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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yeah I can see dealing with a dealership over the phone is difficult but you seem to have gotten a good deal so congrats! Wish I had been able to get blind spot indicator! But was just happy with the price. I am loving the car - enjoy!
  • mutley6mutley6 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Thanks to all that posted on really helped me prepare for today's negotiations. I wanted to share deal I just got on a loaded RX 350 in the Bay Area, CA

    MSRP: $50,954
    Paid: $46,360
    Saved: $4,594
    Disc: 9.01%
    Financed at 1.9%

    Things to consider:
    1. End of Month is this coming Friday
    2. Lexus Golden Oppty incentive ends Sept 4th. I figure the Lexus to dealer cash incentive is $2-4K on top of the hold-back.

    Based on this thread and other research, I went in with the following mindset (based on Golden Oppty incentives):

    8% or less - walk away
    8-9% - good deal
    9-10% - great deal
    >10% - Outstanding deal

    More than happy with just over 9%. Great buying experience.

    Note: I did not do as well as others on the Extended Warranty discount, but happy nonetheless.
  • i recent just buy the new lexus rx 350 have about 450 miles on the car and i start to notice the engine start getting louder sound and have tapping sound it's that normal?
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    One more thing to consider is the dealer fee/prep fee. This is pure profit for the dealer. So $4500 off MSRP with No dealer fee is better than $5K off with $700 dealer fee.
  • Which Dealer in Austin did you buy from? Do you have sale's person name? That looks a good deal, I was looking at same features.
  • matty45matty45 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I've decided on purchasing a pre-owned RX 350 but am stuck deciding between two vehicles. Both are 2007 AWD, similar has 66k miles and is $22,900 with no Nav or back up camera, and the other has 97k miles but HAS the Nav and back up cam and is $18,950. Are the RX 350 that reliable that I can drive either to 200k mi with good maintenance? Which would you take assuming similar condition? Thanks!!!!

  • We are about to buy a 350 Rx 2012 from a dealer who says the sticker is 48,020 and he is offer this for 44,900. I know this is not bottom barrel, but we are told it is one of the last 2012's left and would have to go to 2013 which would be much more. He also is give us a fair price on trade in.

    OTD is 48,243. Minus trade in 5700 total is 42,144. I don't know exactly how to get it any lower-- know we are in the 6-7 percent, but would appreciate any suggestions on how to get lower. Seems to have everything my wife wants but remote starter and hitch.

    We do have an out of town dealer who says R 450 H which is out the door 50,100.

    But we are leaning towards the 350 Rx.
  • I just got a 2013 rx 350 msrp 49805, paid 44400 + ttl, 47xxx OTD from a dealer in Dallas.
  • In state of Massachusetts, you can't get Temporary tags or dealer tags to ship the vehicle. You need permanent plates even to transport the vehicle unless you can get Temporary tags from the state you live in. Still trying to find to way to ship the vehicle. Big hassle and pain in you no where.

    So please be aware to rush to make a deal on RX 350 unless you are from State of Massachusetts or Neighboring state.

    Dealing now with this Headache, wouldn't have made the deal had the agent told us prior.
  • Bgmon, sounds like we are paying 2013 price for 2012 car. Was yours with Navigation and all that stuff?

    It is confusing since 2012 and 2013 seem to list for same price MSRP.
  • Yes, I got a 2013 rx350 with :
    -premium package with blind spot monitor
    -19" wheels
    -comfort package
    -wood/leather steering wheel
    -park assist
    -tow prep package

    I got 9.2% discount off msrp. If I were getting 2012, I would aim for higher discount. They also delivered the car to my home 10 hrs away and programmed the garage door and connected my Bluetooth.
  • How was the car delivered? Did they flat bed it or drive it? I have been talking to a dealership in another state as well.
  • Did you have a trade in and did this price include the 875.00 delivery processing and handling fee?
  • Wow. I just can't seem to get anywhere near 9.2 discount off MSRP-- even for a 2012.

    Our car has the premium package I believe and is AWD but we are at 48,243 out the door. (Sticker was 48,020, then discounted to 44,900 plus TTL)

    Could it be we are in Pittsburgh and Northeast just is not dealing like Dallas?

    We called Akron and they offered 43,900 for a car with 5000 miles. But 450 H hybrid was 54,000 OTD.

    It looks like best we can hope for is to get the tow prep included as my wife wants that. We are going today so any advice appreciated.
  • They drove it. Delivered with 645 miles to my front door. They paid for gas coming out and they paid for their rep to fly back. I estimate that it cost them ~$500. I liked the personal service.

    They could have delivered via truck for $500, I checked on a car delivery service and it was $530.

    So I just looked at my sales bill:
    Price paid=44398
    Sales tax(6.25%) 2774.88
    Dealers inventory tax 100.30
    Doc fee 136.19
    State inspection fee 23.75
    Lic fee 52.75
    Title fee 38
    Road & bridge fee 10
    Total OTD 47533.87

    Hope this helps
  • Sorry to bother once more, but the only thing we could think of is that you being in Dallas, it may be front wheel drive and we being in the north, are looking at All wheel drive.

    Is yours FWD or AWD?

    Thanks so much.
  • lifulifu Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    a great info. I am just looking for a new RX350 with the similar features and options for my daughter and could not find a dealer in her working area (a small town in Texas). could you forward me the dealer contact info ? I would like to contact him and get a RX350 to deliver to my daughter. greatly appreciate your help.

    by the way, does the standard model have the navigator or we must purchase the navigation system?

  • So, we are leaning to the 2013 RX 350 as the discount for the 2012 was 3120 and the salesman says that the discount on the 2013 Rx 350 is 2000 K which seems to be the going discount. Some people here seem to say that they are getting 4000 K off-- but no one here seems to be going for that.

    We are looking at a AWD with Nav, Premium, and Blind Spot-- basically everything but the entertainment package and Mark Levinson. The MSRP is 49,345. The discount is 2000 K. Somehow we end up OTD at 50,744.

    I guess we just don't have the touch. The dealers all say the 2000 K off MSRP is the "best price" (even with car broker), but we just can't seem to get near what some folks here are getting in terms of the 9 percent deals.

    Anyone know a dealer who can do better we will go to them. But this is where we are.

    Anyone in the Northeast who can recommend what the difference is, would appreciate it. Maybe we are just giving in too easily.



    You all have my respect.
  • can someone tell me what a fair price is, dealer or otherwise for a 2008 RX 350 with Nav, new tires and brakes and 70,000 miles??
  • Tonyca,
    On your #3, what discount did the Costco auto dealer offer (% off MRSP) even if it were only for a day.
  • Sorry been out of town. I've got a FWD. The AWD should be about $1500 more. I think towards the end of the month, some people were getting AWD for what I paid for FWD. I bought mine in the middle of the Aug.

    I feel like I still got a good deal considering that I paid below invoice and had the car delivered to my front door.

    Sewell out of Dallas is who I used.

    Hope you get a good deal
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    On this model you could go $2000 below invoice.

    For most cars, buying at or close to invoice is usually not a good enough deal. Drealers are still making a large profit if you buy at invoice.
  • Well, I bought the new RX 350, and was told by dealer that it would easily get 18 MPG in city. Been saddened to see in the first fill up we are getting best at 13.5 MPG and average 12 MPG.

    Is this unusual? Really disappointing, especially as we did not go for the 450 which we were considering.

    It has been normal city driving, and even some highway. What do most of you get?

    We were told that Lexis usually gets above what government reports.
  • Congrats on getting your car! I'm getting an average of 21.5 mpg combined city/hw.
  • Question:

    Ae you using top octane, or mid ?

    Is it AWD or FWD ?

    I get 17 city on my 2012FWD, and highway 23-24 when I use the middle grade. I never use regular in it.

    When I use the top high octane, I get 18.5 and 25 .

    If your poor mileage keeps up, I sure would have it back in the Service dept, so they can put the analyzer on it.
  • Saz25, thanks for the reply,With the new promotion for the dealer of $2200 rebate, should the price for a 2012 be $4200 under the "invoice" price?
  • Bgmon, thanks for the reply,With the new promotion for the dealer of $2200 rebate, should the price for a 2012 be $4200 under the "invoice" price?
  • I'm not sure how much under invoice ... Whatever you're comfortable with. I own a business so I understand that other businesses need to make profit. I think I got ~$1500 under invoice. I'm totally happy with that.
  • Thanks to you guys for all the price information. Here is mine. Hope it will be helpful.

    Date: mid September
    Location: Los Angeles
    Model: 2013 RX 350 FWD with the following packages: DA HS PA PM WU
    MSRP: almost 45K
    car price (everything except TTL): 40 K, 5K off MSRP
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