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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lex999lex999 Posts: 4
    It was helpful to me reading the notes in this forum. I just wanted to share that I was able to get the price on RX 350 with an MSRP of $48259 for $41150 or a 14.75% discount. I shopped around in the Boston area and found Herb Chambers Lexus in Sharon to be the most aggressive in terms of pricing. It was a pleasant process and I was handled in a very professional manner.
  • Martin,

    Optional equipment was CP, EK, NV, PM, TO, V3, WU, and 3T on an AWD 350 with 18 inch wheels ( MSRP $48,259) for $41,025 plus $369 Doc fees. The car is being released for the transport company Monday evening and will be picked up on their normal swing through the MA area on Tuesday with an expected delivery time in SC of Friday Sept 3rd. The Watertown folks went out of their way to get me the doc's overnight so I didn't have any delays with the SC tax office or DMV. A delay would have meant the transport co. wouldn't pick it up until the following week so the doc fees were certainly justified.

  • yaskazyaskaz Posts: 7
    wclbanker -
    I am also talking to Prestige and have received a couple of quotes. Let me know if u want to discuss more.
  • Put down a deposit on a used RX 350.. 15k miles, bluetooth,AWD, heated/ventilated seats, back-up camera.... used to be a loaner vehicle, has everything except navigation. I'm fairly sure this is a good deal for the colors I am looking for (white ext / tan int.) as I have not been able to find anything cheaper.

    The rep @ the dealer told me that anything done outside of the dealership will void the warranty, such as installing remote start. This doesn't sound right to me, but I could be wrong. Does anybody know if this is true?

    Also, they didn't have much information about what roadside assistance really entails, and I'd also like to know how long the stock tires are rated for. Thanks for any assistance!
  • What is the S Florida Dealer that you bought from and what is the salespersons name. I dont want to lease just the best out the door price. Thanks, Susan
  • I am interested in purchasing a Lexus RX350 with package B including navigation.
    The best out of door price, I will pay cash. Who has the best price???
    Should I get a 2010 or 2011? I live in FLORIDA lots of dealerships to dirve to in a 2 hour drive time. Who has the best price? Let me know what dealer and salesperson. Thank, Susan :blush:
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Although I am not 100% certain, if a remote starter is installed, for example, and damages the electrical system your warranty would be in effect on other parts of the vehicle not damaged. Also, once the electrical system has been repaired to the original state, the full warranty would be in effect again. Quite possibly your Lexus dealer would be negotiable on on the price of anything you might want done if you show them price comparisons although they probably will not meet the price.
  • pat118pat118 Posts: 4

    Would you please send me the dealer information?


  • lex999lex999 Posts: 4
    I got $535 a 15K lease with $2000 down on a $48200 Msrp
  • ivadaivada Posts: 5
    edited August 2010
    FWIW, I got mine yesterday (AWD, Nav, Comfort, Premium, Wood, Tow) $200 below invoice (NJ).
  • ivadaivada Posts: 5
    Yes, I got told the same thing. A 3rd part remote starter will void the warranty since it can/does interfere with the Car's electrical system. Why don't you just get the Lexus remote started option? It's about $850 or so MSRP installed but as part of the sale they might be able to do much better ($550 or so). I negotiated mine as part of my sale yesterday. Going next weekend to get it installed, and since it is a Lexus part it does not void the warranty. Plus it gets integrated right into the Lexus key fob.
  • badnjgalbadnjgal Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Thanks for the information. Can you please tell me which dealership gave that deal, I would like to go there.
  • lex999lex999 Posts: 4
    Herb Chambers lexus sharon ma
  • Sooz,

    After Germain tried to sc**w me on a couple car deals, I test drove there but bought my 2000 RX 300 at Scanlon in Ft. Myers and they were a pleasure to deal with. The last time I did a Google search of Germain ( a few years ago now) I found the same experience related by many other posters.
  • terry89terry89 Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Does anybody know what are the changes year 2011 model over 2010?

    What are the feature changes, and are there going to be a price change?

    Just a bit information to help me make my decision of to wait or buy it now.

  • ivadaivada Posts: 5
    Per my understanding the only difference is the phasing out of some earlier colors and being replaced by newer colors. There are no other noticeable changes in the body, styling, or options. Hope this helps! Here are the changes expected:

    Price increases:
    RX350 FWD: $350
    RX350 AWD: $350
    RX450h FWD:$550
    RX450h AWD: $550

    Exterior Colors: Satin Cashmere replaces Golden Almond, Stargazer black, Black Opal Mica (RX450h) added, while Truffle Mica, and Black Saphire Pearl, Aurora White Pearl (RX450h) discontinued

    Some more links: neup-small-changes-for-all
  • ram7088ram7088 Posts: 4
    Hello i am in process of signing a lease in VA. Here are my numbers. please suggest if this is a good reasonable deal.

    MSRP 47K

    Down- $3000
    Monthly- $540
    Miles- 12K per Yr
    Duration- 3 Yrs.
    Residual- $28000
    First 2 Services Free

    Please help me if i can go for it.

    Is there anything else i should be asking for
  • Your numbers seem about right, but the equipment configuration is critical in determing this because it can add thousands to the price. $47K for an AWD seems very low, depending on what's in it; i.e does it have Nav, Premium, Comfort, etc. We picked up a new RWD on 8/28/10, completely loaded, with an MSRP of $47,644 - the high end "South Florida build", with the same $539/month and $2,700 down, 36 months-36,000 miles.
  • ram7088ram7088 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response.... Its about the same. Let me recheck the options and will keep in mind your numbers...
  • Working several dealers and best we can come up with here in Northern Va for a fairly loaded (no DVD Entertainment) but has NAV, Comfort, etc. 2010 MSRP $47,625. Final offer was $3150 down, 565/month for 3 year 15K mile lease. Residual was just under $27K. I would love feedback/thoughts? This is including $500 rebate incentive, etc. Down payment seems high but actually less than what other dealers required for same payments. Thanks, Steve
  • Steve
    Leased one in Ma this week Msrp $48259 ,$2000 down ,15K per year $535 per month about the same residual, 56%. I would say you should be able to do better
  • What is the best price for this vehicle with a navigation package?
    Who has gotten the best deal and where? I live in S. Florida but will drive wherever it takes for the best price. Thanks , Sooz :confuse:
  • Michael!
    I did the same thing.....purchased a 2010 RX loaded with nav,19"wheels,starfire pearl with beige interior. Price was $40,000. I am exporting it to Canada so the savings are pretty good. These sell for $58,000. similarly equipped in Canada as new. I love the vehicle and the build quality is great. My particular model was Canadian built, so there is no import duty to bring it to Canada.
    The stock tires are michelin tires, which I have not had any good luck as far as tirewear. My last vehicle had michelin cross tour tires which lasted just over 25000 miles. My 2005 Avalon also had michelin tires and they lasted just about 30,000 miles. Once these tires wear out I will probably put on a set of good year triple tread fortera tires which are winter rated and are all season tires.
    I would find out if your dealer can install a remote start for you and still maintain your warranty. There should be a book that outlines the roadside assistance program for you, if not your dealer should have all that info.
    Enjoy your new ride. How much did you have to spend for this vehicle?
  • Just purchased the same vehicle for 43,375.00 Added DVD 2000.00 what a deal!!! Would recommend shopping at one of the Three MASS Stores mentioned here. Timing is everything. I actually got to pick out any new car color and Options I wanted.
  • I just saw this message, probably too late to join :(

    Can you post the deal you guys ended up getting?

    Is this a good deal for the Bay Area?

    2010 Lexus RX350 AWD with navigation system $44K + tax & fees
    With package B

  • This is an update on the auto transportation from MA to SC. The company I had used before with the quote of $650.00 was Direct Express Auto Transport who gave me nothing but a run around. After initially saying they would be at the dealer on Tuesday August 31st, they claimed that was the release date and they had 1 -7 days to pick up the car. On day 7 they then claimed their pick ups were 97 to 90 percent (depending on who I spoke with) within that time frame. I canceled the order and called the company recommended by Lexus of Watertown (American Auto Transport), who quoted $800.00 for the delivery. AAT picked up my car the next day, and will deliver it tomorrow, 2 days later. During the time awaiting pickup, the Lexus of Watertown salesman had the car stored inside a building and kept the keys in his desk. Great service.

    Side note: I didn't opt for the Simonz glasscoat offered by the dealership for $695.00, but a local detailing shop recommended by my mechanic will apply an equivalent sealant for $110.00.

  • I am in Houston, Texas. The Lexus deader offers me the 2010 RX350 with Premium Package, MSRP $43,850. The dealer’s price is $40,648 and drive out is $43534.

    Can someone tell me it is a good deal? Did anyone recently buy with a better price in Houston? Thanks,
  • Just leased a 2010 RX350

    12k mi per yr
    42 mo lease
    3850 down includes taxes, titles and fee's
    505 per mo

    residual was 52%
    money factor .00175
  • I am negotiating an RX now and the money factor is 57%.... list of $48293 and mo. nut is $519 + tax. 12K/36mo
  • I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2010, but am wondering how long I can wait before inventories become depleted. Does Lexus typically offer any financing or additional cash incentives as a way to move the remaining inventory (I want to purchase, not lease)? I'm aware of the incentive on CPOs which is tempting but would prefer to have a new one if the numbers work out.

    Thanks for any advice!
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