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Chevrolet Cobalt: Problems & Solutions



  • douglas8douglas8 Posts: 2
    I have a list of about 6-7 things I'm taking my 2006 LS back for probably in august when I get my oil changed.

    Any of you have these problems? Some of them are more common than others it seems but I know at least 1 other person has had each of these problems. :(

    #1: Bumper is out of alignment (does not line up under passenger side headlight)
    #2: (Shhh Shhh Shhh sound coming from CV Axles, Axles not properly lubed or CV joint going bad?)
    #3: Passenger side fabric coming loose from the door-rest cup. (There is a TSB on this, The proper plastic rings set need to be ordered and installed to stop this from happening.
    #4: The Lip around the A/C fan speed knob has had it's black plastif rub off and is showing grey plastic. This is abnormal wear and needs to be replaced.
    #5: Antenna needs to be secured (it comes loose and rattles, needs locktight or something.)
    #6: Door hinges are rusting and need to be lubed. (shouldn't they have been lubed at the factory?)
    #7: Glove compartment rattles going over bumps. Needs to be secured properly. (Stuffing a rag in between the glove box and the dashboard makes the rattle stop.)
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    I have 6,000 miles on my cobalt LT. I agree with a few of these issues. As for the front bumper look at any cobalt none of them are even, There's always a bigger gap under one of the headlamps. The antenna is loose but then when I go to car wash they just twist it on hand tight. Glove box does rattle over hard bumps, there is no fix for it I was told. I also have asked the dealer about my rear spoiler holding water. For days after a car wash or rain the spoiler leaks water when the trunk is opened. I was told they all do that nothing to worry about. Other than those I don't have any of the other problems you have mentioned.
  • joeweejoewee Posts: 3
    Just one note on that over reving. Per GM and any service department. You can not over rev these cars unless you have rechipped the ignition. The rev limiter will not allow it. I can go to mine right now in drive or sitting still and put the pedal to the floor and it will not over rev. If you dont believe me ask your service department or email GM they will tell you the same. They say drive it as you will you wont hurt it!! ;)
  • Yes, I did.... enough to last a lifetime if you ask me! The brake is not actually in place, as I would have to pull it for it to do that... so, the e-brake INDICATOR light is only coming on. On the other hand, I have actually BEEN driving at night by myself (thank god no one was coming THIS time) and saw the high beams coming on by themselves and go right back off, then one time I was with a friend driving her home and she goes "Why did you just high beam them... was there a deer"... and I go "I didn't, but you saw that right??" She goes..."Of course I did" and I go "Look at my hands!" She saw that I was NOWHERE near the column to do that!! Therefore I wasn't crazy, but thats the only time it's happened, other than that the lights just randomly come on.
    I have been looking around, I didn't think they were significant problems until I saw other people (on here and on myspace forums) that had the same problems with the lights and the CD player not working, then I took it in. My dealership ALSO told me they hadn't heard anyone else have any problems like the ones I'm describing. How come they have to be known problems before they fix them??? And once more, if they don't acknowledge OUR problems how are they supposed to MAKE them known!??!??! I am also a young woman, and I face problems every time I go, they don't think I know what i'm talking about (Like, yesterday they made a "joke" that they were trying to see my high beams come on...psht..that made me angry) I also called them and they said they wasn't going to fix my CD player because they couldn't see the problem, well that's not the problem... the problem is it's doing it RANDOMLY! and Of course it wouldn't do it when it needed to be fixed!! I know this is going to be a massive post... but i'm thinking all of this information may help you some if not a lot. I'm also taking your post and showing my dealership so they know that it isn't a known GM problem because the dealerships will not ACKNOWLEDGE us for the SAME reason!!! So, that's about all I got, I hope this is proof enough for you that your not the only one.. and I hope that your post is proof enough for me too!!! Good luck on that and keep me posted and I'll keep you posted on my car!!
  • gvsunursegvsunurse Posts: 28
    As for your break light, there is a bulletin or whatever they call it out for that. I would suggest going to a different dealership. I drive an hour to get to mine and it is well worth it - they do whatever I ask of them including giving me loaners so I can get back to work or class an hour away. You should NOT have to go to the same dealership you bought the vehicle from. I too am a college age female and while I have had bad experiences with some dealerships, there are good ones out there. I would suggest calling GM customer service and starting a file with them - that is the only way they will ever do anything for you and complain about the dealership as one will do anything for you unless you demand it and stay on them about it...good luck.
  • Yeah they found the bulletin for that. So, they upgraded that. The CD Player they apparently re-programmed per GM still isn't working. I'm taking it back AGAIN and having MY dealership look at it. Ugh!!!

    I also called GM yesterday and spoke to a CSR about everything, It was frustrating b/c all he could do was say sorry and give me a file number. I asked him when "enough is enough for them" I've been having the worst 10 months of my life with this car!!! He didn't know what to Oh, well I guess this is all I can do at this point...with the... :lemon:
  • ivaraiivarai Posts: 2
    Okay so tonight I was driving with my brights on and I turned my turn signal on to turn right and my headlights went out? I drive an 05 cobalt. Any ideas?
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    My niece bought a 2003 cavalier sedan. She gave me a ride yesterday because I told her I might buy a 2006 cobalt coupe. She says it rides as nice as the Cobalt. The road was a little bumpy (city) and I was sitting on the back seat. Now I know what a popcorn feels like when it's being tossed around in a popcorn machine. It seemed like we were rolling on rocks not tires. Now I don't know what to do. I though the ride was pretty rough. Is the suspension on the Cobalts the same as Cavaliers? Tire pressure were at their normal psi.
    I hope the Cobalt has a smoother ride.
    Any comments?
  • ivaraiivarai Posts: 2
    I have an 05 cobalt and to me it rides nicely. :)
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    And how about winter driving? Do you have snow in your part of the country? If you do, did it handled well?
  • vanacevanace Posts: 8
    I would not buy a cobalt if you want decent ride. If reading these forums isn't enough I don't know how to talk you out of this 1970's technoligy car. Do yourself a big favor and drive a focus. Even being a 6 going on 7 year old design, it is worlds better in quality and modern technology in cars. Think of why the cobalt has a solid rear axle. It is because it is cheaper to make. Not because it is a better set up. Anyone should be very insulted with this. It is no wonder gm lost 10.5 billion last year. They can't make a decent car that compeats in quality.
  • rudyrustyrudyrusty Posts: 1
    On June, 19 we leased a 2006 Cobalt for our 16 year old daughter because we figured she would be safer and have less problems with a new car.She called from work 3 nights ago and said car wouldnt start and she couldnt get the key husband went and tried to start it and there was NOTHING.he eventually got the key out.had the car towed at midnight to dealer and was told next day the computer says low voltage but since they dont know whats causing the problem they cant fix it.said this was the 5th cobalt returned to them in 3 weeks.we refused to take the car and took a loaner which of course was another cobalt.they said 1 car returned pulled out at a sheetz and stalled in traffic.another at a redlight.we will not put our daughter in this compromising position.called GM rep said get a second opinon???this is biggest chevy dealer in southwestern PA??where does she want me to go? she said there is nothing they can do.there is obviously problem that gm refuses to recognize because ive seen similiar postings all over the internet.what a shame because we are chevy people and want to support the american workers.what a nice way to repay loyal customers.she said she would contact dealer and find out what they were doing to correct problem but wow,big surprise,she never called me back so i will be calling everyday and my husband will go to the dealer everyday until we can get some resolution.
  • I have had my cobalt since it was brand new it only had four miles on it and in turns it clunks sometime usually when i hit a driveway with a little bit of a lip on it. My blower motor control switches position number three does not work. The paint on my interior trim rubs off easy and the black on the buttons of my radio is starting to rub off so that at night you can see the light shine trough the bottons.And last thing is on my dash the break light does flash on and off and sometimes a light will flash so quick i dont know if its just the break light or something else oh and I broke the seat fold down lever in the trunk i hate where it is not only is the trunk opening to small but they make it worse by putting the levers in your way. but over all it has a lot of neat things about it and looks good so i still like it.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    You might "still" like it...but....why in the world don't you take it back and get it "FIXED" under your 3 year 36,000 mile warranty???????
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    "You can deride Nissan all you want, but my Altima is an early 2003 model (2nd year) and I haven't had to deal with any dumb stuff like the air conditioning leaking all over the interior, the car going haywire because I spilled coffee in the cupholder or the headlights acting like a fishbowl."

    That's super, gsemike, really. Apparently, though, you're blissfully unaware of Nissan's current headaches with the 2.5L I4 Engines in the Altima and Sentra? Nothing serious, mind you, just a little matter of sucking oil to the tune of a quart every 700 miles or less, an occasional fire, and sudden engine seize-ups. Nissan's replacing these engines as fast as they can make them under a recall campaign. But, what the heck - at least the affected cars' A/C systems, cupholders, and headlights work fine, huh? ;)

    (Like cousins who marry, it's never a good thing when a once proud Japanese automaker gets scarfed up by a French automaker, itself, partially owned by the French government...)
  • I have had minor issues with my Cobalt but overall pleased. Regarding the key not coming out of the ignition. I have had my 05 Cobalt for a year now and I am starting to have the same problem. I do get the key out with working at it but it is starting to annoy me. If I have the part replaced like you did with no fixes or recalls, what makes the problem go away it might start up again maybe not 8 months down the road but it could start anytime.

    I hope it works out for you I will consult with my dealer and see what they say.
  • I have had the same issues with the ebrake coming out it would pop on one or twice a month then maybe 3 months at time it hasn't come on in a while same with the high beam blue light coming on but never saw the high beams go on when that light went on. annoying electrical stuff but my dealer wont doing anything or track unless it does it all the time. Your not the lone ranger annoying stuff but come on GM get it right or I will buy a Camry.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    "...but come on GM get it right or I will buy a Camry."

    Might wanna check out the Camry discussions regarding the new V6 6-sp automatic transmission problems and engine hesitation with the 4-cyl engines in the 2007 models... Not quite ready for prime time according to disgruntled Camry owners.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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