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Chevrolet Malibu vs. Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I would like anyone to share, the differences in the new malibu 4cyl engine, and the Accord 4cyl engine. For those that have driven both. I would like to hear what people feel the differences are, including power, refinement, quality.

    Thanks. :)
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I ended up with a 2008 Malibu 2LT with performance package that includes the 3.6L and 6-speed auto. I never had any intention of buying a Malibu but I was shocked after 2 tests as to how much I liked it. The interior is beautiful and unique features like XM Radio, OnStar and remote start made it stand out even more. I also couldn't believe how fast it was and how smooth the transmission shifts, smoother than any other car I drove.

    There are a lot of good midsize sedans out there but no one shopping should skip over the new Malibu. The other great thing at least around my area, there aren't many around yet so I actually get some stares. Nice!
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I have only tried an 09 Malibu with a 6-speed auto. The Malibu is very quiet and the engine is quite isolated so I am not sure if it's worse than a Honda like some people have mentioned. I found it to be comparable and the transmission to be smooth.

    Try them yourself back to back if you can. I don't think you will go wrong with either.
  • I am planning to purchase a new car and I am sort of confused either to choose camry or accord. Both have got the same features , price etc. I am looking at Accord EX Vs Camry SE. I have heard that seats in Accord are very uncomfortable, how far is it true? Is it very very uncomfortable. Also comapring the HP, its 155 for camry Vs 192 for Accord. I am planning to add in the package which includes moonroof etc in camry and inspite of that the price comes almost the same. Kindly help me in arriving at a decision.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    I'd say it is not entirely correct to say that Accord's seats very uncomfortable although it proved to be the case with my wife's 99 Accord. 09 Camry LE seats made a huge difference for her back. Everybody's body shape is different and what's comfortable for one person is a back killer for another. Worst part, that it is really hard to judge on seat comfort from the short test drive. If seat's comfort is very important for you then either arrange full day test drive with a dealer or rent same car and take it for a trip. From what I was reading I4 Camry with 155 HP is quicker then Accord 2008 LX (0-60). I don't believe that EX is much quicker then LX given that both have same basic torque and peak at same rpm (LX/EX, 161@4300/162@4400 ).
  • bibo2bibo2 Posts: 9
    I totally agree. I was looking for buying Camry or Accord but ended up buying Malibu 08 2LT. The drive is so comfortable and smooth. With acoustic windows and soundproofed body panels, the bu is almost mute on the drive! I like its exterior better than Camry and Accord. Transmission is very smooth. First time drove it, I had to keep watching the speedometer to avoid police tickets as you will not notice its acceleration.
    The exterior is Europe style and really stand out from the crowds! The interior is very nice and luxury with the suede leather. I bought it from carmax for 19,6K + TTL. Can beat this price for such many nice features.
    BTW, I have been owner of Camries, Accords for 13 years. But I am sold to Chevrolet on this Bu!
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Welcome, welcome to this quiet, solid, smooth, refined, and stylish side of the sedan fence bibo2 ;)

    The 2LT 4-cyl is an awesome choice, and what our first Malibu purchase is. Love the silence, the quality, the drivetrain silkiness and spunk, the seats with UltraLux, and of course the "wow" look outside and in. Terrific car, through and through, and one that you not only enjoy driving but also looking at daily.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    See, I have the 08 G6 with the 4cyl, which has the same engine, and I do not feel it is refined at all. But, I came from an 06 Accord 4cyl. It could be that the G6 4cyl, has only a 4spd transmission. This day in age, a 5 should be standard. Too jumpy, torque is in the wrong place, all in the upper range. You can feel the first shift of the gear quite well. The car is nice, but I am really disappointed with the engine. :(.
    I will not keep the car for the full lease. You certainly don't see people comparing a G6 to an Accord or Camry. But, I am impressed with it though with the exception of the engine! the leather, roof, sound. Great bang for the buck, but only if that bang held its value better, and it didn't feel like I put money in a sink hole. I don't think I would cry if they got rid of the Pontiac name, but then again, they'll just rename it, then again I think most GM cars are the same, just another car, another title. lol Oh well. But, I love the new Malibu. Its sleek.

    My Honda is waiting for me.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    The G6 and Malibu are nothing alike. The level of refinement in the Malibu is miles ahead. Further, most Malibus now have a 6-speed / 2.4L which gets best in class performance/mileage.

    Honda has nothing on the Malibu though it is a bit bigger.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Honda has nothing on the Malibu though it is a bit bigger.

    Tha'ts quite a blanket statement. Both cars offer features the other doesn't have, such as OnStar in the Malibu, and a real navigation system, or much better V6 economy in the Honda
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    What I meant was they were very competitive (Accord / Malibu).

    Accord is a bit slower but yes, better V6 mileage.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    Perhaps this sounds like buyers remorse but here goes…

    My 08 Malibu is in the shop for body work as a result of a hit and run. In its place I have a 2009 Accord LX rental with only 2300 miles on it. On second thought I should have bought the Accord as it is a damn nice driving car only if I could have gotten pass the dowdy exterior and generic interior styling.

    Nonetheless, guys I have to give the Accord its props and I can see why this car outsells the Malibu 4-to-1. On the highway the car got to 80 within a few sweet heart beats. The handling was precise to the point that the car felt like an extension of your body. The ride was balanced and firm but not harsh and the road manners are close to that of the entry level sport sedans a la G37, TL and 09 Maxima.

    I opened the bonnet (hood), and there it was, an engine so well arranged in its bay that it makes the Malibu’s engine look like a rumpled suit. Turn it on, and a sweet note emanates as if seductively inviting the driver to lets do something naughty.

    On the down side, road noise from tires and windows are too loud for my taste and the cloth seats look and feels cheap. Moreover, the seats are short with little or no thigh support for us six footers.

    Overall, the Honda is a hell of a car and if I were in the market for a replacement for my Malibu, the Accord would be on my short list.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    As far as the seats go, would you say the Malibu's are more comfortable (and supportive) than the Honda's?
  • I have a 2008 Accord LX automatic with almost 15k miles. I really wanted the 2008 Malibu and even now when I see the new Malibu, I still want it, but I still believe I made the right decision. The reason being, the accord has over 32 years of a proven track record. I agree the Malibu has a superior styling, but when it comes to engineering, relability and all around quality sedan, the accord is the best. 5 speed automatic should be a standard in the car industry since it gets better fuel efficiency and smoother ride. I do like the fact that the 6 speed automatic is available on the malibu, aura and G6.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I could say the Malibu has 44 years of history, meaningless since the first Accord has nothing to do with the current just like the first Malibu has nothing to do with the current.

    The 2.4L, 3.6L are all proven. GM has proven it's automatics are about the best in the business. Smoothness is a toss up and though Honda quality/reliability over the years has been better I agree, the difference narrows every year and isn't all that significant.

    I always say these days, there are very few bad cars, buy what you want.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Not sure which Malibu you have and which Accord you drove but my 3.6L looks amazing under the hood and the power / engine note is sweet.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am not sure if GM can make an engine like the Accord. I have driven both the 2006 Accord 4cyl, and an 08 G6 4cyl, which is the same engine as the 4cyl Malibu, it is not as smooth, jumpy. If the GM 4cyl engine had a 5spd transmission, it would make a world of difference. Then, it could be claimed smooth. The 4cyl, almost jumps to rev up high, when sometimes you want to let it accelerate more slowly up to speed. So compared to the power the 2006 4cyl Accord I had, no way, does it compare. That engine was strong. But, now I am finding the GM engine to be better as I put more miles on it, but its that darn stubborn transmission that just really bugs me! It can't make up its mind, it'll a change a gear when I least expect it, I am like "wow, okay"Its weird. Other than its querky engine, I find the G6 appealing in its features, but the engine lowers its score big time. I could only imagine this same engine in the Malibu, which is bigger, with a 4spd transmission, boy wouldn't that be a fun ride. It would really throw the transmission for a loop. I am not just making all of this up, because I have driven both. Its how I feel about them. Its too bad, GM cars depreciate so badly, might as well put your money in a sink hole.

    But, now days, yes, you can be pretty safe with about any car,
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    6-speed now available on G6, Aura and Malibu on the 2.4L. Apparently it makes a big difference on smoothness and fuel economy which is now best in class on these models. Refinement is a step above in Malibus. the G6 is pretty old now and a bit dated.

    That said, the Accord 4 banger is a nice one, probably about the best. I went for a V6 Malibu though, I will never be happy with 170 hp.

  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good morning all:
    Prior to owning my 2007 V6 XLE Camry, I owned a 2003 Honda 4 cylinder Accord, which I purchase from an estate sale with a full 100,000 mile Honda extended warranty! --------- I drove that vehicle till it reached about 90,000 miles, and I traded it for the 2007 Camry. I enjoyed the vehicle, but I had problems with the comfort of the front driver's seat. The wings on the back rest of the seat would catch my shoulders before my spine touched the back seat. On a long highway trip, I needed a Chiropractor to get out of the seat. The Toyota Camry has a wider backrest, and I no longer have this problem. I love the Camry, but I miss the four cylinder Honda Accord! The performance was GREAT!

    Yesterday, I had an occasion to visit a Honda dealership, and while I was there, I made it a point to sit in the front seat of a 2008 four door Honda Accord. The back rest of the driver's seat is wider than the 2003 Accord, and it is much more comfortable, but the bottom of the seat is STILL very hard! --- It is much harder than my Camry, and both vehicles have leather. When the 2009 Accords come into the dealership, I will try the driver's seat again as I really like the 4 cylinder Accord!
    (I will be in the market for a new car next year! I will also look at an Impala and a 4 & 6 cylinder Camry.)

    The 2003 Accord was trouble free till it reached 50,000 miles. Thank God for the extended warranty. Honda put in about $3,300.00 dollars worth of repairs from 50,000 miles to 90,000 miles! I believe in extended warranties! The warranty cost the original owner $895.00!

    Best regards to all! ------------ Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    What, I have been led on all these forums that Honda's and Toyota's were perfect and GM vehilces were the pits. Finally an honest person. :shades:
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Try out a Malibu also, the seats are very comfortable and the lumbar is perfect for me anyway. I drove 5 hours straight on Sunday and I felt great on arrival!

    Nice change from my wife's van.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning!

    You make an excellent point! ---- I will put the Malibu on my short list. ---- I think the Chevrolet Malibu now has a 6 speed automatic transmission on both the 4 & 6 cylinder engines. If this is correct, I would like to drive both vehicles. If the mileage is very similiar, I would pick the 6 cylinder, because the American manufacturer has never made a four cylinder engine that I liked! ------ My family once had a Ford, (fix or repair daily), Tempo that was complete garbage. Ford replaced the engine once under an extended warranty, and the second engine was on its way out when they traded it for a GM vehicle. (Yes, they did all the oil and filter changes at the dealer!)

    Best regards. ------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I think with the new 6spd transmission, it will run much smoother. The 4spd literally suffocates the engine of its true power. It is like night and day difference between the GM 4spd 4cyl engine and the Accord 5spd 4cyl engine. The Accord is much more refined, you can get by more in the Accord 4cyl. I think if GM tuned the engine right with the 6spd, than you got a better fit. The 4spd 4cyl is so jumpy, and it changes gears when you least expect it. I am like, "uh, what are you doing?". It has decent power, but all in the upper range, and with limited gears, it wants to rev. That extra gear makes a difference. Because I have driven both.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    >because the American manufacturer has never made a four cylinder engine that I liked!

    There people go again, stereotyping current cars based on past experiences or talk. Go drive a Malibu. See what you think NOW.

    Isn't the Honda a 5-speed automatic? You'd want the 6-speed from Malibu!

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I drove both a 4 and a 6 cyl Malibu with the 6-speed. The 4 is just fine but the 6 made me smile and I like to smile. I went with the 6. More gas sure but I don't drive much so even when gas prices go back up (and I think they will in a year or two when this mess passes) it will be fine.

    Nice thing with the Malibu is you can buy a top of the line LTZ with a I-4 which is not possible with most mid-size cars.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning!
    YES, ---- I want it all! -------------- Why? ---- Because I am purchasing this vehicle with "my hard earned money," and that fact places me in the driver's seat. --------- Prior to purchasing the 2007 Camry, I wanted to purchase a 2007 Impala with the LT2 trim package. There was not one 2007 Impala in my area of New Jersey (IN STOCK) with the LT2 package! So, I purchased a foreign vehicle! ----- The American dealer / manufacturer had an opportunity to make a sale, but they could not deliver! This is not my problem, it is their problem! If the American manufacturer wants to sell their product, let them make a product that meet the needs of the American buyer! If a foreign dealer can stock vehicles with a variety of trim packages, so can the American dealer. If a foreign manufacturer can make and design a smooth running four cylinder engine, so can an American manufacturer. If they can't then let them lose the sale! YES, ---- it is that simple!
    Best regards! ------------ Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    >There was not one 2007 Impala in my area of New Jersey (IN STOCK) with the LT2 package! So, I purchased a foreign vehicle!

    What you do is place an order and the factory builds one to exactly your liking and color. That's what I've done for 5 out of the last 7 cars I bought. Two were available at the dealer in the format I wanted.

    >If a foreign dealer can stock vehicles with a variety of trim packages, so can the American dealer.

    I've read many people not being able to find certain combinations of options on foreign vehicles. Myself when shopping in the past I noticed that RED was almost unavailabe on Honda dealer lots. Also I want to be able to add options in the pattern I wish without having to buy a certain car with options AB and if I want C I also have to buy the vehicle with option ABCD because that's the way the company builds them. I have been able to do that with the cars I've bought.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I have one neighbor who drives a Honda and one up the street who has a Camry I think but anyway a Toyota and both claim that they can't really order a car to their liking. They make a request and the dealer turns it in to reginal and they give them what is available close to what they want. They both claim that different regions push different packages and you MUST take the car with that package no matter what. The Toyota guy wanted a Prius but at the time he would have had to take a certain package to get the options he wanted and it included a Nav. system which he didn't want to spend that kind of money. At least I can go to any GM dealer and order just what I want, color I want and have it in about 6 weeks or sooner.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, like I stated, I have driven both Honda and GM cars. Both recent, the Honda 4cyl is more smooth, refined, has more torque. That is why most are finding themselves to have to get the 6cyl, because they 4cyl cannot provide what people like that the 6cyl can do better. Honda 4cyl has a better grasp with this. You are right though, I have never driven the 6cyl Malibu, I am sure it is pretty nice.I really like the new Malibu.

    To be honest I hear this kind of opinion about GM from others I talk to, so its not coincidence. I really just can't past the fact the GM car depreciates so fast, literally prices on them drop, plummet so fast compared to other makes. That is really disappointing.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,771
    "At least I can go to any GM dealer and order just what I want, color I want and have it in about 6 weeks or sooner."

    I've done the same thing. I wonder why Detroit doesn't advertise this? You'd think they'd be desparate for any edge these days.
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