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Can't fix my car

garyteachey61garyteachey61 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2018 in GMC
We have a 2012 Acadia Denali that can't be fixed. We have taken it to two dealerships and neither have fixed it. The dealership it is at now has had my car since the end of May. We do have a case open with GM and yesterday Trina (who is not professional at all) called to let us know they were closing our case because the car hasn't been repaired.
We took it to get a second opinion like she suggested and now you are closing the case.

The car makes a noise from the rear like a grinding noise usually on cold starts. It does happen at other times as well. It has also been sluggish upon accelerating. They have replaced the whole back end of the car and it still isn't fixed. I am paying every month on a car that is sitting in a dealership that they can't fix. GM was supposed to send in an engineer but cancelled that and we have no clue why! At this point I really want to hire a lawyer and sue GM because they aren't either fixing my car or offering a new car at similar value.

At this point I really would never buy another GM product because of the poor customer service I have received from Trina!

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