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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    It's easy to get $500 under invoice deal. Check Lexus Escondido. I got such deal last month, but I didn't jump.
  • Cerritos, went in on a lark, had shopped 2 other dealers and was going to buy at Glendale because they were going to do better than the 200 under invoice that Longo offered. If I were to do it again, I'd give Keys in Van Nuys a try, they seem to have a large inventory. Go in with the idea that $500 under invoice is good $1000 under invoice is excellent. The loyalty bonus should (IMO) be on top of that even. In the end, I think it's all timing, it's the end of the month, this should be a good time to buy. Be Ambivalent and willing to walk away if the deal turns south. Good Luck... never pay retail. :)
  • wasabi4wasabi4 Posts: 2
    I am truly surprised to hear that you scored at Cerritos. I have been yanked around by them for the past month and a half. They were totally disappointing.

    Granted, I was looking for an almost loaded AWD.

    So luckily, I pulled the trigger today and bought the car. Went to Longo and they bit on 600 below invoice. I got my first color choice too! I guess the last day of the month helps. I literally queried dealers from Oxnard down to San Diego. No one came close to Longo. No wonder they sell so many cars there.

    Thanks for your assistance.
  • dmkampdmkamp Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2011 Rx 330 with nav, premium pkg, cross bars in S. orange co, Ca for $41,500 minus 1,000 Lexus loyalty cash ($40,500) Tax was $3636 and lic and fees were $571, and a $55 doc fee for the dealer. 2.9 % financing.
    I was torn between nav and no nav...the best quote I received for no nav was $39,711 minus $1,000 loyalty discount ($38711) pushed a little harder they came down to $39,400 on certain inventory (silver with light gray) for what would have been ($38400 plus ttl) the $2100 extra in nav was worth it to me because of my job, but with less expensive nav options (phone apps) out there, the basic package is pretty well equipped.
    I recommend going to each dealer web site and getting individual quotes emailed to you. It saves a ton of time and you can see quickly who is ready to deal, and who has no inventory. Made the
    entire process very simple.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    Right now the Lexus pricing is ~ $1500 higher than pre-tsnuami. 2011 RX350 w/ nav used to be just below $40000. So the lexus dealer tries to make advantage of tsunami while Acura still offers pre-tsnuami pricing.
  • dcmacheaddcmachead Posts: 13
    I got pricing of ~$500 over invoice+taxes & tags. The only dealership I've set foot in (just to check out the car and test it) is Lindsey Lexus in Alexandria. I've used online buying services to get offers shown to me. The PITA part of dealing with the online buying services is the salesman call you. I much preferred buying a Honda Accord several years back with the online buying services because the dealers sent an e-mail with hard numbers so I didn't have to play patty cake on price with them. Online buying services are still simpler than driving around to dealers and dealing with salesmen in the lion's den ;)

    Good luck to you! I'm hopefully picking up a new RX 350 next week :)
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    why not try Acura now unless you want to stick with Lexus?
  • kalyan1kalyan1 Posts: 6
    What price did he quote?
  • dcmacheaddcmachead Posts: 13
    I went to an Acura dealer many years ago and the salesman hounded me to the point I was creeped out. He called 5 times in one day after I poked my head I to the dealer to take a peek at an MDX. That experience soured me on the brand.

    I picked up my RX 350 with package C (Nav, Comfort, Premium, Tow Prep, etc). The dealer I went to lowballed me on my trade. I showed him pricing that I'd gathered on my trade and the salesman agreed it was a lowball offer. He guaranteed me a slightly higher price on my trade with 5 days to shop. I ended up getting $4,000 more on the trade going to CarMax.

    Thank you to those who contribute to this forum. I got a great deal on a great car.
  • kalyan1kalyan1 Posts: 6
    I got my RX during July 4th weekend @1500 below invoice!! in NoVA
  • dcmacheaddcmachead Posts: 13
    Good for you! That's better than I did (invoice)! They lowballed me on my trade in, but I ended up ditching my old car at CarMax for $2,000 over KBB/Edmunds value & $4,000 over the price Pohanka quoted me. The salesman at Pokanka put a "shop" clause on my sales agreement that guaranteed me a price and enabled me to find a better price.

    Which dealership did you go to? I ended up getting the ding protection on the car for 5 years for $700 figuring that would pay for itself when I get a new car.
  • kalyan1kalyan1 Posts: 6
    Thank you. I was planning for a trade-in but figured out the dealers are not true and they try to add more numbers and confuse us and there are too many variables from the agreement. It was Pohanka. The sales guy that I got was pretty professional enough. I started at 42300 and then we agreed on 423600 (invoice was ~45100 not include fees, taxes and title) Now I've to see my current car soon.
  • uvawahoouvawahoo Posts: 23
    Congrats on the new RX! Would you mind giving some details of what packages are included with your RX as well as which dealership in NOVA you went to? Is is the Pohanka in Chantilly?

  • I'm in the chicagoland area and looking to buy a 2011 RX 350 with the premium and navigation packages. The dealers here don't put their inventory, let alone prices on their websites. Anyone have any recent experience with pricing? I've seen some posts here talk about buying under invoice. What's a reasonable discount to MSRP to ask a dealer for? Anyone have a dealer they would recommend? thanks!"
  • mcsoonermcsooner Posts: 1
    I've been trying to buy and RX350 no nav with premium package. In March I received an offer for 40,664, due to a family illness, I just didn't have time to decide. Now I've been trying for a few weeks and the best I can get is 41500 on the same vehicle (MSRP 44,659). I've gotten quotes form Tulsa, OKC and some Dallas dealers. So far Eskridge has been the most upfront and honest, but it's hard for me to pay 1k more than I would have a few months ago. Thinking I should wait and try in September. I also want a headrest DVD's put in but they won't budge of the 2495 price..... Pretty stumped thinking I might look at the Acura or Lincoln MKX, not really enjoying trying to deal with the Lexus dealers. Any help or insight would be appreciated :confuse:
  • kalyan1kalyan1 Posts: 6
    Here is the Config

    Acc. Pref. Package
    Parking assist
    wood trim

    PS: There has been a $700 increase in invoice price by Toyota on RX
  • socallexsocallex Posts: 1
    I recently got mine at Tustin Lexus with FWD + premium package with color of my choice - out the door for less than 42,000. Good luck.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    What's the price including destination but before TTL ?
  • pureluck2pureluck2 Posts: 6
    Looks like a good deal. Does it include the tax?
  • coug1980coug1980 Posts: 2
    Anyone have buying experience in Seattle or the NW? I am looking for RX with premium, comfort, mark levinson, wood steering; don't really need nav. Where can i get this below invoice? I am willing to travel anywhere on west coast.

    I would buy used, but newer ones seem to cost as much as new.

    Shouldn't 2012 be coming out soon? That should lower prices for 2011.


  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    Congrats on the new rx first of all! I saw the specs but you didnt mention if its fwd or awd? If that's an awd, I'd love to get the dealers contact info from u and maybe go through a referral program if they have one so u maybe able to benefit in someway too? I'm looking for the same exact config and the Chantilly pohanka dealer is closest to me. I haven't done a lot of research yet , but so far from here, it sounds like u got a great deal.
  • tc9897tc9897 Posts: 6
    I am currently considering a lease offer for a RX350 FWD with premium package (no navigation, MSRP $43,471). The sale price will be $39,000 with zero down. The monthly lease payment would be around $478 before taxes. The usual MF and RV apply.

    The "TMV" indicated on is $39,579 but since this is not exactly the invoice price, I wonder whether there is any more room for negotiation. Thus, the question:

    Should I sit tight and expect more (especially given that this is end of July and the low sales record at the corporate level at Lexus), or is this reasonable enough that I should just move forward? I would appreciate advices from those with experience and expertise. Thanks in advance.
  • sprucebluespruceblue Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Hi, does anyone have buying experience in Philadelphia - Wilmington DE area?

    A dealer gave me invoice/MSRP prices for the following model:
    RX 350 AWD
    Premium package
    heated and ventilated front seats
    intuitive parking assist
    backup camera
    wood & leather steering wheel & shift
    accessory package
    invoice: $42100
    MSRP: $45812
    (destination included)

    What should be my target price?

    The invoice is about $700 more than Edmonds. Is this because of the mid year invoice increase? Would it be reasonable to try to negotiate on the basis of the invoice price before the increase ($41400)?

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,

  • rx250fanrx250fan Posts: 1
    I'm looking to purchase an AWD, Premium, Comfort, Nav & DVD. Our local dealer is definitely not flexible on price and I'm willing to drive to any of our surrounding states (from Ohio). Does anyone have a reference for me that would be a contact willing to sell one of these at or below Invoice?
  • ews10206ews10206 Posts: 2
    Just signed to purchase an RX 350 AWD. Tried to do some on-line research and went to the the local dealer in MD. Total MSRP: $40,475 (after $700 increase) + $4,721 options (included a back-up camera; heated/ventilated seats; intuitive park assist; premium pkg; wood & leather trim wheel/knob; cargo mat; crossbars. Some of this I could have passed on but.... Lots of back and forth - these guys do know how to play all the angles. The best I could get was $42,366 - $1,000 owner loyalty = $41,366 + tax. They did match carmax on a trade in (so I saved alot on tax) but still thinking that I maybe could have done better. Any thoughts?
  • msheikh25msheikh25 Posts: 15
    Sounds like you got a pretty fair deal. Im in the DMV area also and just started researching the RX350. From reading the recent posts here, it seems like kalyan1 got the closest deal a few weeks back. His included Nav (although Im not sure if his is AWD but would assume so) and was about 2k more at 43,600. So yours without nav for 2k less seems to be the same deal. Which dealer did you go with in MD? Would you recommend them?
  • ews10206ews10206 Posts: 2
    Thanks. Makes me feel much better. The dealership was Lexus of Rockville. Honestly, I did not like the way they handled the trade-in - low balling me at $18,000. They seemed genuinely shocked that CarMax offered $25,000. It took me a while to get them up - they attempted to use my interest savings ($1,500) on the offset for the trade as if they were giving me something. Truth is, they probably were (since I would have paid 6% on the full price). Eventually got them to $24K (with $1,440.00 saved in interest) so I guess in the end I did better then at CarMax. It's just that had I not been to CarMax FIRST - I never would have known. I will say this - I have purchased other cars at Rockville (usually get my best price elsewhere and then go into the neighborhood dealership and they match it) and what brings me back is their service dept. I also have a Mercedes and these guys do a better job then Euromotors.
  • betty78betty78 Posts: 2
    Hi there,
    thinking that you can hold out and get a better price than the amazing discount you are being offered will end up costing you in the long run..... You are forgetting a very important event if you are thinking that Lexus is "losing" sales as the numbers make it appear. I sell Lexus, the reason discounts are getting smaller even though sales numbers are down for the year is because we have NO inventory. Remember the quake and tsunami earlier in the year, while Lexus factories were not damaged, third-parties who supply various parts were.....Now the effects are hitting the US big time as we have very few cars to sell as compared to normal inventory, so if you think you are going to get a bigger discount because Lexus sales are down as compared to previous years, you couldn't be more wrong, and waiting will mean you will be paying MORE for the car. The demand for Lexus is as high as it has ever been, the problem is the supply. Quite frankly I can't believe you managed to get the offer that you did, because we can't give that much off at the dealer I work at...
  • betty78betty78 Posts: 2
    No Lexus dealer is going to give you Invoice or below. If you want to buy a car below invoice right now go look at something domestic....they inflate their prices a lot more so that you feel special when they sell you below invoice. I sell Lexus, NO ONE will let these go below invoice right now. We are far too short on inventory to be giving them away. Salespeople still have bills to pay, and dealers have overhead costs, meaning the only way to make a living is ask a fair price for the cars since there are so few of them right now......Do you so quickly forget about the devastation in Japan? We are all just trying to hang in their until production returns and we can sell enough cars to pay our bills again. A fair price for the car is truly $1000-1500 off MSRP right now, their is no incentive to a dealer to offer more off since the cars just don't exist right now even though demand is very high.
  • pureluck2pureluck2 Posts: 6

    You sounds a bit nervous. We knew Toyota's production returned to normal last month and Lexus kept losing market share in the last several monthes. Early this month, they claimed they still want to sell more cars than last year. Their only option to achieve their goal is to give more incentives.
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