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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • enar5enar5 Posts: 5
    edited April 2011
    Have you had any luck. I am also looking for an RX350
  • rama10rama10 Posts: 2
    Hello faceoff007,

    Can you please share with me the dealer name? I live in chicago and I negotiated an RX350 without Nav package for $41000 (including destination) but no luck. Its just $4000 less than MSRP.

    Its even worth for me to transport it from another state.

  • russianguyrussianguy Posts: 5
    Karen I live in tarzana also can u please tell me the details of your deal that you received in Glendale lexus?
  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    Hi Karen, Do your homework. It is good to know that when you went to the dealer, that is the number they offered you. I will tell you what I did: my previous 2 cars, went shopping for 'monthly payments'..this time I read the forums, I went to,, etc. I emailed internet reps, etc.

    If the car you want is $47642, that is MSRP. Go and look up the invoice, as well as Truecar dealer invoice and factory invoice. This gives a starting point for the low price of the car. My experience is it was hard to the get the rock bottom price. In emails, I would get the offer, but on the floor, they wouldn't go that low....In the end, I looked at recent car prices that people paid, looked at the invoice, and started with the lowest price I could. I tried for a month to get someone to touch $41600 in the colors I wanted, but no I had to pick a ceiling, for me it was $42500, but I ended up at $42900 ( in the end I wanted the car before prices go up again and inventory goes down because of all that happened in Japan. I am picky on color combo and options, and brand new, etc).

    The car I wanted was MRSP of $48350, and I started at $41600, an offer I got online. In person, no one would touch it, but i knew it was below invoice. I negotiated up and let them negotiate down. Remember, they have a price they won't go below, but we don't know what that is depending on how long the car has been on the lot, holdbacks, incentives, etc. I went from $41600 to $42000 they came to $44500. I said no, nothing about $42500, they offered $42900, and quickly came back from 'manager' office with that price....That is "If I can do $42900 will you take it"---that is the price they had no problem with.

    They were not willing to give me a new 2011 for the $41600, and 2 dealers I talked to were shocked that a third would give me that price. One dealer didn't even give me a counter for the $416000, so I knew it was rock bottom price for my area (and probably a way to get me in to the show room for a color I didnt want or maybe a car on the lot for long time,etc, I dont' know). What I do know is that if 2 dealers wouldn't even talk to me for that low price, that perhaps for my area it was really low....So my cue was to work my way up from there. In the end I was close to $5500 to $6000 off of MSRP.

    I was really nervous, despite all my homework, when I got to the dealer. I told them, 'I am here today, end of the month to get this car. Give me your closest number to $41600" they want you to say a number so they dont' give away their lowest. Stick to your number and if they counter, don't go down from their number, go up from your number. That is what I did and I got within $300 to $600 of what others paid for the car.....

    Good luck, you can do it. And remember there will be others out there that 'get a better deal' but you have to figure out what you are willing to pay and that is "your best deal'
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    $41000 w/o NAV is kind high. I am surprised no dealers take it. In my area (Central NJ), the price would be more like $39K to $40K before $1K Loyalty rebate. I got mine for $39.5K.
    Good Luck.
  • faceoff007faceoff007 Posts: 12
    edited May 2011
    Selling Price has gone up due to lack of supply.
  • jj168jj168 Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    after reading karen's post, i decided to give glendale lexus a call yesterday and was able to drive away the car with about $1000 off the invoice, that figure was obtained from edmunds. by the way, i was told by a couple dealerships that price will go up by about 700 bucks.

    one more thing, i was not eiligible for the royalty distcount
  • russianguyrussianguy Posts: 5
    Jj can u tell me what included in your deal and what terms did u sign for?
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    After reading jj168's post, you can see that people still get $1000 below invoice for the cars.
  • faceoff007faceoff007 Posts: 12
    edited May 2011
    Not in Dallas Fort Worth area. Dealers are not even buzzing to sell more than 2000 below MSRP. Probably price gauging and those of us who waited and need a car now are screwed unless we can wait 6 more months.

    They are saying for every 3 car they are selling they will get one back from the factory due to the shortage.

    rx seems to be cheaper in CA then any other state
  • kohinoorkohinoor Posts: 16
    I am also looking for RX350 in Houston. Took a test drive but not very impressed with the driving dynamics, not responsive as MDX. Dealer is talking about the short supply of vehicles and not budging on the price. Please let me know if you have any luck negotiating a decent price.
  • Hello Kohinnoor..any luck with your RX350 in Houston ? I am also in the market for a new RX350...any prices you got quoted will be really appreciated.
  • lexlovlexlov Posts: 4
    Hello everyone
    I am planning to buy new rx 350 with premium,comfort, and navigation. Msrp 48640
    What is good deal anybody getting.
    Please let me know. Thanks
  • lexlovlexlov Posts: 4
    HellO Jane can you tell me what is the name of the dealer.
  • russianguyrussianguy Posts: 5
    Hey guys what the best deal anyone got in Los angeles? Please let know
  • bluebmxbluebmx Posts: 15
    Try Watertown where I got the best price for my RX. Very comfortable to deal with the dealer.
  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    I went to Watertown, Ma lexus. I emailed 2 dealers in Ma and one in Nh, the NH dealer gave me the lowest price, but I wasn't sure if it was for the colors I wanted. I went to Watertown and told them I have this price from NH, and I negotiated up from that. In the end, I wanted the car and color they had in stock, it was the end of the month so I knew they would be ready to go. Could I have gotten a better price? probably if I negotiated more. I aksed for $41600 based on what the internet manager gave me in NH, 2 dealers told me they couldn't match it and Watertown told me it was too low, in the end I got it for $42900 though I would have liked $42500.....but they were easy to deal with, and the floor salesman brought out his manager right away when I told them about the $41600.

    They keep asking you for your best offer, so I went in increments of $500 and he came down in increments of $1000....
  • rama10rama10 Posts: 2
    Can you please tell me what is included in $42000? does it include Nav package?
  • alexg_fllalexg_fll Posts: 3
    I paid $39,000 for an RX 350, no nav from JM in Florida. Liked the straightforward transaction, love the car. Had also considered Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 and the MDX.
  • faceoff007faceoff007 Posts: 12
    Is it worth getting the Tire and Wheel protection for a new 2011 rx 350 with 19"? The price is $799 for 5 years.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I don't know what that includes but you could buy new set of tires for that price!

    Pete :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,831
    No opinion on the value of tire insurance... but, you should check out the prices of 19" tires... :surprise:

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • jane3jane3 Posts: 21
    edited May 2011
    $42900 includes AWD nav, comfort,premium, wood and leather wrappedvsteerong and knob, tow prep,remote start,mats,cargo net and cover....the big ticket items are nav,com,prem.....the rest are "throw ins". Seems tow prep pretty much on most AWD in this area....

    Good luck.
  • jayhawk82jayhawk82 Posts: 1
    Does anybody have any dealers they would recommend in the midwest? I am located in Kansas City, but would be willing to travel about 500 miles to get the car so that would include Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Denver etc. Also, has anybody had any experience doing a deal with a dealer on one of the coasts and having the car shipped? Is it worth it and, if I chose to do that, what should I expect to pay to have the car shipped?

    What price would be considered a good deal if I am looking to get a pretty basic 2011 AWD with heated/ventilated, wood trim, etc.? I see people getting what I consider to be a great price around $39k on the east/west coast, but don't know if that kind of deal is available in the midwest.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  • fl32459fl32459 Posts: 9
    I got a great, quick price from Dave Mungenast Lexus outside of St. Louis. I think Alex Grant was the internet person that I communicated with. He got right back to me, excellent price. Bottom line, thought was that St. Louis was a 13 hour drive for me, and I was able to find an AWD in sunny Florida with a five hour drive...not as good a "deal" but the hassle factor of driving, staying overnight, etc.. just made the Florida dealer make sense. If you contact him, tell him the girl from Florida recommended him!
  • blibli Posts: 3
    Hi Jane,

    which dealer you emailed in NH? 41600 is pretty good price.
  • greatdongreatdon Posts: 3
    Followup: Thanks for the "Lexus dealer holdbacks" information.

    Lexus in the Houston area will not budge on their pricing right now. Supply and Demand. Seems like $500 over invoice is the best they will go at Lexus of Clear Lake (Jo Herran) and West side Lexus (West side and North side Lexus are the same owner i think). Don't waste your time at Sterling McCall.

    We moved on and got the 2011 Buick Enclave CXL-1 instead.
  • skrin1skrin1 Posts: 2
    Hi forum members, this is my first post here.

    I'm looking for 2010 RX 350, I found one two hours from my location (Charlotte, NC), here is what dealer said his best price is,

    2010 - Black RX 350 with 20,500 miles, FWD, single owner - best price = 37,500 + about 1,500 (tax + documentation etc).

    What is the price I should ask for?

  • zthefoxzthefox Posts: 3
    Try Dave Mungenast in st.Louis. Highly recommend Alex grant.
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    edited May 2011
    For 2010 FWD, it probably costed around 39K last year. Taking into consideration of $4000 for depreciation, $4100 for mileage ($.20 x 20,500 miles), I'd offer $31,000. Just my 2 cents.
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