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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    You should be able to get at least 12% off MSRP especially if you make the deal on the last couple days of the month.

    No problem. Give him your number and be firm.
    Good luck.
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    Hello CarMan and Kyfdx,

    I have been quoted the following figures in separate e-mail threads for a lease:
    RX 350 AWD w/o Navi
    MSRP: $47,160
    SELL Price: $46,160 - $1,500 rebate = $44,660
    Money Factor .0004
    Residual $27,352
    36 months, 10,000 miles
    Total due at signing: $1,000
    $540 / month based on their math.

    I'm pretty sure the invoice for this combo is $44,019.
    Is it fair for me to go back and negotiate for 12% off MSRP to get $41,500.80
    AND get a money factor of .0004
    AND just pay $1,000 total due at signing?
    If so, my calculations using the edmunds lease calculator based on $41,500.80 is $445.75 / mo. including interest and MI 6% tax.

    My second question, if I wanted to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease, will I end up paying full MSRP by the time everything is all paid off? Is there a way to make a lease into a buy still a good deal by negotiating any differently at the beginning / before signing the lease?
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    I am not sure what the MF and RV for your terms, but yes definitely try for Invoice minus 1500 as selling price.

    There are dealerships in Northeast offering that selling price for leases. I have been in negotiations for the last week or so.
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    I am not sure how they calculated / arrived at their monthly payment, but in a different e-mail I was given .0004 for the money factor, so I took that number and ran with it when calculating my payment. Their residual value is 58%, so that is what I used. Not sure if that should be modified.
  • opensesameopensesame Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    I have been trying hard to get dealers to give me a competitive quote on a RX350 AWD - my two local dealerships gave me almost no discount (2-3% off MSRP) and I have been expanding my search within a 300 mile radius.

    I email the internet sales department and ask for their best price but some don't respond, others will commonly say the configuration I have is unavailable and try to upsell me on other things.

    Then it's just crazy quotes like telling me they will beat my current best local offer by $200 when they know I am driving 6 hours to get there.

    I wish I was back in California where competition actually existed.

    Can someone give me some pointers?
  • rx350mnrx350mn Posts: 12
    edited July 2013
    Same here. Just $1000 less than MSRP. I live in Minnesota.
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    Find out from Northeast dealerships if they can ship the vehicle to you (Wesport, CT - best price I've seen - 1500 below Inv)
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152

    You never ask the sales rep for a quote. Do your research, as I've explained on this forum, and then you control the conversation, by giving them your price.

    Insist on never paying documentation fees.

    Don't believe anything a sales rep says. This is key.

    Buy on the last couple days of the month.

    Don't email their internet department, instead call on the phone. Give them your price for the specific model (with options) you want.

    Don't walk into dealership until they agree to your price on the phone. If they balk, call another rep or dealer.

  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    First off I understand the problem. We only have one Lexus dealer in Buffalo. Next dealer being in Rochester. But let me add--- I just picked up my RX350 last Monday night. Factory lease term's and all incentives included. That added up to $2000 in savings. This is on a lease for 27 months. I added 12000 miles per year rather than 10000. So what was left to pay out of pocket was mostly fee's and $1,300 down money. My monthly is $427.00. For this beautiful all wheel drive loaded--except Nav."did not want" auto I feel I did really well. :shades: :)
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I'm also in the Buffalo - Niagara region and on my second RX350. Both were purchased from the Rochester dealer although the Buffalo store is about 15 minutes from home. Unless things have changed radically, the Buffalo sales folks have a very cavalier attitude although the service department is most satisfactory. Although Rochester is about 75 miles distant, they welcome sales that they would not otherwise have made and it is well worth the drive to save several thousand dollars. My 2¢.

    Pete :)
  • I am trying to help my Mom buy a RX FWD in Florida. I'm in the Midwest. Here's the current offer:
    RX 350 FWD, no nav, luxury package with blind spot monitor
    msrp 46,415
    selling price 41,400 + 749 dealer fee = 42,149

    Any thoughts on this offer? Thanks.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    Not a bad price but insist on no dealer fee or insist on a reduced price by that amount. Even threaten to walk,
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    Hi 911 seeker,

    Completed my car shopping. Talked to all three dealers - Westport, Englewood & Tricounty. Westport had the best deal - about 43800 for 49195 MSRP.
    Was planning to go there and get it, but kids picked MDX so you know who wins. Got an MDX last night. Thanks for your (and others') help on this message board.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Sure hope you like the MDX. I did not. Found it uncomfortable and in no way close to a lexus. Hard seats, road noise and quite frankly---a bad ride. Just my opinion--- glad you love it.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 249
    Resistall is essentially a huge profit maker for the dealer. That is why they quickly reduced the price. Resistall is really no different than a $20 product you can buy at any auto supply shop.

    The dealers attempt to justify the grossly excessive amount by the guarantee Resistall supposedly provide. Personally I have driven a car for forty years and I never had an issue with the paint. And really, would you really need more than $700 to repair any paint issue which Resistall would supposedly cover?

    Dealer F&I managers have two goals. One is to process the deal. The other is to enhance dealer profit through a variety of overpriced products. These folks are actually a dealer's top sales people. Best to be skeptical about anything they say. Like all products offered in the dealer's F&I office, Resistall is best declined, IMHO.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    I agree with Steve....Absolutly refuse to pay that outrageous amount of Doc fee.

    As Steve says have them reduce the price of the auto if they insist they 'must charge it' Take $700 off the price of the car !
  • wchewche Posts: 3
    I've been negotiating with some dealerships via email. I received this "I would like to offer you an All New 2013 RX350 with Navigation for a purchase price of $43,900." I do not know the MSRP on the quoted model, but does it seem like a good deal?
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    Just an update on my experience of attempting to offer 15% off on an RX 350 AWD with blind spot monitoring and premium sound pkg plus remote start in the Motor City (Metro Detroit). I gave it a shot and worked up the lease calculation using the edmunds calculator with a .0006 MF and a 58% residual. I offered 15% off for 10,000 miles, 36 month lease. (Perhaps waiting until the beginning of the month was a terrible waste of time, but due to our mortgage closing, we couldn't risk any credit inquiries at the end of the month -- wanted to protect our 811 credit score).

    Anyway, the first dealer only offered me a measly $1000 + $1500 rebate off of the MSRP. He was willing to give a .0004 MF and free service and maintenance. This to me was pretty lame and pales in comparison to the other deals on here for $2,000 below invoice. After making my offer to this dealer, the sales guy basically told me that he didn't even think it was even possible to sell a vehicle at invoice price?? What a joke. Are you kidding me? I felt like I was talking to a domestic auto salesman who assumed that I was a brainless customer who had no knowledge about making car offers, incentives, hidden dealer incentives, volume incentives, etc, even though I have spent hours reading these forums.

    So I took my numbers directly to the sales manager at the other dealership across town and he replied back thanking me for the offer and then seriously had the guts to link me to the National Lexus lease advertisement that shows thousands due at signing, yada yada??!! Are you kidding me? I guess I learned my lesson. Apparently, the Motor City is not the place to score a deal and / or my timing stinks, or I was foolish to offer 15% off in the first place. The fact that the Sales Manager wouldn't even come back with anything other than the National Sales Ad sums it up. He did say he would be willing to show me the numbers and hope to earn my business, but that kind of approach is not what this forum encourages (with presenting an offer to them and showing them what I want to pay).

    It's just very frustrating that I tried to be bold and firm and it didn't get me anywhere. They have 9 vehicles sitting in their inventory in the color and packages I want. It's not like they only have one car left. This clearly has not been a "golden opportunity" for me in any way, shape or form. Hats off to all of you who have been fortunate to snag a deal under invoice let alone at invoice price.

    Now I have to decide whether I should even bother trying to go to dealerships farther away or the next closest out of state. I have very little optimism now that I will even get invoice. The vehicle isn't even worth more than invoice. I almost wish I never read about the suggestion of offering 12-15% off MSRP because that's entirely a fat chance in the Motor City.
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    Snowman22, what was your MSRP and then your resulting Cap Cost? I am looking at pretty much the same vehicle combo in Metro Detroit and they are very stingy.
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    Sridhars, do you have any updates on your experience with arriving at a discount sales price? Please let me know. I may have to search outside of Michigan. Or wait until the end of the month.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    First off this is a factory lease. The same offer you have in Detroit. $3399 on signing- $1500 from factory. Also first payment up to $700 waived. So that's a grand total of $1899 plus the factory monthly offer of $389 waived. Sooooo that's about $1500 down money plus tax and fee's out of your pocket. You can always roll in all that or part of that money at $30 per $1,000. That's up to you. You will never do better than a factory lease---ever. That factory lease in Detroit is for 27 months at 10,000 miles per year. Opt for 12000 per year. Extra $10 bucks per month or tell them your walking to another dealer and they could through in the extra miles at no cost. Good luck. Let me know how you make out.
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    Yes, I did post update two days ago.

    Westport, CT dealer offered the best deal. For 49190 MSRP(AWD,Nav+premium,blind spot), their selling price offer was a little less than 43800 and that was during the last week of July. Contact the internet rep - she is very good, not pushy at all and that was her first offer - no back and forth. It may not work for you since you are in MI, but check if they can deliver and costs associated with it.
    FYI - I went back and forth between RX and MDX and chose MDX. Both are great vehicles, but kids want MDX third row seats or I would've gone with them. Good Luck!
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    If we pursue an RX LEASE in Westport, CT from out of state, and we are able to negotiate a low sale price as has been mentioned on here, how do we best determine the lease figures including the tax portion and how much should I expect for delivery to MI?
    Do I use CT area quoted residual value, lease length, money factor and state tax to come up with a monthly payment calculation?
    In MI, the MF is currently .0004, lease length specials are on 36 month, not 27 and residual 58% for 10k miles on AWD.
    I would like to know how I can best obtain the total out the door figures for everything including shipping vehicle. Maybe I'll just contact internet contact like you said. Don't think I can necessarily wait until the end of the month though. I already sold my used car.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Your giving yourself a brain drain for no reason. You can work you own numbers until your blue in the face. Go with the factory backed lease. You will not EVER get a better lease. Period. I went through the same progression as you. Finally learned my lesson. Figure all you want----- I repeat one more time---YOU WILL NEVER DO BETTER THAN A FACTORY BACKED LEASE. :confuse:
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    Snowmann, are you saying that I should see the "factory backed lease" as the best case cookie cutter package of figures that is structured around fixed numbers? So, if I'm understanding things correctly, that means when I contact the internet department about the vehicle I want, they provide:

    the lease term
    money factor
    amount due at signing

    And with that said, I do have the freedom to seek a better sale price % off that the lease would be calculated by? I'm just trying to understand which components of the "factory backed lease" transaction should be negotiated and which ones I take as is.
    I'm gathering that sales price/net cap price and amount due at signing are negotiable?
    I want to plug the numbers in the calculator on here to find out the real monthly payment since the regional ad fine print is based on a vehicle that's only around 44k for like 389 per month.

    I think the most frustrating and confusing part for people comes down to the purchase price. If a factory backed lease is a cookie cutter package why will some dealers give a great net cap cost that is 10% or so below MSRP, while other dealers convince you that only $1500 off MSRP is a "golden opportunity" and you should be lucky if you even get an RX before they are gone?

    I really appreciate all of your info, feedback and patience. Forgive me if I haven't fully caught on yet to this whole process.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Everything on a factory backed lease is fixed. Period. The monthly is based on the msrp and value of the vehicle at lease term. "Residual" .Go ahead do your best math with all the figures people throw around on line. Your monthly will be horrific. The deal right now on that RX is pretty darn good for this time of year. Can you do better the longer you wait---could be Dec. to remember could be better but then you waited four months longer and the cost factor drops some. Remember this vehicle is the Lexus brand best seller. They don't have to offer any deals to sell this beauty--and a beauty she is. So go with the current lease--pay your tax and fee's and enjoy what you truly want--with no headache. :shades:
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Let me add one more thing. You can put more money down and lower your monthly from the current lease offer. You can also add more miles per year with a additional cost. To sell the vehicle the dealer may cut you some slack on that dollar amount. I added miles --12,000 per year. I think it cost me around $15-20 more a month. Well worth it when you compare the over miles dollar amount at the lease term.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    You imply that dealers have no reason to negotiate since the RX350 is Lexus' best seller. That may be true, not sure. But assuming that the dealer has no reason to negotiate is just plain false, totally.

    I've done it. Perhaps that's because, in my area, there are 6 Lexus dealers within 50 miles. They all want to get my business. I bet if you're in a small town, far from a city, that may not be the case.

    In my experience, everything is negotiable. At least it always works for me.

    With all due respect, snowman22, are you a dealer?

  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Sure they will negotiate. Just like any other dealer. What I'm saying is they can't negotiate on a factory backed lease. The msrp is a dead issue. You can put more down and lower the residual and gain a lower monthly---but in all honesty that is a foolish move on any lease. You put down zero if possible. The best deal so far is the Lexus Rx lease. $1500+first monthly. Total around $1900 off of the $3500 normal down money. Sooooo $1600 plus tax an fee's for a 27 month lease at 10,000 miles per year with a monthly of $389. That is a excellent deal for this time of year. Not to mention the great auto you will be driving. Anyway---go ahead negotiate all you want. $389 a month for a $47,000 vehicle in early August. Knock your socks off---with all do respect. :shades:
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    One last thing---it is true---the RX is the best selling vehicle by Toyota's luxury division. Check it out.
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