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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • chantal714chantal714 Posts: 6
    After three months, speaking to 12 people, and having me submit documentation of repairs numerous times I was told Honda would not reimburse me for my repairs. My husband and I test drove the 2013 CRVs and are both in the market for new cars. I was all set to purchase that day, but I wanted to see if they stood behind their product. After speaking to three or four managers, each of them telling me there was nothing wrong with the CRV a/c, I realize THEY DON'T stand behind their product, so I they lost two sales. I will NEVER buy another Honda.
  • rugglesbrugglesb Posts: 1
    My 2010 CR-V, even brand new, never "wowed" me with the AC performance. So, when I got the letter about the compressor clutch warranty extension, it made me wonder. Sure enough, the first warm spell of the spring came, and my AC would not blow cold air, so I took it in to the dealership (with my extension warranty letter in tow) only to be told that the problem was not the compressor clutch, but the evaporator and expansion valve that would cost $945. Is it me, or does this seem a little too coincidental? Looks like a scam, quacks like a scam....anybody else been given this all too profitable answer from a Honda dealership?
  • chantal714chantal714 Posts: 6
    Consider yourself lucky if you have only had to replace a couple parts. Honda will tell you it's anything just so they don't have to spend a few dollars to make it right and admit fault. They don't realize that they would have happy continued loyalty instead of angry disgruntled one time customers.
  • dvickersdvickers Posts: 5
    Mine is essentially the same story.
    1st time was 2mo after I bought it new in 2011. It had less than 5#'s in it they claimed it was low from the factor I sad BS it has a leak.

    2mo later I take it back in and demand they take the freon back out sure enough down to 5# again. they put die in it and tell me the fill valve is leaking.

    2mo later back in 5# again, oh the valve is still leaking.

    Now it is winter. next summer take it back in they claim it is full show me a fancy test as tell me it works fine. I say BS to the service manager.

    3mo later I get a clutch recall notice, take it in sure enought the clutch is all most completly burned up they agree to replace it.

    Still does not get very cold.

    I don't hate Honda's they are a low cost low thrill car. But what it does confirm for me is that a Ford truely has caught and passed Honda in over all quality, which is more than a low price. Drive a new Excape, it is just a better vehicle than a Honda for the price. Buy American, the Honda's are nto better any more.
  • chantal714chantal714 Posts: 6
    UGH! So FRUSTRATING! How can they ignore every person that is having an issue with the A/C system?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    edited June 2013
  • Just got off phone with Honda about my Ac in my 2007 crv- The jerk I spoke to denies Honda ever having class action suit against them for Ac problems. Right now im looking at approx. 2600 to 3,000 for ac repair. Im so beyond words with Honda... This guy talked to me like im stupid.
  • I revived a letter a couple of months ago from Honda in Torrance, CA. I filled out the claim for $900+ and sent it in. Two weeks later I got a check for $617. That us $617 more than I thought I would get. Had to verify that the car had less than 100,000 miles when the clutch went out. I have a 2007 CRV. I had to buy the compressor and clutch from a third party as Honda did not have any on the east coast when mine went out. Not totally satisfied but a lot more happy about the ending than I was.

    Call Honda in Torance, CA they are the ones handling these claims. :D
  • oldbearcatoldbearcat WVPosts: 197
    I just took my 2010 CRV to the dealer as well because of poor A/C performance. They checked it out and told me the system was performing to specifications, and, there's nothing wrong with it. They didn't charge me anything, but, it convinced me that this will probably be my last Honda. I'm tired of cooking when I sit in traffic in the Summer.

  • dvickersdvickers Posts: 5
    I had my clutch replaced on my 2011 CRV and it still does not get cold like it should.

    I am a bit tired of going to meetings dripping because my car will not cool down if it sat in the sun.

    I hate to say this but I am thinking serously about just dumping it and buying a new Escape and admit I bought it because it was cheap and I got what I paid for.
  • I have a 2007 CRV and last summer my AC failed. I read horror stories of 2-3K for repair bills, but magically in fall of 2012, I received an extended warranty notice in the mail from honda about AC clutch assembly - up to 100,000 miles. I had 96,000 when I got the letter! I took the car to honda and they replaced the faulty compressor with an updated model - for no charge. It works great now!

    However, a caveat first. They wanted to charge me $160 to flush AC system and replace freon - which they claimed they "needed" to do to properly test for leaks, and diagnose it was really a fault AC clutch assembly, etc. Luckily my uncle owns a service station and he had already checked this a few months earlier. Freon was not the problem. I returned to Honda with a diagnosis from my uncle's station and then they finally fixed it for free.

    Good luck!
  • dilbert4dilbert4 Posts: 1
    I also have 2007 CRV. 56,000 miles. No cold air !! I've been reading about all these /c problems and have to go to dealer now. I want to know if you had already purchased a separate extended warranty before your a/c issue. I am the original owner with standard warranty . I have not received any notices . Would my vehicle be eligible for class action settlement/ rebate? Always used dealer but pricey
    Help in Boston!
  • hi Dilbert... I did nothing to receive the warranty extension. My CRV was out of warranty. I also found out last summer that I missed the class action lawsuit deadline. Honestly I had given up and then received the warranty extension letter in Nov2012.

    Let me give you some basics from the letter I received. It specifies Honda Reference Svc Bulletin #12-072 at the bottom of the letter. Also to direct any questions to Honda Customer Service 800.999.1009, and select option 4. I would recommend calling before going to the dealer.

    This letter is to notify you of a warranty extension on your CR-V. What is the reason for this notice? The A/C clutch wears out causing one or more of the following symptions:
    The A/C performance is poor and it's blowing air that isn't very cold.
    • The A/C doesn't work and blows warm air.
    The A/C makes noise that seems to come from the compressor area.

    To increase confidence in your vehicle, American Honda is extending the warranty of the A/C clutch to 7 years from the original date of purchase or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    This warranty extension provides coverage for the original owner and any subsequent owners.

    What should you do?
    If your vehicle is experiencing any of the listed symptoms, call any authorized Honda dealer and make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected. If the symptom is caused by a worn A/C clutch, the A/C clutch and, if needed, the field coil will be replaced at no cost.

    Lastly, it says "we apologize for any inconvenience this warranty extension may cause you"

    Hope this helps!
  • I didn't purchase an extended warranty since my car had such low mileage and I had lost my job. I think you should have received a notice about the extended warranty on the ac clutch. My repair only covered the cost of the clutch so contact American Honda directly and keep a file of who you speak to and when. I must have talked to 25 people and still got nowhere. Best of luck!
  • pmuudapmuuda Posts: 1
    Thanks a lot Guys, I stumbled across this thread and very useful information. I just called Honda service @ 800.999.1009 and they said my VIN is covered under this new warranty extension. If not for this information, I would have had my A/C repaired out of my pocket expneses... close to 2K. Thanks again.
  • so happy to hear this! I hope it gets fixed as soon as possibly, especially with crazy heat this summer.

    I agree with most folks on this board that Honda is really missing the boat with easy customer service basics. If they would simply fix the problem without trying to bleed their loyal customers, they would have repeat business. I generally love Honda cars, but this CRV AC issue is a serious problem. Although an easy one to correct.

    I never thought I would see the day when Honda owners were saying to buy Ford cars!
  • cdohncdohn Posts: 1
    I had a belt snap on my 2009 Honda CRV this weekend. Pep Boys is telling me that I need to replace my AC compressor bc it seized up and caused the belt to snap?? My AC has not been working for most of the summer but I cannot afford to have it fixed so I am just dealing with it.

    Any idea how this could be - a compressor needs to be replaced bc a belt snapped ?

    Any info is appreciated!

  • nicompnicomp Posts: 21
    2000 CR/V: When my A/C failed the engine quit running and wouldn't even turn over. The thing had to be towed to the dealer. Dealer wanted $3K to fix it. I told them to cut off the belt and I've been driving it that way ever since.

    $90 total cost.

    That was 9 years ago.
  • you should read post #2175 for the honda phone number and bulletin number for the warranty extension on the AC compressor. I've read other posts talking about a 'black death' problem where the AC unit basically blows up from failed compressor and causes other problems as a result (i.e. snapped belts).

    I don't think PepBoys is saying the compressor has to be replaced because of belt failure. It's the other way around.

    I'd argue with Honda that they need to fix it under warranty.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    The same thing happened to me the last time my compressor went out, after two other previous repairs. I was stranded on the freeway with my grandson for hours. The first two times, the compressor did not lock up, but the last time it did, leaving me and an autistic child in the middle of nowhere.
  • I have to get the entire AC system replaced b/c there is metal in the whole system. My fix-it guy said it would cost me about $3500. The Honda dealer told me $4200. I was FLABBERGASTED especially since I was seeing that this is a problem of epidemic proportions. I called corporate at the number stated in previous posts and explained my situation and asked them if they stand behind the quality of their vehicles. The said they would pay part of it and my cost would be $2500. Somehow these jedi mind tricks made me feel like $2500 wasn't so bad. I feel like they are doing this for people to avoid another class action suit. The previous class action suit ran out last summer. Does this sound reasonable or do I negotiate??? And for those who are having the same problem...definitely call Honda of America at 1800.999.1009 and tell them their issue. DO NOT PAY $4200 or even $3500 to get this fixed.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    Shop around by all means. I wouldnt pay that much.
  • Our 2005 CR-V's A/C failed in a similar way a little over a week ago. The repair bill was over $1700 (after a 10% discount negotiated with the dealer). That was for a new compressor and clutch.

    I called American Honda about it. Before the case manager actually spoke to me, he called the dealer and, and as he recounts it, the service technician told him that it was not 'black death'. I got the distinct feeling that the tech may have had a few words put in his mouth, but it doesn't matter. American Honda is would rather trash another customer relationship than admit that this is just a bad design that will fail early.

    An A/C compressor can easily last the life of a car. The 100k extended warranty that some Honda customers are seeing is, I think, just a calculated bet made on solid real-world failure information. Most of these things after the '04 model will probably survive to 100k miles. That they die shortly afterward, and cost an arm and a leg to repair, is apparently the customer's fault.

    I used to buy an occasional American-brand car but always sold them before 100k miles. I've had Hondas for 40 years and never thought I'd see this moment, but apparently Honda has decided to join that club.

    Yes, shop around! If you're reading this because your A/C failed, I'd recommend doing what I wish I'd done - made a few calls and found an independent mechanic who handles A/C and is willing to work at the bottom of the engine compartment. If you work with the dealer, as I and others here have, your wallet will almost certainly feel insulted.
  • I have a 2004 CR-V that started blowing warm air last summer. I took it to an independant mechanic thinking it was a simple repair. He told me that the compressor had died, and did not recommend getting it fixed because it would require gutting the car to get to the part, and could cause other mechanical components to fail in the process.
    I called American Honda recently (the heat made me do it,) and had the service bulletin number ready. I was only hoping for some guidance, maybe a discount. I didn't even get that. They tried to tell me that they know nothing about this or any issues of this sort. They claim to have no record. I tried to give them the service bulletin ID and they said that it was a NITSA number and it wouldn't help them. They said that the only thing they have that is close is a condenser coil on years 2007-11. The only thing I got was a recommendation to take it to a Honda certified dealer to look at.
    I have loved my CR-V, but I'm not feeling love for Honda right now.
  • vbholtvbholt Posts: 1
    I live in the U.K. and the same thing is happening over here. Mine is also a 2007 which apparently is the worse year for this fault. Like you I ask why they did not notify us about the problem and now turn it around so they are blame free. I will never buy a Honda car again which is a shame because prior to this they were first class.(this is my 3rd Honda) They really need to look at their customer relations policy. I have been quoted £1700 pound for the repair so not a happy chicken.
  • rbellorrbellor Posts: 1
    I normally don’t post or voice my disaffection in public but this is something you all need to know if you own of are think of owning a Honda.
    I will try to keep this short being most of you have had the problem with the catastrophic air conditioning compressor failure of have heard of it and are doing research (which until yesterday I had never heard of). We have 2004 CRV with 110000 miles on it and have never had a problem and it’s well maintained per the factory recommended time frames. This past weekend my wife was out and she heard a loud noise and the air started blow warm air. I could see that there was a problem with the compressor cultch and it would need to be fixed. We took the car in to our local dealer and after they looked at it we were advised that we would need to replace the whole air condition system at the tune of $2900+. So I stated my research to discover that this is a common issue with the CRV’s. I place a call to Honda of America to see if there was any help that they could provide and was advised that there is no recalls and this kind of catastrophic failure is rare. I recommend that that they should do some search and would see that is more common and I feel the least they should do was to pick the price of the compressor with no luck.
    Honda needs to do the right thing and advise the CRV owners that the air conditioning compressor need to be replaced prior to 100000 miles or risk a catastrophic failure. I would have been happy to pay 700-800 to have this repaired.
    In closing my family owns five Honda’s and were in the process of upgrading two of them and adding one more but now after our issues with Honda of America we will be working disinvesting our self’s from Honda.
    So Honda of America I just did some quick math and I know it’s no big deal to you but this year you will lose about $90,000 and as two of our Honda’s are owned by younger drivers and the will not be buy Honda you will lose about another $180,000; plus your local dealer will lose the service work on five customers cars so no big deal.
    Thank you
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    You are one of the lucky ones ,,,, Oh how I wish I had gotten to 100k on my 04 CRV.... It was more like 40k when it blew up and then again 45 days later. Words with Honda produced nothing for 60 days and then after repeated hounding from me they finally reimbursed 1/2. ABSOLUTELY NO MORE HONDA products in my garage EVER AGAIN ..... That includes an Acura
  • txterrytxterry Posts: 3
    THANK YOU rrubyy!! I too had this issue and our dealer quoted $3,700! I did my research when this happened to my vehicle and also called Honda of America which told me basically this same thing. I was fortunate enough to have a nephew who is a certified Honda mechanic and he did it for 1/2 the price. My family has also had Hondas (six), but after this incident Honda will DEFINITELY not be a top choice for us. Again, thank you for your comments!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Very interested to read this posting. Just to be clear, when you say fan relay, you are refering to the HVAC blower motor relay which blows air through the vents, right? If the blower motor is positioned in one of the 5 speed positions which IS working then this would not be a concern right? The idea being that the evaporator would not get a chance to ice and thereby creating higher temp pressures at the compressor?

    Also, when you say condenser fans, should we assume you are referring to the EXTRA fan for A/C use and not the fan for coolant temperature regulation? Why would the condenser fan be more prone to failure than the coolant fan? Is it because of a wiring harness connection that is maybe more prone to corrosion than the coolant fan connections? Or maybe the relay itself is not the same one as the coolant fan, and is of inferior component size given that the A/C relay probably cycles much more often than the coolant fan relay when the vehicle is on the highway and air is being driven through the coolant rad. I suspect that the A/C condenser fan still cycles more often on the highway when the HVAC temp control is in full cold position, and if it is the same size/type relay, then its contact points may wear or become pitted sooner than the coolant fan relay.

    If you are a Honda Tech and have this inside info in the details, please share as I would like to do some preventative measures by going to these very wiring connections and confirming the wx seal is keeping them looking electrolysis free, and/or just buying new relays now before they fail so as to instill new life. Much more affordable than the other scenario, which as we know now, by the time you discover you have a problem, it is too late and the entire system has been pouched/contaminated.
  • bbk56bbk56 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 CRV, AC went out summer 2011 at 120,000miles. Took it to local repair shop, said they could replace compressor HVAC, expansion valve, condenser HVAC for $1800.00. Did it but the AC began acting up again in summer 2012. Didn't want pay that again and now, summer 2013, dealing with cold, cool, warm, hot air. It is intermitted and sometimes the AC will work for a good while before turning warm again. I noticed when the days are over 90 degrees it happens more often. If it's 100+, it happens a lot more. Any one else have that same scenario?
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