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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited June 2011
    He hasn't been back for a while.

    I'm sure that someone scans the emails and will simply forward your email to customer service.

    Meanwhile, by posting your email on a public forum, you've invited every spammer and spambot in the world to grab it.
  • clftexasclftexas Posts: 1
    I have the "black death" problem with my 2001 crv. Happened 2 years ago, but now I'm desperate to get the A/C fixed. I'm in Houston. Can you share the names of the shops you went to? Thanks!
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    I took my CRV 2004/90,000 miles to HONDA dealership today for oil/filter change and to replace engine air filter. Right after I left the shop, a couple of miles down the road my A/C broke. I went back to the dealership; they quoted me $ 3750 to be fixed. Could the dealership have messed up something while servicing my car that led to the A/C to fail? Any ideas? Did anyone have similar problems?Thanks
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Count yourself as a "Lucky One", mine went out at 46K and again 2 months later. The dealer did not mess up ... HONDA messed up when they re-designed the ac unit.
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    You may be right. But this is what happened exactly: The A/C clutch or “plate” in front of the pulley/belt was missing (probably it fell down while I was driving to which the noise was attributed to). How could that have happened? Are you saying this is a bad design by Honda? Did any one else have exactly the same problem? Thanks.
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    After reading all these comments and on as well, it seems it's definitely Honda's bad A/C design for this type of car. In my opinion, we should complain to Honda of America and to the DOT/NTSB or other Federal Agencies about this. It's highly treacherous to drive a car where the A/C locks-up or disintegrates while driving. Luckily I wasn't driving fast and there were no pieces of fragmented metal that fell off the A/C that did damage other parts of the engine. We should be on top of this. Thanks.
  • pjr226pjr226 Posts: 1
    My 2002 CRV has had 4 different A/C compressors and now the 4th blew out yesterday. Last one was put on in May 2010. Just over a year ago. Why does Honda not see a problem here? The blinders must be large and tight to miss this one. Honda speaks that there vehicles hold their value. This CVR has no value when I have all these A/C repair costs annually. Todays economy (which is why I picked a CRV) does not make anual repairs in thousands possible. We do need to contact Honda of America and not take NO for an answer. I'm going to be a nuisance until they make it right!!!!!
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Good Luck with Honda .. they know there is a problem, however, no one has died because of no a/c .. so NO RECALL ... AND ... they will tell you that!!!

    Why did it take you 5 a/c outages to discover this is CRapV is not worth the money?

    Dumped mine after 2 outages in 3 months, with 46,000 miles on the 2004 CRapV.
  • vkgarryvkgarry Posts: 7
    I feel for you. I have a 2004. We bought it in Spring 2005, and the first compressor failed that summer. It blew a compressor every summer through 2009. That would make the total 5. I haven't fixed the last one yet. The first two were done under the factory warranty, the second two under the extended warranty. This will be my second summer w/o A/ Las Vegas.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    GET RID OF THE CAR, My 2004 went out at just under 50k miles; repaired at independent (because I was not aware of these postings), HA reimbursed 1/2; it went out again in 3 months (this time covered by warranty). I traded the car in on a 2010 Toyota RAV 4.

    Getting rid of the car would imply destroying it. You merely passed on the problem onto someone else. Nice! (Not!!!)

    Trading a problem car to a Toyota dealer who will in turn sell it to someone else, or auction, and the car ends up in hands of some single mother with 3 kids who can barely afford it... I guess your version of "pay it forward" is a little a skew...
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Honda would not step up to the plate and buy the car back or even pay for the entire bill (which was MUCH LESS at an independent than at a dealer). If Honda had paid for the entire repair ($1900) I probably would still own the car. Way to go Honda. Not the way to keep product loyalty up.

    Honda perpetuates the problem; I simply "cut my losses" and moved on.

    Anyone buying a used car needs to do some research; that's what these car forums are all about - to inform prospective purchasers.
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    By the way - my financial situation is not any better than the single mother with 3 kids you described. I am 65, only income is social security due to involuntary employment termination - unemployment ran out and forced to take "early social security"
  • azmommyazmommy Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Mine went out today, 3pm on the freeway in 115 degree weather with my two kids in the car. By the time I made it 3 miles to the dealer, my little girl was beet-red in the backseat...but I guess it's not much of a safety issue, right? I sat in the waiting room searching this forum while waiting for the news on how bad it would be, glad I could at least be somewhat prepared for the $2K-$3,500 estimate they gave me. Of course it depends on how bad it is when they get in, blah blah blah. We'll find out when they start the work tomorrow, although I'm seriously wondering if I should keep the car or not?

    It is a 2005 with 111K miles, I bought it new and have maintained it and paid for numerous other "small time" repairs over the past 6 years, you know, the kind of repairs you expect. This doesn't fall in that category and I'm seriously disappointed to be paying this much in a single repair with a Honda. I skipped the cheaper SUVs thinking that by paying a little more, I would be buying a solid, dependable car. Guess not. My first car was an '83 Accord that had over 185K miles on it and never needed any repair of this sad that Honda has sacrificed their fantastic reputation like this!

    Ironically, I fought the "safety vs convenience" factor early on with my CRV-it was part of the faulty back-hatch-latch batch and it took the dealer 6 times to finally fix it right. Not covered under "lemon law" because it wasn't a "safety problem" (although not being able to lock the car seemed like a safety problem to me). I was super-patient through that process, now this? My husband owns a Fit and it is a fantastic car, but my CR-V seems cursed. I've had my eye on an Odyssey EX-L for the next family car, but this experience has me completely soured on Hondas and I'll be opting for the Sienna instead. Sorry Honda, I'm out.
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Dear AZ Mommy

    How awful; but please don't question (shake your finger at me) over this being a safety issue. I totally agree it is.

    Call American Honda and tell them and tell the Honda dealer. Better yet, tell the dealer it is documented by 100's of people on this forum - Honda needs to step up to the plate and do a "permanent fix" of this design flaw problem.
  • I had a 96 Accord that was fantastic. I had the AC go on my 2002 CRV shortly after it was out of warranty....about 42K miles. Honda covered the whole repair and, at the time, I thought that was great. As I kept reading these forums, though, I felt like I was at a big risk for another failure to the point I hardly used my AC last summer. That doesn't work in Georgia. Traded it in on a Toyota Prius last October and couldn't be happier. I got a good trade-in value for it, but I had hoped it would have been a vehicle I could have kept longer. I don't like how Honda has denied the problem to customers. I would call it lying. I would think twice before buying another vehicle from them and it is one of the reasons I went for the Prius over the Fit.
  • avesmommaavesmomma Posts: 1
    Funny, mine went out last week too! 100plus degree weather, 2 kids in back (one a newborn), in the middle of a 5 hour drive to be with my grandma (who ended up passing away), $2000 bill and no help from Honda! Oh, and I had problems with the back hatch not locking as well. This just should not happen to a vehicle that is 5 years old and has less than 80,000 miles. I can get the came car for much less, but I wanted the giant H on it for resale and reputation. Goodbye Honda. Hello Toyota.
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    The giant H now stands for "Hooked and Hustled"
  • indyputraindyputra Posts: 1
    Hey blueiedgod

    Are you saying that HA reimbursed you even after you repaired it at an independent? I am in the same boat as you, same details on the car and am getting the car repaired at an independent. HA said they would reimburse if I get it done at a dealer, but not if at an independent. I'm now in a fix. Can you help?
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    HA reimbursed 50% for work done at an independent. I also had to prove I traded in a Honda product for the CRV by faxing a copy of the purchase contract showing the trade in; showing I was a "brand loyal customer".

    If they will pay 100% for work done at a dealer - why wouldn't you have the work done at a dealer - or - has the work already been done.
  • sam78649sam78649 Posts: 1
    So my honda 2004 crv's ac went out last year towards the end of summer. We thought it must be just freeon it checked from Meineke for free and found out it was compressor problem. I contacted Honda America after reading all the posts. They asked me that they can only help if I get it diagnosed from Honda dealer. Well had to spend $110 for diagnosis the dealer quoted $3950 ....Well honda america spoke with the dealer and they are ready to reduce the price to $2300 where as Meineke is ready to do the same service for $1400..The Honda America customer service is the worst I have come across. rude agents and they dont care a damn about u..I wasted $110 thinking they might be fair considering I have another Honda Accord and nothing....We all need to get together and do something about this issue..Well if noone has died someone could die definately in 110 degrees here in Arizona. I cant find the lawsuit anywhere as well....We have to do something seriously.....
  • ohiokarenohiokaren Posts: 3
    We are owners of a 03 CRV. (low mileage) We were informed this morning by our independent mechanic that our AC compressor seized and the AC system needs $1400 worth of repairs. Called our Honda dealer to get this documented and their diagnosis. This is Friday, they are booked until Wed.
    (It's going to be in the mid 90's all next week) but I guess it doesn't really matter since we were informed that many of the parts related to this problem are not available and they have no idea when they will be. (Columbus, Ohio) I have not read any other posts about parts not being available. Also, went to the class action lawsuit website that is mentioned all over online, and all I could find was a form to fill out over a Civic tire problem. Very frustrating and I know this is only the beginning............
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    hi chiokaren...Honda of America will refer you to dealership and both agree on price..mine was $1500. Done it at a private shop for $1000. It took a week. I'm done w Honda for ever ...good luck.
  • nwalz37nwalz37 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue too.... frustrating.... I bought my 2004 Honda CRV used w/ 66, 000 miles on it last year and bought a Powertrain Plus warranty for 24,000 miles... I am just under that 24,000 by 400 miles and last week the air compressor blew... The dealer and the warranty company went back and forth on what the warranay company would be responsible for... The dealer had my car for 1 week, I get the car back yesterday, told I got a new compressor along w/ other parts of the motor that needed to be repaired and guess who has warm air blowing out of their air conditioner again??? Hubby is going back to the dealer... I know it's not the dealer's fault, but someone needs to get this right.... I had a 1998 CRV and never had this issue, that's why I went back to one....
  • ohiokarenohiokaren Posts: 3
    Update to earlier post- I have done so much research over this issue since this happened to us and we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the worst part of this fiasco is it doesn't matter who fixes the AC or what is replaced, or how much money we throw at it, the AC is just going to stop working again at some point down the road. Oh, how I wish I knew the percentage of CRV owners with repeat failures, since there are numerous posts from owners who had the entire AC system replaced by Honda and still had a repeat failure. Went back to the class action lawsuit website, looked closer, and at the top of the registration form for Civic tire problems there is a link that takes you to the registration form for CRV AC problems. And no, I don't think this is going to be some miracle that will just fix everything. The last time we had the CRV serviced at Honda the service manager told me we would get 200,000 miles out of it. He didn't mention it would be without AC. Hope this helps someone else.
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    it seeems we're so many of us frustrated w this issue...let's all sign a petition and send it to Honda of America...and boycott CRV's. if the new model ones have same problem we should inform "Consumer's Report" so others don't fall into the same problem...
  • vtcruzervtcruzer Posts: 3
    Hi, me too from Vermont. 2004 CR-V, 84K, found "used" compressor for $300, another $300 to install, no AC. Wish I saw this thread a couple weeks ago but probably still woulda tried the fix. Gonna fill out complaint form tho', whathehell.
  • bobscbobsc Posts: 1
    My experience with 2004 Honda CRV - original equipment compressor lasted 4 years; 1st replacement (not from a Honda dealer) lasted 15 months; 2nd replacement (not from a Honda dealer) lasted 20 months. I am now facing a 3rd replacement. Four compressors in 7+ years. Honda has a serious design problem - original equipment and replacement market. After the original equipment compressor failed, Honda America said they would consider a "good will" warranty payment for a portion of my 1st replacement cost but they eventually refused. The sad part of this (and it is my fault), I purchased a 2009 Honda CRV.
  • stumpzstumpz Posts: 2
    My wife's CR-V seems like it is not cooling out of the blue. I this an '07 problem as well??
  • pelunapeluna Posts: 1
    We have a '07. Same problem. Very expensive!
  • shellie060703shellie060703 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Be glad its only in the 90s where you are. I am in Texas and its 105 here. My compressor already busted, and now the there is a valve that is having to be replaced for the THIRD time. This is completely not worth the hassle.

    Also, here is the link for the class action lawsuit for the A/C
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