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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • $1000 certificate is only on 2011 MY from what I read. If you can locate 2011 MY with similar options, you can definitely get a great deal but I know my region (northeast) was completely sold out on 2011 back in early November.
    All Lexus offers free charge services on 5K and 10K miles (1st oil change on 10K service). You can also do oil change at Toyota dealership around $60 (vs $100 at Lexus) but don't expect to get white glove service at Toyota dealership.
    Not sure if you can wait a little longer but you can probably save extra $ between x-mas and new year (expect bigger crowd).
    $44,500 price the folks are getting from Lindsey Lexus, I think, does not include optional shipping cost to out of VA.
    Speaking of Lindsey Lexus, my car was trucked in from Lindsey Lexus to my dealership in MA where I bought the car.
  • Seems like you guys are starting to get better pricing. I wonder if Lexus corporate is offering more dealer incentives to boost the end of year numbers.

    Anyway, this may have been covered, but why is it that some of the RX's say "lexus" on the back while others are blank?
  • Lexus in their misguided (cheap?) wisdom decided this year to drop the "lexus" badging on the left rear this year. They say that mercedes and other high end cars only have a logo in the middle and that the lexus logo is enough for them.

    Personally, I prefer the lexus badge on the left as it seems more balanced. If you see one with it, the car is either 2011 or earlier or it's a 2012 that has a badge bought and paid for by an owner (I think the badge is are around $50) who didn't like the empty space and had it put on at the dealership.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks, and I agree, the car looks much more balanced with it on there. I will have to check things out in person, but it certainly seems like something is off in the photos.
  • brs50brs50 Posts: 2
    I got a quote on 12/15/11 using A dealer in our region quoted +$500 over invoice.
    Comfort Pkg, 12 Speaker Audio, Nav, Park assist, Premium Pkg, Wood/Leather Wheel/Knob, Roof Rack Cross Bars, Remote Start, Mat/Net/Wh Locks

    MSRP $50048
    Invoice $45689
    Selling Price $46189 + $250 doc fee
  • brs50brs50 Posts: 2
    I got a quote on 12/15/11 using A dealer in our region quoted +$500 over invoice.
    Comfort Pkg, 12 Speaker Audio, Nav, Park assist, Premium Pkg, Wood/Leather Wheel/Knob, Roof Rack Cross Bars, Remote Start, Mat/Net/Wh Locks

    MSRP $50048
    Invoice $45689
    Selling Price $46189 + $250 doc fee
  • I just want to share recent statistic on the rx350 we recently purchased for $43,732 in Ga. We thought it was a good value after researching online across mutilate dealers and multiple states and multiple websites.

    Also, Lexus is offering $500 rebates for 2012 purchases. We can use up to 2 certificates per car apparently. You should ask for it - easy $1000 savings after you negotiate the vehicle price!

    2012 fwd rx350 msrp $49.2k
    Gray with black interior
    Main options:
    Comfort+premium packages
    19 wheels
    Wood trim
    Park assist
    Cross bars
    Door guards
    Cargo/mat accessories
    Tow package
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    That's a great deal !

    I was under the impression that the 1000$ off is on non-rx. RX has .9% financing only. Is that a bluff from dealers? did you finance or pay in full?
  • mrx350,

    What dealer in Ga were you working with ? Were the $500 rebates a dealer or Lexus initiative ?
  • Can you please provide the dealership name and city in Texas please?
  • We financed for 60 months. I am not sure about the bluff it it worked. it is all about getting the dealers to participate. I highly recommend doing most of the work via email and avoid the hours of negotiation on the dealer with the sales person always going back to talk to the manager in the back room.
  • I worked with all dealers in the GA/AL/TN area. We even expended the search to Houston, TX.

    As far I understand the rebates was a lexus offer (2012 MY LEXUS rebates or something named similar to that).
  • The best experience I had with the GA Dealers was with the Lexus Gwinett dealer. the sales person (Karla J.) was the most friendly and upfront on the discussions. If you are not doing the research/negotiations via the internet, she is a good person to start the conversations.
  • Absolutely - Westside Lexus in Houston, TX

    I can refer you to our sales person, if you leave your email address.
  • Thanks a lot for the information on the $1000 cash coupon, mrx350. I just bought mine this afternoon with that additional info. I had gotten the dealer to $44913 on basically the same spec as yours (extra tow package which I didn't want, but that's the color I wanted), then $1000 off on top of that. It was no hassle getting them to use 2 coupons on me. The dealer said they only got 25 of them, and offered only 1 at first. I think their fees a bit high ($489), and there was a bogus $96 nitrogen for tires. So I could have probably saved the difference between $44913 and $44732 (before the $1000 rebate) that you got, perhaps lower fee (unless you got it at the Hennessey Lexus in Gwinnet, then it should be the same) and the nitrogen off, but didn't feel like going for the kill since the whole experience was pleasant and no hassle. So final price for the car was $43913, +doc fee and the nitrogen profit maker :)
  • Hi,

    I am wondering if any of you could help me figure what I should do?

    I have a leased 2009 RX350 until March, 2012. The selling price back in 2009 was a little less than $36000. It was with about 20000 miles now and nav/mark levin audio, etc. The buy option at the end of lease is about $23000. Over 3 years, I paid $2000 down payment plus $18000 monthly payment.

    I checked KBB for trade in price is about $28000 to $32000. So, should I buy it either now for $24500 or later for $23000, then trade in to dealer to get a new one?

    Please enlighten me and thank you so much.

  • sree5sree5 Posts: 6

    What IS the $500 coupon. Couldn't find any trace of it on the web. Is it something you print out, or ask the dealer ? And how do you insist that they do have it ? I'll be buying in NJ.

    Thx, and congratulations on a great deal !
  • wantagreatdealwantagreatdeal Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    Someone please explain in plain english for us morons... Where are these $500 coupons? Can we access online/dealer website? Do all dealers have them? If no, do all accept them? How many can we use? Are they paid by dealer or Lexus corporate? Please respond ASAP, as I just negotiated a deal in Virginia (that I plan to finalize tomorrow) and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get another $1,000 off.
  • They really are just that, coupon worth $500 each toward the purchase of a new Lexus. No limitation on model year or model.The salesperson took 2 of them, nice bound paper physical ones, put the VIN on there, and had us sign the 2 pieces of paper. He told us they have 25 of them, and they decide whom to use them on. So it is a matter of asking and insisting. You can't get them anywhere else. From the look of them, Lexus gave them to dealers for them to close "tough" negotiators. I would think it entirely possible not all dealers have them, or have used them up.
  • Gotcha! Thanks. Something tells me I'll be out of luck on these since I've already negotiated very hard to get $1,000 under invoice or about 11% below MSRP. I'm sure they're still making a nice profit, but highly doubt they'll be willing to part with these coupons on yours truly... But what they hey, I'll give it shot.
  • You have indeed negotiated quite well. Best of luck. Never hurts to ask :)
  • Can you send the info to Secondly, can you give me what the MRSP price before the discount.
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    that's a great deal. it would be good to know how you negotiated. Let me know if you could get the coupons on top. what are your specs/msrp?

  • I went to Westside Lexus today. They told me that they had sold the one car without Comfort package on Dec 2 and the price was 45K +TTL. Can you confirm that it was you that bought the car on that date for 45K+TTL?
  • Thanks to this forum and all your help. I picked my new RX350 today. 2012 model, Silver with light grey interior. FWD+ premium package+rear view mirror+heated and colled seats, wood and leather steering and shift knob and a few odds and ends. MSRP = 43950. Purchase price 38791 + TTL. I believe I did alright...not the best deal maybe but a pretty good one

    Thank you all once again for all your help.

    Best Regards,
  • Cubes, you got a very good deal!

    Regarding the coupons, it is entirely possible that the price you've already negotiated includes the coupons being applied. When we negotiated, and agreed to a price, it included the cost. There have been a few people posting who've gotten some incredible deals, and I am betting the coupons were applied to the cost already!

    Good luck!
  • Actually, I had to sign the coupons, with the VIN put on it by the salesperson. So you would know if you got the coupons or not.
  • rx2012awdrx2012awd Posts: 11
    edited December 2011
    Hi cubescubes,
    That is a very good deal. Could you please share the location of the deal and the dealership?

    Thank you.
  • sree5sree5 Posts: 6
    Cubes and any other new owners,

    Did you have to pay the $607 advertising fee. Could you give us a breakup of the charges - ad, doc, ttl, reg, any other ?

  • Yes, I had to sign the coupons. I was just letting people know that the price some have negotiated, the dealer might include the coupons - at least that is the way for my purchase.
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