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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • pspmacpspmac Posts: 13
    I could not have said it better myself! You are experiencing exactly what many of us have with our CRVs. You are lucky you got 18000 on the tires, that is about all you can expect. The quality of the original tires on the CRV was so bad a tiny nail caused one of my low mileage tires to blow out on I-10 on the way to LA in the rain. I almost wrecked the vehicle in traffic when it blew. I too changed brands and put on good quality tires only to have the front end eat them up no matter how many times I rotated them.

    Mac in Palm Springs
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Your calling anyone an idiot for coming on here and trying to help by suggesting a tire rotation, is way outta line. We are not mind-readers. AFAIC, after reading your post, I have no sympathy for you. Karma rules its ugly head once again.

    And while I do not agree that Honda (like most any other mfgr) shirks its responsibility with legitimate claims, the fact is, every single brand out there ALL try to pull stuff from time to time. Grass is NEVER greener. It is only a different shade until it turns just as brown in patches as any other.

    It is interesting that if tire psi and alignment are all adhered to, that one model would be harder on tires than another. Now, it has happened, but usually only on one end (usually the front) and Ford's Twin I Beam fr end comes to mind on their 4x4 p/u trucks. But very unusual for a specific car to wear all 4 tires evenly at a fast rate. If the car is loaded with people all the time, or if you brake, corner, or accelerate aggressively, those all will cause premature wear.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    The OEM tires possibly were faulty, but what is far more likely is that that nail let the tire leak down to to too low a psi and that combined with freeway speeds is probably what caused it to blowout due to too much heat and abuse build up from having the steel cord bent at angles they were not designed to be bent at.

    On the chance you want to retort without considering some of the caveats I have posted here, I have put them in bold for you.
  • pspmacpspmac Posts: 13
    Hi, Don't take it personally because we have had Honda Corporate and dealers folk come on the blog acting like consumers trying to defend their shabby corporate practices and their product defects.
  • pspmacpspmac Posts: 13
    Hi Tranny, thanks for the information however there were numerous consumer complaints with Honda OEM tires. In my case a nail punctured my tire and it completely came apart. Due to the fact that it was pouring rain I wasn't able to go very fast on the freeway and it was cold. If I remember correctly there were also a number of consumer complaints on Topix as well about Honda OEM tires. I would also suggest any one having tire issues with either the CRV or Civic visit . There is a new class action and if I remember correctly both the Civic and CRV are built on the same frame/drivetrain so could possibily explain why there are so many issues. Thanks for the heads up about the steel cord I will keep that in mind should I have issues on my other vehicles.

    I decided not to buy another Honda not only because of my service issues but also because of the terrible way both their corporate office and the dealer handled the matter. Had they not been so dishonest and played dumb I would most likely be driving a new Honda Pilot. The week before my AC blew I had been to the dealer to look at Pilots. After my AC experience with the same dealer and Honda USA, there will be no Honda in my future.

    Have a good one! Mac in Palm Springs
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Sorry to hear you are having these troubles. As for boycotting out of principle, I am all for it. Ford has been denied the right to sell me at least 5 new vehicles (plus a 2nd big truck, so that musta hurt them a little) since i gave them the chance to make it right when the paint came off my 88 F150 back in 1990. To do the honorable thing, it was not complicated. So I support your conviction if you feel Honda has wronged you. As you too have probably read, (I have read this entire thread) there sure are a lot of A/C cases where is is painfully obvious they failed prematurely and some victims who simply don't put as many miles on as quickly as others, seem to be the biggest losers.

    I think it is wrong that in order to 'urge' them to do the right thing, it usually happens after they have stressed you right out with calls and letters (and literal sweat) and raised blood pressure etc etc. Some handle these negotiations a lot better than others. Usually though the corporate intension is clear. Not unlike your cell phone or internet or utility provider, they stone wall you for so long they intend for you to give up. And most do. THAT is why they get away with it and continue that strategy. They really should take some personalities more seriously. If EVERYONE boycotted and stood firm with their convictions, the mfgrs wouldn't keep trying to pull this cr&p.
  • Add me to, I purchased a 2005 CRV brand new off the trailer, 3rd honda since I was about 20yrs old, This one has been a let down, its the top of the line CRV AWD, leather, etc, at 41,000 the right front axle started popping, but because I made a big deal out of it on the sales floor in front of purchasing customers, they fixed it at no charge, well at about 56,000
    it started roaring bad, the rear differential oil need to be changed, who ever heard of such a crock, well at 82,000 ac blew up. House of Honda in Tupelo MS, only wants 2,780 to fix it. thats taking off off 200 as a complimentary offer for being a Honda customer. I contacted US product safety about this issue but never got a reply, maybe if more people did they would do something, when my AC locked up the front plate came off went across the interstate bouncing. Luckily no on coming traffic was there.
    but I guess someone needs to die or get injured first. But any ways. No more Honda's for me this done it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited February 2011
    No more Honda's for me

    I hear there's a new car factory up the road in Blue Springs. :shades:

    Don't suppose you were around when Dudie's Diner was running?

    For a while there last month I thought this issue was fading away a bit. Anyone else?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,670
    edited February 2011
    Relax everyone, I retired in May after 14 years so I no longer have a "dog in the fight"

    In other words, I really don't care.

    Funny how our Service Dept had never heard of excessive A/C problems with CRV's. No greater failure than any other model.

    We currently own two CRV's. A 2003 EX 4WD that we bought new and a 2011 SE 4WD.

    The 2003 only has 54,000 miles and it has been flawless. Not one repair other than routine maintenance. Original tires still had good tread at 49,000 miles but I cut one on a piece of metal in the road and decided to just replace them all.

    Rarely bother rotate them and as a hiker I take it on some rough roads. Never a wheel alignment and they wear even.

    Original break pads with over 50% left. Checked last week and we have lots of traffic and hills here!

    Yes, I did change my rear differential fluid at 30,000. A good thing to do.

    No clunks, chirps, squeaks and the interior looks like new...well, it will once I vacuum it out again.

    But, hey, if I was unhappy I woldn't buy another Honda either.

    So, then what? Take a chance on something else, I suppose!
  • No issues here either
    I have an '04 for 65K, my wife has an '05 with 52K and my sister-in-law has an '03 with 85K and no issues at all.

    I do know a mechanic at a local Honda Dealership and he sees CRV's with the AC issue. So something's going on, but I don't think it's as widespread as it seems to be on this site..
  • Woe is me! After spending months looking for a smaller nimbler replacement for my great 1994 Montero (218,000 on it with no major problems) I decided on a 2004 CR-V - over a 2004 Forester. The Foresters had notorious head gasket leakage problems up until 05, and the repairs usually run $1,500 +- to fix the issue. The repair is, however, PERMANENT. I combed the web for negative issues with CR-Vs, but never found a single one - until I bought one! I never checked the AC before plunking down the 10 grand+ for the vehicle, never having heard that there even was one with these cars and never having had any measurable AC problems in any of the 50 some vehicles I've owned in my life.

    So now I"ve discovered all the usual symptoms: Nothing at all from the AC, even though the light comes on and the blower works fine. No compressor engagement at all, and there is a very recent condenser in the car marked Sept 2010. I figure that the "usual" parts have been replaced and it has crapped out again.

    My question is this: As a second owner on a car with 93,000 on it should I bother with the class action? Is there an acceptable compressor/condenser set available now that won't grenade in a year or two? Are the original OEM parts all junk?

    Oh how I wish that I'd gone with my instincts and just rebuilt the Montero.
  • pspmacpspmac Posts: 13
    Sorry to hear you decided to buy a CRV, while a few on this blog haven't had any problems it looks like 99.9% have had issues. There are a large number of CRV owners in my city, I ask every owner I meet about their experience, 65% to 75% have had issues with a/c systems. One poor women I spoke to last week was on her third a/c system.

    The law firm handling the a/c issue has just filed a new class action on the Civic tire situation. You can get their contact information at . I was able to confirm I am on the settlement list however don't know when the court will approve the settlement.

    Regards, Mac in a very hot car in Palm Springs
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Nice summary, isellhondas, of the experience of I'll bet most CR-V owners. My rear differential grumbled during slow turns early on. A change of fluid and gear "burnishing" seems to have settled the issue. Otherwise, the car is a gem.

    Statistically, Hondas, including CR-Vs, rank very high in reliability. And the CR-V has been the highest selling SUV in its class for many years. Believe it or not, there must be more than a few happy owners for those rankings and sales to continue.

    Of course, no car maker is perfect. And through the wonders of forums like these, owners with problems can congregate, share information, and start to think they represent more people than they do. Most car owners never to go near a forum on car problems.

    I've little doubt that if my '07 CR-V's A/C went out just beyond warranty, I'd not be happy about it. I had that happen to the tranny on a Toyota once. Expensive. But I didn't condemn all Toyotas. I've owned too many others not to know of their general reliability.
  • Bull, Bull, Bull to the Guy that said Honda CRV hasnt had any more problems than any one else, He is a true defender of Honda, apparently a Company he was in love with, The Honda CRV, I was picking up my Compresor at Oreillys And a mechanic was in there, He said I feel for you, I said why, he said you'll be doing it again. I hate em he said, I wont even service a CRV any more, But he was nice enough to give me the exact diagrams that the dealer shop uses
    concerning everything on the HVAAC on my CRV., I have a mouth I ask around to, I have a buisness of my own and work for another company where I see a lot of people and the cars they drive, The numbers of CRV at around 64,000 to 90,000 miles is unreal how many AC are blowing up, locking up(going out). Apparently thisa guy as he said is retired and probably drives 40mph, and is cold in the middle of the summer. Well Im still in my prime so is my wife and she likes her AC.
    What gets me the most this forum was about Honda and people are posting about Ford, or Chevy, hmm I see whats up, their Honda lovers trying to get attention away from the issue Honda. I have a F150 187,000 Changed the MAF sensor, cleaned my egr ports, new plugs. Brakes tires etc, Gas, But all this combined still hasnt costed me a one time at 80,000 miles 3,000 dollar problem, Hell you give 34,000 for a car you expect it to last awhile. my F150 wasnt but 18,800 something back in 98, I purchased a used Montero, its out doing this Honda. 6,500, My daughter used 96 camaro, 146,000 Still going, The energizer bunny $12.95 still going.
  • 495, for a kit with Compressor, Expansion Valve, Drying condensor with dryer, all oil rings
    Oil, 495 free shipping, 1 year warranty, then they have a 8 part kit with lines, etc, it was 645. , I just paid, 435, for just Compressor, expansion valve and new dryer bag repacking kit. I'm taking it back getting this kit.
  • autoowner2autoowner2 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I have a 2003 CR-V with 140K miles. A/C compressor went out, but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. Is it worth paying $2100 to get it fixed?

    This is the price I'd pay after any assistance from Honda corporate.

    I don't need a nice car so I'm tempted to just pay. But I could probably pay cash for something much newer (and less likely to have another problem). I'd like to wait before buying a new car... just because I'm a little cheap and don't want to part with the cash.

    Is it crazy to pay that much just to keep it running?

    Yes - I do need the A/C. I'd probably get a new car in 1-2 years so the A/C is probably just for this summer and/or next.

    Bluebook/resale values seem to be around 5-6K but I don't know if that factors in the dead A/C or not.

    Thank you
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    What's the difference in resale between the car with and without working AC? Answer that and then answer the question of how much is one or two seasons of AC worth to you. The spread should help you answer the question of whether to spend money on a replacement car now or spend it on the repair.
  • My AC compressor went out today. I was quoted 2100 dollars to fix it. I will not pay it. If this is a problem for many owners, shouldn't there be a recall? Does Honda of America do anything? IS there a class action lawsuit? I want to find a way to get this taken care of without getting raped by the dealer. Can someone please fill me in on what I can do? Thanks! :)
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    You have already been raped by Honda....there will be no recall until people die from no air conditioning...there is a class action lawsuit .. Google search: Honda class action lawsuit..Good luck with that one too...

    My suggestion: Print out these postings ... go back to the dealer, tell them it has been a constant problem since 2003 CRV's because of their redesign of the ac unit; the holes are too small and implodes taking out the entire ac system.. Honda has repaired this at no charge, on vehicles more than once. If no luck, go to an independent, call Honda American, give them the same story ... they reimbursed 1/2 of mine. GET RID OF THE CAR, My 2004 went out at just under 50k miles; repaired at independent (because I was not aware of these postings), HA reimbursed 1/2; it went out again in 3 months (this time covered by warranty). I traded the car in on a 2010 Toyota RAV 4.
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    What holes being too small are you referring to?

    Did you get the 4 or 6 cylinder in the RAV4? Does it have similar fuel consumption, assuming both are AWD?

  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Don't remember what holes the mechanic referenced. As I recall the mechanic said because of this - the condenser freezes up, implodes, spewing metal fragments throughout taking out the entire ac system.

    In Arizona, ac is a MUST HAVE not a luxury. The RAV 4 is 4 cylinder, gas mileage averages 26 mph Good luck.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    edited May 2011
    "...Original tires still had good tread at 49,000 miles but I cut one on a piece of metal in the road and decided to just replace them all. ..."

    Just to chime in here, I also had a 2003 EX AWD, and my tires lasted for about 44K. Must have been a good year...

    I also had the rear fluid changed at 30K as a precaution.
  • hondaguy21hondaguy21 Posts: 1
    Hey Eurosion

    I followed the link to the new air conditioner kit. Looks good. I called them and talked to them about a 3 year warranty.

    Have you had yours installed? If so have you had nay problems with it so far.


  • carol4011carol4011 Posts: 6
    My AC went out at 60000 miles and Honda said they would not repair it. What is the link for the AC compressor kit? Also have you installed it? Any info would be greatly appreciated as last year I suffered horribly with no air in Ohio. Thanks so much
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's in post 1836 above.
  • j_m_bj_m_b Posts: 1
    For those of you wanting to delete the compressor, the belt you need is 56". This went on a 2008 with 136K miles. First time it went out. I had to make a tool to release the tensioner.
  • yhoyho Posts: 4
    I have 2004 CR-V, the dealer quote me $4100.00 to replace the whole system. my body replaced it for me for $375.00

    It turned out I only need compressor, not whole system. The compressor kit was from a 2006 Civic, he compare the part number, they are the same, and so far over a year, it is still working great.
  • gusmorgangusmorgan Posts: 3
    To Booger53...I have the same problem with my 2005 CRV. The dealer offered $1000 of the $3200 however I cannot afford $2200. I have tried to resolve with American Honda but have been met with the rudest people in customer service. I was told that my car has too many miles for them to offer any financial assistance. I am trying to find out more about the "area rep" you mention. How did you know who to contact and do you have more information on how I can find out who my area rep is? PS - it is now 105' in Tucson AZ
  • gusmorgangusmorgan Posts: 3
    To hondaacstinks:
    I would love the email address of Honda's CEO. please post it or email me.

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