could get them in.

    I noticed one guy on the board was going to drive from Ohio (I think) to NJ to get one of the great deals. To be honest I was questioning some of the deals reported, based on my personal experience. I guess the prices can vary that much from one area to another. Some of the "great deal" reports read like BS, but some seem legit.

    Test you dealer out, make a lower offer and walk for a couple of days. E mail some of the dealers offering the super discounts. Maybe it would be worth the drive for you.

    I found a deal out of my area (state) for about 1k less than my local dealer. I finally decided it wasn't worth the inconvienience for 1k. For 3k, I would have used a weekend to go get the car.

    My wife loves the car

    Good luck 94 ... let us know what happens
  • The problem I faced is that several dealers in the Washington/Oregon/california area will not sell a new RX to Canadians. They will sell me a low mileage used one but not new. I believe Toyota/Lexus is trying to protect their dealer network in Canada. I look at it this way, in 5 years, my RX will be worth only slightly less that a 2011. In Canada, the RX that I bought will be priced at about $59,000. new. In the past, Toyota or Lexus in Canada would not budge from their full list price. They would only offer a lower rate of financing near the end of the model year. Even though my RX has some miles on it, I will still have lots of warranty and will get the same satisfaction as if it were brand new.
  • Thanks for your insight.

    Anyone else think my deal is a good one or can I do better?

  • amsnyamsny Posts: 2
    ahnarchi, thanks for posting. I am looking to purchase an RX350 AWD with "B" package (nav, heated / cooled seats, etc.). Watertown looks to be giving the best deals, although I live in NYC. MSRP is around $47,125, and from what I see here and being this late in the season for a 2010, Watertown should be willing to take close to $41K or less. Did you just cold call them or were you referred to a specific salesperson?
  • amsnyamsny Posts: 2
    tbartman, congrats on your new car. When you said that you paid around 7K below MSRP, am I to understand that you were able to be out the door around 41K or under in an AWD with nav? I am looking to purchase (ASAP) a 2010 RX350 AWD with nav and it is worth my drive to MA if they were nice to deal with and the MSRP on the one I am looking at is $47,125, which would bring it to about $40,125 plus tax (I'm out of state anyway). Can you confirm this please and also did you just walk in or were you referred to a specific salesperson? Thanks in advance for your help.
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