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Nissan Murano MPG Real World Numbers



  • I have a 2004 murano and one of the hoses is leaking antifreeze but I just looked and what is making it leak is the belt tention adjustment knob so it has worn a hole in the hose, hase anyone an idea of how hard it would be to change that hose?
  • bkanskybkansky Posts: 14
    And don't believe everything you're told on this forum. I had a 2005 Murano SL for 3 years on a lease, recently turned it in for a new lease on 09 Murano LE.

    I never used anything but regular 87 octane with my 2005 and never had an engine problem or pinging. I had 55,000 miles when my lease ended and never needed any service work except front brake pads. I got combined 20 mpg on regular gas and that's what I am getting with my new 09 also on 87 octane. Who in their right mind can justify the cost of premium gas at $4.50 gallon. Maybe in 03 or 04 it was better but certainly not since the 05 model came out.

    Even the service manager of local Infiniti dealer for the FX35 and its more powerful engine said 87 octane would be fine.
  • mchallmchall Posts: 8
    I have a 2009 with about 7000 miles on it. I am averaging 23 - 24 mpg with an average speed of 43. In my opinion, it is worthwhile to pay 20 cents a gallon more for premium over unleaded ($3.60 for 18 gallon fillup) if you get 2 or 3 mpg better. That is the equivalent of 2 gallons worth of driving. In my opinion, it does not make sense to use 87 octane and lose mpg, especially at $4.00 or so a gallon.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    Reading your post put a slight smile on my face. I used to live in London, ON in the mid 90s. I'm in St Louis now.

    As for the trip computer, I've never believed it for estimating mileage or Distance To Empty. I do trust my own math, so I reset the trip odometer every time I fill up (and I always FILL it up). Gallons purchased divided by the trip odometer is my MPG.

    If your "12.4 litres per 100km" is accurate, the math goes like this for converting to US MPG...

    12.4 litres = 3.276 US gallons (1 US gallon = 3.785 litres)
    100km = 62 miles (rounded)

    62 miles divided by 3.276 US gallons = 18.925 MPG

    IF your 11.4 litres per 100km is accurate, the result is 20.584 US MPG.

    The imperial gallon is larger than the US gallon, so the calculations would result in higher MPG.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    Still going along trouble free (except seat) at 27,000 miles. I got a 2007 SL AWD and I get anywhere from 18.5 to 20.0 MPG mostly city driving. I use a caculator cause the reading on the dash is about a MPG high. I coast as much as I can and dont floor it but I don't granny drive either. All in all I'm happy with the MPG. I'm looking to get a Mazda3 2.3 Hatchback BUT some people are only getting 17 to 18 MPG in a 4 banger.
  • cubuffcubuff Posts: 3
    I am averaging right around 19 MPG for my Murano SL here in Denver. I drive about 70% city, 40% highway miles. I am putting mid-grade 87 octane in it.
  • I have a 2004 Murano SL and have always gotten around 22 MPG and I use regular unleaded (? 87 octane). My driving is usually about 75% highway miles around 60-65 mph.
  • eslee21eslee21 Posts: 1
    Well, I bought my new Murano in Feb. My first tank of gas got 12 mpg. I thought it was due to the dealer idling the car for a long time while he tried to "show me how to use the car". My second tank was at 15mpg. Then, I was going on a 500 mile trip and the dealer told me to use premium to make a difference....I got 16mpg. That was using cruise control all the way. Don't forget they advertised 18-23. Still I wasn't happy and they said on the first oil change, they would take a look and make sure the settings were correct. They said the tires were 2 lbs low and everything else was fine. So, then I deliberately DROPPED my speed from 75 to 60 and drove city 50% and freeway 50%...STILL 16.3 mpg. AND this last tank was 15.5 mpg. Not very happy.
    I love the car other than the mpg. WIsh I could get this corrected!! Any suggestions?
  • I purchased a used '05 Murano with 35,000 miles that had just come off lease. I took it on a trip this weekend with the family & luggage and got almost 27 MPG. I was really happy with the me mileage I got.
  • I have a 2004 AWD SL. I usually hit the reset switch after most fill ups. My daily driving habits of about 50/50 highway city gives me 19.8-20.5 mpg. Highway trips along Rt. 95 (east coast) usually gets 22.5-24 mpg at 60-70 mph. I use only premium gasoline!
  • Have been a proud owner of a 2009 SL AWD for 8 days now and am almost done with my first tank of gas. The onboard computer shows me 20.2MPG average over approx. 350 miles. I am unsure of the dealer filled, but I will definitely use Premium Gas and keep the board posted on what I get.

    FYI, I drive approx. 30 miles a day (home-to-office-and-back) and weekends we drive over to friends etc. My drive is 50-50 city-highway (along I-287 in NJ). So make your own conclusions till my next data point ...
  • Sounds like you aren't resetting the MPG display after each fillup. Try calculating the mileage the "old" way - when you fillup, divide miles driven by gallons purchased.
  • My mileage has been steadily eroding since the vehicle was new. But then my MO is pretty old, so I guess that is to be expected. Right now I get 15-16mpg around town, and on conservative highway driving (70mph) I can get around 20mpg. This is on 93 octane, mobil one 5w30, JWT cone filter.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    My mileage has been steadily eroding since the vehicle was new.

    That seems a little bit odd. My '99 Nissan minivan really didn't hit its stride until 10,000 miles and the mpg kept inching up by small increments over the years. I went from 20.x to 21.x as the van turned 60,000 miles. It's still getting 21.x at 129,000 miles. (15/23 is the EPA, and I think my average is in that ballpark, but I usually get ~18 to 19 in town).

    Maybe you should switch to regular oil and cheap paper filters like me. :)

    Since the published norm is 18 mpg / 23 mpg for your Murano, I wonder if you should get a mechanic to check it out. When was the last time any codes were pulled for it?
  • No codes, and I am a maintenance nut - everything gets changed more frequently than normal. The only thing I can think of that might have hurt mileage was when I switched from the stock Goodyear Eagle LS (235/65/18) to slightly wider Yokohama G052 (265/60/18). That definitely cost me 1 to 2 mpg when I check my mileage log, but I think its worth it as the traction is much better overall, esp in snow.

    I agree the mileage should have gone up over time. I had a 97 Maxima and at 100,000 miles, it was getting the best mileage ever - 29-31mpg on the highway consistently (which I found to be amazing).
  • My wife's 2009 LE Mo is only three months old yet she is getting 20 mpg with an average 35-55 mph commute. We have yet to get it out on the open road for any trips however.

    Funny you should mention the Yokohama tires/mileage. I switched to a nice set of Yokohama's on my Acura and definitely lost 2mpg. Many people don't believe tires could have this effect yet rolling resistance does change between manufacturers/designs of tires etc.. I do like the Yokohama's however. :)
  • My 2009 SL Mo is at 1500 miles with 21.2mpg Super Unleaded. My communte is city 40% and highway 60%. Did a longer trip of about 500miles and got 21.4mpg
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    the reason some owners will have odd mpg is their air/fuel mixture is off..... this is controled by your ECU and can be effected if you change your battery, disconect battery for stereo upgrades, or when serviced at dealership battery being disconected. as soon as you start the murano, your ECU is officially under air/fuel re-learning procedure and if you drive it as usual, you will set your air/fuel mixture wrong..... do determine if this is your mpg problem, you must do a 0 to 60 mph test.... 2 or 3 times .... then check what the 0 to 60 is listed for your model..... if your air/fuel mixture is off... you will get 2 to 3 seconds more then whats listed under your performance numbers.

    to fix:
    disconect battery for 45 minutes
    re-conect battery and start murano..... let it warm up to operating temp.... then plan your route to an open flat highway.......... you must keep RPM'S LOW..... below 2,000 ... on the open flat highway.... bring murano to 60 mph with low rmps set your cruise control once you hit 60 mph.... stay at 60 for 30 minutes.......... exit highway and do the same on the way back....

    this procedure should be done 2 times per year or when installing a new exhaust system or intake system.....

    mobil 1 5 w30 synthetic will also give you extra mpg....

    my mpg city was down to 10.+ mpg i checked everything , cleaned throtle intake,new plugs,new tranny fluid,new rear diff fluid, 3 tanks of lucas fuel treatment and managed to get up to 13.44 mpg city.... still wrong...

    then i did the 0 to 60 mph and got above 9.9 seconds...........something was really wrong........ i actually thought my rings on the cylinders where worn....

    i was tought by special mechanic about ecu air/fuel re-learning procedure and everything is back to normal... i feel bad for anyone that sold their murano because of their unknown mpg problems wich dealership could not figure out....
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Been driving 62 miles round trip on the interstate lately and have kept track of mpg. I wait until I get to the interstate and get up to 60 mph then reset the computer. Got as good as 31mpg for the trip and as low as 28mpg. This is the computer reading -- way too lazy to figure the gas used method. It drops quickly once you get off the highway -- 26-27mpg.Around town gets 20-22mpg. Still amazing that a vehicle this size can even touch 30mpg on REGULAR gas. Must be the cvt transmission. 09 sl awd with 9k miles.
  • any newer numbers anybody?
  • 2010 LE AWD

    2,700 miles. 87 Octane 24.5 mpg in mixed driving. Mostly rural roads with hills. Hey it's WV
  • 2010 SL FWD

    3500 miles - about 22.5 MPG mixed driving.
  • shailshail Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 SL AWD with about 1000 miles and I get about 15 MPG.
    When can I start seeing improvements in the mileage? I used to drive a maxima before and it used to give me 20MPG... I am hoping I can acheive 18MPG on my MO.
    Any suggestions on how long I should wait before I do the 0-60 test?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Don't know how you drive BUT I had a Maxima for 7 yrs and consistently got 25+ MPG. Methinks the problem might not be the vehicle but like I said, not sure how you drive or your local driving environment. Surely you should be getting much better than 15 MPG...... :confuse:
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    I also had a Maxima for 7 years(1995-2002) and it got about 23-25 combined. Straight freeway was around 29mpg. Never measured straight city as I don't remember ever going a full tank of gas with less than 40% freeway driving when I had it.

    Most drivers should at least get EPA in any car if they drive fairly conservatively and rarely stomp on it.
  • uvbuvb Posts: 1
    I was getting around 21 MPG in mixed driving since I bought 2010 SL AWD almost a year ago right from beginning and it is still the same now after close to 15,000 miles. I assume you have already done your 0-60 test. Did it help?
  • saubosaubo Posts: 2
    since i had ecu remaped mpg gone up to 27 mpg but alot of it is your driving style if i stomp on the loud pedal you are looking at 8mpg 0-60 time is 6sec
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