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Saturn Vue Noise, Rattles and Vibration



  • Wow! I think you hit the nail right on the head. Now that I think about it, it does sound like brake/rotor chatter. Thank you very much. I will change pads and rotors this week and let you know the results. Again thank you.
  • lovuelovue Posts: 7
    Most car make that very same noise.
  • vagnozvagnoz Posts: 1
    Did you replace the strut assembly? Took care of my noise in the front end.
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    I had posted a note in the maintenance and repair section of the Vue blog that we were experiencing some kind of noise coming from underneath the '05 Vue AWD we just bought earlier this month. It is a well kept vehicle that just turned 49K yesterday. I've been hearing this noise almost from the first day we got it and it definitely is NOT a wheel bearing or brake issue. The noise seems to happen when we are coasting or decelerating to a stop, and makes a sound that I just cannot describe. I said to my wife it sounded like a pigeon cooing!(No, I looked underneath and there's NO pigeon!) I took it to a well respected repair shop yesterday and the head mechanic went for a drive with me and although I heard this noise, not all the time, but intermittently, he had a hard time hearing it. Then, when he took the wheel and headed back to the shop, he THOUGHT he heard the same thing I was talking about. But after looking high and low, checking motor mounts, suspension parts, brakes and bearings, UV and center bearing parts, he couldn't find anything! When I went to pick it up, one of the co-owners said that there is a double walled pipe coming down from the manifold into the flex pipe and it's possible that something in there is loose causing this sound from time to time, but NOT ALL the time. He told me to wait until it gets louder or just turn up the radio!! I sort of figured they weren't going to find anything as I had been under there 3 times in the last 4 weeks and I didn't see anything either. So that's what were going to do for now, just live with it. But it is a very nice small SUV that has plenty of power and handles quite well and gets fairly decent gas mileage. Have a great day, folks!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I would recommend taking it to a GM dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • djmykeldjmykel Posts: 3
    I have 2003 Vue V6 (not AWD) and I have had the same Vibration since I got it... it had 20" rims on it and everyone told me that the tires were to big.. so I put 17" tires & rims on it and no better.. then I was told to inner tie rods were the problem, so i replaced them.. then the said the rear trans mount was bad, so i replaced it.. I still have the rumble bump feeling at 60 to 70 mph.. I have had the tired re-balanced and still the problem is there.. I am soooo stressed over this, it is killing me.. what can the problem be??? every machanic is telling me different things and that would be ok, if it was fixing it.. NO noise from anywhere, just a bad vibration/rumbling from the front end that I can feel in the gas peddle and the steering wheel.. PLEASE HELP...
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Here's a suggestion: Intermediate steering shaft - some have so much play in them that they will cause a vibration that you can feel at 60-70 mph. replace it and I bet you will get rid of your problem. You've already replaced all of the obvious things it sounds like.

    Good luck
  • djmykeldjmykel Posts: 3
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373

    Yes - go here:

    Scroll down and click on "steering column" then click on "steering column assembly"then "lower shaft" and the "view illustration". Its part # 5 in the photo.
  • saturn20saturn20 Posts: 1
    I have a 07 Vue Redline, it shakes on the highway and it's weird because some days are better than others, seems like when the weather dries out it's good but if there is moisture in the air it shakes pretty bad. I have done all the brakes, rotors and checked the bearings to the best of my knowledge and didn't notice any play in the wheel, and there are sounds of anything worn out. Any suggestions?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. My best suggestion is to have the vehicle diagnoised by a GM dealer. Please keep me updated on your progress with your concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • kaayzeekaayzee Posts: 3
    i have a saturn vue 05 60k miles. I have several issues. One when you turn the wheel there is a clicking noise... two, there is a vibration noise in the front but not all the time. sometimes when accelerating it is stuck like the wheels arent catching...the tires were new and wore out around the edges in the front in less than a year. it sounds like the front end is going to fall apart. mechanics have had differing opinions. i did not go to gm yet as i can not afford dealer labor costs. any clue what may be wrong? also on start up the car continues to turn over but will not start right away unless gas tank is full all the way. Yikes this car has quickly gone south all at once!
  • Sounds like a few things. I would have the cv joints looked at bushings in front end and have the motor mounts inspected. I over looked my mounts because I swore it was my suspension area turned out all the vibration was from broken mounts n tires out off balance. The rattle from the tires like metal hitting metal on bumps is the caliper pins the must be lubed up really good to create like a cushion. The tire wear sounds like bad bushings or ball joints or even an alignment problem.
  • kaayzeekaayzee Posts: 3
    Thank you... I will ask my mechanic to do so... will let you know..
  • To my understanding, a bad wheel bearing on these newer cars sound like a whizzing alternator type sound (as my Lumina APV had), unlike the older vehicles that had a rough groveling sound.

    Though you are all claming this is a vibration sound?

    There were 8 (eight) front wheel bearing services performed on my vehicle by the previous owner at a Saturn dealership before the vehicle was 3 years old, wouldn't this have qualified for a lemon law or something?
  • Note on the backside of the inboard rotor (toward the center), there is a small round tab that looks like it's part of a heat shield assembly that rubs while rotating causing a jangling noise. On occasion I have bent this tab out but since it's a spring metal it eventally starts rubbing again. I can't figure out it's function either.
  • shadyb721shadyb721 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    Hello everyone. My name is Billy and my wife and I own a 2003 Vue AWD Redline Edition. We purchased this used back in 2009 and since day one it makes a noise at 30 mph and above while driving. It almost sounds like you're going over a rumble strip on the highway. Sometimes it repeats itself over and over and sometimes it's one and done. Another issue is a whizzing like noise while driving 30 mph and above. My mechanic went for a ride with me so I could show him and he heard both noises. The rumble strip noise he said could possibly be something with tranny maybe and the whizzing noise sounds like a bad wheel bearing. Has anybody else had these issues and if so, are the repairs costly? I am worried about because of the AWD that the axles could be bad also. We also have an issue when trying to turn the Vue on after inserting the key that we have to fight it to turn it over like the key gets stuck and doesn't want to turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are considering trading it in for something else as we don't know how costly the repairs would be or what the issues are for that matter!
  • I have a 2007 Vue AWD V6 with the same rumble strip noise but I have come to the conclusion that it is the loosely installed body panels and front grille assembly. All of the parts are plastic composite and expand and contract with heat and cold so they are installed with give. Other than the constant rattles and squeaks, the car is great but I am getting rid of it because of the annoying sounds.
    I had a whiny noise, more like a low hum that turned out to be a front wheel bearing. About a $300 repair. Good luck.
  • Ok Hadte entire front suspension replaced at my cost .took it to the dealer to have the torque converter adjusted. now experience the vibration at 40 to 50 miles per hour instead of 25-30. the transmission is now squealing and it feels like the back brakes no longer work. the car bearly will stop when in reverse. but this is absurd. 60,000 miles not paid off. what recourse do I have so I know what to say when I go back to the dealer?I was told by a prive mechanic this is all due to the awd transmissions.
    any help appreciated !
  • I really hate to be the person with the bad news, but the vibration is the steering column... something in them starts to wear out and you get that vibration... if you start to feel the vibration, take your left foot and prop it up against the column where it comes through the floor board, you will feeel if vibrating (be careful trying this)... replacing the column will STOP the vibration completely... ( i wish I had known this $3800 ago)... good luck with your VUE.
  • The noise I had and still have is so annoying that I am going to give my Vue away to my daughter (she plays the stereo too loud to hear anything) I think it is the poorly executed assembly of plastic panels without having a gasket between panels. The vehicle runs great, it is just noisey and windy on the inside because of the bad door seals. It was a mistake to buy it. Why this vehicle has plastic panels and the Chevy Equinox has metal is beyond my level of common sense. I guess they just wanted to spend more money making the Vue and make zero profit. Now we know why they are gone.
  • Your rotors when they get old or to hot they welt and arent even or flat :) buy new rotors and brakes. Belive it or not they make front end vibrate and jump if still check little arms that turn ur tires they get old last bad struts
  • Thanks for the info. I already put new rotors and brakes and nothing underneath car is lose or worn. It sounds as if it is just lose body panels. It doesn't have a metal rattling sound. Very annoying. I found that if I play radio loud enough, the rattles go away. LOL.
  • nixoniannixonian Posts: 2
    I have a 07 vue hybrid and no matter the speed being driven you can hear a noise sounding like mud tires, (or a truck with huge tires)...Of course the faster you go the louder it gets. This is a constant noise, not intermittent. I was told it was a hub bearing going out and had it re-evaluated... and no hub problem. Anyone care to guess???
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning nixonian,

    Unfortunately I don't have access to technical information to help troubleshoot on this. If we can look to see if there are any open recalls or get you details about warranty information, please send us the last 8 digits of your VIN.

    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I don't see any open recalls for your VIN. I would recommend speaking with your dealer. Please feel free to email us.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have seen the steering column mentioned on several posts located on several sites but they all seem to differ on which part is the culprit. Listed as the problem have been: steering column (no more specific description), lower steering column. lower steering shaft, intermediate shaft, steering position sensor and some even say it is the pinon bolt and nothing else.
    Yesterday the parts guys said to replace the intemediate steering shaft.
    Could you narrow down exactly what was replaced on your vehicle to help out with this.
  • This is a LOT broader of a problem than just a few vehicle owners.
    What is the reason that the company chose to play ostrich and put their collective heads in the sand while the customers have to pay for part after part after part trying to hunt down the needed repair?
    I have taken my Vue to numerous garages and dealers and EVERY one has a different opinion on the cause/repair.
    None of them are willing to back up their words by guaranteeing not to charge if it doesn't work.
    I would be more than happy to go and pay for a diagnosis if the would back-up their findings.
  • "Unfortunately I don't have access to technical information to help troubleshoot on this."???????
    I have a Saturn Vue and it is (and has been) known for years that the lower steering column is usually the culprit. It is also helpful to loosen the bolt and stretch the joint in the column linkage below the dash and then retighten it. The joint actually has a mark to show alignment.
    The Saturn owners site and even TSB is "04-02-35-006 APR 04
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