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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I hope I wasn't fed some BS. I just went to a dealership in the northshore area of Chicago and was told the 2011 Lexus RX350 Base model comes with the Comfort, Premium and Tow Package. If memory serves me, the MSRP was $44,495 (or $44,xxx). Is this accurate? They also mentioned they've never heard of the "Sport Package" on the RX350 when it clearly states in the manual if this is available. Is this true?
  • newcarbuyer10newcarbuyer10 Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
    The base model I have seen at most dealers includes the premium package and is at $41xxx. So, the dealers talk about base model including comfort package is BS.

    You might want to check at edmunds and KBB (Kelleys blue book) websites on dealers inventory to check if they have the type of vehicle they want.
    One thing I found very frustating when buying Lexus in that there is no convenient way to find dealer inventory. However edmunds and KBB can help some. Try taking to multipl dealers, and do no go by information from just one dealer.

    The dealer I brought my Lexus from was JM lexus in Florida. They claim to be the largest Lexus dealer in world and they do have a huge selection. They also have separate website that lists their inventory ...
    I had a very positive experience with this dealer and even if you are out side Florida you could check their website to see want type of vehicles are available and hopefull find the vehicle u like at a dealership near you.

    All the best.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    2011 RX350 4x2 with premium, comfort and navi. MSRP $47,500. Paid about $41,000 before tax and fees.

    Thanks for the head up.. I will try Coliseum...
  • openedopened Posts: 10
    This is reply to "2010 RX350 AWD with premium package (MSRP $44090). The best I can do was $37.3K" What dealershop in NJ did you go? Thanks
  • I recall that there is a sports package available but it might be that there inventory is so low that they dont have one equipped that way I bought my 2011 rx listed for about 48600 and 3800 off list from the salesperson,who I liked< at Lexus of Highland Park couldnt stand the guys at one of the other dealerships Just beware of the bus Mgr bs;ing you about addtl plans to but Send mean email at and I'll gibe you his name and more info
  • seaside3seaside3 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Mr. Billoti, while Prestige has a great inventory, your sales managers treat prospective customers with arrogance and with the attitude that Prestige is the only game in town. Thanks to forums like this, we are able to compare prices in different regions. My dealings with your sales manager were insulting and I got my car from a dealer that appreciated my business.
  • totowatotowa Posts: 14
    mar1an1, Thank you for the reply. I will try Warnock as per your suggestion. When I was in shop for IS250 2 years ago, I didn't think Tri-County was helpful at all. Thanks.
  • totowatotowa Posts: 14
    Does anybody know if Lexus Financial Service offer special purchase Finance rate with this promotion? Also, is there any special incentive like Lexus Owner Loyalty or Incentive to Dealer amount that dealer might want to pass it on?

    I need to shop a car this week, and I don't have much time.
    Thank you for your help.
  • i live in ohio, I had the same deal from Ohio dealers, but ,Yesterday I got the this 2011 Lexus RX 350 from the Boston , stcker price 44825 - Buying price includng lexus cash back for $37,250 wo taxes and registration.
  • pdswaypdsway Posts: 14
    edited December 2010
    Purchased 2011 RX 350, AWD, NAV (etc)
    MSRP ~ $48k
    Paid $43,450 (plus Virginia ttl)
    Minus $1,000 (Lexus Loyalty Rebate)
    Out the door under $44k

    To get the Loyalty Rebate:
    - Own a Lexus
    - Purchase new 2011 Lexus before Jan. 3, 2011
    - Finance with Lexus (they will match other finance deals)

    Good deal but pretty sure you can do better this week.
    Go get em!
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    what dealership you bought it from? how much was shipping? what options do you have on the car? and the total price was then $38250 without the cash back? what was the cash back deal?
    I am considering buying ,Hope to get it by yearend as time is running out.
  • I got it from Herb chambers of Lexus, Sharon, MA, They were not really pushy and it was a really positive experience ..

    1000 Cash back deal is :
    1. You need to be a current lexus owner
    2. Need to finance thru lexus.
    3. it expires this friday Dec 31st.
  • Here are the features..

    2011 Rx 350 AWD, Premium package , Back up camera, heated ventillated seat , Towing prep package, wood and leather trim , Remote start , cargo mat and wheel locks..
  • sallen31sallen31 Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    Help everyone I'm a single female buying a car & need help knowing if this is a good offer. 2011 RX FWD, Premium Package (the middle package) with Navigation for $40,500. I went through the Costco buying program & the invoice price is $41,557, so its $1,000 below invoice. Should I take it?
  • Hi, I'm looking to purchase an 2011 RX 350, AWD, comfort pkg + Premium pkg + Navigation. Does anyone have or know of any good deal in the san francisco bay area? Thanks a lot!!
  • Try Coliseum Lexus in Oakland. Ask for the Internet Manager.
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    Thanks for quick reply. Did you pay to transport to ohio, and how much did it cost ?
  • Dear Friends,

    I am looking for the below Package. I really appreciate if you could advise me good dealership in Long Island or NY where I can get competitive deal.

    1. RX 350 2011 - AWD
    2. Premium Package
    3. Towing Package
    4. Back up camera
    5. Heated Ventilated Seats
    6. Wood & Leather Trim
    7. Remote Start
    8. Cargo Mat
    9. Wheel Locks

    As well, could you please let me know how low we ask below the invoice price?.

    Thanks for your time & help.
  • We bought the same car in CA but with 2WD. MSRP was about 48K. We paid about 42.5K before TTL. It was about 1.5K under invoice. Hope this helps.
  • pdswaypdsway Posts: 14
    I think $1000 below invoice is a good deal. Some have gotten $2000 under invoice but they were 2010 models. I think it also depends on your region. In any case there's no way its a "bad" deal.

    Your car sounds the same as mine except ours is AWD and we paid $42.4 (essentially).
  • Thanks so much for your inputs, I will try to negotiate the deal between $1,000 to $2,000.

    I appreciate it.
  • totowatotowa Posts: 14
    Maresident/ I am also in shopping for RX350 before year ends, and your recent purchase price was very tempting for me to drive there.
    Did you get that price through Edmunds? Would you share your contact points we can get similar deals? My biggest question is did you get your vehicle delivered? How much?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Could you please let me know the contact person over there in Herb of Chamber's?. I am also looking with the same exact options.

    I spoke to a Sales person, she says they can give better deal if we are there in person to the store.

  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    please tell me how you transported the car. I contacted Sharon dealer. for $44825 car 38546. they need bank wire since end of month is tomorrow.
    Any info will be appreciated about the transport. Thanks.
    pleas reply imme if possible
  • Saki1, I spoke to Herb of Chamber's, Sharon, MA today, they gave me 38,173 with three day price guarantee till saturday evening.

    She insisted me that they can do better pricing if we walk into the store.

    I don't know how far is this true?.
  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    If I was near MA, I would go to the dealership. A dealer said it's impossible to sell a car at that price because invoice itself is $40,521. I don't know what to say. I have never done long dist buying. any help ?
  • totowatotowa Posts: 14
    I also contacted Herb Chambers Lexus, MA, and asked for price that Maresident purchased. The lady who took my information down, told me she would call back right away after talking with sales team. I haven't heard from her since then. It looks like the deal is dead. If anybody success with same deal, please let me know. Thanks
  • Hi all,

    I just tested drive a 2011 RX350 AWD today. Found out the VIN number starts with a "2", which means it is made in Canada. Anyone has any comment between the Canadian made and Japanese made RX350? I'm in SF Bay Area, do the dealers here not import RX from Japan anymore?

  • saki1saki1 Posts: 11
    Please reply to our posts. Thanks.
  • ferrari007ferrari007 Posts: 14
    edited December 2010
    Saki1, I spoke to Sharon dealer once again today, the person who gave me the offer yesterday was not there.

    The revised offer they gave me today was $38,790 for MSRP $44,825.

    For transport I checked in a Transportation company for Sharon, MA to NY it costs $350 for open Truck and $650 for closed container.
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