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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    My 2007 always has worked fine in SOCAL. I keep it on recirculate at all times to keep it cool while using the air conditioner. I use max air at first and then keep it in the normal setting. It seems like the system is undersized for the car, but mine is trouble free.(knock on wood)
  • missinkymissinky Posts: 1
    my ac went out in my 06 crv yesterday. today the honda dealer told me my compressor failed and spewed small metal parts throughout the system and the entire ac system needs to be replaced - to the tune of 3800.00!!!!! the car has 60k miles on it! has anyone been told that?
  • bostoncrvbostoncrv Posts: 1
    Had brakes and tires done this week and CRV AC stopped working today. In the Firestone shop and another owner with an 03 CRV also had brakes done and just brought his CRV in with an AC that's not working. Has anyone ever heard of such a coincidence? Is there any link between tire/brake work and AC? It sounds illogical. But I don't believe in coincidences.
  • jjoseph5jjoseph5 Posts: 2
    This sucks!!! On my 07 CRV with 450000 miles, a/c just stopped working on my way back to texas from michigan. The outside temp was 105F. let me tell you it was not fun. I pulled over at OK and tried to fix it thinking of a quick fix like blown fuse. After driving around for 2 hrs I found some body who is willing to take a look at it and suggested of a compressor issue.
    I had to stay at a hotel until the sun goes down and drove home at night.Today I called Honda america and they told me to have the vehicle checked by a dealer. honda dealer diagnosed a compressor issue and they said they will follow up with the Honda. The car is at the dealer. I still dont know what thw Honda would be coming up with. Is it ok that the dealer follow up with this case
  • It's absolutely disgusting that this is going on and Honda is doing nothing about it. My wife has a 2004 Honda CRV and our AC went out about a month ago. We just moved halfway across the country with no AC until we could get it to a dealer. Of course we get a call that says it's the compressor, shredded metal inside and they can't tell the extent of the damage but "low" estimate is $1900 with the higher being $2500. The stupid honda mechanic even suggested we try to save some money going aftermarket if we can't afford this fix. I have no desire to pay them for a defective part they know about but refuse to compensate customers for. I will be selling this car ASAP and I won't ever be heading back to Honda. If you can't supply a decent product at least stand behind the crap you sell. Disgusting.
  • ceaser2ceaser2 Posts: 3
    My AC died last week :cry: . This is a 2005 CR-V LX 4AWD with 65k, my second CR-V from the same dealer. All maintenances done at the same place. So the manager know me and after I told him about maybe going :mad: for a Toyota (8p) he right there told me he will drop the dealer's charge(~$800) :surprise: from the estimate $3800. Also he will call the Honda rep for his area and descuss the issue. Few hours later he called and told me Honda would pay 50%, so my bill is now $1400 and 12 months warranty :) . I would preffer $0 but better then $3800.
  • ceaser2ceaser2 Posts: 3
    edited July 2011
    Exatly the same happened to me. Changed the front brakes and 1 week later AC kaboom. :confuse:
  • ceaser2ceaser2 Posts: 3
    "J" production march 2005
  • ohiokarenohiokaren Posts: 3
    After 2 weeks with no AC (03 CRV), and exploring all our options, we ended up having the entire AC system replaced by our Honda dealer. Compared to some of the posts I've read, we were treated very well by our dealer. (It's not the dealer's fault) The estimate was $3200 in central Ohio. (no way we would or could have paid that) Honda paid 50% and the dealer took care of the details. We did not have to call Honda of America. This was all resolved the same morning we dropped the car off for diagnosis. So what's the problem? We will never trust the AC again. (We've read to many posts from owners with repeat failures) There is a 12 month warranty on the repair so we have a year to decide if we're going to keep the car. My advice to others after this very inconvenient, expensive and infuriating experience is to educate yourself before you make a decision about what course of action is best for your situation. There is no simple fix. Shellie, thanks for the link.
  • fourwindfourwind Posts: 1
    My 2008 Honda CR-V AC has been working on and off for the last few months. Last week when the temperature reached record high of 118F with humidex, the AC completely died. The car's warranty expired a few months ago!

    Sweating like crazy, I took the car to the local dealer, they told me my AC compressor is defective and needs to be replaced. They quoted me an after market AC compressor for about $1,000 and said Honda compressor price is much higher. If I could stand the heat, I would return the car to dealer as is because the lease is due early next year. But the summer has just started!

    So I called Honda to complain and asked for compensation. Still in the process of negotiation with Honda and I know for sure Honda won't foot the bill.

    I saw lots of posts on the Internet about older Honda CR-V model AC problem, anyone with a newer model Honda CR-V having AC problem just like me?
  • kaidee88kaidee88 Posts: 4
    We've had a similar week. I had my 120,000 mile maintenance and front brakes and rotors replaced last Monday (July 18, 2011) and the A/C compressor went out on Wednesday (July 20) of the same week. I have a 2005 CRV.

  • Most of us have had a catastrophic AC failure. There was no warning and no period where it was working on and off. It just suddenly seizes and breaks apart sending metal through the system.
  • trjr24trjr24 Posts: 1
    I just had my 2007 Honda CRV compressor replaced. The mechanic said he has seen this problem before. Something about the way the valves were made and the location of the Compressor on these cars. I called dealership and to see if they had heard of this and of course they said no. I had a friend fix it and he ordered the compressor which was hard to find for $500.00. So far it is working great. I plan to call the Honda myself.
  • My 2007 Honda CRV with 49,000 miles just had its compressor give up the ghost as well. The dealer is quoting me £1600 ($2400) to replace compressor, clutch, relay, and coil.
  • mprice5mprice5 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 CR-V EX with 75k miles. My ac compressor went out 2 years ago at 63k I had to pay 25% of my repair which was still $470. Now my a/c is doing the exact same thing!!! I love my car, bought it new. It is my 6th new Honda. My son is getting ready to go to college so we were going to take his old truck and give him my CR-V and buy another new with the ac going out again I don't think I will ever buy another Honda! They really need to step up and take care of this! There is too many of us out there with this problem for them not to know they have a design issue!
  • Go with a Hyundai. Honda has dropped the ball too far on this and they are doing NOTHING for their customers. Ours won't knock off anything for ours. We are selling it to buy a Veracruz.
  • crvdude1crvdude1 Posts: 47
    Try google "acura rdx air conditioning problems".
    Failure runs in the family! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • louloveloulove Posts: 11
    Wow. I am a long time Honda owner. My first new car was a 1976 Honda Accord (first year made).
    I can't believe how Honda is treating their customers.

    My 2004 CRV LX (that I purchased new) only has 20,400 miles and the a/c compressor imploded
    July 24 while on a trip, in typical Georgia temps of 95 plus degrees. You HAVE to have air conditioning the better part of the year here.

    I took it to the dealer, got the now well-known bad news that the entire system was contaminated
    to the tune of $3200. Dealer called Honda and they reduced the price to $1343, which is a heck
    of a lot better than the first price but still extremely disappointing.

    I am retired and thought the car would last a long time, never dreamed I would have such a costly
    repair. I am so disappointed in Honda that I would never buy another one. This car is my 8th
    and last Honda.

    The dealer said the kit they ordered (they will install Tuesday) is an "upgraded" compressor.
    I'll never trust the car again. I might just trade it when the car market improves. :cry:
  • There is a potential class action lawsuit against Honda for this ac problem. A simple google will find you the lawyers involved. I personally am done letting companies do whatever they want to us.
  • we have 2004 crv too!! ac compressor issue. whole thing was bad. i raised hell with honda and they covered half of 1350.00 dollar bill. only 675 out of our pocket! i have owned 10 honda's since 1990 and have never seen anything like this. i too cant believe honda hasnt recalled this issue.
  • I've been fighting with them since the diagnosis and the $1995 "minimum" estimate. So far no avail. Car is being sold next week and we are leaving Honda for good.
  • Has the AC issues been addressed with newer models? I am considering a new CR-V which I plan to keep a long time and don't want these types of problems. I get the Consumer Reports owners' survey data and they show a "Worse than Average" rating for Climate Systems which includes the AC, for 2004 and "Better than Average" for 2005, but from 2006-2008 are "Much Better than Average", the highest rating.
  • louloveloulove Posts: 11
    Local Honda dealer replaced the entire A/C system on 08/02, it works
    great now. They were wonderful, got it in and out in one day such a blessing as the heat index in Georgia is above 100.

    So yesterday, I call Honda customer care to plead my case further.

    Honda America customer care rep looks at his computer screen and says:

    Yes, I can see you've been driving our cars since 1976
    Yes, I can see you've been servicing your vehicles at your Honda dealer
    Yes, I can see you hardly drive your 2004 CR-V at all

    No, we will not lower the price you pay any further, it's no use to
    talk to my supervisor, as the $1343 quoted to your dealer was the FINAL "Good Will" decision of someone several notches above me in authority.

    Ma'am, I am a consumer, too and I have to pay my own car repairs, why shouldn't you? We saved you nearly $2000.

    So it's the end of the line for me with Honda. They are preserving their bottom line at their loyal customer's expense, which is making them look more than a little bit like some other car companies, something I never dreamed Honda would do.

    I can't for the life of me understand why they couldn't at least notify the owners of these CR-V's to be on the alert for potential A/C problems. My understanding is that the damage is less costly if the A/C is turned off before the whole system is contaminated.

    "Good Will" indeed! :mad:
  • argymanargyman Posts: 1
    What dealer did you go to? I live in Atlanta and my Odyssey A/C reciently has the same issue. I paid a dealer a lot of money to fix it on vacation in AZ and it still isn't working. I called Honda USA and they just refer me back to the dealer who won't help either. I have a brand new compressor and condenser and the expansion valve keeps plugging up. I've replaced it three times.
  • louloveloulove Posts: 11
    I'm in middle Georgia, the dealer is in Macon. They've been great, I feel they did
    all they could. The problem is Honda.
  • I got so much help from this forum, so I should share my experience.
    I have 2004 CRV EX, 47K mi. (low mileage, Only driving it for weekends) No problem except grinding sound when low speed sharp turn, which went away after differential fluid flush.
    I live in Minnesota, so use AC only about 3 months/year, but use defrost quite a lot. Yes, it's very cold in MN.

    1. July 29: AC simply stopped blowing cold air in the middle of highway. No stange sound, no warning, no nothing, it just stopped working. Otherwise the car's running fine. Thought it's freon and took it to one of those quick service shops. They tried, but couldn't make it work and told me that air compressor is not kicking in. You need to take it to the dealership.
    2. July 30-31: Researched this site.
    3. Aug. 1: Dealership (where I purchased this CRV, new) confirmed what I read here. Compressor imploded, will need to replace the whole AC system. Initial estimate $2,500. I was ready for this news thanks to all of you, so no heart attack. I called Honda America right there. A case manager was assigned. The rep asked three questions: are you the original owner? how many Honda cars have you owned? Do you do maintenance at Honda dealership?
    4. Aug. 3: Case Manager called and said he will investigate the case and get back to me in a week. He said he will talk to dealership service director and get information from his "sources"
    5. Aug. 10: Dealership service director called me and said I will be responsible for labor, which is about $800, and Honda will take care of the rest. Just like all of you, I am still not happy about the whole situation, but it sure sounds better that $2,500. Dropped the car and should be ready by tomorrow.
    Hope this helps!
  • smaxxsmaxx Posts: 10
    Why ask how many Honda cars you have owned? What difference should that make?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,472
    Loyal customers get a break.. They aren't really required to do anything...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • The A/C compressor went out on my 2008 CR-V July 29, in the process of copying some of these blogs, especially with regard to possible 'goodwill warranty' info in them.

    Will be taking the car in this week, armed with some of the blog letters, in addition to phone and fax numbers for American Honda.
  • wasfanwasfan Posts: 15
    Well, now I join the CRV "Black Death"club. 2001 CRV. Never, ever heard anything about this all the time I've owned Honda's and that's since 1979. Called Honda and we'll see what they come up with but my quote on the cost is almost $4,000.00- for a 10 year old car. But now we're spooked because we have a 1999 CRV too.

    We take very good care of our cars and got 360,000 miles on a Civic, so we weren't thinking of buying anything else for quite a while. Now I'm not sure I'll be inclined to go back to Honda.

    What really gets me is that we had dropped the extended warranty on the 2001 as generally, as the car gets older, its not worth it. Had I EVER been informed by anyone at any Honda dealership or by Honda itself of the "Black Death" malady, I'd have kept that warranty. I'll have to dig up that paperwork and see if the warranty covers the AC.

    I've been told the following:

    That as of February, the compressor's have been updated and improved.

    That the 99's don't seem to have the problem? ( I've read a lot of the posts but not all, that's what American Honda said)

    That the Accord does not seem to have this problem. We have a 1998 Accord.

    I am most interested in the idea that the compressor seems to have finally been updated. Whether that is a fix for the problem remains to be seen. Has anyone else been told that the compressor has been updated?

    I am tempted to sell the 2001 but I can't do that until the AC is fixed and good luck getting enough to make it worthwhile.

    Do the Acura small SUV's have the same AC issues?

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