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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If you have 750+ score, lexus fin will give you 1.9 for 60months. Alternatively, there are a few credit unions who are doing 1.99 for 72 months and 4.49 for 84 months.
  • In the Jersey/PA area.
  • chipper90chipper90 Posts: 3
    Thank you hondaguy28. Yes, my credit score is 800+. Hopefully in the Oklahoma area they will be offering the same rates. Those are the rates for used cars, right? Being a 2012 and 2,560 miles I consider it new but it will be sold as used since there has already been one individual owner.
  • Yep. 1.9% .

    You should probably use the credit union to get 72 months for the same apr instead of 60 months.
  • saaab298saaab298 Posts: 5
    Which dealer is this? Can you please send details.
  • I am scheduled to pick up my car tomorrow pm but I have another dealer who is willing to give the same car for 43250 along with 200 dollars worth of all season mats.
    Not sure which way I should go now...
  • this is the 2013 rx350 AWD right. which dealer is this can you post the name and the state.
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    edited July 2012
    Hey everyone,

    Have been posting in here concerning leasing at new 2013 AWD however after looking into it, not sure it's the best decision. I want to buy the RX bc I love the car but spending over 40k isn't really what I wanna do. I am looking into a 2012 AWD with 13,000 miles, comfort, navigation, premium, and preferred accessories. Also installed options include Cross Bars, Intuitive Parking Assist, remote engine start, wood trim and leather steering. It is listed at $43,987 online. In MA do you think it is possible to get this vehicle for under 40k? Or should I really just be looking at 2011s?
  • kwhkwh Posts: 68
    This purchase (2013) will be my 4th RX - I still have my first one (2000) that I had to order from Japan to not get one loaded down with thousands of $$$ of stuff I don't want. I have written two dealerships about a base model but no response at all yet - guess business is good. I have never seen a RX on a lot without a sunroof - don't want to pay 2 or 3K for a feature I don't want at all. Will post if I can gt a price for a base model RX - the Display Audio Package & the Accessory Connector are the only things I want on the car.
  • Finally, I closed the deal yesterday. $41303 is the final selling price of this car. I took an optional tire protection for 580 for three years.
  • bhuddabhudda Posts: 8
    Hey guys... Reading through the posts, I feel I'm getting ripped off. I've been negotiating with a few Lexus dealers for a 2013 rx 350, in the Chicagoland area and places I have lived in the past, including Dallas, Detroit, south Florida and north carolina. Best I could do is 3000 off msrp, at 1.9% financing. Can people post where I can get a better deal? Car is going to be used in Chicago, so I prefer awd, silver metallic, comfort, nav, premium w/park assist. Chicago dealers are least accommodating on prices.
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    So 2012 Lexus RX AWD listed for $43,987 in MA with about 13,687 miles. With tax etc. the dealer has me at a final offer of $46,737 including tax & fees - extras include comfort package, navigation package, premium package, and preferred accessory package. Also installed options include Cross Bars, Intuitive Parking Assist, glass breakage sensor, remote engine start, wood trim and leather steering. Test drove it and it is in good shape as it is CPO. Is this a good price? This is without an extended warranty which I may look into, does anyone think an extended warranty is worth it?
  • john_ngusjohn_ngus Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    Parchment or Black ?

    Finally i have decided to get Satin Cashmere metallic. I am not sure if i should get a Parchment or Black Leather interior. I have 2 dogs. The mat in parchment is black and dealer is giving me all weather rubber mat in black for the trunk. Black hides dirt. Any advise on resale value whether light or black interior would be better ?
  • Hello Folks..Thanks everyone for this great forum. I am looking for a used Lexus RX and recently got an offer for 38k for a 2011 RX(14500 miles) with packages Navi, Premium, Comfort, Towing, Remote start, 19 inch Alloys. Also the car has to be shipped from the East coast to Minneapolis and then I have to pay state taxes. So please advise if this is a good price for the car. My budget was actually around 36k but i am getting tempted as the car has got a clean history and the mileage is less. The dealer says he cant reduce anymore.
    Thanks for your help.
  • coolagentmi6coolagentmi6 Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    Bought 2013 lexus RX 350 AWD with Premimum, Comfort and Navigation package, entertainment system (2 individual operated displays with remote & wireless bose headphones), remote starter, roof cross bars, door edge guards and all weather floor mats. Black exterior and saddle tan interior. 50K out of the door in MD(6% taxes). 1.9% APR for 5 years. 0 down. $875/month. Good deal ?
  • john_ngusjohn_ngus Posts: 5
    It is a steal ! Great , The MSRP is 53293 and dealer cost is 49215. Not sure, How he did the deal with taxes. Are you sure the dealer is taking care of all taxes and title fees ? This is the best deal so far and that too in east coast
  • Not sure how he gave but I am not complaining. I am happy if it is a good deal.

    Yes, 50K out of the door all inclusive.
  • kxw0338kxw0338 Posts: 1
    Nice deal. Would you mind share which dealer is this? Thanks!
  • Sure. Lexus of Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD.
  • buyrxncbuyrxnc Posts: 2
    I am planning to purchase a 2013 RX-350 AWD, w/nav, comfort packages ...etc., the dealer invoice price is about $47500 (MSRP is close to $50K), can someone share what they paid with respected to the dealer invoice- esp. in Raleigh NC area (Johnson lexus)?

  • I was wondering when you buy rx 350 Awd is ATP is Required?
  • zimorzimor Posts: 1
    MSRP = 49418
    Price = 45900
    Discount = 7.1% (more or less at Discount)
    Engineer with MBA and performed extensive due diligence and economic analysis on all models considered. I keep all my cars for about 10 years and then remove from my portfolio. Considered Acura, Infiniti and BMW. MDX and RX very close, but a few little things swayed me to Lexus but could be very happy with Acura also (maybe I can get my wife to buy the Acura, but she loves her 328i). Infiniti doesnt appeal to me. X5, well, I have a X5 now and will trade-in. Best car I have ever driven, and probably ever will ... they only came off 2% and wouldnt budge, never called back (eventhough I bought two BMW's from them) and the cost is about 13k higher than all other three - X5 not worth the significant cost difference - technology package the best among all 4 cars. Anyway, happy with the purchase but know I left some money on the table. Cars in Houston are moving so happy with the numbers.
  • bhuddabhudda Posts: 8
    Similar equipped suv. Got 3k off msrp. I live in Winston, and flow Lexus wouldn't come close. Bought the car in Dallas, and they agreed to pay for shipping and detailing the car on receipt.
  • nik11nik11 Posts: 8
    I am in Houston looking for RX with entertainment package and 19 inch rims. Which dealer and who did you deal with to get the deal. Thanks
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    My 13 rx is my 4th since the 04 model. My average cost per year for depreciation is about
    4100.00 per year plus state tax and title. No tires, no batteries no cost other than
    normal oil changes. I think it would be hard to find another brand with a resale value this high.
    I lovew my rx.
  • buyrxncbuyrxnc Posts: 2
    My dealership said they will beat any price if I can show them a receipt from other dealers.

    can you tell me which dealer you used in Dallas?
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    edited July 2012
    So it has been a long process in searching for the right purchase. Finally decided on...

    2013 AWD
    Nebula gray w/ black interior
    Navigation package
    Premium package
    Comfort package
    Intuitive parking
    Wheel locks
    Cargo mat
    Wood and leather trimmed steering wheel and shift knob

    MSRP: $48,976
    My price: $44,000

    I am buying in MA, but with CT sales tax, doc fee, registration should be around $47,219
    good price?
  • I live in the DC, MD, VA area and in the past 3 years, we've purchased 4 RX350, sticker MSRP range from 48900-50,000 (All the bells and whistle except for 2nd row movie screen).
    The purchase price for those cars ranged from 41500-43,000 + TTL. These are at Rockville L exus, Chantilly Lexus and Lindsey Lexus. Good luck shoppers.

    PS: One of them was purchased a month ago at Chantilly Lexus, sticker 48900, purchase 41500 + TTL.
  • Is the 41500 cost for a 2012 AWD lexus or a 2013 AWD lexus ?
  • That is a 2012 Rx350 AWD.
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