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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • scrapmanscrapman Posts: 1
    Again, can we really trust a Salesperson??? Of course, they always have excuses to sell cars at a higher price even they can do lower...
  • Kind of hard to belive considering some of the very recent purchase prices people have posted here. Around to $1500 off Invoice seems to be the target to shoot for for a fair price.
  • kalyan1kalyan1 Posts: 6
    edited August 2011
    ews10206, You are right. I've purchased a AWD. I don;t think for Virginia climate Front Wheel Drive is suitable. It is Pohanka Lexus. I'd no loyalty discount because I didn't own/lease Lexus before.

    Here is the complete config
    Acc. Pref. Package
    Parking assist
    wood trim
    backup camera
    prem. sound
  • rupirupi Posts: 5
    Answer to your question is - NO.

    Tsunami/earthquake has been a car dealer's pretext for months now and hold little substance anymore.

    Bottomline is, deals are there to be made. Dont accept a dealer's word for anything. Cross-check with other dealers in the region to get the best deal!
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I'm on my second RX FWD and have never found a need for AWD although I previously drove 4WD vehicles for 30 years. Dealers in this area generally only stock the pricier AWD models, but I special ordered both with no regrets. We live in the Buffalo-Niagara region which is no stranger to that white stuff. If you are going to drive off-road or on unplowed roads, that is a different matter. My 2¢.

    Pete :)
  • kalyan1kalyan1 Posts: 6
    "I'm on my second RX FWD and have never found a need for AWD although I previously drove 4WD vehicles for 30 years."

    You are right. I've always driven FWD all my life. But these are all cars and lived in Chicago area. So no stranger to slippery weather. Now that I've kids and wife just want to be on cautious side. The difference between FWD and AWD is not that big :) What you said is right that FWD works well too. BTW it gives better mileage than a AWD.
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    I have been planning to buy my dream RX 350 for months now and more I research more I am confused when and where to buy. The closest dealerships I have are McGrath Lexus Westmont and Lexus of Naperville. There are other showrooms also but I read awful reviews about them. My requirement is basic + w/few luxury options, 6 DVD changer, leather upholstery, power rear door to name a few. A friend of mine who bought a new Toyota SUV (not a Lexus) recently suggested to negotiate $3-5k off the MSRP on basic model and add the options later. Can I do it with a Lexus?
    I have Tier 1 credit score and I am not going to trade my current Kia Rio and my plan is to wait until the 2012 model released and then rush to the dealership for 2011 model or wait until December to Remember event at the end of the year. Is this a correct strategy to get a lower price? Some other friends and family members are scaring me on Lexus as the maintenance will be too high..
    Can someone please give me a suggestion and if anybody know a reputable Lexus dealer in my area, pls recommend.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    edited August 2011
    I can comment on the service aspect. I generally take my RX350 to a Toyota dealer for routine service. Same parts and level of expertise at about half the price. No gourmet breakfast, free loaner or quick-and-dirty car wash; but I can live with that!
    In this area at least, most dealer stock vehicles are loaded with much more than you may want, but they can certainly order one with the options you wish. You just need to find a competitive dealer who is interested in making the sale, many unfortunately have a very cavalier attitude. I've always been able to negotiate ± $1,000 over invoice price for Lexus special orders.

    Pete :)
  • shunteshunte Posts: 3
    I'm interested in purchasing my first car (Lexus RX 350 of course). I was able to find a "used" 2011 FWD RX350 for the Advertised price of $42,900. It has less than 1,000 miles, so I felt like this was a great opportunity to purchase a new vehicle at a used price. The dealer states that the previous owner paid about $45K, in which he purchased it for his wife, however, she did not like the color. Please provide me with advice on how to negotiate a reasonable deal with this dealer, and what price should I haggle for. I'm contemplating putting down about $25K for this car. Here are the following included optional equipment on this vehicle:

  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    I am considering to buy a Lexus RX350 (AWD-Luxury,Premium package) in the metro detroit area. Can anyone provide the price based on recent purchase to use as a guideline for negotiation. The price quoted currently is MSRP:$45,308 (Lexus of Ann Arbor), hence the request. Also would help if you can forward the dealer name and your overall buying experience.

  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    edited August 2011
    Hey Ivy, I am also in the metrodetroit area and was interested int the rx350. I am going to email several dealerships for quotes but i was thinking of waiting until it gets close to the end of the month and i think you can have more negotiating power, but I am shocked that the quoted you MSRP???????????? :mad: Maybe we can work together and try to negotiate a great deal. Can you wait 2 more weeks
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    My timeline is 2 weeks out. The special financing rates offered by Lexus financing expire Sept.6 (FYI).Keep me posted what you find out based on your research.
  • If 42,900 is their asking price, you should be able to negotiate well below 40k. I always worry about current year or 1 year old used cars as they may have been abused as loaners. With the specs you listed, you should be able to do a new, 0 mile car for that price (actually would think maybe even a little better). I'm looking for an AWD, premium, comfort, nav, park assist and hoping to get around the price you paid, maybe a little higher. Best I've seen so far mentioned for the car I'm looking for is 43,600.
  • shunteshunte Posts: 3
    I feel the same way that you do. I talked to the salesperson, and he states that the best he can do is $42,500 (claims that his manager will not let him go below that price). I think that I will have to regretfully decline the offer, and wait until the end of the month or perhaps there will be Labor Day sales? What do you think?
  • shunteshunte Posts: 3
    I'm im in the Dallas metroplex by the way.
  • I think it might be worth the wait. The low financing rates sound like they are good until sept. 6th (although I'm sure there will be another promotion after that). I also just read this article today which mentions another drop in prices of big ticket items coming due to the new financial issues we have (same as in 2008): as-upside-smartmoney?mod=bb-budgeting

    Just depends on how long you can wait. I myself will def. wait until the end of this month but maybe even until end of sept since the 2012s will be out then and should be a good time to get a deal on 2011s still on the lot.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    Hey mi0007,
    Any update in getting a reasonable rate negotiated in metro Detroit.
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    edited August 2011
    The best quote so far that I have was $43500 (for an suv with a $45300 MSRP) which is from lexus of lansing. I did not receive a quote from lexus of southfield yet but its not looking too good, i cant see my self paying more than a few hundred dollars over invoice especially when so many people are buying at invoice price. I think I am going to wait another month or so until the new model comes out and the supply goes back to normal. If you need to buy immediately you can use that number when negotiating and i think another dealer will beat it. You should be able to get it for $43000.

    good luck, let me know your thoughts.
  • drmd1drmd1 Posts: 4
    I got 47000$ from BMW Southfield. premieum plus navigation pkg though. $ 43500 price you got is out of door or without taxes/ title?
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    BMW of southfield??? were taking about the rx350. Anyways my price of $43500 is not including tax. Is your $47000 price including tax.
  • cuddcudd Posts: 2
    It shouldn't be difficult to get an RX 350 at or below invoice. I visited Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ last week to check out a RX 350 AWD without NAV. MSRP was 45,570, invoice was 41,850. I told the salesman that I wanted the car below invoice. He didn't give me an offer price in writing because I wasn't buying that day, but I definitely got the feeling that they were willing to go below invoice if I was ready to buy. The initial price they threw at me was 43K.
  • drmd1drmd1 Posts: 4
    Got confused as I am looking X3 too. I should have said Meade Lexus of Southfield. They offered 47k without taxes. Does your offer include premium and nav?
  • I paid $38,946 plus about $3500 sales tax, the "car care" package, and tag and title. I bought the weekend just after the tsunami -- which I think has to have something to do with the price.

    My car has no nav -- but it does have some minor extras like super dark Florida window tinting, mud flaps, and door guard thingymagigs.

    You should all know though that the car has had electrical issues. They were all taken care of very professionally by the dealer, JM Lexus, but because of parts issues I had a (free RX350) loaner for over a month. However, it's not what I expected for a car with 500 miles on it...
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    Did not include Nav. It was based on a car with a $45500 MSRP. I think I could have done better but it still would be more than i wanted to pay. I don't think i am willing to pay more than invoice which is $41350. I think its almost impossible to get that price in Michigan. I am going to start looking out of state for some quotes.
  • drmd1drmd1 Posts: 4
    I agree. May be because Michigan has less dealers and competition. Mine friend got premium plus nav package for 45000$ last year. According to him that was great price.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    sounds like a good plan! Waiting on month end price cuts to increase their sales revenue and clear inventory... I heard from the salesperson that RX350's are flying off the lot. Unsure if the economy has suddenly improved !!

    Will keep you posted
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    I think I'm done wasting time in Michigan, the dealers can keep their cars. I gave a dealer in Virginia a call and he gave me an offer 5k off MSRP without even negotiating. We all know Michigan is struggling, and for the dealers to expect us to pay MSRP is a joke.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    Can you forward the name of the dealership in VA.
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    If you are willing to pick up in virginia i can negotiate a lower price fo the two of us. Let me know but they seem very motivated. There is also a dealer in Boston that I talked to to was also motivated.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    Thx for the offer. Just to let you know that the two of us can negotiate a better offer in MI (RX350+Premium pkg. - No NAV). The pricing currently is $42,200 + Tax/Title and CAN be negotiated (based on 2 purchases) even lower based on month end inventory reduction. Need response ASAP!
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