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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • When I was shopping around for one, I called up dealers coast to coast to just get an idea. I found that dealers in CA (Bay area), FL, NJ, MA and PA were all ready to sell for $44-45K. Talked to a dealer in TX and he wasn't ready to negotiate at all. But he was the only dealer in 100 mile radius, that might explain it. And this was all through phone, never visited one before agreeing on price.

    If you are near any states I have mentioned, you should be able to grab one close to 45K
  • Is $45,000 net of $1,000 current incentive for loyalty credit? Or should you get another $1,000 on top of that to be $44,000 net cost?

    Thanks for your advice.
  • Please share the name of the dealer. I'm aslo geting quotes in the 47,500 range. Thanks in advance.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Just an FYI. Knowing the name of the dealer or even the specific sales rep doesn't really help. It's difficult to walk into a dealership say something like I want the same deal that another person got. Sometimes it may work, but I wouldn't count on it. They can argue or play the game that incentives changed from week to week, etc.

    Getting a good deal is all about confidence and negotiating skills and being firm as to what you want to pay.
    Good luck.
  • $45000 is what dealers offered me without any negotiation. This did not include any incentives. All dealers specified the incentives separately. If any dealer is quoting you price with all incentives included, then make sure you understand what the fine prints are. You might want to careful dealing with them

    I got a lot of advice from this forum. The first thing I learnt is that always negotiate the sale price of the car, then ask for incentives. Don't tell you will finance with LFS or own a lexus until you agree of the sale price and get to know what the incentives are. I initially told them that I have my own finance and agreed on the sale price and then told the dealer that I will finance with LFS to get the $1000 cash

    Stood firm on my offer and finally one dealer agreed.

    Good luck !
  • Hey everyone,
    I'm in the market to lease a 2013 rx 350. It's something I'm going to take my time on and not rush. I was curious to see if there is anyone that has purchased a 2013 rx in The NH or MA area. Any info on what you paid, or reccomendations on a good dealer would be great. Also, would waiting until the 2014's come out benefit me on gettig a better deal on a 13?
    I do plan to start calling around to multiple dealers to compare prices and make them work for my deal. Just figure I would start here. Thanks in advance.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    I find it interesting so many people think they can fool a dealer.

    Car sales people sell for a living. They have seen and heard everything. They sell every day while the buyer buys every few years. Nothing is to be gained by erroneously believing you can fool a sales person.

    I have found being totally upfront with the sales person and not playing games works best. It seems if a sales person recognizes the person across the table is knowlegeable and honest things will progress much quicker and be more fair.

    Also, not letting the sales person know you intend to finance does not improve the deal. To the dealer, a cash sale is no better than a finance deal and is often less attractive. Dealers know they can increase profit though financing so they may be willing to sell at a lower price. A buyer can always finance and then a day or so later pay the loan.
  • Agree, with knowledge and a professional attitude which respects the sales person, buying a vehicle is a simple process.

    When I buy, I research using pricing information from Edmund's forums, True Car, etc. I obtain the invoice price, dealer incentives, and holdback. I compute a fair price. I find my credit score and available financing terms. I use KBB, Edmunds, and NADA to fairly value my trade. I don't over value my trade.

    I then initiate contact with dealers over the internet. The dealers who refuse to provide a price I ignore. A dealer who simply requests I visit is of no interest. I am looking for a dealer who understands the internet buyer. I follow up with the dealers who give me a quote. I then visit one dealer, usually the dealer who has the best on line reviews. I present my numbers to the sales person and negotiate. I usually give a few hundred dollars to nudge the negotations forward.

    I allow the dealer to finance me at or below the interest rate I could get from my bank or credit union. If available, I insist on the manufacturers supported finance terms.

    And, most importantly, I say NO to every product pushed in the dealer's F&I box.
  • vamsimvamsim Posts: 2
    to nissanz:
    can you please let me know the dealer info where you got that price. I assume its for comfort/nav/premium.
  • leenguyenleenguyen Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    I bought this car 2 moths ago: with NAV, voice command... + Premium Package + Comfort pkg + 12- speaker ,DVD player + Intuitive parking assist + wood & leather trimmed .. + Remote starter = $49,309.
    I paid $44,700.00. I think it was very good deal for this area (DC).
    I give it a 5-star rating.
    When I buy a car, normally, I know things around: Choose a slow day/month.
    Make firm offer; Don't say that you buy a car for special occasion. Just say we are still shopping around... Don't let them drive you by any reason.
  • vamsimvamsim Posts: 2
    That is a great price. Which dealer did you get that from? Did you get any special discounts (1000$ cash back for financing with LFS, and others?)?
  • I knew that but I did not ask. My financial amount is small ($15K) any way. They would not go any further down. They also did not want me to tell others what I paid for it.
    Normally, you can get abetter deal at around labor day. But the selections are limited. Especially, for higher end cars.
    I remember when I bought my Toyota 4-runner, I paid $25K compared to my friend, who paid $29.5K one week before me. Timing is everything + negotiations: Just be cold. Don't give the any chance to drive you up.
  • pjirvinepjirvine Posts: 5
    Does that include taxes and other fees?
  • jeff011jeff011 Posts: 6
    Hi Steve,
    Would you mind sharing your dealer info you bought the car from?
    I'm also from the same region so want to get the quote from your place.

    I'm looking for 2013 RX 350 AWD with almost all options except luxury pkg and Mark Levinson system and it's MSRP is 50670, invoice is around 47000. I'm actually shooting for 45K. I believe this is a good price to start with.
    My local dealer said that he can't go below 47K, I don't think I should even pay 46K considering it's almost time for 2014 models.

  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Sure no problem.
    I spoke on the phone with Weston Wright and later his boss, Chelsea Grant, both of Lexus of Watertown, Mass.

    I did not walk into the dealership until we agreed on the price. Ultimately, when I finally went in to buy it, they tried to reneg on the deal. I was firm. I said I would only pay what Weston (and Chelsea) and I agreed to.

    I called 6 Boston area dealer, all phone negotiations. Some would not deal on the phone so I eliminated them, some wouldn't meet my price, so they were eliminated.

    I never asked anyone for a quote. I would say that I want this specific model with these options and I would pay X.

    My specific price was approx. $2000 under invoice. Buying at invoice price is never a good deal especially on a car that's readily available as is the RX.

    Remember my policy, don't believe anything a car dealer says!!
    They're true cost is probably around $3000 below invoice.

    I also found a couple dealers who came close to my price. I probably would have bought from them had Watertown not agreed to my price. I also negotiated the last week of the month.

    Hope this helps.
  • jeff011jeff011 Posts: 6
    Thanks Steve..I called the Watertown dealership and did not get a good price. More over they told me that there will be a $795 acquisition fee if I opt to lease through LFS to get the $1000 rebate. So ultimately I'll end up with just $200 advantage.They seems to be even disinterested to cut the deal.

    Talking with couple of other dealers, Will see how it goes.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Did you give them your price on a specific model or did you ask them for a quote? I never ask for a quote. I find that the buyer needs to drive the discussion.
  • usfanusfan Posts: 5
    Hi guys,

    thanks for this very active part of the forum. I am looking forward to buying a RX 350 base in June/July.

    Actually I was looking at a 2010 RX with around 30-40k miles which would range around 30-32k $.

    After looking at truecar/overstock I discovered that the new 2013 RX base is offered at 37,400$ in my area.

    Would you opt for the 2013 or go with the 2010 (a 5k-7k saving)?
    How would you proceed with the purchase of the 2013? Should I just be happy with overstock or should I try to get 10% off MSRP by contacting several dealers via email? (No time to go and see them)....

    Thanks in advance!!
  • jeff011jeff011 Posts: 6
    I initially told them that I would buy this weekend if I get the best price and then later offered 45K. I think they did not take me seriously probably since I was not local and was asking me to come to dealership.Also a correction to my previous post - They were actually charging that $795 acquisition fee for the finance through LFS not lease. I thought dealers won't charge that for finance,So I figured it was not worth it and did not pursue further.

    Got another question though. Which invoice price we should consider between TrueCar and Intellichoice/KBB/Edmunds.
    Intellichoice/KBB/Edmunds are all giving similar price around 47K for my car where as TrueCar is adding additional $616 as Regional add fees to the 47K.

    One dealer that I was talking to is saying that 47600 is the actual invoice price. Do we generally include that $616 (Regional add fees) in Invoice price..Never heard of it though.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I think you will be hard pressed to find a "base" RX350 in any dealer stock. I don't believe you could special order one either. They mostly come loaded with numerous options. Sorry, but in my opinion you will likely find that the actual list of most stock models will be about 10K more than your "base" price.

  • nc278nc278 Posts: 1
    I went in to inquire about leasing a 2013 rx350 today. AWD and wanted navigation. They said $47811.82 down from $49030. Without nav: $45008 down from $46789

    Also, payments were high too ($739 and $789 no money down)

    What do you think of these prices? I feel they are too high.
  • jeff011jeff011 Posts: 6
    Finally closed the deal for 45500.
    Invoice: 47056
    MSRP: 50673

    Got an additional 1000 off for financing through LFS. This forum helped me a lot in negotiating with the dealers. Thanks to every one, particularly Steve - you instill a lot of confidence in this forum.
  • dennisnkydennisnky Posts: 2
    3 Questions, ignore the second two if you want

    Best deal on 2013 RX F Sport Lease?
    I'd like to get into one for as close to $400/ month as possible and less than $2000 total down, taxes etc all included, prefer 15k miles per year, but 10k might be ok.
    As long as it's an F sport, I don't care about which options it has, as long as it's black or stargazer black. lowest MSRP I've seen on one is 48500.

    Any complaints on the ride or handling? Read a bad review saying they'd choose the regular one even if it cost the same.

    I know the F-sports only come with black interiors. Any chance any saddle interior F-sports are around, randomly??
  • edlee3edlee3 Posts: 2
    I am considering to get a RX350 AWD recently. anybody can share the experiences and recommend the good dealer in bay area CA? thanks.
  • mmejiammejia Posts: 9
    edited May 2013
    I purchased a vehicle at Lexus of Concord. Ask for Frank U. Sticker was 50.8 and I paid 46k. I think I could have gotten another 3-5 hundred off so I would go in asking for 45k and stay as close as you can but don't pay more than 46k. My car was fully loaded except the rear entertainment and the Mark L stereo. Great car and they are offering 1.9% rate. But if you have top tier credit they can find some cheaper rate and that rate is 1.45%.
    Kimo the finance guy was very nice and no pressure. Good luck.
    Tell Frank U that the tire kicker from Texas sent you.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Hope you didn't agree to doc fees or any other add ons.
  • carknutcarknut Posts: 6
    Considering my first Lexus purchase (in a captive but fairly decent volume dealer area), any opinions on how much below invoice is reasonable on the following configuration? Any insight is much appreciated.

    2013 RX FWD – MSRP $46, 789 (Edmunds Inv. $43,495)
    19” wheels
    Heated front seats
    Intuitive Parking
    Wood/Leather steering wheel & shift
    Towing Prep
    Roof Rack
    Preferred Accessory Pkg
    Door Edge Guards
  • rx350mnrx350mn Posts: 12
    Hi, I am looking for RX 350 in Twin Cities Area (Minneapolis/St. Paul). I can buy anytime between now and December. Please let me know if anyone can team up and do group purchase. I prefer AWD with confort and primium package plus navigation system. Please drop a mail to
  • jeff011jeff011 Posts: 6
    edited May 2013
    I think 1500 under invoice is considered a good deal on this car. Few people in this forum got even better price than that.You can get better deals if you go in the last week of the month.
    I got mine at exactly 1500 under invoice. Another dealer was ready to give it for 1800 less though I opted for the first dealer since they have the car readily available with Michelin tires.
  • mark_ivmark_iv Posts: 1
    I am in the Bay Area and I have a couple of quotes for a 2013 AWD that are ~ 9.7% off MSRP (incl. destination), without having to negotiate. This excludes any LFS related rebates.

    Now, while I am happy to get these quotes, I suspect that the dealer incentive page on this website isn't reflecting a dealer cash offer. Without it the math doesn't add up.

    Here is example ( all numbers include destination fees)

    1) MSRP: 50489
    2) Base MSRP:41060
    3) Invoice: 46732
    4) holdback(2% of Base MSRP):821.20
    5) Invoice - holdback:45910.80

    Even with zero profit ( highly unlikely ) the quote should have been atleast 45,910.
    What explains a quote of 45,651? What am I missing?

    My hope is to dig out what the real dealer cash/incentive is so that I can drive the price down further.
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