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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    edited October 2010
    The 2010 inventory is going fast. Not much difference between 2010 and 2011 but a one year old car should have at least a $1500 spread or more between them at this time of the year. I was only offered Invoice on a 2010 model so I decline and bought a 2011.

    Word on the street is that by Thanksgiving (less than 60 days away) the 2011 RX350 will be at invoice at many dealerships or invoice minus a few hunrded at our friendly Mass. Lexus dealerships.

    I decided to take the plunge at invoice plus $300 because my wife wanted the car and they had the exact model, color and options we wanted.

    Many thanks to those who posted on this forum. It took me a few months to make this purchase but I did not get gouged by the dealership.
  • Optional equipment was CP, EK, NV, PM, TO, V3, WU, and 3T on an AWD 350 with 18 inch wheels ( MSRP $48,259) for $41,000 from Ira lexas in mass. For some reason all the mass lexas dealers are selling there RX 350 alot cheaper then other dealers. The best I could do in the NY, CT, NJ, and PA was 42500. All the dealers were willing to sell there car under 42000 right over the phone. Got mine delivered to PA today.
  • Forum Members,

    I am looking at a 2011 AWD RX 350 in Central NJ. Comfort, NAV, Prem, Tow, Wood Steering Wheel and Accy Pkg (Cargo Mat, Net, and Wheel locks) - Seems like their "B" package. With delivery - Total MSRP $47,985.

    I was looking to hear what folks are paying early in the 2011 model year for this model. Do you highly recommend waiting to month's end to get best deal?
  • Can you tell me what features you got for that price? Is it AWD or FWD? I am about to buy an RX350 2011 in WI and they aren't dealing at all, so I am looking around the country for the best deal.
  • What is this $1000 coupon that you referred to? Does it have to do with transferring the car to another city/state?
  • rallo1rallo1 Posts: 4
    I believe I got a good deal--I shopped every dealer from San Diego to LA. Longo in LA is known to have the best deals, but actually did much better at a dealer in San Diego. MSRP was $46K--paid $39,000. Key take aways of this deal--never work from MSRP--always work from invoice. Also remember invoice is not really a dealers invoice. For example--you need to determine what invoice is on each package--this is where dealers make their money. Comfort package MSRP is $2K; however, invoice is $1560. Dealer is now making $440--same goes for NAV, rims, etc... Because the 2010's are becoming limited I am not sure I could have done any better. The dealer would have sold this car to someone (for more money); however, they new I was buying that day and got to move a unit. Great car--my wife loves it. Lastly, for those who want to know--we got this for $2500 under invoice. Let me know if I can help. I have not seen a better deal on this package on this website; therefore, I think I got a good deal. Thanks for all who have posted--you helped us out!
  • bman80bman80 Posts: 1
    rallo1, congrats on your purchase! Was 39k your out-the-door price, or were there TTL fees on top of it? Which dealer was it in SD?
  • Received a quote for a 2010 RX 350 AWD from the dealer yesterday for 43k OTD. The deal includes comfort, navigation, premium and towing package. Do you think this is a good deal or should I wait? I tried looking for the invoice price in other websites including the TMV but everything seems to show a higher price than this quote. Not sure if those values are updated on a month to month basis.

    Any help is certainly appreciated.
  • you need to provide more info to get replies. 43k otd? what's the breakdown? TTL? what is MSRP?
  • When you say OTD - do you mean including Taxes, Title. etc? I don't think you have much more time on the 2010s.

    Via the Edmunds car quoting, I received a quote form Lawerence Lexus near Princeton - for a 2011 - same options as yours - total MSRP $47,985 for $44,885.
    For a similiar 2010 - $42,838. Of course, this was my first real quote back - and he told me that this was bottom line - LOL! I know you can do better on the 2010s. I plan on getting pricing from 3 different dealers in my area to make sure I am doing the best I can. I will end up getting these in person - I am not totally bought in to phone quotes.

    These quotes BTW are before taxes, etc. I did not ask what kind of doc feel that
    they are also trying to extract.

    I know I will end up paying a bit more for the newer 2011 - but as long as I know I am not getting ripped off.

    Good luck!
  • meant OTD as Out of The door or On Road price.

    Breakdown for 43k

    $40k (sale price) + TTL (for PA) = $43k
  • asiasfasiasf Posts: 2
    Got this from my dealer -

    Additionally, we are very pleased to announce the return of the popular Payment Waiver Program! Qualified customers with upcoming Lexus lease maturities can take advantage of the Autumn Payment Waiver program which will waive up to 6 payments if they purchase/lease a new Lexus through LFS.*

    Plus, if you currently own a qualifying BMW, Mercedes or Audi you may be eligible to receive a $1000 reward towards the purchase/lease of any NEW LEXUS.

    Anyone know more details ?
  • I wanted to let everyone know that I just got a 2011 RX 350 AWD for $4,000 off MSRP from Bredemann Lexus in Chicago. IRA in Massachuttes offered a very similar deal but since I had to ship it to WI, it made sense to get it in Chicago. The Milwaukee dealers wouldn't budge at all on their prices. They wanted to sell me a 2010 with 12k miles for more than I got the brand 2011!!

    Thanks for everyone's input.
  • slowcarslowcar Posts: 66
    At least 8K off MSRP. I'll say go for it. I paid mine three months ago $42.5, same config except FWD, MSRP $47.5K...FYI.
  • rallo1rallo1 Posts: 4
    That is a good deal--I would jump on it. Lexus is giving $2K back to the dealer startig oct 6th. He is selling you the car for $3900K (depending on your tax rate). He is taking another $1500 off and keeping $500. I bet if you try really hard you can get another $500 off. Or ask for a service credit, rugged floor mats, something else. I am so upset--the day after I bought my wifes Rx 350 they came out with the dealer back money. So I thought I had a great deal, but now thinking if I had waited a day I would have gotten another $1K off. remember--the dealer is not going to give all $2K back to you.
  • Can you tell me where you heard about this additional $2K Holdback? Is this in addition to the standard 3% Holdback - or are you talking about one and the same things.
  • Hi
    Cab you tell me what options and the MSRP for the car you bought? I am going to check things out at Bredeman
    Thanks Very Much
  • Thanks for the information. I am working with the dealer on closing the loop. I will post my update once I close the deal.
  • I just offered $37k my local dealer and they are saying they would only take $38.5k (MSRP $44k). They ack that they have $2k dealer cash.
    Sometime I just don't get it, I have seen people getting $38k or even $37k for the same car in this from, considering extra $2k, they should have no problem with this. I have decided to look at other options, no Luxus for me.

    "Whatever happens, it happens for good"
  • I just went to Bredemann in Glenview. The salesman(Larry) said that the max discount for the 2011 in the dealership is $3000. Premium plus with options list at $48,480. Please let me know if you get the 4K off and if so who the salesman is
    Many Thanks
  • Hi guys, best i could get was on a 2010, package D, msrp 490xx, dealer willing to go 415xx without even haggling, definately could have gone lower if I tried, good deals out there.
  • I just bought 2010 RX 350 FWD with Premiums package in Houston. MSRP $44109, Invoice $39905. Paid $37900 + TTL. The car has the dealer-added tint on the front window which is needed in Houston.

    Starting from Oct. 6, Lexus offers $2000 dealer discount, but no more 1.99% (for 36 months) loan promotion. I am a little bit disappointed that Lexus doesn’t offer both.

    Thanks for this website for sharing the information! Best wishes for RX shoppers.
  • Hi, it's great price you got there. My Lexus dealer would not offer such price and says the messages posted online might be fake. Would you be willing to share your proof of purchase price in written document? Thanks.
  • Hi, it's a great offer you got there. My Lexus dealer would not offer such price and says the messages posted online might be fake. Do you have some kind of written proof of the offer? I'd like to show it to my dealer. Thanks.
  • I don't know how you got such a great price back in March. I can't get the price even 2010 cars are in clearance now and Lexus is giving dealers $2000 cash. Would you like to share your negotiation tips? Would you be willing to share your proof of purchase price with me? I'd like to show it to my dealer who doesn't believe your price could be true. Thanks.
  • You have to only do it through the internet, I went to 5 dealers that way then had JM Lexus in S.Florida beat all the prices no questons asked. Just do your homework, My MSRP was 47,770 got it for 40,900. Just have to be blunt and lots of emails dont go into the dealer !
  • hey graghuna that a good deal, I just got mine Rx350 on Oct 11 Paid k45500 same package as your but Plus Intuitive Parking Assist.
  • damn that a really good deal, Hey will123456 It"s that OTD Price? Please let me know.
  • Thanks for the tip. I did the internet request through Edmunds and I was given local dealers internet specialists. I went back and forth through emails with one specialist. When I asked for more discount (She lowered about $6000 off MSRP), she told me I needed to come in to talk to the general manager. I'm having an appointment with the dealer in an hour. I'll see what the bottom price they will offer. How did you find more internet dealers? How were you able to get them to beat the price without going to the dealers?

    I currently is leasing a 2008 RX and the lease is expiring in a few days. I'm also considering buying it out with extra 3-year warranty. Does anyone know if the warranty is necessary? Based on my unlucky car experiences, I always buy extra warranties. But my friends who own Japanese cars don't feel the need to. My current warranty will expire next July. One dealer told me it's extra 3 years after my current one expires. But another dealer told me it's extra 3 years from the buyout day, which means I only get extra 2 years and 3 months out of the extended warranty. Would someone tell me whose information is correct?

    2010 RX was redesigned and seems to have some issues (e.g. bumpers popping off...) that Lexus is still working on. I've had my 2008 for 39 months and have no problem with it. The buyout price (25000) is OK if compared with comparable 2008 prices. But I've paid $25000 so far, that seems to mean it costs me the list price if not more for this 2008 car. That's the reason I'm exploring 2010 option. But I'm scared to get a lemon car like what I've experienced in the past. I'd appreciate anyone's opinion.
  • i need to make some adjustment, the MSRP on my RX350 2011 FWD was 50,325 because the dealer has add the Crom Wheel price 2,900. finally i give the price for the car was 42,500 and for the Crom wheel another 1,000 and the total become 43,500+2years mantain. sorry about the last post that i didn't make it clear on the price. hope this information will help.
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