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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • Perhaps it took out the power steering. That could cause problems especially if serpentine belt connected ripped.
  • 2004crv2004crv Posts: 6
    It felt like a tire was blowing out but that feeling went away before I could get pulled over about 2 miles. Then only the AC wasn't working and today the dealer said it safe to drive it. I submitted a call to American Honda a little while ago and got a case number. He reminded me that I had a 36,000mi warranty which is exhausted.
    They are going to call me in 48 hours.
  • My CRV is is almost 3 years old in October. The A/C went out first traveling from Dallas to Seattle for a family cruise to Alaska. I was in Rawlings Wyoming and drove on to Seattle. On the return, I was hoping to get it repaired in Denver. But in Pendleton Oregon there was a noise and the bearing went out. While they (Honda) say you can and should be able to drive it as long as the A/C is not engaged and therefore the clutch engaged, be cautious if not close to home. It worked for about 1200 miles before disaster. I caution that Honda parts for this are in short supply. In my case the parts took a week.

    I was out of warranty, but had problems on my record with the A/C unit in first 3 months. I called American Honda and while they will claim out of warranty and they stated they extended a good offer (50% they would cover on the repair) I stayed on them an plead my case. There are 1700 + complaints here. I suspect a class action is pending.I argued with my AH person that while they could try to argue their case, I really felt they needed t be better at customer service. We have 8 Honda's between family members and that this CRV does not stand up against other products. She argued Honda's case on warranty. I stated did she think it was fair that as an owner not to expected repair parts in the logistic stystem so I could get it repaired within 24 hours (it took a week). I argued I had to leave the car 2000 miles from my house, parts were in short supply no doubt due to this problem, and I was facing expenses to retrieve the car, when I shouldhave been able to stay he evening and get back on the road with the car the next day for another 2-1/2 day trip.

    AH did finally accept to pay 100% of the repair. I am awaiting my car via car carrier on Wednesday August 25th. The car broke down on the 6th of August. It will cost $800 to ship. But flying there which is not easy as it's 200 miles from Portland OR and driving with hotel and gas would have cost about the same or more.Of course if parts were available on something with known defects, I would not have this transport expense.

    30 to 40 years ago we avoided foreign cars because if you broke down in parts of the states you were at great risk getting parts. Go figure it would be the same today.

    I recommend telling friends not to buy Honda until the automaker steps up and covers these known defects and takes action to assure parts are readily available in the system. You can tell something about a company by the way they treat their customers and actions when things are not going well.
  • I just bought a new 2010 CRV and now have come across this site. I have to admit it's making me nervous. Has this problem been solved? I also have a 2007 Odyssey. Does the Odyssey have the same problem. It's about to run out of warranty. Should I look into extending the warranty? Thanks.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,505
    >Does the Odyssey have the same problem.

    You'll want to check this Edmunds topic about Odysseys.

    Odyssey Transmission Failures

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • 2004crv2004crv Posts: 6
    Everybody is reporting widely different prices on what Honda is willing to do on goodwill!
    They finally got back to me with a 60/40 split I pay the 60% which comes to $1900 and I really cant see doing it just to have the same thing need repaired 30,000 miles later. When they only give 1 year 12,000 on the repair. This is a good ole screwing if you ask me! I'm going to trade mine in on a Ford Escape and never look back.

    The American Honda rep I talked to said the internet just makes the problem seem bigger than it is and that out of millions of these cars on the road only a small few have issues.
    I wish I knew how many people have had the AC problems!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited August 2010
    Grass isn't always greener...
    Check out this link. Some Fords have the same Black Death symptoms as the Honda compressors.

    I think what is very important is for us to collectively determine which replacement compressor has the potential for a normal lifespan. That's why I urge everyone to post the specifics of either completed or even quoted repairs. Once we get a few names we can Google to find out which compressors don't break piston rings inside.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    edited August 2010
    "I just bought a new 2010 CRV and now have come across this site. I have to admit it's making me nervous. Has this problem been solved? I also have a 2007 Odyssey. Does the Odyssey have the same problem. It's about to run out of warranty. Should I look into extending the warranty? Thanks. "

    The problem is with the Gen 2 (2002-2006 models). I haven't seen a lot of traffic on the Gen 3. I think they must have redesigned the compressor.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,969
    "The American Honda rep I talked to said the internet just makes the problem seem bigger than it is and that out of millions of these cars on the road only a small few have issues."

    Sounds to me like Honda is going retro as in Detroit management of yesteryear. It's bad enough that it now has a Consumers Report full black dot. But worse, Honda doesn't appear to have made any effort to improve the overpriced replacement parts since a lot of people seem to be having repeat incidents. As I read these and the Ody issues, I think it is only a matter of time before they join Toyota in losing their premium market image. Detroit opened the door to Japan and now Japan may be opening the door to Korea. No one learns anything from history.
  • mrlenmrlen Posts: 1
    My crv's ac unit experienced a total failure when bringing my son to ind univ. It is a. 2007. Owned hondas since 1991. Very disappointing. The firestone in bloomington quoted 1500. Ask to close ticket, and 200 lost. Now to do battle with a honda. We have a relationship with a dealer in crystal lake, il. Should we start there or go directly 2 ah. Of course car is out of warranty with 80k.
  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    " Ask to close ticket, and 200 lost." what does this mean?
  • Well good to know Honda finally has repair parts back in the logistic system. My 07 blew the compressor , froze the bearing with under 60k miles. I had to leave it 2000 miles away because no parts available for a week. AH finally after a week of negotiations covered the repair. Of course I had the cost of transport. The $1500 seems to be a good price for the 07 and above. The earlier models are reporting $3200 in repairs. So I guess they found a way to make them fail for cheaper and yours last longer 80k miles. You probably use it lss. I swear the MTBF is around 30 to 36 months.

    Caution, never take this car out of State or Town, you just know it will have problems. I think Honda has reached a point that they wish to become the next Toyota. As someone put it earlier. It looks like the Korean's are making Japan the next Detroit. If you cannot produce quality or step up to the problem when you know it exists, you don't deserve the market share. They clearly know this is a problem. They typically are picking up 50% of the cost. They should be finding a replacement product and when these breakdown cover the whole cost.

    I am sure the Class Action suit will be finding it's way throg the courts on this. :lemon: Like you owned several Honda's this will be the last. Dealers are great, but AH is putting them in a bind.
  • My compressor went out this month. 1,850.00 in repairs estimated. Honda Motor Co of America rep. told me to take ownership! It was my problem. I have a case number and have since join the class action law suit.
  • I will aviod the mentioned compressor . Question? Should I replace the condenser or just the Drier descicant when I over haul the 02 cr-V a/c.

  • Just returned from a trip from Richmond, VA to Hilton Head, SC. Went thru areas of 108 degree heat including the heat index. Upon our return to Richmond - the next day - the relay blew and the compressor exploded.

    Its a 2002 CR-V with 95,000 miles.

    Our repairman used to work for a dealer - now runs his own business. He said when he worked for a dealer, he was repairing this every week. And this repair happened so frequently, that Honda would cover all costs.

    I called Honda and they said Honda would cover nothing.

    Called local dealer (that our serviceman used to work for) and they said they had just done a repair for someone else with 44,000 miles and that it was $3,600. But that since the 2002 model, Honda had improved the design of the components.

    Still..I'm stuck with a possible $3,600 repair bill. Seem to me that Honda now realizes its a bad design on the older vehicles but they no longer help the owners out. I contacted the Center for Auto Safety and may follow their instructions on how to file a complaint with Honda. Anyone want to join with me to do this?
  • I wonder if you are the original owner of your 2002 or if this could possibly be a repeat repair? Do you know? Mine blew on my 2002 at 42,000 miles in 2006. Honda covered 100% of the repair and, at the time, it made me think Honda was great for covering it out-of-warranty. Now, with so many people reporting repeat failures, I drive around in the Georgia summer heat without using the AC. It is ridiculous and I have soured on Honda for not coming clean on the extent of the problem and whether there is a real fix for it. I filed a complaint years ago with the Center for Highway Safety. At the point of failure, my AC clutch fell off and went spinning across the road. Some people think the AC problem is not safety-related, but when parts fall off a 4-year-old car, that is a hazard.
  • Curious which Honda dealer you contacted. I'm guessing West Broad Honda. I called all the local dealers, and ended up getting the repair done at Rule Honda in Staunton. Their labor rates are much better than in Richmond. I think the parts for the entire system (Kit C) ran about $2100.

    Mine is a 2003 CR-V with 105,000 when it blew in July.
  • I just came across this site and I'm not the only one with this problem.
    We have a 2004 CR-V and about a year ago the a/c went out. My daughter drives it and has been ok with no a/c. Wife took it to Cary Paul Honda in Snellville,Ga for reg. service to be done and if they could check why the a/c didn't work. For 188.00 they could check it so she didn't have do it. Took it to another shop and was only 51.00 to find out the compressor was bad and they can do it for 1500.00. I was wondering if we should try and fight with Honda to fix it or not.
  • ABSOLUTELY !!!! Call American Honda 1-800-999-1009
    Those b@#$%@$#@ds need to keep paying for what they refuse to recall and fix. They refuse to do recall because "no one has died"
    Poor attitude if they want to retain customer satisfaction,'
    EVERYONE needs to know this, keep their phones ringing, and the reimbursement checks coming. Probably the best you could expect is 50% reimbursement.
  • Don't bother fixing it because there is a good chance they will install another faulty unit. You need to go to and register. You will receive a response asking that you send the law firm a copy of the estimate. There is a class action lawsuit filed by a NJ Law Firm. Honda has handled this situation so poorly that I will never buy another Honda and I am spreading the work to friends, family, and co-workers. :lemon:
  • Thank you for response. we also have a 08 FIT and wondering if we can expect the same thing to happen with it.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    edited September 2010
    If you've had your car serviced regularly by Honda, I'd first take it back to them. Honda has consistently assisted people with A/C failures when they have a service track record with a dealer even when the car was well past the warranty.

    Last month a friend's A/C failed in his 1997 Accord for the second time. (The first time was also past the warranty). Still, in a 13-year-old car Honda paid for the parts, about 50% of cost. As far as he's concerned, Honda has a customer for life.
  • Greetings,

    Got a strange noise with my 2002 CR-V emanating from the AC compressor the other day so I brought it to my local Honda dealer where it's serviced. They charged $130 to diagnose the issue and said I needed to replace AC compressor, belt and includes a evac/recharge for a heart stopping $1875!!! I got some other local quotes (non dealer) and the best I can get for the service by anybody reputable and certified mechanic shop is around $1500. I am told the parts alone are around $1000 and a half day labor is involved.

    I was such a fan of Honda and this just makes my blood boil with frustration. I bought this Honda new and it has only been dealer serviced and well taken care of since new. I also own a 96 Accord with 135k miles and the AC never had this issue. This does not seem like a part that should be failing at 86k miles on a Honda. Especially considering the part cost and labor time involved.

    I believe this is a safely issue because to defog the windows inside quickly, the AC needs to be used. You will be driving blind, especially at night.

    I have read posts to join class actions and call Honda corporate. I will try to go to Honda corporate first. If they do not help then I will have no choice but to join a class action and report this to the NHTSA and I will never buy another Honda again! There is no way I am going to pay for this. I was figuring like $5-600 but $1875? Not in this lifetime.

    Has anyone had success with getting this issue covered by Honda?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I was figuring like $5-600 but $1875? Not in this lifetime.

    You can buy the parts on-line for $600 for the whole kit. Replace the parts your self, and then pay someone to evacuate and recharge for $60-$100.

    Otherwise, I don't see how any business can survive when the skilled labor rate is high.

    My A/C died last week. But, I did not hear any loudn noises or anything. Charged the system with leak detector, and went over with a UV light. The condenser sprung a leak because the front cross member, aka bumper support rail, somehow got pushed into the consender. I suspect that someone with a hitch backed into me when parked, because I have never hit anything with the car, nor there is any damage to the bumper.

    Bought the condenser and bumper support rail from rock auto for $133 shipped. Will replace this weekend and have an a/c shop evacuate and recharge the system.
  • Don't waste your time calling Honda Corporate, they could careless about your problem. I tried to deal with them and had one of their representatives tell me to be quiet before I stuck my foot in my mouth.
  • Add me to the list of dissatisfied Honda customers. My 2002 CRV (bought brand new) blew up the air conditioner after 57,000 miles the first time. Now, another 57,000 miles and 3 years later, the air conditioner has blown up again. The first time I had purchased an extended warranty and it covered most of the over $3000 repair bill. This time we tried to get Honda to help out and they refused to even consider it. I will never purchase another Honda. I used to think they were top quality. I have no idea with all the recalls and problems lately with various vehicles, what I will purchase the next time but I don't plan on keeping this Honda very much longer. I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase a Honda for quality and customer service. This company does not care about the consumer anymore.
  • I called Honda America and got a case ID number from the fist rep. The next day a case manger called me back to discuss my concerns. I stated how I like Honda and have been a long term customer, how my CR-V was dealer serviced since new. I do not live in an extremely constant hot climate. I let them know that I believe this costly part should not have failed with this many miles and a well taken care of Honda from the dealer. The case manager asked me what was I looking to get % wise for the cost of the repair. I let him know I wanted Honda to cover the cost for the part ($1000) and I would cover the cost for labor (5-$600) and I thought that was fair as the car is well out of warranty but I felt the part is still defective. He was then direct and stated that was not going to happen. Honda would only pay 20-30% of the total cost and the dealer would give me warranty pricing instead of retail. Dealer retail for my repair was $1875. I did state to him that I was aware of the class action building out of New Jersey and saw a lot of posts from people online with the same issue but was trying to work it out with Honda as a first step. By the way the phone call was being recorded on their end.

    Honda is working with my local Honda dealer to come up with a final price to quote me. I will then make my decision to fix or join the class action. I'll post another update when I get final pricing from the dealer.
  • " I will then make my decision to fix or join the class action. "

    I don't think it's an either/or question. Even if you fix it, you should try to join the suit to recover any repair costs.

    I wonder if anyone has received a response from the law firm promoting the suit. I filled out the website form in early August and haven't heard anything from them.
  • I registered on the class action lawsuit website at . It took awhile but I finally got a response requesting that I fax them a copy of the service estimate with the Honda Dealerships comments on them. Sent those off last week. I am sure they are a bit behind as I am hearing of more and more A/C systems failing everyday. I have made a point to stop every CRV owner I see in Palm Springs, it's the same story, a $2000 repair. I then give them a copy of the press release on the lawsuit and the online address to register. Honda either doesn't have a clue or does not care how angry their customers are. :lemon:
  • If they would have done that for me I too would have been a customer for life. But my 3rd one failed after a few years and they apparently don't care if I buy another Honda or not.
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