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Dodge Charger: Real World MPG



  • rico1217rico1217 Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about buying a SXT with the 3.6 engine, 8 speed transmission and AWD. Does anyone have any updated information regarding gas mileage that I can expect with this configuration?
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    Drove 150 miles roundtrip in my 2011 R/T AWD Charger from Rochester, NY to Buffalo and back. Going out I averaged 24.9mpg with a crosswind and 85F temperature. Coming back I averaged 28mpg with no wind and 91F temperature. Cruise control was set to 74mph both times. My car is modified with a K&M CAI. This is the best gas mileage I have seen so far.
  • johnjjjohnjj Posts: 81
    Can you give us an update? What are you getting for gas MPG with your 3.6, 8 speed?
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