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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I take my RX350 to a Toyota dealer for most routine service. Same parts and level of expertise at about half the price. No gourmet breakfast, free loaner or quick and dirty car wash; but I can live with that.

    Pete :)
  • I heard Lexus is having $8000 off MSRP now, how is the new 2011 RX350? Anyone knows?
  • precabprecab Posts: 11
    As a Texas first pass on a shopping a 2011 RX350 with:

    Comfort package
    Luxury package
    19" Wheels
    Heads up display (shows $1200)

    MSRP $50,504 is and an invoice $45,204.

    hard ads
    Price dealer wants over invoice with few 2011's at this moment (pushed this down from a higher figure)

    half cost of the tow hitch install at the dealer. I could do this for 200 myself, but not worth the hassles to install a hitch

    +1,399 dual DVD after market install. 7" with plenty of extras factory system does not have on # of inputs and programming for video games etc.

    Total cost $46,900.50
  • precabprecab Posts: 11
    $8k off MRSP I'd expect is 2010's but share the details if you have it
  • There's a lot of talk of $8K below MSRP. Can anyone validate this? I'm searching for a left over 2010 with Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, iPod capabilities and heated front seats. Can anyone tell me if you can get a back-up camera without having to purchase the navigation package? It's difficult to find that answer on-line.
  • Can anyone tell me if you can get a back-up camera without having to purchase the navigation package? It's difficult to find that answer on-line.
    I bought a 2010 w/o Nav but with backup camera. The backup diaplay is basically embedded in the rear view mirror. The total display is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches.
  • I find truecar gave a pretty close price to the best available at least for here in sf bay area..
    also, $8k off msrp is within range for 2010 rx350 w/ more options..but you can't expect same $8k off msrp for a base fwd or awd..basically, the more expensive the msrp is, the more discount you can get..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    Is a small screen like that useful, or do you find yourself squinting?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I installed a VR3 aftermarket back-up camera on my 2007 RX350. It has a small screen apx. 1½" x 2", and while minimally satisfactory it is no match for the large screen OEM in-dash version which I now regret not getting. I drove a loaner with the large screen and it is far superior. No experience with the rear view mirror model but I presume it would be similar to my small screen. My 2¢.

    Pete :(
  • I find the small screen to be very satisfactory, no squinting necessary. However, I would recommend getting the vehicle with navigation. You cannot utilize the Bluetooth feature fully with a no nav car.
  • I have a 2010 RX without navi, the bluetooth works fine with my phone. Voice commands worked fine, I did not feel anything lacking. Maybe adenbx can share some insight what navi system can do more for BT? Thanks!
  • rxfirstrxfirst Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Purchased 2010 - AWD with navi, premium, comfort along tow prep package,cross bars, accessory package (cargonet, cargo mat, wheel locks) , wood and leather trimmed steering wheel and 12 speaker premium audio system for 39100 + tax + tags on 11/1/2010. But I was suppose to pick up the car next day because it was too late, when the deal was finalized. Next day the salesman calls me and says there is a dent on the passenger side door. It will take 2 days to fix it. He also said if I don't won't we can walkoff. But I said, I don't want to get the car I have purchased, please look for a similar kind a car with all the same options. So far they have given me one other option - everything will be the same expect 19 wheels without cross bars. Please let me know whether anyone had this kind a experience? Can I negotiate now with either of the cars?
  • I'm wondering if they got a better price from another customer and told you it had a "dent". What dealership was this at? I'm in the DC area looking for the exact same car. It does look like you got a great deal though. What was MSRP?
  • $39100 is a great price. I assume you didn't get INTUITIVE PARKING ASSIST & 19" ALLOY WHEELS on the 1st car right?

    19" ALLOY WHEELS listed for $660 which is more than the $259 listed price for the ROOF RACK

    So if I were you, I would take the deal and just have ROOF RACK installed at later time
  • dltldltl Posts: 5
    Hey guys. Thanks for all the great posts on this topic. I am in the midst of buying an SUV for my wife as we are expecting our first child. The RX350 is on top of her list and I was looking for a 2010 to get the best deal. Seems like the 10's are somewhat scarce and I'm getting pushed for an '11. However, I did find a used lease return, with the following specs:
    2010 Lexus RX350 AWD
    Premium - Nav - Comfort
    It has roughly 7,000 miles on there, so it's used, but practically brand new. I've seen incentives of $7,000 - $8,000 off MSRP for 2010s, but I'm wondering what price I should be expecting for this slightly used model.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! :D
  • Can you provide info. on dealer, looks like a good deal-thanks for your help!
  • I bought it at Highland Park Lexus. Just a warning though, I was told by the Business Mgr,after the purchasemthat the 4 yr warranty was only good if you get maintence checks per their schedule at Lexus. This is probably [non-permissible content removed] but I dont know. Then they tell you you can prepay for all of them but can only do that right then and there
    If you or anyone here knows the answer it woudl be nice if they would let everyone know
  • On the look out for 2011 toyota highlander Limited V6 FWD. Please share with me any deals you had in Austin or Houston area? Tks
  • Thanks for the info. I've bought quite a few cars over the years and never heard of the warranty not being valid if you don't follow their schedule. I'll let you know if I find out anyhing.
  • Purchased a 2010 RX 350, with Premium Package, Nav, Dual Entertainment, wood & leather trimmed steering wheel & Shift knob, Heated and ventilated seats, towing prep, 19'' alloy wheels, cross bars etc. in Florida.

    The MSRP is $48874, Paid $40550 (includes dealer fees) + Tax. No trade-in.

    Had a hard time finding 2010 with my preferred color as the inventory is very low at most dealers.

    Thanks to everyone that contributed to this forum. This helped me a lot in negotiating.
  • This is awesome deal. Basically, $8300 off of MSRP. Congrats!
  • Hello Friends,
    I was looking for a 2010 2WD RX 350 with Premium package and Navigation. (Red exterior and Black interior). None of the dealers in Southern California could find the car. I think I am late in the game for 2010 model. Anyway, I was offered below $1,000 on a 2011 2WD RX350 with all my choices plus lot of extra’s. Here are the codes for the options (CP, EK, FT, NV, PA, PM, TO, WU, 3T,C6, Z1, V4, V2).

    The MSRP for the car is $48,633.
    Invoice: $43,673
    I was offered $42,673 plus TTL.

    What you all think? Should I go for it? Please someone answer as I have to let them know tomorrow.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Sounds like an awesome deal to me!

    Pete :)
  • Thank you Pete. But someone of the forum members was getting 7K to 8K off of the sticker price of 2010 models. I was really hoping to do little better with 2011 model too. I do have another question for you Pete. When they show the invoice price, how dependable is that? I know they have another price which is “dealer cost”. I am not sure if that is any relevant when negotiating the price. Also, should I wait till end of December for a better deal?
  • coatie1, when I was leasing my '07 RX, all I ever did was the scheduled oil changes and tire rotations at the Lexus dealership. I never did the other maintenance such as the 15,000 mile, 30,000 mile or any of that stuff, and my warranty was never voided.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    If you can wait til Dec, you will get a better deal.
    The diff between the invoice & MSRP is around 5K.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    edited November 2010
    I'm not sure you will get a better price on a 2011 at the end of December, but who knows? The end of any month is a good time to buy however - two business days left in November - Monday 11/29 and Tuesday 11/30! My 2¢.

    Pete :)
  • Guys,

    I see that a dealer in Texas (where I live) has the 2010 RX350 in the color that I want with the following packages: Comfort, Premium, Nav and Towing Prep. The MSRP is $47,385. What's the price I need to ask for? ( I'd rather not go into the dealership and haggle..). Also, anyone know if there is any good financing on the 2010's?

    Any help from the group would be greatly aprpeciated!

  • Hi All, just purchased our choice of car RX 350 FWD Red exterior with black interior as I discussed in my previous posting. The car has Premium, Navigation & Comfort package. It also has Parking Assistance, Towing Package, Remote start, and few other things.
    The MSRP: - $48,633
    Invoice: -$43,673 (I verified with Truecar, Costco, and Edmond – It’s comparable)
    Price paid:$ 42,473 (it was cash purchase), so it is about $6,161 off of MRSP.
    Tax $3,721 $ title $587 = Total out the door was $46,863

    Friends, how did I do?
  • newcarbuyer10newcarbuyer10 Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    Hello Sri,

    Based on my experience, a good price for that vehicle is in $39k-$40k. While purchasing my 2010 RX 350, I initially consider a vehicle with configuration similar to yours (MSRP was ~47700) and the dealer was willing to sell it for 39800.

    While negotiating for price, I found that lot of dealers that are not willing to come ~8K below MSRP. I ended up buying from J&M Lexus is South Florida, who is 250miles away from where I live.

    BTW., I also got financing from Lexus for 2.84% APR, 60 months.
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