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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    edited March 2011
    I'd go to some local dealers with this offer to see if they can match it. In case they could, you'd save a trip to MA. Also, get the offer on paper, you don't want to go all the way to MA and found out that they cannot make the deal because it's a verbal offer. It also eliminates any misunderstanding - they might think you're qualified with the 1K rebate.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    edited March 2011
    I hate to break it to you, but I think I may be driving the only 2010 RX350 that has the premium and comfort package without the navigation in the country.
    Apparently, it was a fluke that this car came this way, but it was perfect for me because I don't need the nav, and I really wanted the rain-sensing wipers, which I had on my '07 RX350 that had just the premium package on that vehicle.

    The only downside to all of this is I don't get a back-up camera or a rear-view mirror camera because the car has the auto high-beams with the AFS xenon lights, and no park assist. The car also was the same color as my '07, so no new color for me this time. But I'm loving the xenon lights that turn. They're so cool when you first start the car too with the way they go up and down and settle on center. I also am enjoying the push button start with the smart access.
  • Where did you buy it from?
  • lcmikelcmike Posts: 3
    Getting ready to buy in Houston within the week. Anyone buy recently and what did you pay?
  • Will try for MSRP - $7500 (including loyalty rebate)? Sounds fair?
  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    I went to a dealer and tried to get a 2011 RX AWD with Prem, Nav, Comfort and remote start for under 41K. The dealer wouldn't show us the stickers, just asked us if we would do 'near invoice'. we took a hard stand to see what they would do. Now gotta try again with others in the areas. I thin MSRP is $48408, like the poster above I am trying for 7500 under MSRP.

    Anyone else have luck?
  • I got mine for $6030 under MSRP in Northern Virginia. Trust me when I say that was as low as they were willing to go! I did not get the loyalty rebate so if you can get $7000 below MSRP then I think you have a smoking deal!
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    edited April 2011
    Don't need to get Nav in Dallas (don't need to get AWD either). Try zip code 75201. THe comfort+premium consolidates to one package and the sticker I think is about $44.5.
  • I bought my 2011 for 44K with Head up display, 12 speakers, etc. I think it's a really good price
  • thebigd23thebigd23 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Hello... I configured the RX on I'm confused about the packages. Essentially, there is a Package C, but I do not see a breakdown between Premium, Luxury, and Sports packages anywhere. Does Package C have all of them?

    I also added the Comfort Key access option, but I don't see the option for heads up display. Is this an option for the RX?

    Are there any options I'm missing? My MSRP is 48,427. The only major option I think I'm missing is the glass break sensor. This is for the FWD. Thanks.
  • What was your MSRP? Can you give us the full feature list? is it premium/nav/comfort/headsup display?
  • pitt_manpitt_man Posts: 6
    Whats the dealerships name? Is your model AWD + 3 packages. I am in PA and dealers here are not budging much.Thanks
  • Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria. Yes it is AWD and three packages plus a few other odds and ends.
  • pitt_manpitt_man Posts: 6
    Thanks to this forum, purchased New 2011 AWD (ODO 22 miles) + comf+ nav+ premium + power prep + cross bars for $ 42600 + TTL. I heard from 3-4 dealers that all lexus models will be getting expensive due to Yen's depreciation. So thought it should be good time to buy one now. MSRP was 48664. I had to drive 225 miles down to purchase this but I think it was worth it. What would experts say?
  • lexlovlexlov Posts: 4
    Is it a good idea to wait till june to buy a new car ?
  • lexlovlexlov Posts: 4
    how is 42350 plus taxes ,tags and fees under 44200 atleast 3000 are taxes alone minimum?
  • Car_man:

    I appreciate all the info you provide on this site. It was helpful in buying/leasing my previous vehicles.

    Do you know what the residual % and money factor is currently on a Lexus RX350 lease?

    I am looking for:

    Premium Package A
    15,000 miles
    36 or 39 months lease

    Thanks for your help!

  • pltran10pltran10 Posts: 1
    I have two questions:

    First, when does everyone think is the best time to buy a Lexus RX350? Secondly, when other posters said that one should try negotiating for a number that's $5-$6k under MSRP or $1000-$1500 under invoice, is this number the actual out-of-door price? Or is this the price before tax, title, license and registration charges? Thank you for everyone's time.
  • Can't decide between rx350 and x5? X5 gets real pricey with all rx options.
  • greatdongreatdon Posts: 3
    Anyone with any luck or connection on getting the 2011 Rx 350 at a GREAT deal in the HOUSTON, TX area??? So far Lexus of Clear lake is giving me $500 over invoice and the same as Westside Lexus. Stearling mccall doesn't have the Metallic black that I wanted. Before I even come in, I'm asking $1,000 under that reasonable?? Thanks
  • Hi,
    How did you negotiate this...We were told that the internet manager was giving us the bottom line price of 44k less 1k for customer loyalty...

    2011 RX 350 + comfort package + nav + premium package 48,404 msrp
    parking assist is included...but it is not an all wheel drive..

    By the way we are in California.....

    So is this a good deal?

    Thank you.....
  • 2011 RX 350 + comfort package + nav + premium package 48,404 msrp
    parking assist is included...but it is not an all wheel drive..

    Internet Manager said $44,000 less $1,000 customer loyalty (if we finance with them)
    Bottom line price $43,000.

    Is this a good deal?

    Thank you.....
  • Not in Virginia! We only pay 3% on new car purchases. Course we also get hit with yearly personal property taxes on our vehicles.
  • Congrats on your purchase! Did you get it in Virginia?
  • I went back and forth with these two cars also. Bottom line is the Lexus dealership was willing to deal. The BMW dealership wanted to stick close in Invoice pricing. I wanted less than that! :D
  • With similar upgrades price seem to be 10K difference. Did you get rx AWD or FWD? How is your driving experience compare to x5?
  • We are in the market for a Lexus rx350 w/ nav. + comf+ premium package. Can anyone refer a great dealer in the L.A. area? I heard 41,500 w/TTL is a great price to pay.
  • pitt_manpitt_man Posts: 6
    First of all, I selected a dealer with the costco auto program and second thing that helped most was that I took print out of this forum's information.I told the salesman that I was looking for a great deal and not just a good deal. I drove down 220 miles to that particular dealer and I guess he was assured that I was serious about purchasing the car.I was willing to offer 42,500 (max) After 10 minutes of going back-forth on prices we shook hands over 42,600. By the way he started with 43,900.Hope this helps
  • pitt_manpitt_man Posts: 6
    Yours was a perfect example to show to my dealer. I agree that taxes add up a huge amount as such.
  • Thank you Mr. Pittman...
    Really appreciate the advise:)
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