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Toyota Land Cruiser Maintenance and Repair



  • tspock, The problem will be one of three things, all located on the throttle body assembly.

    1. The Lever Assembly, Throttle (aka Pedal Position Sensor) located on the left side (passenger side) of the throttle body asy.
    2. The Servo Motor located on the right side of the throttle body asy.
    3. The TPS Sensor also on the right side and tucked behind the Servo motor. (this is the least likely problem)

    I tried to just replace #1 but it did not fix the problem. Instead it was the Servo motor which you cannot buy separately from Toyota so I had to purchase a whole new Throttle Body Asy for over $1,000.

    From what I've been able to gather, we have a Hybrid throttle system. You push the pedal and the cable turns the Lever Asy/Pedal Pos Sensor whose sensor signal goes to the Servo which actuates the butterfly valve and the TPS sensor provides feedback. A Toyota dealership should be able to check any error code you have (if check engine light is on). They should be able to do it for around $45. But the Lever Asy, Throttle will cost you at least $250 and the whole Throttle Body Asy will cost you around $1,250.

    If you find out its the Lever Asy, Throttle then you can buy mine for alot less than from Toyota, as I have an extra one now and they don't take back special order parts.

    I hope my experience can help you & others out.
  • I have a 2001 100 series cruiser. 6 months ago after changing oil and filter (valvoline diesel) under normal running the oil pressure guage sits about half way up until I increase speed up to 100kph about 2400rpm when the indicated pressure drops to about 25%, slow down to 80kph 2000rpm it goes back up. I changed the oil to castrol GTX it remained half way up all the time. About two months ago I inadvertently put valvoline in again and the problem retuned only this time after two oil changes it is still doing it, in fact the low is going lower about 20%. Can any one tell me what is happening and is it likely to be a problem with the guage or sender unit or is the oil pressure really dropping at higher revs?
  • kw22kw22 Posts: 1
    I hve 1999 Land Cruiser with 115,000 miles on it and abt a year ago, I pressed on pedal to go out in traffic and nothing happened even tho motor was running....put in reverse and it wud move backwards abt 5 miles an hr with the pedal to the flr....was able to get away frm traffic.....I turned motor off/back on and it was OK and has never happened it possible that it can be just a one time thing?
  • Hello everyone. I'm the proud owner of a 2003 Land Cruiser that I bought from a local dealer recently. This is our first LC and we love it. It has been very well maintained and everything works great. We recently were following each other in both our vehicles (wife in the LC) and I noticed that the left outer brake light was not working. Can someone tell me how to get to the bulb? Just looking at the tail light assembly briefly, I couldn't see where the mounting screws were. Does the whole assembly snap on to the vehicle with the ball and catch type mounts? Any help is appreciated. Clay
  • I forgot to mention this is the bulb that is on the frame part of the tail light, not the tailgate portion. Driver's side if that makes a difference. Thanks again. Clay
  • If memory serves me correctly, remove the screws from the side of the light located where the lower rear hatch/gate is located. Remove the screws and carefully remove the light. This is a simple procedure.
  • Profinity, thanks for the advice. On my first inspection I didn't see the screws you are referring to, but I'll check again in the morning. Thanks again for the response. Clay
  • Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual for my 1999 Land Cruiser?
  • To obtain a repair manual, there are three of them in total, call the Toyota customer toll free number. They will provide the contact information for the company who sells the manuals.
  • All:

    my 2000 TLC (118k miles) experienced the aforementioned loss of power and the 3-alarm lighting of the dashboard warning indicators - my experience has two aspects - I found that the issue happened in cold weather and it was indeed Throttle Body Assembly based - 1st time I tried to repair, I did not replace the entire TBA.... a few years later when it failed the 2nd time, I acquired a "used" TBA from a TLC parts house in New England and had it repaired...
  • adarawadaraw Posts: 1
    Hello, if anyone could give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it.
    I drive a 1990, 60 series Toyota Land Cruiser, and unfortunately a few days ago when pulling out of a parking spot, I backed into a small grassy hill. I am not exactly sure what happened to the exhaust pipe, but I believe it is bent. It is of the hanger, so the current quick fix option I came up with was to wire the pipe back up, however if it is bent should I take it in to get fixed, and does anyone know roughly how much it would be? I know it seems ridiculous that I don't know whether or not it is bent, as I should just be able to tell by looking at it, however I don't know very much about cars at all, and I don't know what it looked like before the mini accident. The area where I believe it could be bent is way far under the car, so it is hard to tell, but the tip of the pipe is kind of jutting out to the side. Any one have any suggestions? Thank you so much.
  • mans_landmans_land Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    My '02 Land Cruiser's rear view mirror and passenger visor were yanked off and completely removed. (Don't ask. lol). Anyway, both those items were electrically wired -- the rear view mirror had the headlight adjustment feature for cars behind me, and the passenger visor had the lighted vanity mirror. Anyway, I didn't replace the parts immediately (and still haven't replaced them), but in the meantime I had wires exposed which I believe came into contact somehow and shorted. Now, my interior overhead lighting is dead and my transmitter which connects to my garage door opener is also dead. I checked for blown fuses and didn't find any. Is there a relay of some sort that I should replace instead? I called the dealer but they didn't know exactly; all they said was there's a dome relay which is available for replacement but not sure if that will solve my entire problem here (including the problem with my GDO transmitter). Please advise. Thanks.
  • pzkpzk Posts: 1

    I have a problem which looks similar but I really don't understand what to do.

    1. Sometimes, when I start the engine at first it works out well but when I drive and later switch off, it becomes really hard to start the engine later. I even had to change the starter but the problem isn't solved.

    2. It happens sometimes when changing the gear, the engine goes off. it has been quite long and we have tried to check all wiring without any diagnosis. fuel filter should be ok!!
  • colocruisercolocruiser Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    The right side blinker stays on constantly when either the running lights of the headlights are on. All of the blinker and brake lights work fine when the head or running lights are off. I have replaced two fuses and the some bulbs on the rear and the front of the vehicle. This is on a 1989( power windows, & mirrors) Land Cruiser Any ideas?
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Interesting problem..

    Three questions:

    I assume the turn signals on the outside of the car are activating also when this occurs, and it isn't only the indicator on the dash that is doing this?

    If so, is it both front and rear right blinkers?

    They are actually blinking when they are on--right---and not remaining on continuously? (The word "constantly" is what I am trying to clarify)
  • mecheng5by5mecheng5by5 Posts: 3
    edited June 2014

    Hey guys, anyone change out an alternator on their 1999 (100 series) Land Cruiser? I about to attempt it myself instead of letting a shop do it. Any advise?
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