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Audi A6 Real World MPG

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
edited June 2014 in Audi
With the price of fuel being what it is, the mileage you're getting is becoming more important. This is the place to discuss the mileage performance you're getting out int he real world.


  • habuhabu Member Posts: 52
    This is something that is difficult to compare. I had an '02 Lexus Sport Cross. Drove pretty conservatively, kept the tires inflated, rarely went more that 5mph over any speed limit. Consistently saw 22-23mpg. Then I would read complaints on the IS300 SportCross board (not this site) that people (mostly young it seemed) were getting 16-18mpg and expected more. They also talked about how fast they could corner and what cars they could leave at stoplights. We've all read the lists of things a driver can do to improve gas mileage. Some people do those things, some don't. Point is "mileage will vary depending on driving style". Unless you ride with me you can't know my style and thus get a valid comparison.
    One of the features of my Avant is the instant mpg readout on each of the trip computers. At 60mph I'll see 27-28 on level roads. Increase the speed to 75 and the mileage drops to 22-23. At 40 I'll see 29. Just one of the many variables that affect our economy (or lack thereof).
  • archman2archman2 Member Posts: 2
    My mileage stinks. I tend to average 15 to 16 mpg when I do 50% hwy and 50% city. Locally only I get 13 to 14 MPG. I'm using Super Unleaded. Do you think something is wrong?
  • habuhabu Member Posts: 52
    Since the Avant has a 3.2l engine it probably isn't comparable to the 2.7. My automatic runs under 1800 rpm most of the time. It is running in 5 gear around 32mph. Watch your tach to see what rpm you are turning around town. However 13 to 14mpg in town is what a pretty heavy 8 cylinder equipped SUV should get, not a 6 cylinder sedan or wagon. The usual things to check would be tire pressure, plugs or maybe a leak when the system is under pressure. Unless you are leaving parallel black tracks at every stoplight I would say something is wrong. Good luck finding the answer.
  • habuhabu Member Posts: 52
    Since my last fill I have put on 270 miles, all in town driving. Not much stop and go, but all the miles driven under 50mph. Some stop lights, not much idling otherwise. What I find of interest is the trip computer for this tankful indicates the engine has been running for 11 hours. So I've averaged about 25mph and achieved 20mpg. I'll be putting about 55 miles on the Avant Monday and most of it will be hwy driving. Averages will probably go up some.
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Member Posts: 402
    In their year-long 25K-mile long term test, the editors report having gotten 22 mpg with a 2005 A6 3.2
  • archman2archman2 Member Posts: 2
    After sitting idle for 4 to 5 hours my 2003 Audi A6 2.7L Turbo (which I just bought in May) has to warm up for about 2 minutes. If you drive while "cold" car barely moves past 10-15 mph. Audi tells me this is normal but I'm wondering if others exeperience this.

    Also I get 12-15 MPG around town and 22-23 on Highway. Local driving seems very low. Others experience same?


  • sfcharliesfcharlie Member Posts: 402
    Seems absurd to me to think of that as normal. I had a VW turbo for over 100K miles and (despite being a cheaper cousin to your car and an older model year) started up and drove normally all year round without any specific warm-up time. I'd call again and not even seem open to "is this nornmal? line of conversation. Just "I need to bring car in, have you let it sit for 5 or 6 hours, then start it up and drive off and diagnose what's wrong. When I do it, the car will not run properly; is limited to under 20 mph." Geez, I feel angry for you!
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Member Posts: 316
    Numbers put up by any car's "trip computer" are notoriously unreliable.

    First fill your tank. Then, next time you fill up, divide the miles driven by the gallons you put in. That is real world mileage. Anything else is a guestimate.
  • habuhabu Member Posts: 52
    Don't know where 150mph finds his data but my '06 A6 Avant's computer is always within .2mpg of my manual calculations when I fill her up. This is in the 22 to 24 mpg range. I have had the car 16 months and have 16,500 miles on the odo. The computer is less than 1% off (high). If every activity we encounter had an error rate less than 1% imagine how sweet life would be.
  • ronmronm Member Posts: 6
    I average 19.5 mpg with our 3.0. Mixed driving. Probably more city than highway. On an all highway trip I can get about 23. I've done the manual calcs and the trip computer is right on.
  • dvpriemdvpriem Member Posts: 11
    Is your car a quattro? My quattro got terrible milage around town - had the A4 the first year it came out. Hated it. They took it back on a lease and let me out of it because it was a lemon. The a6 is totally different and I was considering one until I read that the gas mileage was still lousy.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    older 2.7T's w/ the twin turbo was a much thirstier car than the new 3.2 V6.

    newer 2005 & up 3.2's are 26-27 on the hwy. I get around 18 in the city on my 4.2 V8. Had a 2006 and just traded for a 2008 4.2. I can still manage 25 + on the hwy.
  • dmandman Member Posts: 24
    '05 A6 3.2Q and have been getting 31-33mpg on the highway @ 65mph.
  • jkaudia6jkaudia6 Member Posts: 77
    Greetings A6'ers
    Been over in the maintenance and repair section, interesting reading!
    Gallons/Mile or Liters/Kilometer. (1.0 miles = 1.6 Kilometers) just a note:
    Gallons/Liters = 1 Gal. = 3.8 liters.
    It's an 80 liter tank/3.8 liters/Gal = 21.052631578947368421052631578947 Gals.
    a. Tire Roll resistance (Summer Tire, All weather Tire or Winter Tires)
    b. Tire Pressure
    c. Driving conditions (Wind, Rain, Snow, Hot & Cold) & road surface.
    d. Air Conditioner On or Off (The ECO Button) :blush:
    e. Engine Air Filter Clean or Dirty
    f. A6 3.2 l Quattro, curb weight just over two (2) tons/4000 pounds.
    g. Some A6 3.2 l Quattro's are configured to run or Super or Regular unleaded
    I think it's in the manual. :)
    h. Aerodynamic Coefficient of 2.9 WOW, That's only one (1) unit above the Lexus.
    (That's a measure of wind resistance, I think)

    For our friend at the beginning of this thread:
    "The Total number of hours driven is accumulative" and can be reset buy pushing
    that button on the left or bottom side of the wiper control arm.
    The DIS or FIS (Driver Info System display has two read outs:
    One for last trip the other for current trip marked (1) & (2) accordingly. ;)

    Yeap! Total miles driven / Gals. used or refilled when tanking.
    80 liter tank or 21.05 Gals.
    I have a friend who tells me all the time he does not understand what the big deal is about the prices of Gasoline. I said! What do you mean, when I tank up it cost me almost $60.00. He said " It's simple really, when ever he goes in to gas up he always tanks for twenty dollars."
    I've had mine since Aug 09 and it just dawned on me.
    The question is how fare can you go on what you got. Or to put it another way
    does anyone know how fare a 4000 lb. vehicle will role @ a given starting speed of say 50 miles/hr.? Well I don't, but what I did find out is that on the Audi web page
    they give you driving tips on how to reduce your per.miles or kilometer usage of gas.
    So here is what I do:
    a. When I'm going down hill I take my foot of the Gas and DIS goes to Zero.
    b. I only apply enough pressure on the Gas Pedal (tomakethecarGO.)
    This is referred to as the "Egg under the Foot Principal".
    TIP: Setup your FIS Mileage readout to position 2 Avg.mile/gal. and see if you can keep your mileage below 8 gals/mi.
    c. I have two (2.3) bar of Tire pressure in the front and 2.0 bar in the rear.
    d. I rarely drive over 130 Kilometer/Hr on the autobahn.
    e. My last tank up was 69.7 liters for 610 kilometers driven.
    Note: That's a combined average of highway and city driving.
    My Summer tires are Michelin Primacy's and the Winter Tires are Continenal Eco
    Well That's about It.
    jkAudiA6 :shades:
  • alexyazalexyaz Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 2.7 L Audi A6 and the lcd screen which displays different information about the car claims that I am getting 27 mpg on hwy and 14 -15 city. Unless you are always flooring the car I don't see why your mpg should be so low. You can also put in an octane booster and see if that changes anything. then again I don't know how accurate the meter is the car is 10 years old.
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