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Infiniti FX35 Real World MPG



  • I believe virtually everyone recognizes ethanol as simply another way to throw hundreds of millions of taxpayer or borrowed dollars out the Washington window.

    The 2010 specifies 91 octane; are you running on 87 counting on the octane increase of ethanol or were the 2008s an 87 octaneengine?

    And remember, the mileage hit on the ethanol portion of your gallon is just that: if you have 10% of a gallon be ethanol, and the penalty is 5% mileage, it's only a 5% penalty on 10% of your gallon. The other 90% of your gallon will get full mileage. So if you got 20 mpg on gas, you would get 18 miles on the 90% of the gallon that is gas, and you would get 1.9 more miles (instead of 2) for a total of 19.9 miles per gallon on that gallon which is 10% ethanol.

    Unless of course the ethanol screws up the performance of the gas it is mixed with in which case I am stupid and should be ignored.
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