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Dodge Magnum MPG-Real World Numbers



  • 2005maggie2005maggie Posts: 6
    Well Maggie performed as I expected with a challenge to a Volkswagen Jetta with a turbo kit. He lost but the car was a challenge to overtake coming from behind. Off the line the car is very impressive however it fails to impress mid and especially at higher speeds. Today I got it up to 128-130.
    Between 110-130 there is nothing there. Just a slow creep to 130.

    To my friend. I have re-checked my ducks and find on was not in its row. I have reprimanded this duck and he promised to stay in row in the future. According to my door sticker my Maggie does weigh 4,142. The 5,500 figure was actually the GROSS weight rather than taking the CURB weight.

    So back to the fuel rating.

    Best numbers 23 highway driving like granny in the breakdown lane with no traffic and worst 17 highway opening it up in stretches of my 96 mile round trip with some occasional challenges.

    That’s it for me problem solved poor gas mileage driving it moderately as the car should be. And poor mid range and no upper end.
  • jacklioneljacklionel Posts: 29
    I’ve seen a couple items elsewhere on the net regarding the slow throttle response of the hemi, and how you could re-set the TPS by slowly depressing and releasing the accelerator pedal with the ignition on, engine not running. Frankly, I ‘m mystified.

    I went down to the garage, fired up the Magnum, and could not detect any lag at all when blipping the throttle. End of problem.

    I have heard that the computer controls of modern cars can lead to throttle lag. I just don’t see it in my car. Perhaps I’m just lucky.

    I’ve said this before, and probably no one will care what I think, but if you are talking about street racing, it is just too damned dangerous these days (I’ve done a little, but not for years). First, there is just too much traffic in most places I frequent. Secondly, the law is serious about enforcing traffic violations these days, including wildly exceeding the speed limit. And they don’t stop at merely suspending your license and fines. They will throw your [non-permissible content removed] in jail. And God forbid anyone is seriously injured or even killed during one of your races, you are potentially looking at a long prison term. Think about how much fun that will be. You will be literally trying to cover your [non-permissible content removed] there.

    Keep in mind that your Magnum has an event data recorder (EDR) on board, continually recording things such as vehicle speed, engine RPMs, throttle position and a host of other data. In the event of a crash occurring during your racing, this information can and will be used against you in a court of law, helping to send you to said prison. At least your ’68 Charger won’t tattle on you.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I have a 2005 R/T AWD with 57,000 miles on the odometer. I live in Rochester, New York. I get 16-19 mpg around town depending on how slow I drive. On the highway I get 19-20mpg cruising at 75 mph. I once got 24 mpg on a long, flat road with a tail wind at 55 mph. The mileage is below the advertised figures, but that has been the case with every vehicle I have ever owned. I knew buying the Magnum would be expensive in terms of gas, but it is so much fun to drive, REALLY comfortable on long trips (I'm 6'4" tall) and very safe (AWD, ABS, ESP and all those airbags). My las car was a 2000 Saab Aero Wagon. The Magnum is much more fun.
  • In the city avg. 17 mpg and on the hwy if I stay at 65 I can squeek 25 mi per gallon.
    In ND I use the blended gas 10% ethanol 89 oct.

    We test drove a 3.5 liter and found it to be under powered and the gas mileage was about the same so we went with the Hemi. I feel it was the right choice for us and the driving conditions for what mother nature dishes out here on the northern plains.

    I bought the car for road trips and we love it! Went on a trip to Denver with two other adults and all were happy with the ride.

    50 k and still sounds like the day we brought it home from the dealership. :D
  • migrain1migrain1 Posts: 2
    06 RT AWD gets an avg of 17.5 with mostly town driving. Was around 16, but better with a K & N intake added. Much better power too. Does much better if you keep it under 2500 rpm and put it in neutral at stop lights.
    If I drive it like I want to, about 12 is what you get! ;)
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