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Hyundai Azera Accessories



  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    You can use an offset screw driver..... this will help
    I ended up taking the tire off ... the whole job took about 45 min.front and back
  • For front tires, just turn the steering wheel left or right & screw the mudguards. Very Easy. For the rear tires, you'd need an offset screw driver.

    I'd suggest buying a $4 at Home Depot offset screwdriver rather than taking the rear tires off. Much less trouble & quicker too!
  • I used a small ratchet with a screw driver head and it worked fine.
  • I ordered an offset screwdriver and now going to order the mud guards on eBay. I am too much of a neat freak on my cars to not have them especially since my car is white.
  • Hope the ones on EBAY are OEM. OEM mudguards are available from for $20.47 for front and $20.47 for rear. Simple installation since the holes all match up.
  • Ended up not getting them on eBay. Didn't realize at the time that the pricing was only for 2 front or 2 rear, not all 4 guards.

    I did get OEM ones.
  • I was able to get the front mud guards on my Azera without too much trouble. (Love the little ratchet I got from Amazon). I started working on the rear ones using the same ratchet. How in the world do you get to that third screw? Is there a way to get it out without taking off the rear wheel?

    May sound sexist, but I am a single female trying to do this on my own.

    HELP! :cry:
  • smookdogsmookdog Posts: 7
    I have a Billet Grill for sale that fits a 2006-2007 Azera. I bought if for my 06 Azera but just sold the car because my wife wants a new Santa Fe. Grill retailed for $300 but will sell for best offer over $75. Really dresses up the car.
  • gr8guyimgr8guyim Posts: 5
    I am interested in buying your grill but I would like to see a picture first. Could you possibly send me one. I have a 2007 Azera.
  • pfl2pfl2 Posts: 1
    In reply to #737... has anyone found a tail light strip for the Azera that can be illumiated?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    edited March 2011
    Don't think they make one that says "AZERA" across it, but there is this...

    Granduer Tail Light

    or this (for a lil more)...

    Grandeur rear LED strip
  • Has anyone taken off the trunk strip to see if we could put two rows of leds inside of it?? Also, I wonder what holds the letters on?
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    The letters are attached with something like 3M adhesive. I've read that they can be removed by applying a sewing thread at the top edge of a letter and sloooowly, patiently, exerting pressure downward, sort of like the patience needed to remove a sectionized sticky price sticker from a product w/o it tearing into multiple, irritating pieces...
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