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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thientienthientien Posts: 8
    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to buy a 2013 RX350 AWD with as little options as possible. At the moment, there are 2 dealers around my area having the 2013 model with the Premium package only, none of them carry any base AWD. MSRP for the Premium package would be 47k, how much should I pay it? I live in Seattle, WA and there are only 3 Lexus Dealers around. People online were discussing how they can get 11% off MSRP, that would make this car around 41.5k before tax. Thanks for your input.
  • msysinfomsysinfo Posts: 11
    Target $2000 below invoice. In my case I bought $2K below invoice but paid $400 Doc Fee.

    Also, it is almost 'impossible' to get without the premium package... unless you're willing to wait.

    Good luck & enjoy the process.
  • thientienthientien Posts: 8
    How much is the invoice for this car? Truecar did not show it.
  • rupirupi Posts: 5
    To me, its the satisfaction of getting the best deal that matters the most!
  • msysinfomsysinfo Posts: 11
    Try, it provides invc prices. You do not need to be a member to check. good luck
  • Hi,

    I've currently got the following deal on the table in Texas:

    2013 RX 350 Nav + Prem Pack w/blind spot + comfort - $49,275 MSRP

    Sales price = $45,080 ($4195 disc off MSRP)
    Minus $1500 LFS lease rebate = $43.580

    Is this a good deal or do I have some more room?

    I'm still negotiating on the MF and residual for the lease but hope to get close to the buy rate posted by Carman (MF .00075, Residual 58%).

    Please let me know.

  • blarfblarf Posts: 13
    How about a CPO 2013 RX350 with 3,000miles with Nav, premium package with blind spot, cooled seats... for about $41,000 plus TTL? good deal or not?
  • ang33iefang33ief Posts: 57
    Florida, vehicle has 250 miles, nav. Premium and F sports app. Package, total accessories $8,880, dest. 895, base price $39,660 for a total $49,435 --sales price is $41,999-sounds to good to be true, clean car fax also, vehicle is four months old.
  • sooznaplessooznaples Posts: 13
    What color is this car, where in Florida is it located? Why is it for sale? Are you the seller or is this a dealer? Interesting??? :sick:
  • I'm in the same shoes. I've been talking to Atlanta dealers and here is the last price I'm considering...

    Base RX350 AWD $39,660
    Premium Pkg 2,260
    Wood Steering/knob 330
    Cargo Mat 105
    Cargo Net 59
    Delivery & Handling 895
    MSRP $43,309

    My offer, exclusive of sales tax cause I don't live in GA, was total drive-off of $38,997, which is $4312 or 10% off of MSRP.

    Truecar says that's a great price. What do you think?
  • msysinfomsysinfo Posts: 11
    You meant 2WD or AWD?

    If you get it ~ $2000 under invoice then you made a good deal. Try to negotiate with your local dealer with the quote from GA - and they may match it...

    good luck
  • This forum was invaluable for me in my buying experience, so I wanted to give back:

    2013 RX350 AWD Nebula Gray w/Michelins
    Base: 41,060
    Comfort Pkg: 1,340
    19" wheels: 770
    Nav System: 2775
    Park Assist: 500
    Premium Pkg: 2,260
    Tow Pkg: 245
    Steering Wheel Upgrade: 330
    Cross Bars: 259
    Accessory Pkg: 255
    Subtotal: 49,794
    Delivery Fee: 895
    MSRP Total: 50,689

    Selling Price: 44,203
    Doc Fee: 149
    Dealer Inventory Tax: 93 (not mandatory)
    Total Price: 44,445 (before mandatory state taxes and title fees)

    I did not buy any protection packages and I brought in my own financing. They did not know about my trade until the sale and purchase agreement was already drafted. On the trade, I received as much for it (when combined with the immediate tax savings) as I was hoping to get selling it on my own. The experience was stressful and at times almost hostile, but the wife is happy now.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Congrats on the new ride. I think you got a good deal except for the Doc fee and dealer inventory tax. These are just add-ons by the dealer to increase their profits. There is no (regardless of what they say) requirement for these fees.

    I successfully "fight" the doc fee about 90% of the time. I've done that on cars I buy for myself and friends and family who ask me to negotiate for them.

    In your case, I would would tell the dealer something like "Do you really want to loose this sale over $250?" That money means more to you than the dealer. Its a couple of nights out in fine restaurants.

    Again, enjoy.
  • tdalmightytdalmighty Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    The price including dealer fees was $2800 below invoice and 12.3% off of MSRP. Judging by past posts--not to shabby I think.

    As far as the dealer fees, I think it is important to not lose sight of the big picture when negotiating. Your bank account and the dealer's bank account do not know the difference between vehicle price and dealer fees. For this reason, I ask for the full sale and purchase agreement from each dealer and start negotiating on OTD price. As OTD price goes down, the dealer will choose between reducing the vehicle price or the dealer fees. I have found in the past that fighting on the dealer fees can be avoided if you take this approach and the dealer is likely to be more accomodating on overall price if you let them check their boxes with the fees.

    Another piece of buying advice that I do not agree with: calling and getting price quotes without visiting the dealership first. In my experience, most dealerships intentionally build buffers into their price quotes over the phone because they know you are just going to "shop" their number and have a low probability of buying from them. Taking the time to go to the dealership shows you are serious and they will likely take you more seriously during the negotiating process. In addition, I have found that without going to the dealership you will not get an complete sale and purchase agreement with a written OTD number. Without an SPA and OTD number, you really do not know what kind of deal you are getting.

    Lastly, as you are negotiating with several dealers, you will know when you are getting close to the final price. Some will simply say, "There is nothing I can do for you, take that offer from the other dealer" OR "That just cannot be a real number, I do not believe you" At that point, you are close to the finish line...
  • chinsachinsa Posts: 1
    Can you please share the dealer name and location?
  • ang33iefang33ief Posts: 57
    The vehicle is located in Miami, Kendall is the dealer, I have talked to them about the vehicle. It is listed on auto trader, with pictures
  • medt123medt123 Posts: 6
    I would wait for the June 29th or 30th and offer $36500 and accept $37000.
  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    Hello All,
    I went to an MA Lexus dealer today for buying a RX 350 AWD

    Comfort Pkg
    Premium Audio Pkg
    Navigation System
    Intuitive parking assist
    Premium Pkg
    Towing Prep Pkg
    Preferred Accessory Pkg

    MSRP 49660, I asked for 43500 12% below MSRP. Dealer's last quote was 44900. I walked away from the deal.

    Please provide me with your thoughts and inputs. It would be very helpful for me as I'm going to a dealer in CT this week.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Congrats for walking away. Now call another MA dealer (as I did), negotiate on the phone. Make your offer. Tell them you will come in to buy today only if they agree with your price.

    I called 5 dealers in the Boston area till I got my price. It was worth it. I also bought on the 30th of the month.
  • I am living in MA too. Could you share which Lexus dealer for your deal? I do appreciate your kindness.

    Frank Z.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Its Lexus of Watertown. I'm not recommended them per se. I don't use them for service and I get mine serviced closer to where I live in NH. The only reason I bought the car from them is price only. And I mean, price only. I didn't like dealing with their sales manager, sales rep (totally clueless), or even the service dept the first (and only) time I was there.

    I did all my negotiation with them on the phone. Even after I got there, they tried to re-neg on the agreed upon price. They finally agreed to honor the price we agreed to on the phone.

    My suggestion is to call many dealers. Now that its a new month, you may not be successful till the end of the month.

    Good luck.
  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    It was the Herb Chambers.
  • thanks a lot. I owe you one. I will do the same time as you did. I am living in Springfield, MA. Hours from Boston area.

    Frank Z.
  • By the way, I assume that you got a deal of 12% off MSRP? Could you post your deal for 2013 RX350? Thanks a lot.

    Frank Z.
  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    Nope, I'm only getting 10-11% off on MSRP.
  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    Here are three more quotes I got

    one from NJ 47300 on 49K MSRP

    Another one from MA 44900 on 49K MSRP

    One from CT 44285 on 49K MSRP
  • mmejiammejia Posts: 9
    I personally think getting 10-11% is an outstanding deal.
    I know some folks get 12% but they may also be getting something else they are paying for not discussed on the forum.
    One thing that small but significant is the interest rate you are paying.
    You can find some low rates. I got 1.47% at BOA and I know there are a few more cheap rates out there.
    That will save you money....I am not an expert but I did buy a RX350 and was happy with my deal in Concord CA.
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    911seeker - is it possible for you to provide the dealer name in CT? Appreciate your help. I am not getting a good deal in NJ.
  • zoombie99zoombie99 North JerseyPosts: 260
    Also try Lexus of Mt. Kisco in NY. It was worth the ride for me from Bergen.
    BMW 2015 Mediterranean Blue 535x
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  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    Lexus of Westport CT, 44000 best deal around here....
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