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M35/M45 Wish List



  • ewl88ewl88 njPosts: 76
    Better mileage, slightly smoother transmission, slightly quieter interior (not lexus quiet but quieter than now), automatic locks that lock when moving and that lock if ignition is off. Tighter steering (I like the 2006 g35's tighter steering better at least on the loaner I had. Another g35 loaner 2005? was so jittery that a sneeze would send you in the bushes) Oh, stronger windshield fluid jets. Otherwise an excellent vehicle.
  • I see some of the posts here are a bit dated.

    The 2007 G has real time traffic, not sure if it has the Acura Navigation type system. My guess is that the 2008 M will adopt this as well. The 2007 M I just test drove had wind noise- not engine noise; very annoying. I'll have to try another car and see if this is a prevalent problem.
  • gmoney888gmoney888 Posts: 1
    I wish they would include an aux. input for the use of ipod or other mp3 players without requiring you to purchase the full tech package. It is not possible to install an after market aux. input according to several stereo dealers.
  • Ok, Infiniti redesign the "M" model for 2011year to arrive in spring 2010! I'm hoping & wishing they improved gas mileage & to switch from premium to diesel for EPA avg of 22/28 also a more quieter soundproof interior from exterior noise: engine, hiways-roads & normal bumper-to-bumper traffic. Other than that they resigned the "M" very well!
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