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Chrysler Pacifica: Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • Hope this works it did for mine..try replacing the battery cable and connectors that go from battery to fuse box under the hood, the proper name for the fuse box is "integrated power control module" this can be stupid expensive for the module, like $1200-$1800 which is just the dealers way of ripping you.. You can not just go get one from a junk yard they are vin number specific but if you luck up you can get one for about $100 but its really hard part to find.. so back to the power wire that runs from battery to fuse box, they can be bought at any local parts store for under $20, have a mechanic do it if you are not sure what to do cause you will be messing with the $1200-$1800 part and if you screw it up you will not be able to get one very fast or cheap unless you are just super lucky.. but the symptoms in our car that it fixed was the flashing dash lights, the radio flickering, the car suddenly stalling, and the very heated battery, which could also lead to battery drained when you wake up.. hope this helps, it was a long process to figure it out but I am pretty sure the red power wire being replaced did it.
  • patrickidolpatrickidol Posts: 3
    edited March 2013
    Red power wire from Integrated power control or aka "under the hood fuse box" to the battery, lol.. spent tons of money trying to fix a $15 problem, I have replaced the power control module to the tune of $1400 didn't do a thing.. replaced fuses.. nada.. but a red wire that costs less than $20 fixed it, at this point I changed terminal couplers for the battery connecters, and it drives like a dream.. I hope this helps everyone and takes money and puts it back into your pockets..I am a big advocate of trying the cheap fix first, never spend more before you have to.. my total to come to this conclusion cost almost $2200 which is 1000 times more than it should have..

    symptoms: flickering head lights, flickering dash, flickering ABS light, Flickering check engine light, stalling, poor gas mileage, poor take off, poor battery life, battery dead in the morning, radio flickering and poping and crackling sounds..
  • please someone help me now my cousins car quit working when i was in it with the lights on
    an o4 crystler pasifica i had the over heds on and was taking it apart a little bit i was trying to take apart the center councel and i put the key in and on and pressed the brake to so i could shift it i had the ( parking brake ) aplied so it wont role and then the lights started dimming and blinking and the dash bord went crazy and just started beeping kinda and i aint ben able to get it started yet and i dont think the battery went ded that quickly and o please help
  • I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. When I turn on the front wipers, the car basically "reboots" itself; the electrical systems flash and the engine stalls for a sec. Only when I turn in the front wipers. I've checked the battery terminals and they are fine. Any suggestions?
  • glennbglennb Posts: 34

    I was given an '04 AWD Pacifica last month, and knew that I would have to have some repairs done to keep it on the road. The possible showstopper is the lack of key-on check engine light - an automatic emissions test failure here in SE Wisconsin. I already have $1200 into this car, and the potential expense of diagnosing/repairing the light has me wondering if I should dump the vehicle before it costs me more than I am willing to commit. The vehicle passed a state of Georgia emissions test in March, and my daughter-in-law had been driving it until she left it with us in November. I did find a new, never installed o2 sensor in the rear under-deck compartment. I just wonder if anyone has had a problem where only the check-engine light doesn't work. All the other warning lights light up at key-on. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.

    Glenn / Cudahy, WI

  • I have a 06 Pacifica and the other day the passenger side locks and windows stopped working. Upon arriving home and walking around the car i smelt burnt wires. I do not have the money to replace the BCM at the moment and also cannot go without the car. I am trying to figure out how to go about cutting all power to those systems on that side of the car. I know they are controlled through the BCM but not sure if i disconnect those wires from it if that will correct the short or if i have a constant power supply wire i need to locate as well. please help me.

  • I had a problem with my dashboard completely lit up all the time and after 7 months of mechanics and the run around, I found a local old book mechanic that replaced my abs module as a whole unit instead of having to buy separate parts at a huge price tag. Instead of $1200, I only had to pay $350 for a used one that my mechanic took to be recoded with my vin # at the GM dealership. Also, I found out GM won't do anything about Pacifica's electrical problems until enough owners put their problem on Their representative says no recalls are issued until the problem becomes large enough to grab their attention...then fixes will be issued. So everyone write your complaints there and lets solve the problem once and for all!

  • I have a 2004 Pacifica which I bought used with 9500 miles on it in 2006. Overall it has been a good car, but have had some of the headlight burnout problems mentioned here and did have to replace a window motor. I love the room and smooth ride. Currently have about 150K miles on it and would like to get at least another 50K.
    Here is what I need help with: the other day I came out of work to find four wires hanging from the bottom of the car. Was able to start and dive the car home about 12 miles. Seemed to drive fine, but have not driven it since. I cannot figure out what this is. Do not want to drive it or take it to a repair shop without knowing more about the issue? Can anyone give ne an idea of what this might be?
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,095
    Not without seeing them and their location under the car.
  • mrsd_114mrsd_114 Posts: 4

    I have a 2005 Chrysler pacifica with the 3.8 v6 with 107,000 miles. Last week my cluster went dark and windshield wipers quit working. After check the fuses and cussing up a storm everything started to work again except for the check engine light. The local auto parts store hooked up their computer and gave me 2 codes U140 "Lost communication with body control module" and U110C "Lost fuel level message". I have searched the net for information but can't find anything. Is this gonna be a costly repair or is it just something that happens periodically? I would hate to have to buy another car since it is now paid for but I am really not inclined to drop a huge amount of money of fixing a car and then worry about being nickel and dimed to death. Any suggestion or repair guidance?

    I'm having the same issues. Did you get the the answers you were looking for? Can you help me? Please email me [email protected] 
  • All my dash lights went out today,everything works except I can't see how fast I'm going or how much gas I have
  • Oh I have a pacifica 06
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,095

    All my dash lights went out today,everything works except I can't see how fast I'm going or how much gas I have


    I saw your question in the other thread. I will repeat my response here for you.

    In the Pacifica, is the shift lever assembly still illuminated? Or the rear seat blower booster switch or the traction control switches? The schematic for the lamps in Mitchell doesn't actually reveal where the power source is, but the instrument cluster is the dominant module on the circuit. The three assemblies that I mentioned take power from the common lamp driver splice that connects all of the interior lighted assemblies and it passes through their illumination lamps and goes directly to ground, so if they light up then the power supply is intact. Every other module that lights up uses the serial data bus to command the intensity of the lamps that are powered from that same power supply. So if those first three do light up, then a scan tool will be required to test further. By chance do the radio, heater control, door switches etc. all light up and respond to the dimmer input?
  • JokalimaJokalima Posts: 1
    We have a 05 pacifica. The electrical stopped working. The windows won't roll down, the radio, a/c nothing on dashboard works all lights are on ( oil, break, belts etc..) whipers do not work. It runs but we have to shift the gear manually. Any ideas?
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