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Toyota Camry Hybrid Rattles, Bumps, & Squeaks



  • I have a constant clicking noise that comes from the front left top dash area. The clicking is most noticeable when the outside temps are over 80. Has someone else experienced this and is there a solution.
  • I'm really glad I found this site, I printed your "fix" :) I bought a new 07 Camry 3 months ago, and I've had a rattle for the last month. I brought my car into the local dealership and of course they didn't hear it. I returned the next day and picked up one of the techs and drove him, and he heard it - at first they said they had fixed it.. (wires) then the day day came around and again the same noise.. well long story short, I have been back and forth 5 times.. and now they said they are not sure how to fix.. they did figure out it has something to do with the sunroof. When you press up against the glass the rattle stops. Well I'm now on hold until a Toyota Rep is able to come to the local dealership and listen.. sigh.. I try to ignore the noise, but I tend to hear it now even when the radio up ha .. Replacing your sunroof has worked so far? :)
  • Yep replacing the sun roof cured the problem. However the shop that did the headliner scratched the center console and the dealer replaced it with no problem.
  • Has anyone had a problem with the dash squeaking. If I put pressure on the dash (passenger side) near the speaker, it will stop.
  • Yep. Live in Fla. and took trip out west last month. Noticed squeak in cold temps. sounded like a squeak and clunk but "clunk" went away as cabin warmed up, squeak stayed there. Noticed same squeak from drivers side near speaker and also from clear plastic cover over speedo. Taking in next week to see what dealer can do
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Now with the colder weather I have squeaks and creaks and "clunks" coming from all over my dashboard. It's enough to ruin the experience with this otherwise great car. Of course, been to the dealer twice and they can never reproduce it. :(

  • I have the same problem with my 08 TCH. If the temp drops in the 40's or below, it seems like the dash (I think it's the dash) creaks like crazy. The other day when it was in the 60's - no noise. Very frustrating, especially because I can't tell exactly where it's coming from. This is my first Toyota after many Chevy's and I'm pretty bummed about the noises. One of the main reasons I bought the Toyota was for the "fit and finish" but so far it is no better than GM.
  • I have had my TCH since July, 2007. I love the car, but have also had rattles in the dash that have been driving me crazy. But, there is now a fix!! After the third visit to try and fix the rattles that seemed to be coming from the center of the dash, about mid point at the top, I received a call from my dealer's service department. Toyota finally acknowledged that there is, indeed, a rattle issue, and has issued a service bulletin. The bulletin number is: NV008-07. It is specific to certain VIN numbers, and mine was included. (My car was built in Japan, but it may include US built cars as well.) The issue is that in assembling the dash, Toyota used plastic clips that snapped together. The fit wasn't tight enough, so it could rattle, especially in cold weather. The repair requires "Noise Kit #08231-00801", and "Wind Noise Kit #08231-00810". Toyota allowed the dealer 4.5 hours for the repair (under warranty), and it took almost six hours of their time to accomplish. It requires virtually the complete disassembly of the dash. The car is now back together, and there isn't a squeak or rattle anywhere in the car, even over the really bumpy rutted roads we get here in northern Wisconsin in the winter time. There is also no wind noise, but I never had that problem in the first place. I did have a squeak in the shift console about a year ago, which they fixed it as a known issue. I did get rid of my Bridgestone Turanza EL400 OEM tires, which wore out at 29K, with incredible road noise, and replaced them with Yokohama Avid TRZ tires. Now, my TCH has 32K miles, rides like a dream, is as quiet as a church, and after keeping meticulous records for all those miles, have averaged 37.102 MPG. Hope this helps anyone with noise issues in what is otherwise a marvelous vehicle. Good luck!
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Thanks for the info! I'll give it a try. My car was built in Japan as well, I was actually hoping it would be built better than the first cars coming out of Kentucky, but it hasn't been the case. I'm beginning to think the fit and finish in the new GM cars is better than this Camry! Certainly the last Hyundai I rode in was put together better than my car.

    Well, hopefully they'll fix this- I heard a new buzzing sound above my left ear today- they just keep coming!

  • pacamry1pacamry1 Posts: 6
    Interesting to read your comments about the rattles on the hybrid model. I have suffered similar issues with my 07 SE, an annoyance on an otherwise great car. It's worse in cold weather. Dealer hesitant to employ service pack (I mentioned this to them after reading these posts - great information here!!) as it requires taking apart the whole dash. They've replaced the plastic clips mentioned in this series of posts. So far so good, but the weather is also warmer! Now the moonroof also rattles. Car only has 14K miles on it.

    I've owned several Toyotas and this is my second Camry. I'm usually impressed with the build quality but this Camry is a disappointment. Wish I had bought one of the new Malibus instead, for less money.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I just had the dash done. The had to take apart the whole dashboard and replace some clips and put in some foam insulation. Finally, after a year, no dash rattles!

    Unfortunately, now I can hear rattles from the B pillars and the center console squeak!

    While I am happy with the car as a whole, I too am disappointed with Toyota's quality control. I hope Toyota watches their backs because they're going to be passed by Hyundai!!!!

  • pacamry1pacamry1 Posts: 6
    Update to my previous post, I had to have the dash taken out and new insulation put in. Dealer was hesittant to do it, but after two days when other fixes didn't work they finally did the repair. No noise - Finally!! Quality fit and finish on interior of my 07 camry is worst I have seen in five Toyotas I have owned. Toyota had better get a handle on this.
  • tshuntertshunter Posts: 1
    Is there a way to get the Vin#s that were included in the service bulletin?
  • eric64eric64 Posts: 1
    My THC has 35k miles with no problems, but yesterday while driving a steady 60mph I heard two loud thumps seemingly from the roof. There were no cars or trucks anywhere near me, so I stopped and looked at the roof and trunk; no dents. No change in driving. I continued on and an hour later as I sat in downtown traffic, not moving, it happened again; two loud thumps very close together seemingly from the roof area. I had nothing in the trunk or back seat. Now that it has happened twice, I am nervous; once driving, once sitting still. Could it be a battery problem? Still no change in driving ability or mileage.
  • sibbaldsibbald Posts: 106
    Thankyou so much! I have a July 2007 Hybrid (Japan built) and love the car. The only problem is the dash squeaks and rattles that are so annoying. Today I decided to search my favour site, Edmonds and came up with this post. I called my dealer (I'm in Canada) and they first denied any knowledge of this service bulletin. I wasn't rude but they must have got the message that I wasn't happy b/c a short time later I received a phone call from the service manager. They now acknowledge this service bulletin and my car qualifies. I hope to have the work done within the next month. I purchased out of town due to the wait list. Thanks again, I would not have had any idea without your help! Cheers, Tom - Victoria
  • pacamry1pacamry1 Posts: 6
    Great to hear! My dealer in the U.S. didn't want to do the service bulletin work at first because it involved taking out the dash, replacing the clamps and re-insulating. But what a difference after they did the work!! My 07 SE-V6 is now as quiet and smooth as a Toyota should be. Cheers,
    GH, Pennsylvania
  • jrthomjrthom Posts: 1
    We purchased a 2008 Camry Hybrid in October which just recently turned 7000 miles. A few days ago, we began to hear a high-pitched chirping noises when hitting small and large bumps in the road. Though the noises were apparently coming from the interior battery air vent, the fact they were made as we drove over bumps made me suspect they were related to the suspension or shocks. We didn't begin to hear them until we had driven about 60 miles, and the next day didn't hear them in the morning but they returned in the afternoon. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I'm taking it into the dealer tomorrow but assume they won't hear anything.
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Hello orbiter,

    Thank you for this detailed info. I have been having the squeaks and was wondering what to do about these..

    More importantly, the OEM tires on my car wore out at 19,000 miles, and I am completely baffled. I had replaced OEM tires on my last camry (2000) at 44,000 miles, and I own a 2005 Sienna with 33,000 miles, and still another 10,000 miles to go on the tires before they need replacement.

    Additionally I was getting my maintenence work done at "the largest toyota dealer in Wisconsin" and a few weeks earlier, I went for a tire rotation, and noticed they did not rotate the tires as thay claimed they did, and charged me (one of the tires have crub rash-part of winter driving). I also noticed all the tires are more worn on the outside, than the inside, and the dealer (who has been rotating these tires) never mentioned anything ever.

    At this point, my question is is there any oint in going back to the dealer and complaining, or I should just suck it up? Also I would like the thoughts of other members of this forum as to what they think aobut writing to Toyota about the poor quality of these tires..

    Anyoned else had similar experiences?

    Thanks SJ
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Yeah, I'd go back to the dealer and point out the work they didn't do. It could have been a mistake. At least get back the money you paid. If the tires were worn rotating them may have been pointless anyway.

    Sure, write Toyota about the OEM tires. They didn't get to be #1 by ignoring their customers.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    Guess I was fortunate that my dealer put Michelin's on my car as they lasted over 44,000 miles before I changed them for another set of Michelin's. My dealer was having a 4 for 3 tire promotion. With installation it came out $60 more than if I purchased 4 from and had them installed.

    Called them back and said if you can drop the price $60 I would have them install it... they agreed.
  • pacamry1pacamry1 Posts: 6
    I've had the same experience - the dealer will match tire rack price to get your business. Take the tire rack quote to the service manager and he/she will work with you.

    I have 22K on my '07 Camry SE, Michelins in great shape and still have many miles to go on them. I rotate every 5K miles.
  • jayjjayj Posts: 1
    Love my new TCH, have it for 9 months now, you get what you expect from Toyota! Started to use my aux/mp3 player recently and the sound is incredible. However, the rear window vent rattles with the base even at normal levels. Did anyone else have this issue and if so, what was the fix?
  • marvapmarvap Posts: 1
    I live in North Texas. Bought my 07 Camry Hybrid in April of 2007. Ever since I have had the car, there are squeeks,rattles, clunks.They did replace the side door panel on the passenger side(I did not even hear that one). Replaced rubber molding on my driver side and replaced the groove that has the sunroof. Every time I take it to a dealer, they NEVER hear the noises. One dealer refused to even attempt unless he could hear a rattle(that dearler was 45 miles away). Just took it back, they showed me the paperwork that had been done on it. Everything that came out in the press releases had been done. However, he is ordering all new replacement molding for the dash and clips. Should be here next week. At least they are trying. If this does not work, I am selling the car. I have had enough as my husband has too. I do love the car, but something is terribly wrong with it. I did have a 97 Avalon XLS and it never had these problems. I guess I am going with GM after this.
  • I'm not looking for a diagnosis per say (though suggestions would be helpful), but how would everyone recommend to address this with Toyota.

    I have a ~7k mile Camry Hyrbid purchased in 5/08. It's been doing well until two days ago when I stopped abruptly (ABS engaged) but no accident and all of a sudden the car makes a new noise.

    The noise is a higher pitched whine ONLY when the gas and electric motor are both engaged at higher RPMS (I'm guessing around 3000-4000 as there is no tachometer).

    I've run it by the service tech who says it is a "normal" sound. I've been driving my car for 7k miles and I can tell you 100% for sure this is not a normal sound. I"m at an impasse with the dealer and would like to escalate it to the next level as I'm extremely frustrated.

    Does anyone have a good resource for contacting Toyota on a more corporate or regional level other than the "Customer Experience Center" at 1-800-331-4331? I'm in Philadelphia, PA.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,758
    I'm guessing since you haven't gone above the dealer level yet, that the first thing that's going to happen is that you'll be sent back to the dealer no matter who you call.

    And while I understand your concern that it's not a normal sound, you have to consider the possibility that it is and that you're simply now aware of it. I have the same sensitivity to changes sounds in my vehicles and it drives me crazy at times. Get the car checked out and it gets a clean bill of heath, so I eventually come to grips with the need to not focus on it. (Although I still worry a bit)

    From your description of "running it by" the service tech, it sounds like that was on the order of taking a ride in it and him saying it's normal. Since you said the event involved the ABS, that would be my starting point.

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  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Did the tech just listen and conclude the sound was normal or did he do a computer scan to verify normal operation? If not, I'd first try to get them to do that. A polite conversation with the service manager should get him to accommodate you. If still not resolved, get the phone number for the zone office and start there. I think, but don't have handy, it's listed in your warranty book, which also includes some "dispute resolution" advice. Good luck.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I have an '09, and there indeed is a whine from the electric motor, but not while accelerating under moderate to heavy as you describe.

    What you need to do is schedule a road trip with the CERTIFIED hybrid technician, not the service manager! You do the driving and point out exactly what you hear, when you hear it and tell him or her that you did not hear that sound until the day you had to do a panic stop. Then if he says it is normal, find out if they have another hybrid on the lot and prove it one way or another with a road test in it. This is the only way you will get any service done if you believe there is something wrong. Just keep in mind, warranty work does not pay the bills at the dealership, and most are reluctant to spend the time needed for a repair of this nature.

    Now for My car, 2009 TCH, I get wind noise on the drivers side, does anyone else have this? I also have a sticky sun roof.
  • My 2009 TCH has the same problem. Sticky sunroof. Bring it back to the dealer and they will fix it. It was an alignment issue. Wind noise on the driver side. It is come and go for me. I just notice that the noise is gone if I turn off the air vent at the left hand side close to the window. I am thinking it is the fresh air vent from the outside that make the noise? I may be wrong. :)
  • trichtrich Posts: 1
    have a 08 THC about same mileage, same problem. Had to demand tech ride with me and he admitted to hearing it. Right front wheel bearing was bad and had to be replaced.
  • pdxsk8pdxsk8 Posts: 8
    A couple days ago my wife started up our 2007 Hybrid Camry with ~30,000 miles which we keep in the garage and after the usual delay the gas engine started up but it was accompanied by a loud fluttering or flapping sound and the vehicle was shaking. For safety and to limit any damage, she shut the car off after a few seconds of this.

    I looked under the hood and couldn't find any obvious problems (belts, oil level) however I also didn't really know what to look for.

    Later that day I tried turning the car on and this time we recorded it. The same thing happened. We were pretty concerned and had it towed to the dealer. Of course once it got to the dealer service, the problem had disappeared! They couldn't find anything error codes and no mechanical problems after 2 days and apparently 3 technicians checking it out. They said come pick up the car, but we are worried if this poses any sort of safety problem.

    So here is the video...and you'll want to focus on the audio...any idea what is wrong that the service center wouldn't be able to find?

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