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Kia Rio MPG-Real World Numbers



  • max43max43 Posts: 6
    Just made a run up north, 5 hours running at 65-75mph, I got 38 mpg. In 60/40 highway/city I'm consistently hitting 35mpg. Tracking it over the last couple of months it's been a steady but gradual improvement.

    '08 Rio5
    Manual transmission.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    :) I posted in the other category about mpg. I am getting, well, the other day I got 45 mpg, filling up after using 2.8 gallons. I fill up before I go below 3/4 of a tank, that way, you get better mileage. I thought I was going nuts, doing the figuring wrong, but hey, it is getting that much. A few days ago I got 39 mpg. It goes from 38-45 at times. And yes, I am filling it up each and everytime. If I wait till a half tank, I only get about 36 mpg. I stop more for gasoline, but for three or four up to 7 more mpg, I will stop everyday. I spend about 55 dollars a month going one hundred miles back and forth to work. Some of you nuts, and I mean that nicely, are spending that in one fill up. Try filling up more often and take note of what you are getting mpg. It works, really. 5 speed, base model, no air, never liked it, too good to pass up.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Excuse me, but that is not entirely correct. I ran to Gatlinburg at 62 mph and got worse mileage than coming back at 72 mph. Yeah, I paid attention because I had about 4k on the new 08' Rio. I now consistantly get over 38 mpg, and mainly because I don't let the fuel get below 3/4 tank. You need gas. Whether you fill up at 1/4 tank, empty, or 3/4 tank, you will need gasoline in your tank. If I am getting better mileage filling up more often, then why wouldn't I stop more often? I have time, if I am getting six to eight more miles to the gallon, and I am. I ran the tank down and only got a high of 34.6 mpg. Now, I fill up more often and get steadily over 38 or so mpg. Try it. You'll like it. Mikey does.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Please tell me how you are figuring your mileages. Do you have a meter, or do you calculate your miles, and divide by the gallons used over each filling, or longer? Thank you,
  • mnourse1mnourse1 Posts: 3
    This is real easy..
    Start by filling the gas tank as full as a couple clicks will allow.. there is a TRIP meter with a and be settings for 2 trips. Use either one.. RESET it back to 0 miles.. either drive consistantly hiway or city depending on what milage you want to calculate. after you reach 200 miles, refill, the tanks as you did the last time,, this may or may not be a couple clicks of the nozzle. DIVIDE the MILES (200) into the gallons it took to refill. As EG, 6.5 gallons divided into 200 miles =30.76 Miles per gallon.. NOW to make sure your calculation was fairly accurate, REPEAT the procedure again for 200 miles, .. YOu can do this for CITY, or Hiway driving.. Im not sure about the VALIDITY of the last poster who says he gets BETTER milage by filling up at certain tank levels. That makes NO sense at all...I consistantly get 35-36 HIWAY only mileage and 28-32 MIXED city &hiway and 25-28 City only... This should be elementary,, M BTW I have an automatic and @ 65 mph the engine is barely revving at 2200 rpms..( tachometer)
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    The validity of my usage is very simple. After owning this Rio, an 08' since January 08', I have tested this vehicle at all levels of gasoline usage. The statements I made are accurate and cannot be tampered with, unless you are a dummy, no harm meant to any posters, but it is simple math and understanding. You tell me why it isn't so that I get the numbers I get. I have filled up at 200 miles, got right at 35.7 mpg. I have filled up at 328 miles and got right at 34.6 mpg. I have filled up at 125 miles and got right at 39.8 mpg. I have filled up at 90 miles and got 43.4 mpg. After doing this a number of times, I mean, many, many times, because I thought I may be doing it wrong. Nope. It just gets better mileage when you drive less miles and fill up. All you have to do is try it to see for yourself. I am not on this discussion board to argue my point. I am here telling you what I have experienced and after six months of doing so, I think I can attest to the authenticity of my findings. I use the trip meters and do not put more than one click on the pump, to make sure it is full. I repeat exactly each time I fill up the same way. I have yet to get 46 miles per gallon, but that is possible I am sure. But I haven't stopped for less than 1.8 gallons. It has always been under 3 gallons and more than 1.9. If you don't believe me, try it. What have you got to lose? I am 55 years old, and don't rabbit take off, nor swirve in and out of traffic, don't pedal down and up, down and up, and don't speed other than keeping with the traffic. If you want to improve your mileage in these Rio's, fill up more often. Or, maybe it is the oldness of your Rio. My 08' gets it and I approve this message.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Just got back in from running my route. I went a little over on my mileage to show you what is going on with my 08' Rio. I put 147.0 miles on it and pulled into the station. I filled up, clicking once, which gave me about a .1 on the meter. I put, which I don't like to go that much at one time, but I put 3.8 miles into the tank. If you would rather not figure that out, it is 38.6 miles per gallon. I usually get a little better than that because I usually only put about 3.0 or less in at one time. Sticker shock I do not get each time I fill up. Sticker shock is showing over 40 dollars on one fill up. And, you will get way less mileage going that empty, my opinion, anyway. Like I said, won't hurt to try it. Heck, if it is true for your vehicle, then come by and see me. I have cake.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Thank you for your reply. I use that method (mileage divided by gallons, not the meters) of checking my mileages too, and just can't imagine differences like we see posted from various persons. I would think that going by only the meters would eventually show a discrepancy of overall mpg . I can see avoiding the "sticker shock" at refill by doing so every little while, but in the end don't think it really accomplishes better mpg. There must be something more that we aren't getting.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    re 68
    Sir, I am at a loss to fully understand your outstanding mileages, unless you are only going by the trip meter indications, and not the the true mileage. May I suggest that you consider checking your actual speedometer mileage say for the last dozen or so refills, and recheck using the mileage divided by the gallons and see what that shows as mpg.. I would truly like to think we would be able to get better mpg by refilling every 100miles or so, but do not think realistically that is accurate. Would you try looking at it from the overall speedometer mileage, and see what those results show? I am really interested, and not trying to argue the point, just to understand it. Thank you,
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Glad to hear you are not wanting to argue the point. I hate arguing. Speedometer? What is a speedometer? Here is the thing I do. I fill the tank with gasoline. Once the pump stops, I pull the trigger one time, and it will stop almost immediately. It puts maybe .1 or.2 more into the tank. It is bad to fill your tank to the rim, as it is bad on the vehicle. All vehicles tell you not to overfill, but, if you fill it exactly the same way each time, you cannot go wrong. So, I fill the tank up, put both meters to zero and drive off. I drive from 90 to 110 miles, according to both meters. That varies according to where I end up, but try never to go over 125 miles per fill up any longer. I fill the tank up, using the same process as before, one click, check my fuel gauge, noting it is sitting on full, and check the mileage. On both A and B. It is the same, of course, and divide the gallons into the miles. Using the decimal also. 2.6 into 108 miles for example, 41.5 miles per gallon. I am here on this board telling you, not lying to you, that is the way I am doing my testing. If there is another way of testing mileage per gallon, please, please tell me how to do it. I have gotten over 42 miles per gallon alot of times, and times before when I went down to a half tank, it was not near as good mileage, nor was at 1/4 tank left. If you don't have the time to stop so often, then you don't need to save. If you have time to save money on fuel, then you need to stop more often. Maybe it is the vehicle you drive. Or maybe it is the year. Maybe it is the way I drive my vehicle, but whatever the case may be, I am getting great mileage, due to filling up every 90 to 110 miles. Now, while down in Florida, we were paying around 3.89 a gallon for gasoline back in May. It had gone up while down there, and I filled up after 71 miles. I got 44.7 miles per gallon. Yeah, believe it. Why would I lie to you? I am thrilled I am getting good mileage filling up more often and telling people how to do it. All you have to do is try it. I can understand how some would think that is not enough savings to waste their time stopping so much. How long does it take to put two to three gallons of gas in your car? Unless you are paying with cash, then the trip in and out would be a waste. I put it on a card, note how much at the end of the month, and can realize how much I am saving. I have done it, I will do it, and I can prove it only to those around me. My wife didn't believe it either and she thinks it is the air in the tank. More air, less mileage. Maybe, but I cannot prove that, nor want to. I will take my results over anyone's and if you or you or you don't try it, then you are just not wanting to save money. I traded a Kia Sportage that got 20 to 21 mpg in on this Rio, 08' and doubled my mileage or abouts. It is paying for itself. Even if gasoline was 1 dollar a gallon, it would still pay for itself. Maybe it is the 5 speed. Maybe it is no air conditioning. Maybe it is the color, who cares, as long as I am getting satisfied at the pump. I am 55 years old, not some kid playing with the computer to manifest mysteries. I am in Ky and my roads are just as hilly as yours. Have a great day.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    I understand after reading your post again, to check the mileage on the dash, not the trip meters. I have watched that. It is accurate. I have done that. Only to waste time doing so, it is accurate. Yes, I have checked and it is exactly as it states on the trip meters. After adding up costs at the end of each month, the amount comes to the total I spent filling up. Other words, I fill up three maybe four times a month, depending on how much I am out. The total amount I spent for the month equals the total number of gallons I used. That is equivilent to the correct usage. I usually spend 10.50 to 13.00 depending on use. If I am getting gas every 100 miles, that is one fill up per week, as that is about what I drive per week. More or less. Not exact as I have to look the figures up, and don't want to waste time right now convincing anyone. My tank holds 11.9 gallons. At the end of the month, I have used around 11.6 gallons of gas. That is approximately 47.32, and that is all dependent on the cost per gallon. From 4.09 to 3.95 now, that is what I pay per month. I have time to figure, I have time to calculate, and I take the time to sit down and figure what I need to do and when. My calculations are correct, because I am smarter than the average bear. Let me know what you find. Do your own thing. It cannot hurt and won't cost you any more than normal. later
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    re both 72 and 73

    I understand what you are doing, I just can't understand the results, but it is worth a try, I too have more time than I need so I can figure these things out too.. but this is something that I have never run into before and don't see how it can be like that, however if it works, that is all that counts... I am 73yrs old, and have seen many different ideas that I didn't understand work, so I try not to discount anything any more. I live in the FL panhandle (Pensacola) and also don't put many miles on my vehicle. I do like the idea of getting better mileage though. Thank you for coming back to me with your explanations, and I guess I should have said odometer instead of speedometer. At least you understood my intent.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    For those that don't understand, this is for you. I took a mechanic's class when I was much younger, and got the knowledge of rebuilding, maintaining, preventive maintenance, and such, on such engines as the 283 chevy, the 265 in GM cars, like the Rebel, which is a Rambler, remember them? And the 289 popular engine. Today, it is a different story. I have stopped at a Texaco for 75 cents worth of gasoline, and ran just about all night and then some in the next afternoon. We never learned it was bad to run the tank down. It wasn't all that bad. The fuel pump wasn't in the gas tank. Now it is, on nearly all vehicles. Running your tank close to empty supposedly will make your fuel pump work harder. The sloshing, especially when it holds only around two gallons of gas, and it isn't near as cool in there. The gasoline will keep the inside of tank cooler. The more gas, the cooler. A few degrees, not an enormous number of degrees. We used to think, the more air in the tank, the lighter the vehicle, thus, better mileage. But you have to think back, we really didn't care whether we got 20 mpg or 50 mpg. No one did. They just pull up at a station that was having a gas war and put a dollar or two in the tank. Afterall, we still had to stop for milk and eggs with what money we had. For under a dollar, we bought gas, a carton of eggs, a pack of cigs, and a soda pop. Yeah, times have changed so much, that now you have to know everything you possibly can about the vehicle you are driving. And gas mileage is at the top of the hill at the moment. It is on the top with politicians, pres candidates, and anyone wanting to change things around so they can get voted in. Anyway, off subject, you need to know the quirks of getting better mileage, the way to slow down, the way you know you can save a few bucks. I know I have rattled on, but I do that alot. I am on a fixed income, don't have as much money as the Bush's, the Obama's, McCains, so I have to worry about the oil prices. Those that have the high incomes don't really care that much, else they would not be driving the excursions, the hummers and such. When you have that much money, you rarely care about anything that might cost you an extra few bucks. But, us down here need to know how to save a penny here and there. If you have ever been there, you would care too. It is important to check the pump where you buy gas. Some are not so accurate. Run it to one gallon and see how much it costs. Is it the same as it states? A penny difference means nothing to you. For five gallons, that is five cents, X's the amount of customers for that day, X's 7 days. That could mean alot of cents to the owners of that station. No big deal for you, but all together are making this contribution to one person, and it adds up quick. In a month's time, we may be talking about an average of 35 dollars a month, figuring on 150 customers a day, and some stations have well over 1000 a day. Not that is some change. There are other ways to save. You shouldn't fill up between 3 and 6 pm due to the heat. You actually get less gas the hotter the day is. I fill up in the mornings, or late evenings. I get the actual amout that I am paying for. That is not always possible. Just something to think about. Always check your gas cap. If it is loose, you loose mileage. If you don't have a door on it that opens from the inside of the car, you may be fueling your neighbors car. The neck on the tank is so small now, hardly any hoses can get down there, but, never forget, for every honest person out there, they are three dishonest people working harder than you or I to find a way around locks, etc. So, it can be done. I still know alot about cars working parts, but tend to stay away from them all now due to everything has to be tested. All you people out there, try filling up more often and check your mileage, if you will and let me know. I have always bought American, the whole time I was brought up, but I tell you what, that is impossible today. Ford has fell asleep, GM has refused to make good mileage cars, and Toyucka has gone on and made what the population wanted. So, they buy theirs. So many are made here, but the insides are made in Mexico, Twaiwan, Korea, Germany, and on and on. So, it is almost impossible to buy an American vehicle, along with anything else you buy. Stoves, fridge, microwaves, crocks, you name it, it is not made here. We Americans are toooooooooooooooo good to make stuff like that. Let them Chinese do it. Yeah, and who has all the money and property now???
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Do you know how to stop everyone from posting?

    Write an essay on your experiences.
  • tod1vipertod1viper Posts: 1
    I have noticed that when i drive on the highway out in west Texas that when my tank is full i can get over 100 miles on the first quarter of gas in the tank but after that i don't get any where as much but if i stop and put more gas in and fill it back up i can get over 100 miles in the first quarter again. no other quarter but the first unless i fill it back up get that much gas.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    What is being said is that if you fill up after only burning 100 or so miles of gas then you will average better MPG. Gotcha! Wish I had time to stop every 100 miles! :cry:
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Have I been telling you people that for over two months now??? Am I just dreaming that I have posted that, that you get better mpg stopping more often??? Did anyone not hear me??? I don't mean to be rude, but if you just read my posts, you will see you get better mileage stopping more, rather than running the tank down, way down. If you don't have time to stop, then you are throwing a couple of dollars out the window every week. It takes less than five minutes to fill your tank, needing an average of three gallons or less. Use a card, no running to pay, returning to get your change, and you are on your way. Multiply that by four, it adds up. Come on people, this is the way to save. Buy a Rio and fill up after 100 miles.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    In my trying to figure out this phenomenon of mileage greatness I think part of the "results" comes from the old adage about proving anything with math. First off, using your method where you clear "both computers" you end up with an error. Try resetting only one of them, per month or about 1000miles and then compare the results at the end of the month or whatever period you would decide upon. The actual total mileage "true miles" that is, divided by the gallons purchased will then show the difference in your results. Although your method appears to show extremely good mileages, I think you will find that your actual mpg is going to be less than you are now finding. If you are not comparing the actual total miles traveled, instead of what shows on your resetable meter, then you aren't showing the true MPG for your vehicle. I know you are getting good mpg, but don't think it is as good as you think it is.

    my opinion only, van
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    So, in essence Van, the mileage numbers they set at the factory are only guesstimates? Not that you can really go by them? They are there just to show you a number you should get per gallon? The last couple of weeks it was brought to my attention to do just that, get the actual miles versus the trip ometer miles. I set one at zero, filled the tank, took that receipt and wrote the actual miles on it. While the "B" tripometer was set at zero also, I have been leaving it alone to compare it to the actual miles on the odometer. I have filled up seven times since, noting, comparing the two mileages. The "B" trip, and the odometer, and they are the same. Except for the tenths, of course. I am still getting better than 38.8 mpg when filling up, using an average of 2.9 gallons. The last time I filled up, the receipt is right here in front of me, I put 2.7 gallons of gasoline in the tank. I drove the car, according to the "A" tripometer 104.3 miles. I did my math, (calculations) and came up with 38.51 miles per gallon of gasoline. Am I doing this wrong??? Do I need to do this another way??? Is there something I am missing??? I am sorry I am getting this good of mileage, but you see, I don't care that I am getting better than the rest of you. My only purpose is not to stand on a soapbox and splatter out to the world how good my car gets on mileage, but to tell you what I find, and how I find it, and how to do it to save a few bucks at the station each time I fill up. My intentions are not bragging, they are uplifting, the way I see it. If you or any one of you will just do the thing I told you, then you may see a difference. I am happy I get what I get and nothing will change my way of thinking. Unless!!! You can tell me I am not doing the calculations correctly. My window sticker said "27 - 32" gasoline mileage when I bought the car. I took pictures of the cars on the lot that stated "44" mpg. They now say on tv, radio, newspapers, ads, magazines, etc. "41" mpg. Are they lying still??? Do they not know how to tell the truth??? Are they fabricating to sell cars??? If you haven't figured it out yet, I like to type, and type alot. I get my point across, but I still like to converse with the public. I am not here to argue, nor condemn anyone for their thoughts, or opinions. I am here explaining how I get good gasoline mileage by doing what I do. Final thought? As long as I keep doing what I am doing, I am going to get good gasoline mileage, and one more thing. I do NOT use EXXON gasoline. 11 billion dollar profit for the 2nd quarter. They said part goes to exploration, the rest in stock holders pockets. They said that, not me. 11 billion dollars for three or four months/can you imagine??? I suppose the rest of the companies are making profits close to that, but when is the American people going to stand up and say, "Enough is enough"? NEVER! Because we are too involved with our own lives and there is nothing we can do anyway. Gas out day? Didn't work. Have to be stupid to believe that. Don't buy exxon. Didn't work. People don't care enough to stick together. What about Shell??? They are just as rich taking what they can. You pay, or you stay your butt home. Simple. Our congress is so old fashioned it is pitiful. They have millions stock piled in their banks and they could care less what you or I think. Proven fact. We are the stools they put their feet on and that will never change. Unless we as a people stand up and vote every new person in, and make laws to change what needs to be changed, we are the footstools of every politician ever elected. Now, I need to go wash my face, as it is blood red from fury. Have a nice day. And don't forget to tell me if I am missing something in my calculations, or how to do it correctly. Forgive me if I stepped on anyones toes. I truly do not try to explore that field.
  • Hi again, re the dealers signs etc, yep, I think they lie.. the govt posting of EPA stuff is supposedly a guide for us. Some will do better, some worse. Obviously you are doing better. It seems that you have been able to do exceptional and I am happy for you. I have just been trying to duplicate those readings myself, and just haven't been able to do as well. But I am going to continue trying anyway. I have been analyzing all of the factors that affect my mileages, so I would get better results, also considering the "math" etc involved.
    I too think the oil companies have been ripping us off, rather than helping us, but I don't see any answer from our "helpful" government. The manufacturers haven't been doing their job either in helping to get better mileages with the vehicle they produce, so that doesn't help us . Regarding the politicians, I think we need to throw the most of them out too.
    Getting better mileages from all of our vehicles regardless is one of the most critical things we need to accomplish as a nation now. Otherwise prices on everything increases. We all need to try to do what we can to improve the mpg, even if it seems unusual, as long as we are safe... and reasonable about it.

  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Hey Van, what exactly do you drive, year, model, etc.??? I didn't mean to carry on about politics and such, but it is true, the American people cannot do anything about the situation we are ALL in. My kind of toilet paper hasn't gone on sale in over two months now. And I buy the same everytime. It is usually a couple of dollars less than normal, so I stock up on it, but here recently, with the jump in prices on just about everything, I have to wait until it does go on sale, or just pay up. That example is just one of many, and the strangest I could think of. One thought I had, was all the stations that sell gasoline, all stations, not just a few here and there, but all stations across the country, turn their pumps on, leave them on, let whomever pump into their private vehicles as much as possible and leave. The stations owners would in turn not pay their gas bills. Drastic, huh??? Well, what is it going to take to get the gov's attention to what is being done to us??? I know that will never happen. I don't know where you are from, but we had bussing back in the 70's, early 80's and really still have it, but it has calmed down. But, the point is, people would not stick together then, and they won't stick together now. My child didn't get bussed, so I am sending him to school. My child does get bussed, so I am keeping him/her out of school. That is the way it is. If it doesn't burn your butt, you could care less. Oh, you care, just won't stick together to do anything about it. I am not talking about you or anyone in particular, just remembering what had gone on and was said. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Ever hear of that one??? That is so true. Wait till the 14% get "In GOD we trust" off our money and out of our lives. Ever think this is the way to break America??? One gallon at a time. The third world countries could not love it more. We as the greatest nation of all time, borrowing from China, going broke by driving gasoline prices. I stopped at Kroger yesterday driving my grandson around and got gasoline. I got 2.6 gallons and drove 106.4 miles. I checked trip odometer, (is that one word) "B" and it was the same mileage as the odometer, actually, it had 476 miles on it, and subtracting the starting mileage on the odometer, it was the same as the trip odometer. I am watching it. I really don't see how it could be any different, as long as you keep good charts. If word got out about filling up every 100 miles, you might see a difference in the price of gas. It went down three days ago, now back up. It is 3.73 here and you can watch it across the country if people spot and dot down on line what the price is at several stations. It is gas watch on line. GPW. Gas price watch is what it is. Go there, put in your zip and small it down to the fifth mark and it may show station prices. Go to any state and see what Arizona is paying, New York, etc. What a difference. It is .28 cents cheaper per gallon 91 miles to the south of me. Louisville is ripping off people as we speak. Outside of Louisville it is always cheaper, as much as .30. And that is just the companies doing that, not the oil companies. That oil company is fueling this station for 3.25 and that station for 3.25 and they both sell completely different prices when it goes into your tank. And that is not gouging??? Anyway, good luck on filling up sooner, and let me know what you are driving. It may be I have a new vehicle and you don't. My driving habits may be different, but it shouldn't make that big a deal. I'll talk to ya's.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Ok, like I said, I ran out running my grandson around yesterday. Stopped and put gas in before coming home, and put about 38 miles on the car by the time I got home. I had to get to the post office this morning for a registered peice of mail, so I drove to the post office that services my area, which is longer than to go to the one closest to me. Anyway, got almost back home, wife had to drive out this morning so I filled the tank up behind the house, which is a Marathon, and cheaper than the city. I didn't need much gas, but filled it up anyway. I clicked it one time more after it filled up, which usually puts one to three tenths more of gas in the tank. I don't like to do that often because it generally hurts the engine to top it off. But topping it off is not what I do. Sometimes the gas will start to fill the neck up and turn itself off. I make sure it is full by clicking one time. Now, I drove 58.8 miles total since filling up last night. The tank took 1.16 gallons of gas, and after clicking once, it stopped at 1.25 gallons. Figure that one up. Here, I will do it for you. 58.8 divided by 1.25 = 47.04 miles per gallon. Guess what??? I have plenty of time, so I am going to start stopping every 60 miles. A waste of time??? Maybe. Maybe not. I will do this three more times and let you know. Not just you Van, but everyone reading.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Here's the deal. My wife filled up at a Kroger gas station about four weeks ago. She got 30 miles per gallon. She was disappointed in the fact something was not right. You don't go from 38 to 43 mpg to 30 miles per gallon after one fill up. I was going to do some research further by filling up every 60 miles or so. We had a rehearsal for a wedding today, all day, and did a bit of driving. Actually, we drove 106 miles and filled up at the same Kroger. I put the gas in this time, and did most of the driving today, and put 3.4 gallons in the tank. About 31, just barely mpg. Only at Kroger has this been this bad. Is this the day of heat driving? Or is the heat eating up the gas in my tank??? Something is not right in Fern Creek. Only at this station at Kroger has my gas mileage gone so low that it makes my blood boil. After getting 47 this morning, then 31 this evening, something is not groovy. Well, I am going to write, as I do this well, to the station that troubleshoots these problems that arise where you think you are being taken for a ride, with no wheels. As of right now, I will not buy Kroger gas, well actually, it is not the gas, but mainly the pumps. I think maybe the pumps are ripping off people as they pump. What other solution can there be??? Help me out here someone. Get my blood to cool. Tell me something I am going to love to hear. later
  • Howdy again, well for the most part I drive a 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX V6, but I also have a 2002 Mercury Sable Wagon also V6.. and basically don';t get very good mileage with either one of them. But then again I drive mostly short trips in town, and have averaged less than 7500 miles total last year counting them both. Anyway the Sonata gets an overall avg of 18+mpg for the total 15000miles since new. On the hwy it gets in the mid 20's.driving about 65-70mph. Again, the mileages for hwy are for trips of aprx 150mi each way, or a 950 mile trip each way to Key West and back. On those trips I did a couple of times kick it up to a little under 80mph., so that affects the mileages too. I have used the cruise control most of the time, and keep the A/C on all of the time. I live in Florida, and can't take the humidity, or heat very well. I have been hoping to get over 20 in town, and over 30 on the hwy, but just haven't made it yet. The wagon is generally a work vehicle now, and doesn't get used all that much about 2500 miles last year, but the gas mileages are about the same. I have been thinking that the 4 cyl might do better for me, but I certainly enjoy the ride, and the quiet of the 6 over the 4. I did try them both when I bought the Sonata, but decided I could live with the difference in the mileage, for the overall comfort. My opinion, of course. Regardless, I am really amazed at the differences in mileages that I see reported throughout these forums. Well, regarding the various comments ...."I love my country, but I fear my government".

    'nuf for now
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    My father bought a hundai, or however you spell it. It is a four door something. About the size of the sonata, but has a four cylinder engine. He drives to MickeyDees and back every morning. He drives it under 6k miles a year. He says he gets about 19 mpg. That is pitiful for that size engine. The car is heavy. I have noticed that Kia, Hundai, and others weigh their vehicles down more than Chev, Honda, Ford, etc. I traded a Kia Sportage for the Rio. It weighed over 3200 pounds, was a four cyc. two door convertable suv type. It was only about 14 feet long, two wheel drive, auto, air, etc. etc. and got 20 mpg city and 24 highway. That is it. That is all I could get out of it. It was a 2002 with only 68k miles on it. Yeah, we didn't drive it much because of the lousy gas mileage.
    Oh, I have no problem with this country, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The gov is so involved with itself on how to screw the tax paying people, that they are killing this country with their greed. And the foriegn countries know that>>>
    I wrote to Kroger and told them my findings and I have to assume something is wrong with their pumps. I can not be so dumbfounded as to not know how to calculate mileage, and what I get from the two Kroger readings is not actual. It can't be. Something is wrong there and I am pressing to find out. I have yet to fill up again, but will behind my house, a Marathon, much cheaper than Kroger anyway, but will start a new chart on how my car does. Will inform the reading public, if interested. I am. I am saving, or was saving money.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Is it so dumb to stop every sixty miles to get more gasoline, if you have the time to do so??? After that fiasco with the Kroger pumps, I figure I will try something a little bit different. Last night, 57.7 miles on the trip 'A'. I filled the tank. I watched the gas start in the neck, put a second of gas in, looked at the meter, and it had .2
    So, the meter starts when the gasoline starts dispensing. I wanted to check that so that the meter doesn't start clicking off before the gas actually comes out of the hose. Anyway, I put .27 gallons in the tank. That is all it would hold. Figure that out. I am going to fill every sixty miles and see what I have used, and spent over the next 14 days. So, sorry to say, you may not hear from me till I get precise calculations. I know, some of you will miss me, but heck, suck it up. I'll be back.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    White Kia Rio ran over a motorcylist yesterday, killing the bike rider.
    People need to watch those bikes, regardless of what they drive.
    The bikes are out there, they are seen, just some don't care, won't
    slow down and are always in a hurry.
  • I traded in my 2003 Chevy Impala on sunday for a 2007 Kia Rio.
    I was on the "ehhhh" side about getting a car that small, but i am 20, dont have any kids, and needed better gas milege.
    So the kia was the cheapest (money wise) and easiest way to go.

    Turns out i love the car. It is actually pretty comfy, and drives extremely well. I am still getting used to driving it. I am not used to the gas peddle and such yet, but its getting better.

    I need to start writing down what i get per mile, etc. and let you guys know.
    I know it depends on how you drive alot. (speeding, taking off slowley from a stop, how often your city/highway driving, air conditioner/windows down, and probably what octane you get.

    I will fill up my tank tomorrow and see what i can come up with. :shades:
  • I anticipate your findings on miles per gallon. I did see the news where the Kia Rio will only be worth around 2500.00 in five years, and that is on a 12000.00 vehicle. That is ok. They are anticipating alot of repairs and it's past performance with maintenance. I don't give a rats butttttttt! I like the car, get great gas mileage, and it is easy on the wallet, so far anyway. You people that own Kia Rio's need to step up and state your likes and dislikes, your mpg, and whatever else is on your mind. It is boring here and I need some talkability to smoothe my day out. My wife works all day, and I am here wanting someone to chat to, related to the Rio, of course. If you are not a chatterbox, fine. Someone out there likes to chat. I just hope they own a Rio.
  • I have a 2008 Rio5, manual trans with over drive. On the average, I am getting 38
    to 41 mpg, depending on my speed and load in the vehicle. When I am alone
    I get the best and when I have other people in the car with me, I get the bottom
    number which is 38.

    JIm Rogers
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