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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • Just recently (3/12) received a call from a local Honda dealer to tell me my '03 CRV had a safety recall. I looked up the recalls for my year, and found the last one was in 4/11 ! I've had my CRV in several times for service during that period, so the work should have been done. I was never advised of any recall, which says to me that someone fell down on the job.

    I guess the government has no tracking device to determine which cars have had work done, or if they do, they aren't enforcing the law.
  • Wow! I just replaced the complete AC system on my daughter's boyfriend's 2004 CR-V and had my mechanic charge the system and all He double hockey sticks broke loose! What is the deal with HoA? This is ridiculous... is there really a course of action or is he out the $450 spent so far?
  • sjphillips8sjphillips8 Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Hi all, need some serious advice here. Like many of you, my AC went out and needs (according to Honda dealer) new compressor, dryer, and "evac/recharge"---total cost about $2200 at the dealer. It's a 2004 2wd CR-V with 135,000 miles on it, otherwise in great condition. Is it worth calling Honda customer service for this year/mileage--is there any chance they'll cover a part of the cost? Or should I try a private mechanic? Or trade in for a non 2002-2004 model CRV??? I did not take any action earlier this year in regards to the class action lawsuit, but know I'm over mileage for coverage with that anyway. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • nicompnicomp Posts: 21
    Here's my humble opinion and I always get flack for it... you have a 9 year-old car with 135K miles on it. Honda never promised anyone that their vehicles would be problem-free for that long. You can ask, but don't get your feelings hurt when they say no.

    Yes, it's a poor design and evidently the problem is chronic, but the warranty doesn't extend as long as some owners think it should.

    I have a 2000 CR-V with a disintegrated AC compressor. It's been that way for about 60K miles and in the Summer it's hot. I cut off the drive belt when it locked up and I live with it. It stinks and I won't buy another Honda, but whoop, there it is. Life is tough.
  • nicompnicomp Posts: 21
    I have a 2000 CR-V with 150K miles. The interior is like new and I'm on my third set of tires. It's FWD, maybe that makes a diff.

    The AC compressor disintegrated at about 90K miles, the rear window lifters don't lift anymore, the dash clock quit about 10 years ago, the hood and fenders are rusting a little, and the cat converter separated from the resonator when the bolts dissolved over 13 years of driving in Cincinnati salted winters. The plugs foul regularly because of those stupid tubes and gaskets funnelling oil directly onto them.

    And the OBD connector is on the passenger side. Arrgh.

    Other than that, it's a pretty good car.
  • lrd5530lrd5530 Posts: 10
    I read whatever I could find on the class action suit. It covers 15% up to mile 95000. After that you are out of luck. They never had a recall on this since it is not considered a "safety" issue. As far as what they want to charge, I would suggest going to a private auto repair shop if you have one you trust. Apparently Honda calls this issue the "black death" THere are a couple steps to fixing this and the shop I went to fixed the 1st step, then waited to see if the next step needed repair (it did) but then we were done after $1600. The next 2 steps didn't need to be fixed. They told me when people take their car directly to Honda, they just automatically replace everything whether it needs it or not. I was without my car for a week while they tested each step, but it was worth it so I didn't have to pay $2200.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    I have had my AC replaced twice. It is hot here in Tennessee, humid, and I have to wear dress clothes on my job, which is not good in heat/humidity. Both times, I went to private mechanics instead of Honda. The first time, Honda quoted me a final bill of.....insert drumroll......$6000!!!!! They kept coming out with their clipboard, adding this and that, then finally flushing the whole system, and an estimate of $6000. Needless to say, I had my oil change and left.
  • bbloverbblover Posts: 1
    I stopped going to the Honda dealer for service. I also got tired of the man with the clipboard trying to pad the bill. Has anyone gotten their checks from the airconditioning civil suit?
  • lrd5530lrd5530 Posts: 10
    Has anyone received compensation after the 95,000 mile cut off?
  • vtcruzervtcruzer Posts: 3
    Hi, class action booklet says no compensation after 8ys/96K. Website
    says re: payment- "It cannot yet be predicted. The Court will hold a final approval hearing on March 26, 2012 to decide whether to approve the settlement. If the settlement is approved, the payment of benefits to settlement class members who submit valid claims will be made within 45 days from the deadline for filing claims, assuming no appeals have been filed. In the event there are appeals filed, this would delay the process of payment of the claims." I can't even claim because work not "performed at an authorized Honda Dealership." "Performed" is right- what a circus.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    No flack from me! It's almost like people expect their cars to last FOREVER and never cause problems.

    135,000 miles?? Nine years?? Hey, that's a lot of miles and a lot of years!

    When this first came to light, before I retired, I asked our parts guys to check and see how many CRV compressors we had sold and the number was almost zero and no greater than any other Honda model.

    Our 2003 with 62,000 miles is doing just fine but if it broke tomorrow I would consider it just "one of those things" that can happen on a nine year old car.

    Yes, I'm in Seattle and temps don't get that high here. I understand this.

    " I won't buy another Honda"...I understand your frustration but ALL cars can have problems of one kind or another.
  • jimmcneelyjimmcneely Posts: 1
    Short Story:02 CRV

    AC goes out
    Mechanic, private, says= total replacement BUT talk to honda
    Look on Emunds
    Lots of people call this a NON recall but event Honda is aware of .
    Some guy posts how to get Honda to pay
    I do what he says
    Honda replaces whole thing free because it is a hidden recalll
    3000K saved-complete replacement
    This was 2-4 years ago so post may be hard to find

    Good luck but don't give up or pay the money!!!
  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    I'd like to see that post.. This fatal flaw is why I sold my 02 at 85K miles before it happened, at a great loss. I really liked the car.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    I don't think 9 years and 135000 miles is a lot for a Honda, unless the company is grossly exaggerating their claims of longevity with their products. I had a 73 Pinto with close to 200000 and was still going strong when i sold it. I have a 2003 CRV and the air conditioning system has been replaced TWICE. Actually, the first time it was replaced, it lasted exactly a month and had to be redone again, so i guess you could say it has really been replaced three times. In less than 4 years. The last time was a have-to absolutely because the whole thing locked up and tore the belt off, leavng me and a small child stranded on the freeway, miles from home. I need air because I have to wear dress clothes to work in a professional job, and can't go to work with my hair a mess and is hot in Tennessee in the summer. While I really love my car, I am getting fed up with this and don't know if i would buy another at this point.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    I would like to see it as well. Have sunk a ton of cash into this, and sit on pins and needles for it to happen yet again, have zero confidence at this point.
  • harrypielsharrypiels Posts: 7
    I expect some repairs on an older car, but,wow, my Honda CRV has been a money pit. Those repairs (and parts) are damned expensive. I guess the consumers magazines had me thinking I'd receive great service even after high miles. Instead, I poured thousands into it, always thinking that would be the last big repair. I did the a/c thing, now my heat isn't working and estimates are over a thou to fix it. I'm taking it for a trade.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    I hate to have to be saddled with another car payment but I think if I have yet another major deal with mine, it is going as well. Very unfortunate because I thought I bought a car that would last me a long time and paid accordingly. :(
  • deltabluesdeltablues Posts: 1
    Hi, Whilst searching the Web in relation to a problem with my CRV Aircon (2008 model) I stumbled across this forum and have been shocked to read of all the issues with Honda air-conditioning systems. To cut it short, the green light on the dual control starting flashing and I was unable to obtain cool air. Honda diagnosed a control unit failure and advised £1000 plus fitting to put it right. Absolutely gutted that this problem should occur when the vehicle was just over 3 yrs old. Anyone had a similar issue or able to advice whether it would be worth asking an electronics engineer to check it out ? Otherwise I`ll have to start checking the breakers yards as there is no way I could stand a £1000 repair. Any advice welcome.
  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    It seems a different problem than the one in this thread, mate. For more satisfaction I's start a new thread with your specific problem ie "green light on the dual control starting flashing and I was unable to obtain cool air. Honda diagnosed a control unit failure" or something similar including year /model.

    Best of luck
  • cysdcysd Posts: 8
    Got quoted for $4800+ from dealer to fix AC on my 2003 with less than100k miles. How ridiculous is that?! Any advice? The dealership said it's NOT a manufacture defect and we should be happy it lasted that long. Argggg
  • lrd5530lrd5530 Posts: 10
    $4800 is ridiculous. Stay away from the dealerships. There are a few steps to fixing this, and they just fix all of them whether they need it or not. I went to a private shop and they fixed the first step, and tested it to see if the next step needed to be fixed. Honda calls this issue the "Black death" (yes, they have a name for it) I spent about $1600. They are the ones that told me the dealers just fix it all and the cost is closer to $3000. I am in OH, not NY city, but $4800 sounds insane. A few people have commented on here that we should expect issues at $100K, and of course I do, but since this was a known issue with Honda, they should have recalled the cars. They didn't because this is not considered a "safety" issue, but it is still bull.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    I am on my third repair for the AC system. And this has been within the last 3 years. By any stretch, that is ridiculous. it has gotten to the point I hate to even turn it on, expecting it to be shot again this year.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    edited June 2012
    I cannot find my 2006 post, but the complete system on my 2002 crv with 60k miles went out in 2006, black death I think they call it back then. My dealer, in 2006, said this was a known problem and that a certain number of customers would be taken care by Honda corp. based on several factors, long time Honda owners, car serviced at your dealer, etc. and at various percent replacement. At that time I did own two honda's and did all my service on both cars at the dealer. I did have to call Honda but my dealer negotiated a 100% replacement for me, others only parts, some nothing. All from the same dealer.

    Still driving my 2002 crv with 140k miles, no other ac problems to date. Also own two other later model accords. Same dealer says the time has long passed for any Honda kick-in money other than the current class action suit. Honda Corp. has successfully managed to keep this well known dealer fact out of the main stream news and now that the cars are so old with high mileage it would not cause a public relations nightmare anyway.
  • My 2004 Honda CRV A/C gaveup on 110K miles. Local mechanic diagnosed as AC compressor is bad as nothing is getting circulated. Found this compressor on eBay for $150 (Including shiping). Brand new, thirdparty and one year gurantee...thinking of paying someone to get it replced. 2K, 3K for replacements is outright scary.. :cry:
  • cysdcysd Posts: 8
    Ended up paying local mechanic $900 to fix. Hope this would last!!
  • cjongcjong Posts: 2
    Hi, I own a 2007 CR-V and my A/C stopped blowing cold air a few months ago. I took it to the dealer and they replaced a Relay? It appeared to be fixed but only lasted a couple of months. It is not working again. It blows air but HOT air only. All of the lights appear to be working. The dealer seems only interested in changing the Relay.
  • I just got back from the dealer a second time for AC problems. The first time was $850 to replace the condenser with aftermarket. The latest time (6 weeks later) was to replace the compresser. I was quoted $1200 and asked them to call Honda corporate since a known issue. Got the cost down to $960. I am frustrated with the compresser since this is the second replacement with OEM. The first one died at 5 years and 39K miles. The second at 10 years and 96K. I have an '02 and thought the replacements were redesigned to correct the defect? At least the problem was external and didn't trash the system with metal shavings.
  • robielarobiela Posts: 3
    Hi, We also had to replace the compressor on our 2002 Honda twice, at only 60000 and 65000 miles respectively. I have the form to fill out for the
    lawsuit but cannot locate the compressor part#. Can you tell me what Part# you used?
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