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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    edited August 2012
    I've gotten new tires on wheels before on cars after purchase. An alignment is usually unnecessary if all you do is change out the wheels/tires. A wheel balance may be indicated but not always.

    A wheel balance costs about $30-40 at your local tire shop. If you need a wheel balance then the cost of this service ($40) is far less than the cost of a Michelin tire upgrade from the Dunlop tires.

    My new Michelin tires run smoothly on my RX 350 but I will keep an eye out if they need a balance at 5,000 miles. This simple item can be performed during the first tire roatation.

    I would not let the small possibility of a $75 alignment (not likely when swapping out identical wheels and sized tires) or a $40 Wheel balance (more likely) prevent you from requesting Michelin tires on your brand new RX 350.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited August 2012
    For others perhaps just joining this thread, that I think Valueguy started:

    If you go to, and bring up the Dunlop GrandTouring A/S 235/55r/19
    and read the numerous reviews there, you will see a majority needing to replace at around 22000-25000, and most claim they do the rotations and recommended care. And there is no adjustment for those folks, since NO warranty on wear, by Dunlop.

    Lots of variables of course on how each drives a car, understood, but, for Dunlop to have NO warranty (mileage) tread, I think we can see what's going on there.

    And, that tire(Dunlop) is listed at $195 each, installed, in the SW here, by Discount Tire. Hard to believe.

    Why is Lexus putting a bunch of those on 2010- 2013 Rx 's ? Expense deal no doubt.
  • lexusrx350newlexusrx350new Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    Agreed, in your case specifically, cant go with dunlops as the drive will not be close to a michelin smooth drive in my opinion. Alignment and balancing factors should not affect getting michelins particularly if you are getting no warranty dunlops. I would not have bought my rx if the dealer was not willing to swap the stock bridgestones with michelins although the bridgestones are better than dunlops and come with warranty. The alignment issue if any, is ok compared to not getting michelins.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited August 2012
    I couldn't believe it either, as I don't think I've heard of a name brand tire, with Zero warranty on tread wear.

    I specifically called Discount Tire, the Real Manager, whose has been here 15 years, and asked if that was true, and he did indeed confirm it to be true. So, I then called Costco, and asked the same question and also got the same answer. Both places said Lexus went with that tire because it was supposed to be extra quiet...even though no tread warranty . I don't buy that, or else they would put all their cars with it... ? I don't think so. They knew it had no warranty, but threw in on a few to keep the complaints down. It's probably a very soft tire..thus wears easily ?

    And, there is the buyer who replaces his car every two years, or one year leases, etc. No complaints there as those folks turn the car in and walk away. And folks who don't drive much, like we have here in my city.

    By the way, when checking with the tire places, I did state, Dunlop GrandTrek Touring A/S 19 inch, 235/55R/19 . I can't speak for their 18 version on the Lexus RX 2010-2013 350/FWD or AWD as I didn't ask on that one.

    By the way, both places as well as Tire Rack, confirmed. Lexus shows these at all three places, as replacement tires, as well as the Michelins, Lattitudes, Pilots, and Bridgestones.


    It's important to know here, for those that do have the Dunlops, that there is NO known safety issue here at all.

    None of the reviews had any remarks about blowouts, or other safety issues. This is just about a non- warranty on tread wear on these tires. And the fact, Lexus put a cheaper brand tire on a very popular Luxury car in their line when there were other better brands with warranties available to them for all their cars.
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    Hello All:

    I got an offer for RX350 FWD with PD FT 3T WU NV HS PA plus ZI Accessory. MSRP is $48,494 and their offer is $43,756 plus TTL, so the discount is $4,738. I know overland you got MSRP $47,974 one for $42,783 ($46,357 with TTL) with discount $5,191.

    How do you guys think about this offer and how much room can I negotiate?

  • I have an offer of 43,300 for a 2013 awd Lexus display audio pkg, heated an ventilated seats,intuitive parking assist,premium pkg,cargo mat cargo net and wheel locks MSRP 46,430 is this a good deal?
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    1. You guys are getting great deals on these RX350s. It was like pulling teeth getting $3500-$4000 off a $49,000 MSRP RX 350. Anyone getting $4500-$5200 off is a superstar and should be buying my next car.

    2. My 2010 RX 350 with Michelin Tires that had over 50,000 miles on them drove better in the sun and the rain than the brand new Dunlop tires. When we swapped them out for new Michelin tires even my wife noticed the difference immediately.

    3. Please notice how helpful our real world info/cost is compared to TruCar or Edmunds. We now know TruCar isn't a reliable site any longer for invoice.
    Dealers have solved this problem by having 2 invoice price lists. One for the public and one one where Manufacturers directly rebate the dealer for each car sold (not listed anywhere, secret info).
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    1. I am still checking with the dealer what brand tire for this offer, though in Southern CA it may be not a big problem. But I still prefer Michelin since it carries a warranty. I will figure all those out and then head for my new car. I am thinking of squeezing $5,000. Currently it is $4,500 discount and I still need to play the game with them a little.

    2. Yes you are right what TrueCar calls a great price is no longer a great price. Better you come to this bulltin and find out something from other buyers.

    3. I also tried to use Costco program but it sucks. The dealer called me and said I have to go to their store and they won't offer a price if I don't go there. If the price is only valid if I take it immediately and is not valid if I step out of the dealership.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    Have you seen this particular car or is this all on the phone ?

    Do you have the vin number from the Dealer ?
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    Not yet. I don't want to go there before it comes close to what it should be. But they did send me something similar to window sticker.
  • conkevconkev Posts: 7
    Sounds like a great deal to me. I bought my Lexus RX 350 AWD two weeks ago and the sticker price was 49,300 and I got it for 45,000. It has the same options you listed except it doesnt have the remote start.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited August 2012

    A few questions-

    Do they have the actual car you want there in the dealership(s) ? Or are they saying we'll find it for you ?

    Ask them to fax you a copy of the real entire window sticker. They have a duplicate Factory copy in the office,. Make sure it has the wheels (Size & Style) you want as well as all the other stuff you want.

    Keep in mind, always, your and their very best and bottom deal will be at the dealership when you are ready right then to write the check. You'll never get their best deal on the phone, as they know you are still price shopping. Know your number, and all equipment on the actual vin number car, and go and make your final offer with that check book out.

    So, what should it be for you to buy it ? Do you know yet ? And if so, are YOU ready to commit if you get your price at the Dealership ?
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    Hi nazzy100,

    Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I did get the copy of that window sticker with vin. They told me it is on the way to this store, not from other dealership. And it will be before the end of this month.

    Yes you are right they won't offer the best until I show up. I am ready to buy it since I still like the 1.9% rate which will last to 09/04. So I am in touch with them and will go to the store when this car arrives for a face-to-face negotiation.

    By looking at this forum, it seems the best deal is at about $5,191 discount for a MSRP$47.974 one. My expectation is to get something similar or better since my one is MSRP $48,494.00. I think there is still some room.
  • lexusrx350newlexusrx350new Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    I think there is a lot of room for negotiation. I am assuming the above number is without TTL.
  • lexusrx350newlexusrx350new Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    Did you consider a tire and wheel protection package and if yes, is it worth it? Some people are saying it is very essential and some are saying its a waste of money. It looks like the package will cover any curb/road damages.
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    I do like to get Michelin instead of Dunlop, but I don't think extra protection is necessary. Of course I am in Southern CA so we don't have storm and snow. Where are you guy? I think if there is really something happen, you can always get the road assistantce from AAA.
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12

    how much do you think for further discount?

    I tried to negotiate a Michelin but they said they would only sell as it is for that they will get.
  • lexusrx350newlexusrx350new Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    You should target 40.5K or 41k approx without TTL for the msrp you quoted. Ask the dealer to identify one for you with michelins. I think dealers trade with other dealers to meet customers needs.
  • I am in the east coast tristate area. I think i am a safe driver and so should not need that package but already got it.
  • 2013, fwd, MSRP 48,660. I offered 43,160 and they are taking it. Is this a good deal? $5500 off MSRP?
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12

    40.5K or 41K without TTL for MSRP48,494? Wow, it seems I have to make more effort. That is 7.5K-8K discount. I only got 4.7K discount now. The best here I saw is overland's deal, 42,783 for MSRP47,974, at 5.2K discount.

    Could you pls list your package, MSRP and how much you paid?
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12

    what I got is what they offered. I haven't told me my number. But at least your discount of $5.5K is better than mine, also better than "overland" who got 5.2K discount for MSRP47,974 one.

    Could you pls list your package and the dealer name? Just wonder if it is in Southern CA.
  • lexusrx350newlexusrx350new Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    The original post had a msrp of 46430 and my response was based on that msrp. Your msrp is higher and not sure what you have extra. 46430 comes with 2013 awd, premium package, heated and ventilated seats, wood steering, pref accessories package, parking intuitive assist, display audio package(not mark levinson package), cargo net
  • MSRP 48,660... perm pkg, comfort, nav, 19" wheels, park assist, towing prep, trimmed steering wheel, cargo mat package. I offered 43,160. They took like 4 hours to call me back, and I guess they could try and change the deal when I get there, but I want to stick to this if it seems like the best deal. Also, it's built in Canada. Dealer in Texas.
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    Waiting for your update. Good luck!
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    edited August 2012
    $5500 off MSRP of $48,600 is FANTASTIC deal. Don't be discouraged by anyone here. $5500 off a 2013 is an awesome deal- take it.

    I doubt anyone but the BEST hagglers get that much of a discount.

    I asked for $5,500 off MSRP and not a single dealer took my all cash offer (6 dealers). So, as we get near the end of the month $5500 off $48,600 is pretty sweet for you (not so much for the dealer).

    A more relaistic discount is $4500 or so off $48,600 so you are kicking [non-permissible content removed] at $5500.
  • Before I left my house today, I asked the dealer to email me the quote. He back peddled. I bought the car MSRP $48660, before TT&L for $44,660. So $4000 off not $5500, but I called all around and one dealership in Dallas would match the $4000, but I could not do better. I don't think I got a great deal, but it's below invoice, so probably not too bad. I did not have a trade in. Good luck to everyone and thanks to everyone for all the advice on this forum!!! I am sure I did much better with your advice. I bought my last car with costco, and they tried to offer me the costco deal at $1000 over invoice. Invoice was around $45,440. First they offered me 46,600 then $1000 over invoice, then $600 over invoice and finally I got $44,660 with 2.25 financing.. credit score 690 so I could not get the 1.99%.
  • 46,430.. you can probably get to 42,630 or 42,430. Just offer 42K and see if they bite and meet you in the middle at least.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    edited August 2012
    $4,000 off MSRP of $46,400 is a solid deal. Most dealerships are reluctant to give more than $4K off a 2013 RX 350. It took me days of haggling to get to that number; in the end I got a good deal at $4500 off but I needed to use 6 dealerships and hours of my time to get to that number. Not a single dealer would go to $5K off a 2013 at this time. Those of you getting $5200 off or more on a 2013 RX 350 are simple getting a fantastic deal as this 2013 model is new.

    Anyway, if most of you end up with "just" $4K off the MSRP that is still better than 90% plus of 2013 RX buyers at this time. Congrats on your new SUV.
  • i agree i got mine 2013 rx AWD 350 on end of july msrp was 46430 call about 6 dealer in my area in NJ there are only two that will give the price for 42,000.
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