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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I too bought my RX350 today. MSRP $49700 most everything including towing prep. I paid 45500 and took a 3yr 15k single pay lease. They included special coatings for interior and exterior and full service package for 45000 miles. Also some body damage repair program for dents and dings for the term of the lease. Single payment was about $23000.

    I think I am happy. Beautiful car.
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    Any other folks in TX, Houston area, looking for 2012 RX 350? From what I hear from other folks, we may get a good deal at a local dealership if we pool in. Let me know.
  • theredhooktheredhook Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Quoted $41,500 in Northern VA for 2012 RX 350 AWD with the following options:

    Non Nav
    Premium Package
    Heated & ventilated seats
    Rear back up monitor
    Wood & leather steering wheel
    Accessories package
    Intuitive parking assist

    Dealeriship in Richmond, VA wouldnt match the price and their best offer is $42,500. I think this is a good deal ($41,500) but would like some feedback from the forum.
  • Hello,
    We are trying to settle on a lease for a 2012 RX with the Luxury Package and a few other add ons which brings the MSRP to about $45,000. We are trading a car with a retail value in of about $13K they want to give us $9500. The dealer in Austin, TX suggested we put the whole $9500 down (ridiculous!) and our payments would be $450/month. They aren't disclosing what the purchase price would be yet (they are supposed to call this AM) but is buying this model at about $1000 over invoice fair these days? Or is that an offer they will laugh off?
    I figure if they make money on the trade in they can make less on the car. Also, do car dealers dislike it when you trade a car in but only put a portion down as a downpayment and ask for a check for the balance?
    This is our first Lexus and they seem like they don't like to "deal" as much as other car manufacturers do. I don't mind pushing them but need to know what's the norm on amount over invoice to pay on a car like this.
    Thanks for your help! ;)
  • knguyen6knguyen6 Posts: 8
    edited November 2011
    what is the MSRP?
  • went to couple Lexus dealer in TX for CPO, 2010 RX350 with premium package. most had about 40k+ miles. Dealers are firm with the price around $36k.

    I read few folks buying brand new one for about $38k.

    Can someone explain to me the price scheme?

    Dealer is not going below $40 for a new one.
    What should one pay for the 2010 CPO like the one I mentioned above?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Received a price from a dealer in Huntsville, AL on a 2012 RX 350 without Nav, MSRP 45383, of 42,500. Are there better prices out there ? I do not mind picking up a vehicle from another state. Also, what pricing/rebates can we expect from the December to Remember promotion ? Roll Tide
  • ntaontao Posts: 5
    Really appreciate any recent experence of buying 2012 RX350 around Portland Oregon.
  • ntaontao Posts: 5
    Hello, how do you think the TrueCar's guide which shows both "good price" and "great price". Did you get the "great price"? thank you for sharing your experience.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    If the msrp 48400 this a good deal
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited November 2011
    For that price why you did not get an x5?
    Of course the will add the service and coating for what you are paying. Sorry but 638 per month is too high for that car. My few cents.
    Enjoy it :)
  • Is $41,500 the drive out price?
  • Is $42,477 the drive out price?
  • Anyone know a dealer within 150 miles of Cleveland willing to sell RX for $1000 over invoice?
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    You should pay $1000 bellow invoice.
    Buy it from lendsy Lexus in Virginia
  • I live in Berkshire county, MA. Which one is a good dealer? ALB, NY or Springfield, MA?
    What is a good deal? how much should I pay below Sticker price..
    Thanks for all your help in advance.
  • a week ago today I bought a fairly loaded rx350. Sticker was 49500. I paid 45K. On top of that they included 45,000 total service, and a program that covers interior and exterior from stains or dings. I paid a one payment 36month 15K lease for about $22000. That is a little over seven thousand a year. Considering I pay $5000 a summer for dock space, I thought it was a good deal.

    Purchased in Manchester NH.
  • de0riginalde0riginal Posts: 6
    edited December 2011
    I just purchased one today!!! MSRP was $49,300 and I paid $43,500 for it before tax. I made the purchased in Mass. It took me a long time to get this deal cause i have been shopping for a while. This was the lowest that I have gotten.
  • navionavio Posts: 8
    What dealer in Mass?
  • I like to know which dealer in MA did you got this deal from ? and if possible can you email me their contacts info thanks
  • please tell me the dealer so I can go there this weekend thanks
  • Congrats on getting an excellent deal!
    Can you share the dealers name and package purchased...
    Plan to visit the dealer soon...
  • Received a quote of $44.8k out the door for a FWD, with nav, premium pckg, and heated seats. MSRP is $46k. Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated regarding the price. Thank you!
  • Thanks for the help. Can you share which salesman you went to at Lindsey Lexus.
  • google9google9 Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    got a 2012 RX350 yesterday fully loaded for $45,700 (invoice price) with the msrp $50,100, in MA.. i went to 3 different dealers and the lowest they go was $48k.. I was kind of in a rush of buying a car anyways so I think it's an ok deal for me and I'm happy with it even though i know many others can get it for less... got a 0.9% interest finiancing. total of interest pay for a 60mons finance is just $900
  • neeedarideasapneeedarideasap Posts: 6
    edited December 2011
    I see a lot of people posting "close to fully loaded" which doesn't help that much in breaking down the prices. Here's my scenario:

    2012 rx350 AWD
    Nav Pkg
    Prem Pkg
    Comfort pkg
    19" wheels
    Towing prep pkg[

    MSRP+destination ~49,800 and they'll sell for $46k. Deal or no deal?
  • neeedarideasapneeedarideasap Posts: 6
    edited December 2011
    What exactly do you mean by "fully loaded"?

    Entertainment system?
    Mark Lev sound system?
    Parking assist?
  • google9google9 Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    if you look at the MSRP price you will know pretty much what's included and what NOT included. if you don't know.. you're not ready to buy a RX yet!
  • navionavio Posts: 8
    NO DEAL! should be at the highest $45k that is invoice and dealers are making plenty of money at the price which includes the dealer incentives for December to rememeber
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    Is 46k drive-out?
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