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Honda Fit Audio & Entertainment System Questions



  • theres like a cover i cant get off.... did you guys use something to pry it open or what?
  • hara78hara78 Posts: 3
    I don't know if this as covered in depth here. I would like to make my Fit play MP3, either by giving it and AUX jack or - best - by finding a way to use SD-cards. I found on the web a Chinese product called Xcarlink, but I am not convinced of that one. Can someone suggest anything similar? Thank you!
  • rob22315rob22315 Posts: 31
    I decided to try one of these. It's still in shipping. I'll post my experiences when I get it. I think I can get it hooked up without pulling the stereo. The features sound great. It isn't cheap though - at least $100 once you're done with shipping and insurance.
  • fitwillfitwill Posts: 8
    I was just coming home from work tonight and had the same issue. First off, this happened last week for the first time, I was driving about a mile away to drop off 5 middle schoolers and was sort of distracted with the issue. I noticed it didnt come on, but I parked, turned my car off, then back on and it turned right on. Now this time, tried the same thing, no luck. It's funny because there are no lights coming on, and I cant get the disc out by hitting the eject button, where as last time I could. Also, the anti theft red button is still on, while driving. I looked up my car stero reset code, tried that 3x, and no luck. What is going on? Does anyone else have these issues? I have the 2007 Sport model, and it will be two years old in August. I was using it this morning with no problems by the way. I am about to call up the dealership
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    09 Fit Sport's have built in Music link. Only 5th gen iPod's and up. All you need is your iPod/iPhone transfer cable plugged into it and your good to go. Has full iPod integration. It's even better if you get the nav system. This USB port even plays usb devices like thumb drives.
  • jaggrinjaggrin Posts: 5
    I think the overseas models had a 6 disc changer, thus the disc +/- buttons. I had even read a review in the US and it mentioned the 6 disc changer. Not sure if it was on the 07 models and then switched out for 08 or what.
  • protrackprotrack Posts: 6
    Reply with the type of plug in sound device such as an MP3 or I-Pod etc. and include performance results.

    I personally use an Insignia 8gig model and find the sound excellent with out to much difficulty in using it while driving.
  • cazakoffmcazakoffm Posts: 1
    There have been numerous postings complaining about poor radio reception for some of the Fits, but no solutions that I can find. There have been suggestions that the radio's ground wire might have been painted over, the antenna was faulty or the radio is just a piece of junk.
    Has anyone cured the problem of poor radio reception and if so, how?

    Thanks for any info.
  • john07john07 Posts: 1
    I have put a deposit down on a 2009 Fit. Sport/AT/Navi
    Regarding the Navigation.. I am having second thoughts. Any opinions on this option? I think they quoted ~$1800 for this. Is this the latest navigation technology? Will it be obsolete in a few years? Will it help in resale value?
    What is bundled with this? Navigation/XMRadio/VSA.. anything else?

    Is this the same system that has been in Honda Vehicles for the past several years?
    Anyone with first hand experience with this system?

    Thanks in advance

  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    I have (had) nav on two of my acuras and does help with resale, also the navs are upgradeable, you just have to buy new DVD's (not cheap however).

    BTW, did they give you an MSRP on the vehicle?
  • I believe I will be getting one of the last 08 model Fit Sport MT. I ordered it 22 May 08 and it should be in any day now. Meanwhile I have ordered an XM radio for it, the xpressez. My question is; Has anyone installed an XM Radio in a Fit? How easy will it be to run the Sureconnect cable and antennae from the back of the fit to the front cabin? I am getting cup holder mount for the radio receiver? I just want to make sure it looks good.
  • agerboaagerboa Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    This is regarding poor radio reception. I have read some of the previous posts and have a similar problem. I just purchased a Honda Fit 2 weeks ago. I have a long commute to work and I work long hours so the only chance I have to listen to the news, is on the way to work. The reception that I get on both NPR stations is bad. I hear static no matter where I am. I have owned multiple cars (old ones) and have never had such bad reception. I took it to the dealer and they supposedly compared it to another Fit and told me it was fine. I stayed there an hour and argued with the manager of the service station. Now that I think about it, he was absolutely full of it. He told me that the radio sounded bad b/c it was a new radio and got such excellent reception that it picked uo absolutely every sound and that the older cars that I have had, sounded better b/c the radios were faded from age. I tried adjusting the base like he had suggested and drove to work yesterday and the reception was still bad. I had to turn the radio off and drive in silence. I called the Honda # that was listed in a previous post and they are looking into it. They told me that the antenna might be bad. If you have poor or even average reception in your Honda Fit, call Honda. The more people who call and complain, the more Honda will listen to us. Hondas are more expensive b/c they are higher quality and we should expect nothing less.

    Call Honda to complain at 1-800-999-1009. I will let you all know if I get any results.

  • i've had my '08 Fit base for a couple of weeks and don't notice the radio reception being poor, though i don't doubt the posts here. very strange. i listen to NPR all the time as well, WBUR here in Boston, and it comes in fine unless i go under a big bridge or something....
  • I live on the outskirts of the transmitters reach, but have never had as bad a reception in a vehicle as I have in my 2008 Fit Sport. I've owned 12 vehicles as old as the mid-80's and some new (GMC truck, CRV and Fit) and the Fit is terrible. I'll be calling the Honda number provided above. While I wish the fuel economy was better (~33 mpg in mixed driving) it is still a great car.

    Call Honda to complain at 1-800-999-1009
  • My local dealer didn't have an '09 yet, but he had the new literature. It seems that the specs on the 2009 Fit stereo for both Base and Sport have a 160W stereo. In 2008 the Base had 160W and the Sport had 200W. I test drove the '08 Sport a few months ago and thought the stereo was pretty good. I'm a little concerned with the '09 dropping the power rating ... guess I won't know if my concern is valid until I get to sit in an '09 and crank it up.
  • Can I use the usb connection to play satellite radio through the existing radio in my 09 fit sport (no nav)?

    I know you can plug an i-pod into the usb jack and use the radio to control it. But can you do the same thing for a satellite radio component?
  • the antenna is standard with the car, I have the same car, and Mine was stolen last weekend, so I have the same thing- I can see where it screws in. Do you think it may have had it initially and stolen after purchase?

    I would call the dealership, especially if you purchased the extended warranty, I just had my gear shift knob replaced free, so I would give it a try.
  • rlh2rlh2 Posts: 11
    Recently purchased '09 Fit Sport with NAV. Brightness of display does not automatically switch between Day and Night when settings are to 'AUTO'. Able to manually change brightness by setting display to 'Day' or 'Night' as appropriate.

    Suggestions as to likely NAV issue or other (sensor?) issue that prevents correct display operation when set to 'AUTO'?
  • lou29lou29 Posts: 1
    Are there other radios built to replace the Honda radio in the Fit? Can we find a Pioneer Brand stereo system to replace the Honda factory system?
  • Do you have to get the nav system option in order to get the steering wheel audio controls? It sure seems like it based on the pictures I've seen so far, and Honda's website isn't very clear about it.
  • I guess you can't edit your posts here, so, answering my own question, you don't get steering wheel audio controls without the GPS package (dumb move on Honda's part). You also don't get a power-lock button on the passenger side (another dumb move). These are 2 things that led to not purchasing this vehicle, sorry Honda, you cheaped out just a bit too much here. By the time you add the GPS on to get the steering-wheel audio controls, you can get another vehicle with many more features, more room, etc.
  • just brought home my 2009 honda fit base. there is no usb cable as explained in the manual so...

    what kind of cable do i need to connect my ipod to the aux port? will the ipod then be controlled by the radio?
  • jefffitjefffit Posts: 3
    Hi, New to the Forum. Already have some great information. Thanks. Has anyone used an MP3 player, not an IPOD, in a '09 Fit Sport? I've tried connecting my Zen MP3 player and no go. Manuel is confusing on the types of MP3 systems the Fit's stereo supports. Anyone have ideas as to how to make my Zen player work? Or if it will work. Thanks
  • smadnysmadny Posts: 7
    Hello All,

    Does anybody use an iPHone 3G in the Fit Sport? Does it Play well with the Stereo system? I have many Questions:

    1. Does it charge the iPhone 3G?
    2. Does it display the Song name/Artist on the radio?
    3. How is the Quality of audio on the Fit Sport..

    Just would like if anybody has a Fit Sport and uses iPhone 3G as the iPod in the car system.

    The dealer is a far drive away, but ultimately i will go in for the test drive and find out myself. ... Just Curious!!!


  • abeaglerabeagler Posts: 7
    hondafit3: you'd need a male-male cable that is standard headphone jack size on one end (1/8", I believe", and on the other end is whatever the AUX jack is. I would presume that's also 1/8", but I haven't checked. The owner's manual doesn't say.

    Mark: I have tried only a first-gen iPhone, with 2.2 firmware in my Fit Sport/no nav. My best answers to your questions:
    1. I think so; the iPhone shows a little plug over the battery icon
    2. Yes
    3. Quality sounds perfectly fine to me, though I am no audiophile

    One odd note - when I connect my iPhone it gives a message on the phone saying this is not a supported accessory, then it suggests I put it in airplane mode to avoid interference. I just click through and say no and it works just fine and behaves as it's supposed to. But I so far have not tested it enough to see if there's any GSM buzz.

  • Hope you got it fixed, if you didn't, i did, here's how:
    Turn the round knob next to the odometer reading, turn it all the way to the right, this makes the dashboard lights go the brightest. Now turn the knob one or two clicks to
    the left (counter clockwise). Now your navigation will honor the 'auto' setting from day to night. Silly, but Honda dealer showed me this is how to make it work. Bye... :shades: P.s. In addition to being able to turn this knob, you can also push it to reveal the remaining 'oil life'. Take care.
  • Yes, unfortunately, you do... :cry:
  • I have a 2007 FIT Sport. I wanted to plug and play my MP3 but couldn't believe the cost of the adapter(s) from OEM and aftermarket. So, I lucked out and found a solution @ Radio Shack. It's called a Universal FM Transmitter by Gigaware, p/n 1200494 for an astonishing $19.99. It plugs into your lighter socket/accessory outlet. Then plug it into any device that has a standard headphone jack. It also comes with an additional "pigtail" adapter for a larger size. Then, it looks for a vacant FM frequency and displays it on a small transmitter (included). Finally, you find and match the frequency on your FM that is displayed on the transmitter and VIOLA! It sounds GREAT!
  • I have the 2010 Fit Sport with Navigation. I want to keep this head unit and install a small low profile subwoofer under the rear seats that is easily removable. Can anyone that has pulled this HU tell be if there is a subwoofer out jack or a pre-amp jack on back of unit. Do not want to pull if there is not one. Will have to install a amp/subwoofer combo of a existing door speaker.
  • neotonickneotonick Posts: 1
    I have recently purchase a HONDA fit car where the the audio system was an ECLIPSE model: CD player,DVD player only for navigation system and a touch screen panel with button on both right and left hand side. The problem is that i don't understand anything as both manual and system is in Japanese language. Could you kindly help if i can get a link or way to change the language in french or English and also if there is any DVD available to have the local GPS system activated.

    Waiting for a kind response from you side

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