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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12

    Congratulate on getting your new RX350.

    My one at MSRP48,494 has similar package as you had. It inlcudeds Premium Package with Blind Spot Monitor, 19" Alloy Wheel, Navigation, Cross Bar, Heated and Ventilated Seat, Parking Assist, Wood Steering, plus Preferred Accessories Package. Display Audio should be included in Navigation Option.
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    $5500 discount is definitely the best I saw. But your final discount at $4000 is also pretty good.
  • puneetbpuneetb Posts: 1

    I am also planning to buy a 2013 AWD in the NJ/Philly area. Can you suggest the dealers which offer the most competitive pricing?
  • chimpi99chimpi99 Posts: 15

    can you let me know the dealer you worked with DFW?
  • i got mine at tri state lexus because they are close to me and they are the first one that offer me the cheaper deal.but Prestige Lexus do offer around the same after i got mine. because they call back a week later after i already got the car
  • Sewell Lexus.. quote was $4k of MSRP.
  • the best they will do is 43,300. They are not very generous in North Carolina
  • rx350lesseerx350lessee Posts: 10
    edited August 2012

    I've been lurking around here and find this forum very informative. However, since this is also a very active forum, I didn't exactly find the answers (they might be out there, probably just don't know how to find them) to the questions I have.

    I live in FL and am planning on taking advantage of the Golden Opportunity Sales Event to lease an RX350 (FWD + Premium Package - ~43K or AWD + Nav/Backup Camera Package - ~46.5K) for 24 months/10K miles. Here's the list of questions I have:

    1. What would be considered good deals as far as the selling prices for the aforementioned cars go?

    2. What would be considered good residuals?

    3. What are LFS's tiers (along with corresponding MFs)? Putting ~$4K down, i.e., $2,995.00 + other fees.

    4. I'm asking the question above because I've been using to monitor my CR for at least 4 years now. However, after speaking with a rep I found out that they, i.e.,, are the only ones who actually calculate scores lenders use to make decisions. According to that rep all others do is simply report data they get from the bureaus. Is that true? I hope not because there's a huge gap between scores. 725(EX)/709 (EQ)/719(TU) x 637 (EQ)/663(TU) x WM FICO: 681... :cry:

    5. If what the rep said is true, would someone with those FICO scores get approved? My scores used to be a LOT higher than that (well, at least according to, but due to illness in the family late last year I was forced to make (4) 30-day late mortgage payments. :( The account has been in good standing for at least 6 months now, but those late payments really did put a dent on my score... :(

    Thank you all very much in advance!
  • I have and my score is 690. Lexus used the 690. They also seem to have some wiggle room on it. They came back with 3.01 and I said no and it came down to 2.59, so even though I didn't get the 1.99, it's still pretty good.
  • Hello dealornot,

    Thanks much for that!

    Yes, I had already checked my TU score. I mean, directly from them - 714 (a little lower than the 719 I saw on I'm glad LFS will likely use these higher scores.

    To be honest with you I think that even 3.01 is not that bad - I did some research and saw that the average rate is ~2.92% (36 mos). I'd say you got a decent rate @ 2.59%... Congrats!
  • bgmonbgmon Posts: 7
    edited August 2012
  • tonycatonyca Posts: 12
    Finally got my RX350 FWD Nebula Grey with:

    Parchment Interior
    Premium Package with Blind Spot Monitoring
    Sports Apperance
    Heated and Ventilated Seats
    Wooded Knob
    Parking Assist
    Cross Bars
    Preferred Accessories Package

    MSRP $48,824 and Offer is $43,992 plus TTL. Also bought extended 4-year warranty/75k for $2K. Financed at 1.9% for total price.

    Only thing not so perfect is it comes with Dunlop.
  • Just looked at the 2013 RX AWD. Love it. Price not sure about so I need advice. I got written up for $47,850. This is for Obsidien/black interior AND
    1) comfort package (xenon headlights)
    2) navi
    3) Intuitive park assist
    4) Premium pkg (leather, etc)
    5) wood/leather steering wheel
    6) Accessory Pkg (cargo mat etc.)

    Most of the optionals I do want especially the Navi, Comfprt pkg, and premium pkg they are low in inventory as are several other dealers in the area. I can do without the parking assist, accessory pkg and wood/leather trimmed steering wheel but obviously, they cannot be removed.
    (I do have a trade in valued at 19K but right now, I am just concentrating on the car price as they checked my car 2 times already). I have visited twice already plus today for a test drive so he knows I am serious but the price went down a mere $50 from my last visit! Tell me what's a good price!!!!

    I called one other dealer 2 weeks ago and met with them and the price was virtually the same. They called me again today to ask about my status (I said I was ready to buy) and I asked for their rock-bottom price; I have yet to hear back.
  • This seems like an INCREDIBLE deal. I am looking at the 2013 Obsidien/black AWD with: 1) Comfort 2) Navi 3) Intuitive Parking 4) Premium Pkg 5) Wood and Leather trimmed Wheel 6) Preferred accessories include Cargo mat and Cargo net and wheel locks. The Delivery processing and handling is 875! I am trading in my car that will give me 19K. The salesman is stuck at 47,850. It seems like the car I want to buy and you ought are almost identical so what am I missing?
  • Where was this dealer? My sticker price is 49,045 and he is sticking to 47,850. :( I am wondering if this has anything to do with the dealer being in NYC. Maybe costs are just higher here (rent etc.).
  • What's the MSRP? Take 8.2% off that.. That's what I got which was $4k off MSRP but some people are getting up to 5200 off MSRP. I just got mine on Monday. I love it!
  • The MSRP is 49,045. It seems from these boards that I should try for 4k below MSRP but I cannot see that as realistic here in NYC as he just seems stuck at 47850. Is it because of my trade in or where I am located? I am paying cash.
  • daviseq212 - I believe everyone gets the 875 delivery/processing fee; some dealers include it in the price they give you, while others will tell you the price minus the 875 charge, and then slap it on when you go to purchase it.

    It was definitely a long road dropping $5k off MSRP - not sure of your location but that may play a role for you. Also, I was initially going to get a nebula gray w/ black leather car w/ no nav - however IRA did not have one, so I began looking at Herb Chambers - however my sales man at IRA was very persistent - and being the end of the month - was able to get me on board to the fully loaded car at a great discount.

    In the end I basically narrowed it to the two dealerships and then who would give the best deal. Honestly Herb Chambers Sharon matched the IRA price, and probably would have gone a tad lower, but I really liked who I worked with at IRA Lexus, so I took the plunge - also payed in cash so no financing. Best of luck to you!
  • hot_javahot_java Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    I am looking for a base model Lexus RX350 AWD without Nav in DC/Nothern VA area. Can you please suggest what would be the good price / OTD price?
  • I never tell them I have a trade in until I negotiate the price, then I can decide if the trade in price is good enough separately. I didn't do a trade in this time. I am in Texas. Maybe you need to go outside NYC for a better deal. My MSRP was 48,660, 4k off but some people on this board have done a little better.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Who did you deal with at IRA? I plan to go tonight. The model I'm looking at (RX350 AWD) has a total MSRP of about $48,500. I was planing to start negotiating at $43,000. Being the end of the month, I also assumed it would help me. Correct?

    Also, as I do with all my purchases is that I refuse to pay so-called Documentation fees, which usually tacks on another $250-$350. I always just say NO to that after we agreed on a price.

    If IRA doesn't agree with my deal, I will consider Chambers.
  • Hey Steve,
    Unfortunately can't give you the name of the dealer on the forum - you can message me on here if you know how - have never messages anyone before so not sure how to go about it!
  • xjharshipxjharship Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Just purchased a 2013 FWD RX 350 from a dealer in Austin. I shopped around Texas/LA/OK for the best deal. Final price was $43,990. MSRP was $48,680. 9.6% discount. I was also able to get tint ($195 value) thrown in as well. I was buying this/negotiating for my mother and was not able to be there when she took delivery, but I can say that these guys are very professional and my mother found the whole experience at the dealer enjoyable. Highly recommended.

    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 39310.00
    Comfort Pkg: Xenon HID Headlamps, Rain-sensin 1340.00
    Wipers, Driver/Passenger Heated & Ventilated
    12-spkr Premium Audio Pkg: Single DVD/CD Play
    HD Radio w/iTunes tagging & 12-spkr Audio Sys
    19" Aluminum Alloy Wheels with All-Season Tir 770.00
    Navigation System w/Voice Command, Backup Cam 2775.00
    Lexus Enform screen multimedia display .....
    & Lexus Enform with Destination Assist and .
    eDestination, App Suite, SiriusXM NavTraffic,
    NavWeather, Stocks Sports & Fuel prices (1-ye
    trial subscription included) ...............
    Intuitive Parking Assist ................... 500.00
    Premium Package Includes: Leather Trim Interi 2260.00
    One-Touch Open/Close Moonroof, Power-folding
    Electrochromic Heated Outside Mirrors, Driver
    Seat/Steering/Mirror Memory-3 settings .....
    Towing Prep Pkg: Transmission Cooler, Heavy 245.00
    Alternator/Radiator (does not include ball mo
    Wood & Leather Trimmed Steering Wheel & Shift 330.00
    Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks & Key Glove 255.00
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 8475.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 895.00
    Total .......................................: $48680.00
  • I am batting 0 for 2. I went to two dealers today in NJ and both sales people low-balled me on my trade in by thousands. Sure, their sales price on the car was amazing but the trade in was so law that it was insulting.

    Tomorrow I am trying 1 or 2 more dealers somewhat close by but I have a sinking feeling, this trend will continue....that is, a very good sales price and a very BAD trade in price. If that happens, I might end up back at my local dealer with a mediocre deal (hardly a deal in fact). I thought, especially from reading others deals, that I would be able to get a great deal as well but with this trade in, its not working out as I thought.

    Let's hope tomorrow brings a better overall deal.
  • ahalyaaahalyaa Posts: 25
    edited August 2012
    Just closed deal Yesterday:Heading to Michigan from HERB CHAMBERS LEXUS, SHARON, MA

    2013 RX 350 AWD: MSRP Including Delivery processing & Handling $ 49,995.00. STARGAZER black with Black leather Interior.

    DETAILS: comfort pkg, Navigaton pkg, IPA pkg. Premim pkg with BSM, 12 speaker audio , wheel locks & cargo mats, wood & leather trimmed with remote starter

    Deal: $45,495k plus doc fee $ 280 plus tax & title charge:

    savings : $4500.

    Excellent Professional experience with dealer and email me for the sales agent info at HERB.

    IRA LEXUS in NH, was a joke (slang here) & unprofessional, met this joker salesman, slammed the phone on his face as he tried make a fun of the situation. Stick with HERB.
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    edited August 2012
    I believe who you deal with is all personal opinion. Who I dealt with at Herb Chambers tried to sell me a pre owned certified 2011 for basically the same price as what I got for a new one. One of the managers I dealt with was extremely pushy and I just didn't like how they acted. At IRA I worked with a great salesman who was NOT pushy and gave me the same deal HERB did, although like I said in an earlier post it seemed HERB probably would have matched IRAs deal. However, I chose IRA because I felt they were more professional. In the end everyone will have different opinions on who they deal with, so I urge everyone looking in MA to look at both dealerships and decide for yourself!
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    If you have a trade, don't mention it during negotiations on the new car. Only after you agree on the new car price, then bring up the trade and ask for a price on it.

    Otherwise, they confuse things and make the deal look better than it really is.
    Good luck,
  • I never mention the trade until after and the price of the car is negotiated. The price f the car so far has always been great. The trade in is always so VERY LOW.
  • If you got a good deal on the new car, don't let the trade-in stuff ruin the deal. Get an appraisal from a third party such as CarMax and tell them that's the least you'll take for your trade-in (if you are comfortable with the third party's appraisal, of course)...

    See, I went through the exact same thing last week. According to KBB my trade-in was worth 24.5K (excellent condition). However, the car was going to need 2 new tires soon. At first the dealer said they wouldn't replace only 2 tires and that's why they could only give me 21.5K for my trade-in - tires alone would cost them 1.5K (sales person said their service department charges the used car guys full retail for things like that).

    So, I went out, got an appraisal from CarMax (24K), called the sales person and said that was the absolute minimum I was going to take for my trade-in. I also told him that the trade-in value was the only thing preventing me from closing the deal... They gave me the 24K I wanted... ;)
  • ahalyaaahalyaa Posts: 25

    You are right who you deal with, i guess you are local, but myself, i am not. I was making the deal from Missouri to ship to Michigan, sale person at IRA failed to understand and taking advantage of the situation. I felt it was waste of my time even to talk after first few sentences. It is relatively easy to buy a new vehicle if you know where you wanted be in the price point. I don't penny pinch and expect the sale person to make money on the deal. Bottomline, when you are paying 45k , few hundred dollars won't break anybody bank either to make the deal happen.
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