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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have the AWD. The Lexus is a much "softer, smooth" ride than the BMW x5. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Plus with all the packages I didn't have to give up anything. Good luck with your decision.
  • I got the following in Massachusetts:

    Premium Package
    Vented & Leather Seat
    Other common features (remote start, towing etc).
    no NAV or Entertainment

    MSRP: $45,200
    Purchase Price: $38,800
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    feldy1999, I think it's very good deal. Can you please share the dealer information here or via my private message. Did you get the deal via email or visiting the shop? Thanks.
  • pitt_manpitt_man Posts: 6
    No it was in MD
  • paguy2paguy2 Posts: 26
    which dealer in MD or could u provide the City or Zip?

  • Do you have a Lexus to trade for the New Purchase?? Also, if I am reading your post correctly, you want to pay for a New Car $1000 less than what the dealer paid for it?
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Dealers don't pay the invoice price, search "Lexus dealer holdbacks".

  • Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I do apologize. Also, this post got rather long....

    When I hear invoice, I thought that you were refering to the amount that the dealer pays to get the car. Holdback (HB) included. I try to keep things simple. So from your reply, I hope I am understanding you better. You are refering to NET.

    Ex. the Dealers MSRP is $43,000 invoice is $38000 And the Dealer needs to sell it at $38,470 to not be in the red. HB is $1200 so the NET is really $36,800. From there, you would be willing to pay either $1000 less than that figure $35,800, or $200 over the $36,800...$37000.

    I'm not here to defend Dealers, I don't own a dealership. Honestly, I just want to sell cars and get more units on the road regardless of the final price you negotiate. However, I do understand a dealers point of view. They buy a car from a manufacturer, then they spend more money to sell the car. There are taxes, employees, insurance, utilities, interest, legal, computer programs, etc. This adds to the "INVOICE" that, it seems, you havn't factored in (the RED figure above). In addition, if you keep the vehicle for lets say 5 years, take the profit from the example above and divide it by 60 months. Simple calculation...$200 /60 = $3.33 per month. If you keep it for ten years then were in the $ 1.17 range.

    Since I sell vehicles my POV is geared towards making money. However I'm not "raking it in". I actually have a second job to supliment this one. My suggestion is to stick to a fair profit. They are great cars. I can't wait to hear what you finally get.

    The awesome thing to remember is that if we all sell them for a bit over NET our backup plan maybe to sit before congress and ask for money from the public LOL
  • Wich dealership did you go to.
  • Feldy 1999
    I don't know if you got the other message.
    Can you tell me which dealer you went to?
  • zthefoxzthefox Posts: 3
    I'm looking to buy a RX350 + Nav + Prem + Comfort package + remote start. I would appreciate any input on a reasonable good and great price.
  • pitt_manpitt_man Posts: 6
    Rockville. 20855.
  • Went to the Dealership yesterday. They are telling me that they are selling at sticker price because of lack of parts in Japan. Offered me two thousand below MSRP. Anyone else talk to the dealerships recently. I was prepared to negotiate at $7500 off msrp but they didn't seem to be interested at all.
  • zthefoxzthefox Posts: 3
    I went yesterday and tho I wasn't ready to deal they seemed very ready to. Hope to know more this week
  • Hi faceoff007, I sold an RX in Santa Fe and discounted a bit more than the 2000 of MSRP. There is a bit of a shortage but not terrible yet.
  • So price went up $3000 and Lexus will be adding 1.7 % to the price tag from next month.
  • I havn't heard about any price increases as of yet. Although 1.7% doesn't seem to bad looking at the big picture. Thats about $400 give or take.
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    Finalized my deal today with $6500 off mrsp. I know it's not a great deal but I didn't have more time to shopping around.
  • 10is10is Posts: 3
    edited April 2011
    I'm looking at the same vehicle in Houston. RX 350 with Navigation 2011. Any updates on the best prices in the area?
  • 10is10is Posts: 3
    I am in Houston looking for a good deal on the '11 Lexus RX 350. Premium- Navigation-luxury. Was originally quoted 42600 last month , but now they r saying 45k on same vehicle due to "supply and demand". Can anyone help me ?
  • 10is10is Posts: 3
    What state are you in? I'm being quoted 2k off sticker. Any help would really be appreciated. I'm in Texas.
  • Looking to purchase my very first new car and really wanted to get a Lexus RX350. I actually went in yesterday to see one in person so that I could fugure out what options I really wanted. Decided I liked the navigation and premium packages, the MSRP is $47,642. The salesperson was really nice and offered it to me for $44,500. At the time I thought it was a pretty good deal but now after reading what eveyone else wrote I think I was mistaken. What do you all think would be a reasonable price for me to ask for? Are there any tips for me to get the best price. I've never purchased a car before and to be honest I get really nervous when I'm at the dealers. Any suggestions and hints would be appreciated!! Oh and in case it makes a difference I live in Santa Clara, CA.
  • I went to Glendale Lexus, Ca., they were very up front with us. No haggling! $1000.00 under invoice plus $1000.00 for loyalty rebate. That's $2000.00 under invoice, can't beat that deal! My Lexus came with nav.,comft and premium package. [non-permissible content removed] luck!
  • I went to Glendale Lexus, Ca., they were very up front with us. No haggling! $1000.00 under invoice plus $1000.00 for loyalty rebate. That's $2000.00 under invoice, can't beat that deal! My Lexus came with nav.,comft and premium package. [non-permissible content removed] luck!

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  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    Went today: MSRP of $48350 or $48750-ish.....Asked for $41600, got $42900....I dont' know if it is the best deal, but after shopping for a month, it is close to what others are paying, give or take a few hundred is fine by me: AWD, NAV Prem,Comfort....I don't think any remote starter....I am going back on Sat. for the paperwork, because the financials wanted me to buy the 'extras' like Lojack, etc, I talked to my car insurance and they said not worth it, take GAP and get a new car if yours is stolen and stripped....I tried to get between $41600 and $42500 but this is the closest they came....

    I am in the Boston Area BTW...
  • jones101jones101 Posts: 5
    so waht were you end up paying before TTL.
  • Karen,
    In order to get a good deal, you need to do your home work. First, figure out what the invoice price is for the car you are buying. I'd say jog down the list of the options in the sticker, go to to check the exact invoice price. The car with $47,462 MSRP could have an invoice price of around $41K - $42K. And I think most of people here get $1000 under invoice. So you'd get the car for $40 to $41K if you are not eligible for the $1000 Loyalty rebate. Once you get the price that most of the people are paying, send the sales rep an email with your offer because you "get really nervous when at the dealers". And I'd send the offer to several dealers to shop around.

    BTW, it's really a good car. I bought one for my wife last month. My wife loves it.
    Good Luck.
  • enar5enar5 Posts: 5
    I am from Austin, I am also looking in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Will let you know when I get a deal. I also see another post from Houston. May be we 3 can leverage a good deal.
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    I got mine in ma
    Premium Package
    Vented & Leather Seat
    Others including: remote start, parking assist, cross bar, etc.
    no NAV
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