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Toyota RAV4 Real World MPG



  • Curvigurl: You don't say what RAV4 model you have (4 vs. v-6, or 2wd or AWD) nor do you say what kind of driving you are doing such as local, stop and go, all highway, etc. , but the mileage you are getting seems to be within EPA's estimates (20-27 mpg for a 4 and 19-27 for a v-6). If your car only has 1500 miles on it, the mpg will probably improve 1 or so mpg after 6 - 10K miles. Short trips, stop and go, will really pull numbers down. My V-6 AWD with 10K is getting 21 to 22 local, and about 24-27 highway. Our local driving is pretty good because we don't have a lot of stop and go on our daily commutes.

    As far as a Honda - I think if you check the CRV forum you will find about the same #'s as folks reporting on the RAV4 forum. I have seen some 07 CRVers claiming 17-18 in stop and go, and as high as 29-30 on the highway. CRV EPA is 20/26.

    One final thought, at $3.00 per gallon gas, the difference between 21 vs 25 mpg over 100,000 miles is $2, 285 dollars. Selling your RAV and losing the initial depreciation is probably not financially sound.
  • bay26bay26 Posts: 3
    Recently purchased a 07 Rav4 4cyl AWD with 3rd roll seating. I believe the 3rd roll added 300 or more lbs to the vehicle. So far, I drove about 2K miles. I mainly drive local(NYC). So the low mileage is not surprising. The highest i ever got was 26 MPG on purely Highway. I average about 18-20 MPG in city(60%) and highway(40%). My tire pressure is at 32 and i am light on the gas pedal. I'm wondering if the added weight due to the 3rd roll have something to do with the low average MPG. In any case, i love the Rav4, it's a nice utility vehicle.

    Anyone out there i can compare MPG with? Would appreciate the response. Thanks!!
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Revised "real world" EPA ratings for your configuration are 20 city/25 highway...sounds like you are right where you should be.

    BTW 300 pounds would cost you 1 mpg at most...even for a 3rd "roll".
  • bay26bay26 Posts: 3
    Under the Revised "real world" EPA ratings, I'm getting about 18 MPG on city driving. That's 2 MPG below average. That's $6 bucks on every refuel. So it seems 3rd roll may have something to do with it.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    3rd doesn't weigh 300 lbs. On 2004-2007 Highlanders, an optional 3rd row only adds 50 lbs, so it is very doubtful a RAV4 3rd row weighs 300 lbs.
  • bay26bay26 Posts: 3
    According to Toyota website:

    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating -- GVWR (lb.) (2WD/4WD)

    4-cylinder models 4430/4535

    with third-row seats 4730/4865

    That's 330lbs extra for a V4 AWD with 3rd roll. Back to my question of loosing 2MPG because this. Anybody out there that can confirm this?
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    GVWR is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - weight of the car PLUS passengers and cargo. 3rd row seat allows for two more passengers, or about 300+ lbs.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    First the good news - there seems to be a "break-in effect" on mpg. Passing 4,000 miles, I noticed a smoother running engine, and an average of 24 mpg per fillup, up from about 22 mpg when the car was new. We're talking equal miles of NYC traffic, suburban short hops and highway runs. In traffic it seems to get about 22mpg. Now for the bad news - this SUV/Crossover is a brick on the highway with lots of drag - how else to explain the 26 mpg or so I'm getting [EPA rates it at 23/27 mpg]? The I4 engine, which SEEMS efficient [165 hp from only 144 cubic inches] has trouble dragging that body through the air at highway speeds, without using too much gas. Very disappointing. Has anyone out there seen 30 mpg? A little disclosure, to show that designing for high mpg is not all science. My other vehicle is an '04 Buick Rendezvous FWD. It has a 3.4L 12-valve pushrod engine and it weighs 500 lbs more than my RAV4, yet it averages 24mpg and tops 30mpg on the highway. And, it's no streamliner. True, no AWD either, but still.....
  • I'll add my experience to the mix. I took my '07 FWD V6 LTD from Atlanta, GA to NJ and back over the holidays. I started the trip with 1100 miles on the odometer. I averaged 27 MPG with an average hwy speed of 70 mph. I am getting 24 MPG around town.

  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Thanks, cfreas1. You confirm my suspicion that the V6 will actually use LESS gas than the I4, especially on the highway. Sounds like you have a nice light foot around town, too.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    It's worth noting that the new "real world" 2008 EPA rating for the AWD 4 cylinder is 20 mpg city, 25 mpg highway, so it seems you are about where the powers that be expect. They changed how they estimate mpg because the old system was usually too optimistic.

    The 2008 V6 AWD EPA rating is 19 city, 26 highway. One more reason I could not resist the V6...

    Nothing wrong with pushrod engines, a big 'ol Buick LeSabre gets 29-30 highway with a 3.8 liter pushrod engine.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    For the record, my '04 Rendezvous was rated 19/26 mpg using the old "optimistic" EPA methods. I thought the 23/27 EPA rating for my '07 RAV4 AWD WAS using the new method. And, yes, that old 3.8 GM pushrod V6 is/was very efficient. My '02 Regal LS routinely topped 30mpg.
  • cbond1cbond1 Posts: 7
    Just got a 2007 Limited 2WD I4 with 11.5K. First tank- 315 miles/29.8mpg. Mostly in town, though not city. Some highway, about 40miles. Thought this wasn't bad since I'm coming off a 1995 Chevy Blazer with a V6 and getting about 18 at best.
  • My wife and I each have a Limited V6 4WD RAV. Hers is a '07, mine a '08. She has 17,000miles mine has 900. She was getting 22mpg in mixed driving and I was getting 20. We swapped cars and I am still getting 20 in hers. She is getting 22 driving my car. She is a more efficient driver. We live in west Houston and are hoping MPG improves once I10 construction is complete.
  • cbond1cbond1 Posts: 7
    Just got my 2007 Rav Limited 2wd I4 last month. Second tank of gas 264 miles/26.7 mpg. This is mostly suburban driving,under 60 mph no A/C.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Very interesting information...confirms what I have always suspected about driving styles.
  • since winter has been here, my milage has tanked. Anybody else showing big drops in milage for cold weather and any fixes?
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    You and your RAV4 are not alone - cold [below freezing] weather costs me about 3mpg as measured at fillup [miles divided by gallons]. '07 4cyl AWD.
  • Agreed - Cold weather plus additives in Colorado gas for winter driving affects all autos. That's why I can't wait for spring ;-)
  • on Tuesday. V6 2008 AWD 5AT Base with 3rd row (a joke!)
    I had to take it back Wednesday, when the Washer fluid wouldn't squirt. (It was about minus 15 Celsius overnight).
    Sure enough, someone (the Japanese, the service manager was quick to say) had added water to the bottle!
    I had to leave the RAV overnight so that it would thaw, and the dealership rented a car for me (2008 Camry - nice, but I wouldn't trade!). I got the phone call at 9:00 a.m. this morning, and picked up my RAV.
    Lovely! Everything worked!
    I'll put some kilometres/miles on it and then do some careful checking for gas consumption, before I post. My wife and daughter are taking a trip to the East coast in the summer, so the results of that should be interesting, although they will drive in Toronto, Montreal (shudder) and Quebec City.
    This is an excellent thread. Here's my two-cents: I've been driving since 1959, and I've always believed that the way you drive is the biggest factor in mpg.
  • Try that windshield washer stuff with de-icer in it. I always fill mine. Even when I get an oil change I ask them to NOT put in washer fluid. I am using the RainX de-icer stuff now that keeps the rain off the windshield during the rain. Nice feature.
  • Where do you live, and how cold does it get in the winter?
    It was 0 F at 6:45 this morning (it's now a balmy 35 F), but we do experience minus 25 - 30F from time to time. The coldest I've seen it in 38 years was minus 40 F. The block heater was plugged in overnight, and the engine started, albeit reluctantly, but I had to use both hands to move the gearshift, and everything groaned when I started to move the car. I stayed home!
    My location is Barrie, 50 miles north of Toronto.
  • jb347jb347 Posts: 7
    2008 I4, FWD
    1st tank: 24.74 mpg
    2nd tank: 25.19 mpg

    Mixed city/highway, cold weather...
  • kruiserkruiser Posts: 1
    My '08-RAV4-V6-2WD has 7000 miles. MPG was ~22.5 (city+hwy, regular gas, 2 paasengers, no A/C) till I changed my driving habit lately. Now for the last 3 tanks, mine averaged 26 MPG, just by reducing speed to 65-70, using c/control whenever possible, and minimizing lane changes! Go easy and save gas; it's safe n comfy.
  • hank119hank119 Posts: 39
    Rav4 V6 -2WD is brand new . First tankful is 25.243 mpg. About 50% highway.
    Drove carefully to conserve gas. Drove at 65mph on Interstate using cruise control.

    I was surprised at the result because our car came with a bug deflector attached to hood and a wind deflector in front of the moon roof. I thought these would reduce our mileage.
    I imagine Toyota spends a great deal of money to reduce drag of the vehicle by careful design of the body shape. The dealer sticks these things on the vehicle to jack up the price and screws up the airflow.
    I'm wondering if anyone has any of these gadgets installed and knows of their effect on mileage.
    I plan to keep these items on for a few tankfuls and then remove them to see if there is any difference in mileage.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Compared to, say, a Camry, with the same drivetrain, the RAV4 uses more gas and I have to think that some of that is due to the RAV's chunkier shape. That said, there is a breakin effect - it's taken me 8K to finally exceed 30MPG with my AWD I4. This happened on a nice flat run from NYC to Montauk - flat ground, mild weather, no A/C and 60 MPH on CC. There's a lot of MPG in your right foot, for sure.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Chunkier shape and I assume more weight account for most if not all of the difference. The faster you go the more the shape will matter.

    FWIW I just got back from a trip, got 28.2 mpg with a V6 AWD 2008.
  • ces1938ces1938 Posts: 61
    The lack of aerodynamics is part of the problem, the way it sets up off the ground and there is air turbulence under car also...But you are very lucky to be getting that kind of gas mileage.... count your self lucky
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Well quite a few people have reported highway mileage that good. My version is rated at 26 highway. On a similar trip over Memorial weekend I got 26 mpg, but that trip included more dirt road driving.

    Hard to beat a vehicle that can tow 3500 lbs and get 26 mpg or better...(not simultaneously of course ;) )
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