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Backward Tach

Donovan2201Donovan2201 Posts: 1
edited September 17 in Chrysler
my 96 Sebring JXi convertible roasted the odometer resistors on the instrument panel on several occasions. I replaced the panels and apparently the problem too. Now i have a tach that intermittently works backwards for a few minutes, then acts normal until the engine is stopped, then sometimes it works backwards on restart, or maybe not. (don't you just love intermittent problems) . Could this be a ground issue? The battery is fairly new, and it is "conveniently"located in a compartment behind the left front wheel-well. I am beginning to suspect the electrode extensions Chrysler uses to facilitate jumping the engine. Am I on the right track, or do I need to consult that funny looking mechanic with the pointy hat that's got the moon and stars on it?
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