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Dodge Caliber General Care & Maintenance



  • Someone who an issue with us removed the fuses from the fan circuit. We had the system pressure checked and the mechanic found the fuses were removed. Such petty stuff, makes me feel like I am back in high school.

    Have your fan checked and make sure it runs. You may hav a defective thermostat in the fan circuit.

    To remove the rear light assemblies you have to pry the plastic rivet things out and the lamp assembly can be removed. Ours was filling with water and the factory would not repair it, even though there was a service bulletin on it because of our mileage. I just removed the light and drilled a drain hole inthe bottom.
  • arog77arog77 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    referring to your breaklight problem......mine went out as well and it took me 2 minutes in the parking lot of walmart to find out how to do this.....i got pliers inside and the bulb itself wich came out to 6 dollars and used the pliers to unplug the two plugs when the hatch is open and once those are out you pull the light straight out not at a angle just straight out and it goes straight back in easy no need to take the whole bumper of the things i like about my caliber is that everything is easy to take off and put back on...except the front bezel surrounding my in dash unit i seem to rip my skin everytime i mess with that damn thing lol
  • harbordjharbordj Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there is a Indicator light that come on in the dash that tells you its time for a oil change on a 07' Dodge Caliber?
  • 1viper1viper Posts: 2
    We just purchased a 2007 Caliber a few months ago. We are now at 30,000 miles and the dealer says we need to do the 30,000 scheduled maintenance (tune-up, fuel system and coolant flush, $600) in order to keep their special warranty in place. I have never had vehicles fluids changed or had a tune up. Seems like a newer vehicle would not need to have these things done until higher mileage. Thoughts? Thanks!
  • denden45denden45 Posts: 2
    Any info on changing Dodge Caliber 08 cabin air filter, myself would be helpful,also do you have to dis-connect air bag system, if so what does it have do with the cabin air filter, Thank you for any info available
  • denden45denden45 Posts: 2
    Coolant only needs to be changed at 102,000 miles as per my o8 manual,spark plugs in there should be platium, might be okay for 60,000 miles if no problems, fuel system just use STP concentrated fuel system cleaner "if" needed or a mid-grade gas for 2-3 tank fulls, hope this helps you
  • Drilling a hole is the way to go. BOTH of my tail lights filled with water, so this is apparently a systematic problem with the calibers. After getting the first light replaced under warranty at exactly 36K (phew), the 2nd started to fill up less than 15K later. I drilled both lights with 5 weep holes on the bottom of the tail lights. With the light assembly running at $350, and a mechanic threatening not to inspect a light with water in it, those holes were well worth the trouble.
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