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Freelander Transmission Problems



  • Hi I have a 2002 Freelander as well, and it started to shake when you drive it. I guess it's a transmission problem, but the servcie station did not find out the problem. It's also under warranty. Can I ask which state are you from? cause I live in Canberra, and one of the car service people told me they don't have much experience in Landrover.
    Many thanks.
  • my suggestion is NO~! I bought a 2002 Freelander from the dealer as well, and all I wanna do now is to burn that place down and kill the man who sold it to me and said it was good.
    Land rover is expensive, so second-hand, and a good price always means sth. wrong.
  • kbombakbomba Posts: 6
    New Hampshire
  • kwelshkwelsh Posts: 5
    I would like to have the lawyer information. In 18 months I have had done the following:

    total emissions replacement - $1500.00
    Coolant replacement - $1200.00
    Fuel Injector - $500.00
    Replace right front hub assy - $600.00
    Replace left lower control arm - $400.00

    this is in addition to scheduled maintenance work = $2600.00

    Now the transmission is bucking and the power steering pump is leaking!!
  • kwelshkwelsh Posts: 5
    What if the person's email address is not available - then what?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Most members chose not to receive email; they follow discussions that interest them using the Watch this Discussion button. Or they'll tell the forum software to send them an Email Alert when new messages are posted, using the same button.
  • kwelshkwelsh Posts: 5
    kbomba stated to share lawyer information but i have no way of emailing this person. I did post a message asking for it, but i am at the mercy of if and when this person might read postings.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    but i am at the mercy of if and when this person might read postings

    And that is part of the problem. Someone posts an email address then disappears with no apparent intention of contributing further to the discussion. That tends to defeat the purpose of a Forum. Perhaps the original poster will return and make her email address visible in her profile.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kwelshkwelsh Posts: 5
    Please share lawyer information - I need it!!
  • louishnlouishn Posts: 8
    Lawyer information:

    Law Offices of Howard A. Gutman
    230 Route 206, Suite 307
    Flanders, New Jersey 07836
    (973) 598-1980

    Worked for me!


  • landeruklanderuk Posts: 2
    Hi I have a 2004 1.8 freelander, the temp gauge and light comes on when the engine is not hot , I could be driving 3 hrs or 3 mins for this to happen , when I switch the engine off and on again its fine for a while longer , the coolant is fine , I think it may be a sencer or something that needs restting
    help me :confuse:
  • landeruklanderuk Posts: 2
    I mean resetting oops
  • kwelshkwelsh Posts: 5
    thank you! i will contact them and see if they can represent me or refer me to a lawyer who covers Texas.
  • I also have a 2002 Freelander. I bought it used about a year and a half ago. I have already spent $2000 on repairs at the Land Rover dealership. Now my transmission is going out. Is it possible to purchase a rebuilt transmission for this vehicle and have someone private put it in? I will do anything to avoid that aweful dealership. I've never given someone that much money and been treated so badly.

  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    When mine went out, I looked at returned ones that were aftermarket and remanufactured Land Rover ones. I was able to have the dealer help me out and install one for under $4K. Pricey but drove it over to an Acura dealership and never saw it again.

    Range Rover would do nothing for me. 2 months out of extendend warrenty from Range Rover and only 11,000 miles since it was certified by Land Rover when I purchased it used.

    I was about to trade it in for a Rover Supercharged Sport when it happened and since the manufacturer still did not care when the dealer verified that I had one on order, they still did not care.

    They are crap...Do yourself a favor, run as fast as you can away. I know its a painful cost, but make your life better and get rid of it. Its worth any loss. I can tell you that first hand.
  • I just spend $9,000 trying to have this piece of s..... in working condition so I can get rid of. If you can get it working again tow it to the nearest dealer and trade it in. you will be better without it. Dealer knows very well of the issues with this vehicles and will just laugh at you after you walk away.
    Here are the things that failed on my:
    Water Pump, Gas Pump, Coolant container crack, stop lights fail, gas tank lid broke in pieces, Passenger Window motor fail, Windshield wipers fail, Transmission Fail, Engine blow out.
  • mark_cmark_c Posts: 8
    Did some research on the V6 used in the Freelander:

    Seems Kia built a modified version of Freelander V6 and installed it in their vans. I wonder if one could install one of these instead of the Land Rover version (saw that the KV6 derived KIA engine was used in Australia, even though perhaps the US KIA engine would still fit). Perhaps the transmission would work as well? Even if there isn't no connection for the rear wheels, you'd at least have front wheel drive. (a 2wd reliable Freelander is better than a dead on).

    I also wonder if a Honda V6 would fit, Rover has used Honda Engines in their cars, and some Rovers were basically English built Hondas.

    The KV6 replaced a Honda V6 in the Rover 800 Read the middle part of "1996 minor facelift"

    As with any car out of warranty, the best way to own one is to be able to do some or most, if not all, of your own work. The major stuff can be left with an independent shop that will not charge an am and a leg and one you can trust. OTOH, the Freelander isn't that old of a car and it's reasonable to expect it to not to have inherent engine problems or transmission failures.

    The Freelander problems I've read here make a good argument for buying or leasing a new vehicle and getting rid of it before the warranty runs out.
  • Hello I am also the owner of a 2002 nightmare landrover freelander I bought just 3 months ago with 53,000 miles and its now in a shop with transmission issues along with a heating issue at UNDER 60,000 miles! I just sent a complaint off to the Better Business Bureau and also a call in to Howard Gutman an attorney representing those with Landrover issues but I do not want to just stop here alone I want to make Land Rover accountable for the garbage they have been selling to innocent unaware people out there! I am attempting to get some numbers and records on these vehicle issues and looking for as much support as I can get to make this knowledge as public as it can get!
  • My gorgeous 2004 Landrover with less tha 35,000 kilometers DIED!!! It looked as beautiful as the day I purchased it new. The engine died...a common problem
    Its a CRIME that it wasn't recalled . REALLY How many people with the same results can have the same bad luck.HMM
    BEWARE they will offer you a so called great deal to buy the new LR2,do your own calculations its no great deal . For somemore insight I fell for it sadly, then after not even 2,000 km the engine warning light was on,and of coarse the dealer had never heard of this happening before... I quickly sold it got my money back. The noise driving with the windows down in the LR2 is LOUD.
    I will NEVER buy another landrover! The disgusting thing is that these are still being sold on car lots to people.
  • I just have one question? Why has this nightmare and the treatment we're all receiving not made public knowledge to warn other innocent people out there? I have contacted the BBB and an attorney and plan to do whatever it takes to bring this to the publics attention!
  • Maybe everyone should print off these fourms and drop them off to our local newspapers and television stations.
    The amount of money the have and continue to steal from people is a crime.
  • I have a 2001 GE Freelander V6 auto that has a very hash transmission shift between 1st & 2nd gears changing up and also changing down 2nd to 1st. The change from 2nd to 3rd is fine and 3rd to 4th is slightly hash.
    Reading your message I believe the issue could be faulty soleniods in the transmission, but which ones??
    I am 500 miles from the nearest dealer, however if I could find out what parts I need to fix the problem I could replace them myself possibly.
  • I have a 2001 GE Freelander V6 auto that has a very hash transmission shift between 1st & 2nd gears changing up and also changing down 2nd to 1st. The change from 2nd to 3rd is fine and 3rd to 4th is slightly hash.
    Reading the comments in the forum I believe the issue could be faulty soleniods in the transmission, but which ones??
    I am 500 miles from the nearest dealer, however if I could find out what parts I need to fix the problem I could replace them myself possibly.
  • mighty_momighty_mo Posts: 2
    all the posts i have read about the landrover freelander are a nightmare for me. It broke down just off the ship in Daresalaam, Tanzania while I live in Zambia. How do I get it home? it was the timing belt and after replacement, now needs compression valves replaced. my heart's sunk right to my toes.
  • I'm so relieved to find a forum about the Landrover Freelander--because we are at a loss as to what to do with ours. Our SUV has 49,000 miles, and like everyone else on this forum, the tranny is supposedly needing replacement! According to our mechanic, our options are to sell for parts ($2000) or fix the problem ($$$)--which he's not 100% sure what that's between a blown gasket or some other yet to be identified problem!
    Basically, this isn't our first rodeo with faulty Landrovers. Our Discovery II had multiple problems and luckily, we found a private mechanic who bought the repair manual and parts off of ebay (cost us $500) to fix what Landrover quoted us $11,000 to repair (seriously).
    Anyway, I guess I'm just venting b/c we've decided not to fix and just to sell for parts and take a gut wrenching loss. It makes me sick to think that all of us are having the same issues and LR does not acknowledge the problems.
    Good luck to you all!
  • nazretnazret Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I have owned over 20 American, Japanese and German cars at age of 36, I have always thought I was going to purchase LAND ROVER/Range Rover....Freelander. Unfortunately after reading postings on this forum, I started touching my right pocket to see if my $8000.00 cash is still there, because it doesn't sound like every single one of these posters actually bought a vehicle but robbed by the Land Rover/Range Rover........I really appreciate every single one of you for saving my money.
    SUV trucks in the worst condition than any Land Rover product are sold for a lot more expensive while used Land Rover are always under $ 8.000, no wondering they are ridiculously cheap but look good. what a joke, I don't just hate British product but also the way they do business, their idiotic thoughts about their inelegancy is really high and they never thought others are more smarter than them, in fact the world is tired of their ****** - whether it's politics, business or production. Americans should not even import nothing from England and waste our exchange, this is total rubbish. I RECOMMENT EVERY AMERICANS TO CONDEMN ANY BRITISH PRODUCT. I don't want to be cheated by these idiots who don't really understand others values.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Land Rover is based in England but Tata Motors of India owns it. Before that Ford owned it from 2000 to 2008.
  • louishnlouishn Posts: 8
    Do not spend any money on any LR product. If you want a list of what went wrong with my wife's Freelander, just ask. My son is a trader in NYC so many of his friends have bought Range Rovers - they are all unhappy. Son has 2 Infinitys. He's happy.

    Louis N
  • khuntsmankhuntsman Posts: 1
    if you take it to aamco it will cost you around 2800 to fix, i had mine replaced at 98,000 miles. the freelander is a great vehicle with way to many problems. my advice is to get out of it and into a differant car. im trying to do the same.
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