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Toyota RAV4 Real World MPG



  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    edited March 2011
    I was under the impression that the 2.5 liter was introduced in the '09 RAV4s,and models before that used the 2.4L.

    Lots of things can contribute to good or poor mileage. Our RAV4 is primarily driven by my wife. She generally averages 22+ mpg commuting the 24 mile round trip miles to work, plus local running around. I generally better that by 2+ mpg.

    Where she drives 65-75 when possible, I drive 55-65 mph. She gets 27ish on the freeway and I get more in the 30-32 mpg under the same conditions. While she leaves her foot on the throttle until the last minute when approaching a stop then braking rather hard, I coast to it and need very little brake pedal. While she accelerates to get back up to speed going up hill, I maintain speed and gain the speed going down the next hill on on the flat . She also tends to run close to the car ahead, requiring a lot of getting on and off the throttle.

    Try to remember that using the brakes waste fuel, And the more often and harder the breaking, the more fuel is burned. The major difference between hyway mileage and local driving is the use of the brakes. And of course idle time.

    Here is a good example of mileage differences. We took a trip of 100+ miles each way.
    Giong, the traffic was light and the temp was in the 70s. AC was not used. I drove the posted speed limits in the local portions and set the cruise on 55 on the freeway. Occasionally running the speed up to 65 for a couple of minutes while going down hill. Mileage according to the dash gauge was 35 mpg.

    Coming back, Used the AC, drove 5 mph over the posted limits and set the cruise on 65 with the occational run up to 75. Mileage was more like 30 mpg.

    Calculated mileage at the pump, end of trip, yielded something like the mid 32 MPH range for the entire 200+ miles.

    I expect that the mileage at a consistent 75 X-Way, 5 over local, and AC on all the time would have been more in the 25-27 mpg range.

  • When I back out of my drive way (in reverse), or when driving and press the brakes, sometimes I hear a grinding noise like the brake pads are worn. I took the car to get checked and the brake pads are okay (front and rear).

    Has anyone else had this problem.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Both the RAV4 and the Honda Ridgeline make a scraping noise when backing out of the garage and/or using the brakes the first time after the car has sat for a period of time, like over night. Worst if it has been raining.

    As far as I can tell, it is the light rust that has formed on the rotors while the car was just sitting. The pads are always touching the rotors a bit whether you are using the brakes or not. So as the wheels first start rolling the pads scrape the rust off. If you use the brakes, first thing, the noise will be louder.

    You can see the rotors by looking through the "spokes" of the wheels. When you get out of the car, after driving, the rotors will be shiny. The next morning they may have a light coating of rust.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Exactly correct, barbara51. Although I once owned a Buick that sometimes had a little rust on the rotors, it never made that scraping noise. Harmless either way, in my experience. Makes you wonder about the quality of those RAV4 rotors, though.
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    I do not want to make excuses for Toyota but I have a 08 Tacoma that gets 21mpg in the summer but only gets 17-18 in the winter. My friendly non Toyota Mechanic who also has a Toyota tells me that Toyota's do not do well for MPG in cold weather. He says that it might be the fuel additives or the sensors that decide the fuel mixture.
  • 25.8mpg on daily commute into DC today. No a/c on and 2/3s rural roads with 1/3 downtown DC traffic. Max speed was 60mph on the open roads. Remember the drag is exponential with the increase in speed.
  • All i have to say to you is , hopefully your wife does not read this thread :)
  • I wasn't expecting a lot, but at least an improvement over my 2000 VW Passat 6 cyl, which averaged 24 mpg.
    2012 Rav 4, 4 cyl, 4wd disengaged, over 85% (flat) hwy miles, 7000 miles since july (2012) is averaging 23.5 mpg. And it's louder, rougher and accelerates like crap compared to the VW. Thank G-d it's only a 3 yr lease. Can't wait to be rid of it.
    I knew i'd be losing the passat refinements but expected a gain in mpg.
    My cars:
    3 corollas 80's - 90's, 1 camry 90's, 1 jetta wagen, 1 passat wagon. maybe a c-max is next...
  • I have a Rav 4, it is the worst car I have ever owned... I get between 18 & 22 mph and it is a little 4 rid of my Honda minivan to get better gas mileage...MISTAKE I am getting worse mileage with the Rav YYYYUUKKK and like you said the darn thing rides like a lumber wagon and it is just 2 wheel drive... If I were you I would not get the C-Max from what I have Consumers Guide say about that car...
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    My wife manages 23-24 mpg since 2009 and 30K miles with her 2wd Rav4 (4cyl). She definitely is no Hyper-miler! A 24 mile RT commute to work daily with plenty of traffic lights and moderate traffic. Then on weekends she does lots of "garage sale" shopping and other short trips.

    We've taken several trips in it and usually run the posted speed limits. Generally we get 31-33 mpg using the AC and cruise on North Georgia rolling hills.

    The Rav4 pushes more air and likely weighs more than the VW you refer to.
    You also have 4wd which will consume a bit more fuel, whether it is engaged or not.

    The wife's is the "Sport" model and does ride rough.

    If we had gotten 4wd, it would have also included the V6 engine.

  • I feel the same way with my 05 2.4L 4WD Rav4. It gets the same overall milage (21-23) as my 03 3.5L Maxima. On the highway when speed is above 60mph, it actually gets worse milage (3-5mpg lower) than the Maxima.

    I'm keeping an eye on the Mazda CX5 as a potential replacement.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Consumer Report sure seems to like the CX5.
  • Yeah.

    I understand that it has a much smaller engine with lower hp and torque. But I'm not dragracing anyone. I just need a small SUV that has a capable AWD system and better FE. So far, the CX5 seems to fit the requirement.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    My wife had a 95 Maxima. Purchased new, when they first hit the dealers. It was such an improvement over the 94s.

    Interesting that, with the 3.5, the HP was rated at 190 and required Premium fuel.

    Seems her '09 RAV4 has 170hp from the 2.4l four banger on regular fuel.

    It certainly doesn't run as strong as that Maxima did, but the fuel mileage is slightly better with the RAV4. Bout the best we could get from the Maxima was 21 local and 28 Hyway. Of course we (I) probably ran the Maxima a bit harder! ;)

  • kjtg1kjtg1 Posts: 12
    2013 rav4 first tank 24.46 mpg.
  • quarksterquarkster Posts: 13
    New 2012 V6 FWD, slightly over 1K miles on odometer, getting around 23-24 MPG in city & heavy stop-n-go daily commute, a little over 28 MPG at 70 MPG on clear freeways. Fuel consumption will almost certainly continue to improve as driveline gets fully broken-in. On our 1998 Camry and 2000 4Runner, fuel consumption continued to gradually improve until full break-in was achieved at ~6-8k miles. 270HP V6 acceleration is shocking in a vehicle this light, and engine is turning less than 2k RPM at 70 MPH.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    This is interesting, I came across this old thread by mistake and didnt remember it. I had to add that Mythbusters tested MPG and AC and if I remember right the AC and windows open without AC. The AC actually was slightly better If I recall the episode. No way in hell do I drive a car with windows closed in Florida.

    Also you can adjust your driving habits and really crank out MPG, I drove to GA one year with my Santa Fe and on cruise I got 30 MPG if I set the cruise say at 58 miles per hour for hours of driving. If I went like 60 MPH it could drop the MPG by 5% easily.

    The funny thing is recently, I drove from the dealership to home it was about a twenty mile drive. I reset the MPG indicator on the SUV. I basically set the cruise to like 40-45 and somehow missed every light. I was totally amazed to make it all the way home with 29 MPG.

    I read how some people in Prious can push their MPG to like 100 by doing all kinds of tricks while driving. They would coast or drive so they didnt stop at lights etc.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    edited November 2013
    2nd tank computer recorded 45.2MPG (ECO mode on) 52-58mph highway miles. City is at least 35+MPG. I bought it new under 200 miles.
  • I have a 2006 Rav4 Sport 4cyl 2WD and I have NEVER gotten above 25MPG regardless of the fuel used. I purchased the vehicle in 2006 w/5k on the clock and I now have 106000. My most recent mixed driving using 89 Octane fuel was just UNDER 20MPG. I do better than that in my 1998 BMW 740i. LOL
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